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Wolfsmund 12

Story from 100 Years Earlier ~Rose and the Lamb~

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 16, 2014 05:23 | Go to Wolfsmund

-> RTS Page for Wolfsmund 12


After that 60~ page one this one felt short as fuck. An interesting little fairy tale sorta thing.

[Wolfsmund 12 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 6:
TItle: Wolfsmund ((4))
Inhaltsverzeichnis (Table of Contents)
Chapter 12 007 Story from 100 Years Earlier ~Rose and the Lamb~
Chapter 13 027 Friedrich and Leopold
Chapter 14 099 Kurt and the Flying Dragon
Extra Story 171 The Roman Pope and the Swiss Guards

Page 7:
Title: Chapter 12
Story from 100 Years Earlier ~Rose and the Lamb~
Narration: 100 years earlier---- at the beginning of the 13th Century.
Back to an era long before the Eternal Alliance of the Three Forest Cantons began their fight for independence from the Austrian Dukes of the House of Hapsburg.
The Alps, St. Gotthard Pass
Girl: Oh, devil of the mountain pass...
please quiet down.
Please allow passage through the road of the mountain pass.
Please stop dropping rocks and killing people.
I beg of you, help my dad......

Page 8:
Devil: If you desire it,
I will grant you that wish.
But there is one condition.
You must offer the life of the first person to travel through the pass as a sacrifice.
Once that is done, I will yield the pass to mankind.

Page 9:
Devil: Will you offer that sacrifice?
Will you?
Girl: Ah
Devil: Answer me,
Girl: I'll do it......
I'll offer you a sacrifice!

Page 10:
Guy: Rose.
I've been looking for you.
What are
you doing out here?
This place is dangerous.
What if if something happened to you?
Girl: Dad.........
Girl: Um, Dad...
Could you hear... a voice just now......?
Guy: A voice?
Whose voice?
Girl: The pass's......
Guy: Geez..........
How could you just walk out here without a care in the world?
You're supposed to only go where Dad says it's safe, right?
Okay, it looks like the weather is going to chang.e
Let's head down the mountain.
Guy: Ooh.
There you are.

Page 11:
Guy: It looks like a storm is going to start soon!
It's going to get stormy after noon!
It might be best not to go home today, Rose.
Spend the night
together with us in the shelter cabin.
Dad: See?
I told you so.
Girl: .....
I'm sorry.
Narration: At the beginning of the 13th Century.
No one had yet passed through
St. Gotthard Pass.

Page 12:
Narration: During the mid-point of the middle ages, the center of Europe
took the form of a type of confederation of nations called the "Holy Roman Empire".
The Northern and South of the empire, the German Region and the Italian Region, were separated by the Alps mountain range.
In order to travel between them, one had to take a long, inconvenient detour.
Map: Kingdom of England [Top Left]
German Region [Top Center]
Kingdom of France

Holy Roman Empire [Center box]
The Alps [Below box]
Saint Gotthard Pass [Wide box]
Italian Region [Bottom]
Spanish Kingdoms [Bottom Left]
Narration: It was known that St. Gotthard Pass would be a shortcut,
but because of the danger crossing it presented,development there was very difficult. It was left alone until the late Middle Ages.
But at the end of the 12th Century, the countries adjacent to it, the people of the mountains in the Three Forest Cantons of Schwyz, Uri, and Unterwalden,
Map: (German Region) [Top]
Zⅱich [Top city]
Lucerne [Left City]
Autonymous Canton of Schwyz [Right box]
Autonymous Canton of Uri [Lower right box]
Autonymous Two-Territory Canton of Unterwalden [Left Box]
St. Gotthard Pass [Wide Box]
Lugano [Left City]
Bellinzona [Right City]
Lugano [Bottom City]
(Italian Region) [Bottom]
Narration: were highly valued the wisdom and technology.
Even emperors and lords requested their services.
So with the condition of the rights to the pass,
they accepted the job of cutting open a trade route.

Page 13:
Narration: As one would expect, the job was supremely rigorous
but with great tenacity, they worked for years to carry out their task.
And then
they finally reached the pass
and in their way, was their greatest obstacle.
A melted glacier had filled a basin of the pass
forming a lake on the mountains.
At first, the people began to build a road on the shore, but......
Guys: !
What's that?
Guy: Falling rocks!
Take refuge!

Page 14:
Guys: Shit.
Narration: Falling stones attacked the workers one by one.
And there were many casualties.

Page 15:
Narr: They tested the method of crossing the lake with a raft as well, but...
Guy: Hey!
We ran aground!
Guy: How can this be?!
Yesterday there weren't
any rocks here!
There's no doubt about it.
There's a devil in this pass.
And he's preventing us
from getting through it......
Narr: And the people's hearts
started to get overcome with despair.
The construction work was halted out of necessity.
A significant number of workers gave up and went home.
Only those determined to carry out their original intention

Page 16:

Page 17:
Guy: It's an earthquake.
Oh God in heaven......

Page 18:
Girl: ......
It can't be......

Page 19:
Guy: The water level.........
went down.....
A road......
It's a miracle!
It's God's grace!
Girl: Nooo!
Don't go!
It's not God!
This is the devil's work!
The devil of the pass did it!
He did it because I made a deal with him!
Dad: Rose...
What promise
did you make......?

Page 20:
Girl: That he could take the life of the first person
to go through the pass..........
Guy: You've made
quite a promise...
the path is open.
We can finally obtain the thing
that we could not obtain for so long!
Many people have already lost their lives in this pass.
If we give up over the prospect of one more life
what will we say to those that already lost their lives?!
Guy: One
we have someone.
We have one person that's suitable.

Page 21:
Dad: You want my daughter to die?!
You must be joking!
Guy: Rose is the one that made the promise.
She has a responsibility.
Dad: A little girl like her?!
What a miserable lot you are.
That is a true act of a devil!
All right,
I'll go.
I would rather that then see my daughter die before my eyes.
Girl: Dad!
Please don't die!
I'll go!
I'll go, okay!

Page 22:
Rose: Why is
she going out there?
Dad: Rose!
Did the devil choose you?!
Did he says that only human lives could be the sacrifice?!
Dad: ......
Devil of the pass!
We have fulfilled our promise!
The first one to go through this pass is that lamb!
We offer you that lamb's life!
Lamb: ?

Page 23:
Dad: Rose?!
What's wrong, Rose?!
Devil: You've bested me
you clever humans!
Very well.
With that, I am satisfied.
With the life of that lamb.

Page 24:
Dad: Rose!

Page 25:
Devil: But
it will not end like this.
But I will someday
I will avenge this disgrace.
Do not forget this,
people of the mountains!
Narration: And with that,
the pass went quiet.
The people restarted construction work
and made a path reaching Italy.
And so, an extremely important trade rout for the empire
was opened.

Page 26:
Narration: 100 years later.
St. Gotthard Pass at the beginning of the 14th Century.
In that place where a lamb was said to have died
the barrier now stands.
The magistrate of the invading Hapsburgs
imprisons the mountain people that moved through the pass.
And a man rumored to be a child sent by the devil
captures and kills the warriors that fight for independence.
Bottom: Chapter 12 End

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