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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 30



-> RTS Page for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 30

Only for use by HWMN

I was able to do this on the first day possible this month. Which is what I'd prefer to do, I just get way too busy all the time.

[JoJolion 30 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Jousuke: For some reason, I can't see the 'enemy'!
And the "enemy" touched me!!
When you get touched, many of the same kind of object starts accelerating towards you!
They'll keep coming nonstop straight for the core of your body!
Title: # 030 Pursuit
Insert: What is Yagiyama Yotsuyu's ability?!

Page 2-3:
Top Right: The broadcast of the TV anime 'Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders' begins April 4th [FRI] on TOKYO MX and affiliates!!
Middle Insert: To exist
is purely evil.
Title: # 030 Pursuit
Left: The newest, volume 6 is now on sale with great fanfare

Page 4-5:
Jousuke: The final destination of those objects!
They're going to keep pushing towards me until they reach my internal organs!
It's like the "gravitational pull of love"! The only way I can avoid it is to get out of the attack range!

Page 6:
Norisuke: Tsurugi, come here!
Tsurugi: UUUU
Norisuke: I'm not mad at you.
Eventually, you're going to get sick... I understand that that makes you feel stressed!
But have courage!
You're the 6th Generation eldest son of the Higashikata Family...
You have to overcome this trial!

Page 7:
Nori: Be a man.
Nori: I swear I'll protect you..................
Tsurugi: Grandpaaaaa!
Jousuke: ....................
Tsurugi: UEH
Jouske: Where's Yasuho-chan?
Which way is she? Is she in this room?

Page 8:
Tsurugi: Uh
Big Sis is safe...
Tsurugi: But she's all worn out right now so she's sleeping.
Jousuke: ..................
I guess I'll just open it.

Page 9:
Jousuke: ....................

Page 10:
Jousuke: Th...
That's a real relief...
Jousuke: I'll just make a noise
and wake her up.
Nori: That was "Yagiyama Yotsuyu's" room.
Jousuke: ............

Page 11:
Norisuke: "Yagiyama Yotsutu" first showed up in my life quite suddenly.
I think it was three years ago. I was having several architects give me layouts for the new Higashikata mansion I was going to have built.
The one which piqued my interest and I chose belonged to "Yagiyama Yotsuyu".
He was young, but he had real talent when it came to architecture.
I remember he liked to drink cherry coke...
and the house he built for us withstood the earthquake without so much as a single pane of glass breaking.
I was also interested in his 'Frank Lloyd Wright style'...
The next job I gave him was to design the teahouse in front of the train station that sells fruit.

Page 12:
Nori: When he was working on that plan, I let him use this basement.
Yotsuyu worked down here before the earthquake happened.
Jousuke: ......
Norisuke: I only ever interacted with Yagiyama Yotsuyu on a professional basis.
......That's all I know. I don't know anything deeper about him as a person.
Did he say anything to you?
Tsurugi: ............

Page 13:
Tsurugi: There was a 'dog' near the Wall Eyes outside that looked like it was dying.
I don't know where the dog was from, though.
It'd turned all hard, like a rock.
It looked all crumpled and I thought it was dead.
And then I saw Yotsuyu heal it right before my eyes.
It was walking around......
Really... I saw it happen.

Page 14:
Yotsuyu: The eldest son of every generation of the 'Higashikata Family' always becomes ill when he turns 11 years old, isn't that right?
I'll tell you how you can "cure" it.
......If you lure the man living in your house, 'Jousuke' down to this basement, that is.
Tsurugi: That's what Yotsuyu said.
'Jousuke' is an outsider, he's not a child of this family......
I didn't mind handing him over, so I made the trade...
I still feel that way.
Nori: So how did Yotsuyu show you curing the "illness"?

Page 15:
Norisuke: The dog.
The dog and you may not have had the same disease,
but how exactly did he cure the dog?
Tsurugi: He fed it.
Yotsuyu fed 'something' to the dog...
I don't know 'what' it was, but...
when the dog ate 'it'...
it got up and started walking around.
The disease was cured! It wasn't all hard anymore! The dog is even walking around healthy out there right now!
Jousuke: ......
Norisuke: Is that all?

Page 16:
Tsurugi: "What" did he feel the dog...?
I really really wanna know!
Jou: Who cares about the dog or the disease?!
What we want to know about is Yagiyama Yotsuyu's 'motive'!!
Who is he?!
He definitely wants me dead!!
He has a plan and he's not hesitant about it!
I sensed that he's calm but very determined!
What is the 'reason' for why he's after me?!

Page 17:
Nori: I have no idea.
He's not someone I ever thought of as important before.
But he was already close to my house.
It's like he was waiting for you.
And as a 'Stand User'......
"We can't physically see him".
Jousuke: By the way, I'm going to go make sure
that the only entrance to this basement is the 'hatch' over there...... is that okay?
Tsurugi: Huh?
Uh... Well...

Page 18:
Tsurugi: There is a fissure in the ground outside.
But I'm the only one that knows about it.

Page 19:
Nori: Wait! Wait! Jousuke!!
Don't go after her! Wait!

Page 20:
Jousuke: This guy!! I know he has some sort of 'grudge' against me!
Nori: Jousuke!
Wait, don't chase after him!
Jousuke: But I'm the one that can't forgive him!!
He got Yasuho-chan involved... I can't forgive him for using her like this!!
Nori: No!
I mean stop so we can track him with my 'Stand'!
I'll follow him!!
Get out of the way!
I don't want you disturbing this 'scene'...!!

Page 21:
[It looks like something from an old Final Fantasy game.]

Page 22:

Page 23:
Nori: He came in from the air vent without us noticing... And he took Yasuho-chan out while she was still asleep...
The fact that we can't see the him, the 'enemy' is a very daunting threat!
But as long as there are some 'possessions that were left behind', I'll be able to see him!
Jousuke... don't touch anything else around there!
Right now, I'll use Yasuho-chan's "things" that she 'left behind'.
There's no escaping it... I'll tell you the nature of my ability!
My Stand is called "King nothing'...............

Page 24-25:
Norisuke: It "can see smells"...
It can see the form of 'smells' from one's personal belongings...
It is a long-distance type... It has no physical power, but right now... I can use it to track 'Yasho-chan'.

Page 26:
Tsurugi: G... Grandpa!
Are you gonna go outside?!
Nori: Tsurugi, you stay here!
Tsurugi: Don't go out the hatch...!! He's sure to get you there!
It's really dangerous... We definitely don't know 'where' Yagiyama Yotsutu exactly is!
He says he's an architect... I checked up on what town he lived in... but I couldn't find out!
I don't know anything about what 'form' he's taking or anything 'about who he is'!
Nori: Yasuho-chan will be where he is...
Right now... he should be in direct contact with her body... So we can find Yotsuyu's 'smell' from him!
Tsurugi: All he wants is 'Jousuke', right?!!
Why are you putting yourself in danger, Grandpa?!

Page 27:
Nori: Tsurugi...!
This is the Higashikata Family's property. You should not be okay with someone just entering your home and doing whatever he wants without saying anything to you...
Tsurugi: ....................
Nori: But he's right. This spot 'reeks of a trap', but...
we have a chance to figure out Yotsuyuu's "form" and "scent" right now as well! ...We can get both.
And then, we'll defeat him! ["defeat him" big]

Page 28:

Page 29:
Nori: We'll probably just manage to get to him.
When we find Yasuho-chan, that's when we'll identify his 'scent'...
Don't forget......
And at the same time... he's likely to hide himself and approach you.
Jousuke: Your 'Stand'... it's going past the fruit trees...
and it's heading towards the coast..........

Page 30:
Nori: Tsurugi mentioned this before..........
When I was 11, I "caught the disease" as well.
Jousuke: .............
It was the winter of 1971.
My skin, beneath my skin, and even the inside of my mouth and my eyes became like 'stone'.
I was conscious, I still had my memory and felt pain, but... eventually, those all went away.
With me back then, my mother 'took my place' for the disease.

Page 31:
Nori: You know about it, right...?
"Equivalent exchange"...
Even before the uplifts faults sprung up in the earthquake, this ground was a place where 'equivalent exchange' took place.
And the Higashikata Family lived in this place.
If you exchanged a 'lemon and an orange'... You would get fruits that were mixes of 'lemons and oranges'.
It wasn't set in stone who it was, but...
in order to protect the 'eldest son', someone else in the family would......
perform an "equivalent exchange" for the disease.
That is a 'family custom' that naturally started occurring generation after generation.
With me, my mother performed an 'equivalent exchange' with me...
and because of that, my mother died of the illness......

Page 32:
Nori: But now, I'm "alive"......
Tsurugi said there was some kind of 'food'......!
There's no way there any sort of 'food' that could cure that 'illness'!
Yagiyama Yotsuyu must've use some kind of trick to fool Tsurugi......
Jousuke: ............
Nori: He came up with some bullshit to mislead my grandson!!
Jou: Norisuke-san... Your Stand is wrapping around to the 'left'.

Page 33:
Norisume: Wrapping around...?
Jou: He's wrapping around and 'coming back' this way!

Page 34-35:
Norisuke: ..................
Jousuke: We're following Yasuho-chan's 'scent', right...?
Nori: First it went over there..................
and now it's coming back.........
Where is "King nothing" heading to?!
Jou: It's coming toward us!
Nori: Search! Is Yasuho-chan anywhere around here?!

Page 36-37:
Nori: Yes! It's coming straight towards us now!! Yasuho-chan must be here!!
Jou: HAH!!

Page 38-39:
Jousuke: .....................Ah............
Sh... She's here?!
When did she get here?!
Nori: What...?!
?! Why didn't we notice?!

Page 40-41:
Jou: ..................
Nori: If Yasuho is here, he must be here, too!
He's nearby, be careful!!

Page 42-43:

Page 44-45:
Nori: Huh?!
Jou: It's Yotsuyu! He's here!
Nori: What?!
Jou: I was just touched!
Nori: Wh.. Where?!
You said you saw him.
Where is he?!
Jou: He "is here"!

Page 46:
Jou: He's a 'rock'!! One of the rocks around here! ............
He approached us as one of these indistinguishable 'rocks'!
Nori: Jousuke...?! What are you saying...?!
A Stand only has one ability!
Are you saying that Yotsuyu has 'two' Stand abilities?!
Jou: No!......
That's his 'physical makeup'.
His skin is 'rock'!!
He's a human that can live while having 'rock' skin!

Page 47:
Nori: Did you say his "skin" is...
Jou: If you can pinpoint his 'scent', the please hurry and do it! Hurry, get his 'scent' from Yasuho!
He touched me! ......And his 'Stand ability'......
Jou: Something is coming from the forest again!
Side: What will approach next?!
Bottom: To be continued

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thanks ! @kewl will there be toriko at this weak ? or they did a break like one piece ?
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