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Innocent 28

Crimson Scream

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Feb 5, 2014 05:11 | Go to Innocent

-> RTS Page for Innocent 28

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Ok, I'm gonna really try to finish this up soon. We've just got 3 chapters left now.

[Innocent 28 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 133:
Title: n°28 Crimson Scream
Charles: That day when we went to Versailles----
my father, Jean-Baptist
attempted a revitalizing surgery on Jack, the boy afflicted with terminal symptoms of scurvy and infectious disease-----!!!

Page 134:
Charles: The amputation surgery he performed is extraordinarily dangerous, even for an adult.
There was truly a risk as to whether or not the child's heart would give out from the tremendous pain, but----

Page 135:
Charles: in exchange for his necrotized leg,
his life was salvaged----!!!!
After his wound healed, he could not just wait there without knowing when his father would ever return
so at my father's discretion, he was sent to an orphanage-------...

Page 136-137:
Title: n°28 Crimson Scream

Page 138-139:
[That is one crimson fucking scream.]

Page 140:
Charles: Oh, God in heaven...
What a cruel fate you have brought upon this man...
Priest: This is where you were, Jack...?
This is not something for children to watch.
Come, let us return to the monastery...

Page 141:
Nicolas: A scream...?!!
Subyss: Hey, you heard that, didn't you?!
That was the trio of that man's despair, pain, and grief!!!
Yes, that's it! More! Cry, lament, lay it all bare!
Let me hear the truth!

Page 142-143:
Dameins: I never intended
to kill the king!!!

Page 144:
Damiens: I just
wanted to learn what color his royal majesty's blood was.
It's red...

Page 145:
Louis: Ah...
It hurts...

Page 146:
Louis: Ow! Ooh! Aaah...!!!
Guy: Fear not, your majest! Thanks to your thick coat, it was just a scratch!!!
Louis: If I said it hurts, it hurts!!!
It could've been coated with poison! Send that knife to be inspected immediately!!!
Damiens: His royal majesty wasn't no god er anything...
When he got hurt, he acted hurt. When he was scared, he cowered.
He was a human just like us...

Page 147:
Damiens: There's no reason for us common folk
to have to wait to get bread for guys like that!!!!
Guy: Hey, watch your mouth!
You just confessed to a crime!
Now beg forgiveness from his royal majesty and god!!!!
Jack: ...........
Damiens: Listen...

Page 148:
Subyss: Do you have a family, Monsieur Damiens?
If you do, they'd better change their names.
Cause if anyone bearing your name is found
they'll be put to death!
Damiens: I can't say his name!!!
But am I
just gonna die being misunderstood by my only son...?!!!
Priest: Jack?
Do you know him?
Jack: N-No, Father...
I've never seen that man before in my life.
Guy: ... I see. Well then, let's get going...

Page 149:
Damiens: Just let me say this!!!!
It's true that I stabbed the king...
But it wasn't for money.
And I wasn't hired by somebody, either...!!!
I did it for god---

Page 150:
Damiens: and for the future people of France-------!!!!

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