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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Wolfsmund 10

Hedwig and Wilhelm

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 9, 2014 05:48 | Go to Wolfsmund

-> RTS Page for Wolfsmund 10


Ok, one more done. The last volume chapter is 18. So 8 to go. Plus a Gaiden. Also one of those chapters is like 70 pages long.

[Wolfsmund 10 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 101:
Title: Chapter 10
Hedwig and Wilhelm

Page 102:
Narration: Uri
A certain place in the mountains.
WOlf: I see.
So you were hiding
out in a place like this, were you?
It made you
rather hard to find.
I don't suppose you're aware
that during the course of our search for you,
quite a few people tried to cover for you and lost their lives, are you?
Wife of Wilhelm Tell, the man that committed the grave crime of killing a magistrate
Miss Hedwig.
And second son
Mr. Wilhelm.
So you have the same name as your father, do you?

Page 103:
Wolfram: So,
was it Wilhelm Tell himself?
Or was it
his eldest son, Walter?
Either way,
I know that one of them has entered the territory illegally.
Which one came back?
And where is he now?
Mom: I don't know.

Page 104:
Mom: !
Kid: MUH

Page 105:
Mom: UGH
Wolf: Every time you refuse to answer
we will remove one nail.
You'd best answer quickly
or you'll lose all of your fingernails,
Miss Hedwig.

Page 106:
Wolf: I will ask again.
Which one of them came home?
And where is he now?
Hedwig: ------GH!!
Wolf: Which one of them came home?
And where is he now?
Hedwig: I don't know!
I don't know...

Page 107:
Wilhelm: MUH
Wolf: Which one of them came home?
And where is he now?
Hedwig: IGIII
Wolf: Which one of them came home?
And where is he now?
Hedwig: UGUUU
Wolf: Oh my......
You really have lost all of them.
I guess I should expect no less
from the wife of Wilhelm Tell.

Page 108:
Wolf: Let me see...
This really is troubling.
Wolf: This soup really does look delicious.
And it seems about boiling now.
Hedwig: No!
Wilhelm: MUGUH

Page 109:
Hedwig: Don't harm my son...
If you have to attack someone, please let it be me...
Wolfram: You've just been so stubborn.
There is plenty of soup in the pot.
So until you confess
we'll be feeding it to your son.
Hedwig: I don't know...
I don't know if my husband or my son...
I don't know which of them came back...
This is my first time hearing of it...
Please... believe me...
Lord Magistrate......
WOlf: Oooh.
Very interesting.
Hedwig: NOOOO

Page 110:
Hewig: My father.
My father, he...
he takes part
in the Eternal Alliance.
My father would... know about that sort of thing.
Please... go ask my father.
Brukto: Your father,
you mean this guy?
Hedwig: ......!!

Page 111:
Wolfram: The people of this region are rather rude.
No matter how politely we asked
he attacked us, brandishing a sword.
Hedwig: Fa...ther...
Wolfram: But
you really do not
seem to know anything.
All right.
I will conclude the questioning here.
I will guide the two of you to my barrier.
As you were unable to provide any satisfactory answers,
the least you can do
is serve some small purpose
to my station.

Page 112:
Wolf: Younger Lord Duke Leopold,
To your lenient treatment
for my recent clumsiness
I, Wolfram,
must express my deepest and most heartfelt
Leopold: Do try to flatter me, Wolfram.
You cannot possibly guess
what the limits of my patience are.
Wolf: Of course not, my lord.

Page 113:
Wolf: In order to avoid having to bring any more troubling news to you, my lord,
would you be so kind as to allow me
to deal with the captured criminals?
Leopold: Honestly,
how dare you be so brazen.....
I'm fed up with talking to you.
Do as you like.
I will be vacating the castle for a short time.
There is a rebellion occurring in Austria.
It is urgent that I aid my elder brother.
The Duke of Bavaria seems to be pulling strings in the shadows
and is now in contest with my elder brother for the throne.
I do not have time to rebuke you right now.
If you think you've escaped punishment,
then while I am away, carry our your duty unscrupulously.
Wolf: Yes, sir.
Your instructions
have left a deep impression on my mind.

Page 114:
Wilhelm: The sky of Uri, the mountains of Uri,
the forest of Uri, and the meadows of Uri.
I'm back,
Back to our hometown.
Guy: Well then, let's get started,
The battle.
In order to take this land
back into our hands.

Page 115:
Guy: Boss,
a word.
Boss: ?
What is it?
can't be......
Guys: ?
Walter: Did
something happen?
Boss: Walter,
please calm down and listen.
Your grandfather was killed
your mother and little brother were captured
by the barrier magistrate, Wolfram.

Page 116:
Sign: St. Gotthard Pass.
Nicknamed The Wolf's Maw, "Wolfsmund".
Guy: We will not perform the execution
of the relatives of the rebel Wilhelm Tell's
wife and son!

Page 117:

Page 118:
Wolf: Now then, everyone.
We have varied things up a bit for today's execution
with a connection to the popular nickname of this barrier.
The executioners
will be hungry wolves.
Since we captured them
they have gone 10 days without eating or drinking.
Wolves: GAU
Wolf: They have been imprisoned and whipped.
Wolves: GYAN
Wolf: And their resentment has reached a peak.
To all those which may want to save them,
please come forward.
Depending on the circumstances
the execution may be halted.
you will be getting a nice, long look
at this pitiable mother and son being turned into red scraps of meat.

Page 119:
Boss: Walter,
you understand, don't you?
If you did something now, you'd be doing just what the enemy wishes.
You must hold back.
If we are beaten here,
any hope of the three cantons gaining independence will go up in smoke.
I'm begging you, Walter.
Hedwig: No one's stepping forward.
Don't make fools of us, Lord Magistrate.
Neither my husband nor my son
are foolish enough to fall for such a transparent ploy.

Page 120:
Wolf: Before we perform the execution
I would like to discuss something with the two of you.
Even as relatives to a heinous criminal,
to slaughter people who have not been directly involved in any crimes
would be rather cruel and unusual.
I have always felt that way.
So would one of you
like to be spared?
Hedwig: My son!
Please spare my son!
Wilhlem: No, Mother!
Save my mother!
Wolf: I thought you would say that.
to entrust the decision to the prisoners
would not look good.
Wolf: So how about we
leave this decision up to god?

Page 121:
Wolf: The direction in which the short sword falls
will be the one that is executed.
Both: Wh-
Wolf: Brukto,
if you will.
Both: No!
Wolf: Now,
you'd best pray.
Hedwig: Dear God!

Page 122:
Wolf: It seems
it's been decided.
Hedwig: Oh, thank you, God!
Thank you for this blessing!
Wilhelm: No, I won't accept this!
If my Mother dies and I'm left alive
how could I face my Father or my older brother?!

Page 123:
Hedwig: Understand, Wilhelm!
You still have to live!
Live enough for your mother as well!
Tell your father and Walter
that your mother was a hero
and died a noble death.
Wolfram: Okay,
I think that's enough chit-chat.
We must hurry
and begin the execution of the son.
Hedwig: Huh?

Page 124:
Hedwig: Wha-
What do you mean?!
I'm the one whom it was decided to would be executed, aren't I?!
Wolf: Oh?
It would seem that
you are the one that is mistaken, Hedwig.
Look closely.
The end of the short sword
is pointed towards your son.
A short sword is a stabbing tool.
The important part is its point.
No one said anything about what direction the hilt pointed.
Hedwig: Was that a joke?
All of that just now......
Were you just...
toying with us?

Page 125:
Wolf: Dear me!
Crying, pleading, getting angry, biting, lunging,
they're all rather fun reactions,
Miss Hedwig.
Please forgive me.
When I'm talked to in a defiant manner
it just makes me want to pull tricks.
Now then,
the punishment.
Wilhelm: !

Page 126:
Wilhelm: UGU
Hedwig: NOOOO!
Guy: Ooh!
One fell!
It's the kid!
Walter: Wilhelm!

Page 127:
Wilhelm: Ugh.
Wolves: GUUU
Wilhelm: WAAAA

Page 128:
Hedwig: GUH

Page 129:
Walter: Mother!
Boss: Stop!
Walter: Let me goooo!
Guys: What was that?!
I don't think he was feeling well.
Pay it no mind.
Boss: Walter......

Page 130:
[Here's the part where they die horribly.]

Page 131:

Page 132:

Page 133:
Hedwig: Wil...

Page 134:
Wolf: His family was this disgraced,
yet he calmly maintained silence.
Those people of the rebellion
are cold, heartless bastards, aren't they?
Or perhaps
they are planning something big enough
to even exchange the lives of their family.
The Younger Lord Duke's absence
may bring a curse upon us.
Bottom: Chapter 10 End

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