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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 31



-> RTS Page for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 31

Only for use by HWMN

I'm hoping next month we might finally be able to get early raws.

[JoJolion 31 Translation by Kewl0210]
[There's nothing important here, really.]
Center Text: Part 3 TV Anime
Now Broadcasting with Great Fanfare
The TV Anime Official Mook
is now on sale with great popularity!!!
Bottom Left: Special extra
JOJO Shopper mini

Page 1:
Top: The TV Anime "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders" is now airing with great fanfare!!!
Middle Insert: The newest volume, Volume 7, will be going on sale May 19th (Mon.)!!!

Page 2-3:
Narration: ----Higashikata House Morioh 1963----
Insert: Resurfacing memories...

Page 4:
[Lookit all that snow.]

Page 5:
Norisuke: ..........
.........Like a 'stone'.........?

Page 6-7:
Norisuke: Is that some sort of metaphor?!
His body was like 'stone'........... Jouske?! What do you mean exactly?
Jousuke: It was not 'like'..........
it was... literally 'stone'.
He touched me, so I could tell! I don't know how, but he's just a 'human' that can do that!!
He's among these 'rocks'!
A 'person' like that is living here in this town!

Page 6-7:
Jousuke: Yasuho-chan isn't waking up!
It looks like she's been sleeping for a while...
This was a plan to get rid of me from the beginning..................... This trap was setup very carefully!
Jou: 'Something' is coming towards us through the forest...
We're surrounded............

Page 8:
[That thing looks like something from a Final Fantasy game.]

Page 9:
Norisuke: King Nothing [For some reason, the words are capitalized this time.]
You said that Yagiyama Yotsuyu was "literally stone"...
but it seems he still has a 'scent'.
'King Nothing' is 'pursuing' him.
............It has his 'scent'.

Page 10-11:
Nori: But he's moving.
Yotsuyu is moving among these stones...

Page 12:
[There he is.]

Page 13:
Jou: ORA

Page 14-15:
Jousuke: !!
Nori: ..............................
No... It's this 'rock'. King Nothing is indicating that the scent leads to that 'rock'!
I'm certain!!
Jousuke: !!

Page 16:
Jousuke: ........................
Nori: Wh......
What is he............?

Page 17:
Nori: I can't...
believe this...
Is he really a "human"......?
He moves and talks... How long has he been in this world?!

Page 18-19:
Jousue: It looks like he has a 'scent', too............. and it's also possible to injure him.
Now we just need to figure out how to finish him off......
Jou: What?!
What was that?!
What the hell?

Page 20:
Jousuke: I can see something with a label stuck on it!
There're plastic containers drawing towards us?!
Get ready!
Nori: Jousuke... Right now, we have two 'choices'...
The 'choice' of... "finishing off" 'Yotsuyu' now... and the choice of "running" before we're surrounded.
These things are completely different
from the chestnut burs or the flowerpots from before...
Those things have 'liquid' inside them.
'Liquid' is approaching us!
I had left those behind the warehouse of my mansion.
I think our best option is to run from this rocky area.

Page 21:
Nori: Those are 'pesticides'!
Jousuke: A bunch of them are coming!
Nori: Now! Who cares if we know how many there are?!
If those containers break and the liquid gets inside your body, you'll be poisoned!

Page 22:
Nori: If this is the same 'ability' as before, then they'll accelerate and crash into you!
For now, you've got to get outside of "Yotsuyu's" range and escape this "Stand Ability"!
Jousuke: ......

Page 23:
Jousuke: ...................

Page 24:
Jousuke: Huh?!

Page 25:
Jousuke: Uugh?!

Page 26:
Yotsuyu: I will obtain it.

Page 27:
Yotsuyu: Not "Kira Yoshikage"...... Let me tell you this!
Your "king and rook are forked".... You're already in losing position...!
You may have tried to survive, but entering the Higashikata household was the path to your defeat.

Page 28:
[Look at him go. I have no clue what he's talking about.]

Page 29:
Nori: Th... This guy......
is a 'rock'... and a human...?
And he's 'moving'.
He's made of 'stone'... and he can move...
Jousuke: "Obtain it"......?
Is he talking about me......?

Page 30-31:
Nori: Leave that girl here!!
You've got to focus on escaping the 'containers' right now!!
If you don't get away from here now, the containers will fly at you and break!!
You're his only target!
Jou: No... I... can't do that!
I can't leave her... I'm sure those 'pesticides' will attack Yasuho-chan, too---

Page 32:
Nori: He's only after you!!
Jou: Somehow, I know what this guy is like.
That's the sort of thing he'd do. He'd attack... an innocent bystander like Yasuho-chan!
He's showing me his 'power'...
He'll keep a calm head and use anything at his disposal for the sake of his plan... and try to take everything from me.
Do you hear me...? Mark my words, Yagiyama Yotsuyu......
I'm going to beat you... and make you regret from the bottom of your heart that you ever got Yasuho-chan involved in this!

Page 33:
Jousuke: No matter what relationship you and I have had with you in the past, I'll swear I'll defeat you!!
Nori: Don't you understand?!! Do you think you can use your 'soap bubbles' to block that many containers when they accelerate?!
They're going to break open and the "pesticides" are going to seep under your skin!! Do you seriously think you can defend against that?!!

Page 34:
Jousuke: No......
I won't even do that...............
I'm not going to do any more defending with my 'soap bubbles'!

Page 35:
Jousuke: I'm going to use my "soap bubbles" to attack!
"Soft & Wet"!

Page 36:
Jousuke: You'd said "my king and rook were forked", but...
that's wrong...!! I've got 'checkmate'!

Page 37:
[Look at that big 'ol bubble.]

Page 38-39:
Jousuke: The one who'll be getting out of range
is him!
Nori: You brought him out of range of them...
Are you going to just drop him into the sea?!
Jousuke: Prepare yourself, Yagiyama Yotsuyu!
Yotsuyu: ....................

Page 40:
Yotsuyu: "I am a rock".
"I am an island".

Page 41:
[Ooh. It's on now.]

Page 42:
[I have weird pants!]

Page 43:
Nori: The containers are flying at uuuuuuus!
Side: Is there no escape...?
Bottom: To be continued

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