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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 33

Fifth Generation


-> RTS Page for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 33

Only for use by HWMN

I want that fuckin' parfait.

[JoJolion 33 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: In order to 'gain', people compete.
Title: #033 Fifth Generation

Page 2:
Right Insert: Jousuke's situation.
Narration: Higashikata Norisuke (59).
The 4th Generation head of the Higashikata Family.
He possesses the special ability to makes 'smells' visible and follow them.
"King Nothing"!
[The text's already there so, just leave that. Erase the kana, probably.]

Page 3:
Narration: Though he has been raised with the appearance of a girl, he is Norisuke's grandson and eldest son of the 6th generation--------
Higashikata Tsurugi (9)
He has the special ability to make people's faces and the shapes of characters appear to be the same,
"Paper Moon King"!
The people of the Higashikata Family... they may not have all realized it, but they all most likely possess a Stand ability.
And me...
...............I am the ---Man with no memories--- discovered next to the Higashikata Family's estate.

Page 4:
Jousuke: "Soft & Wet"!
A few hours ago----
I learned on the Higashikata Family's property
that there exists a 'human whose skin could become like stone'.
Yagiyama Yotsuyu was a "Stone Human".
He attacked me
but in the end, he drowned without answering my question 'Who am I'?

Page 5:
Jousuke: But I have a clue!
I'm certain I was once "a person that came here to Morioh" pursuing the 'disease that makes you become like stone and die' that the Higashikata Family has inherited for generations.
In other words, there is a way to cure the Higashikata Family's 'disease'!
Did I know the cure?!
I have to solve the riddle of the 'disease'!
If there's a way to cure it, I'm going to find it!!
For the sake of "finding out" who I am!

Page 6:
Norisuke: Just how much dog food did you buy?
It doesn't look like he's getting close.
Tsurugi: Grandpa...
Never mind how much the dog food cost...
What I'm concerned about... is whether or not your trap can actually catch it.
Norisuke: Simple traps are the strongest.
Anyhow, is it actually 'here' in the first place?
Tsurugi: I'm sure it's nearby...
That dog, it's definitely around!
The one Yotsuyu healed!
That 'dog' had the 'stone disease'.

Page 7:
Paper: Sesame Honey Dumplings [cut off on the bottom]
Jousuke: .....................

Page 8:
Yasuho: Guess who~~~~?
Jou: Ah!
Yasuho: Hu~~~~h?!
That's an 8-pack of sesame honey dumplings!
Did you buy them for me~~~~~?!
Let's eat them with one of those splurty BUCHU! sounds again!!
On Page: Yuuuuum

Page 9:
...Such a relief............

Page 10:
Jou: Wh...
Where'd she go?! Yasuho-chan's gone!!
Guys: ......
Jou: It...
It happened again! Yasuho-chan's gone!
Nori: Ah...
She went home a little while ago.
Jou: .........
Nori: When she woke up, I sent her home.
Jou: Huh?

Page 11:
Jou: You sent Yasuho-chan home?............
Nori: Why?
Because ya should go to her own house...
This isn't her house.
Jou: !
You helped rescue her,
but the Higashikata Family's problems are the Higashikata Family's problems.
I don't want to let anyone else know about Yotsuyu.
She's better off not knowing!

Page 12:
[She found some time to pose, though.]

Page 13:
Norisuke: Okay, listen up, you two...
I'm having a chemical analysis done right now on Yagiyama Yotsuyu's 'corpse' to see... what kind of organism it is.
I think his true form is probably going to turn out just as Tsurugi explained, though...
Meanwhile, I've already checked the "family register" to learn about his identity.
He stole the registry of a "child with no relatives' and switched places with him.
He stole the child's name over 10 years ago.
Paper: Register
Arrow: Identity theft
Nori: The child whose register was stolen is probably dead...
And with that identity, he became an architect...
Don't say a word to anyone about this.
Even to the rest of our family...
Got it?
Tsurugi: Ah!!

Page 14:
Jou: ?
Tsurugi: There!

Page 15:
Tsurugi: That's the dog!!
Jou: !!

Page 16:
Nori: Tsurugi! That dog..........!! Is it "that dog"?!
Jousuke: N... No, never mind that.
The thing that dog is eating is...
No way...
it's that fruit.
Why was it on the bed......?

Page 17:
Jou: Don't let that dog get away!
No matter what it takes, we have to capture it!!
Tsurugi: It's actually being really cute and docile.
The~~~re there. Good good good boy.
Jou: Grab the thing that dog is eatiiiiing!!
Tsurugi: He's only eating 'Sesame Honey Dumplings'.
Jou: Huh?!

Page 18:
Jou: This is the 'fruit' Yotsuyu was carrying!
If that dog really was on the verge of dying, then...
eating this is what cured him!
This is the 'fruit'...... Tsurugi-chan!
Dog: ............

Page 19:
Jou: This is just like the one Yotsuysu had at the bottom of the sea!
I'm certain, it's the same fruit!
Tsurugi: HAA HAA HAA
Norisuke: Wait, Tsurugi!
We have to thoroughly investigate as to whether that's really true and what sort of fruit it is!
Why was it on that bed?!
Maybe when Yasuho was being taken away by Yotsuyu
she unconsciously grabbed it from him.
Tsurugi: Grandpa!
Wh-What sorta fruit is that?

Page 20:
Norisuke: It's definitely a fruit... But I've never seen one like it before.
I wonder if it's something that's grown in Japan?
Its 'smell' is a lot like a fig.
Tsurugi: I'll eat it and taste it for you!
Norisuke: Calm down!
About it 'healing the dog'......
the things you and Jousuke 'saw', those were only your observations, right?! We're not sure if it actually 'can cure' anything!
Tsurugi: It's reaaaaaal!!

Page 21:
Nori: Tsurugi... This is a 'broken piece'.
We absolutely have to find the 'tree' it comes from.
We need to know what 'type' of fruit it is and 'where' it can be picked!
Tsurugi: HAAAAH
Jou: ......
Nori: When I investigated his identity, I didn't see any record of 'Yotsuyu' traveling overseas any time recently.
......And that means....
(1) "There is a 'tree' of this fruit somewhere in Japan."
Or (2) "Someone else recently brought it in from overseas."
"Because this fruit is fresh..." ..........It's one of the two. Yotsuyu must've gotten it in one of those ways.

Page 22:

Page 23:
Tsurugi: Grandpa, is this the shape of the fruit on the tree?
This is 'how it looked'?
I can predict what form it had with "King Nothing"................... I've also memorized the smell.
It really is close to figs......
But I've never seen this plant before.
Jousuke: .........Do I
'know' this 'tree' from somewhere..........?
The fruit that cures the disease...
Norisuke-san, can you try pursuing that 'smell' with your Stand......?
Norisuke: ............
Well, if the location of the 'tree' is within my range...... it'll pursue it automatically.
But if it's #2 and the tree is overseas, then it's no good... But before that, let's head to my fruit store.

Page 24:
Nori: We have a record of every variety of fruit in the world at the Higashikata Fruit Parlor's office.
Let's head to the fruit parlor and look this up.
By the way, what should we do with that dog?
Tsurugi: It's probably a dog that lost its home in the earthquake. I want to keep it......
I've already given it a name.
T/N: The "iwa" in "Iwasuke" means "rock".

Page 25:
Sign: Higashikata
Fruit Parlor
Jousuke: What a cute little fruit shop.

Page 26:
Norisuke: There are tons of things in this world you can get for a healthy friend or as a present for a celebration...
But when something unfortunate happens, or when someone is ill, you only ever send them flowers and fruit.
Fruit is special.
Take a good look... There's a lineup of top fashion brands in the street-level stores......
In order from the left, they're...
○A boutique ○A shoe store ○A jeweler ○A boutique ○A pottery shop ○The SBR Hat Shop ○The Moriohdou Temple Bookstore
○A boutique
○A boutique......
And what do you think all the girls want to do after they finish enjoying themselves shopping?
I'd say they wanna some "cafe time" at a fruit parlor with a good view.
The '2nd floor' of the building is our fruit parlor.

Page 26:
Nori: There's a 'flow' of people in the city.
Starting from the Morioh train station
I've created this street so it's like the 'customers' 'flow' into the fruit parlor on the 2nd floor! It's the entrance to the 'Resort City of Morioh'!
Nori: These net melons at the front of the store which are meant to be given as gifts are 2 for 15,000 yen, but...
they're harvested from first-rate trees which are grown in the first-rate farm of this country and they're exclusive to my "Higashikata Fruit Parlor".
I only allow super first-rate products.
The fruits you buy at the super market are all third-rate... They want you to be satisfied with them being as cheap as possible!
On the other hand
these net melons which are just on the verge of being fully ripe are now at their peak taste...

Page 27:
Nori: And if there are any left unsold, the melons will start rotting in no time.
And for a business, there's also a risk of heavy losses that could affect your reputation.
That's where the "Fruit Parlor" on the 2nd floor comes in.
Just before they start to go bad...
if we offer 'melon parfaits' to customers who just finished shopping at boutiques
we lose that risk.
The 'Higashikata Fruit Parlor' is a shop that always sells first-class ripe products!
We can check the data on that mysterious fruit in the office inside,
but before that, how about we go get a 'parfait'?
Jou: I see...... I've really got to admire you for this.
These are some wonderful ideas.

Page 28:
Nori: It's the 'flow' of the business I created!

Page 29:
Nori: Don't eat it yet...
So... What do you think of it?
Jou: ..................
What do I think of it...?

Page 30:
Norisuke: The 'shape' of the glass.
The "shape"!
I created that 'shape' very deliberately.
If the fruit parfait's glass doesn't have that shape, it's no good.
Okay, take a good look. I'll explain it in order from top to bottom.
(1) Cut melon with an original price of 7,500 yen....
(2) Jelly and whipped cream
(3) Ice cream
(4) Melon granita
(5) Champagne Sherbet
(6) Crunchy corn biscuit
(7) Melon jelly and once again (8) Whipped cream
(9) Melon juice
And it has a spoon in it so girls can eat it in order from the top down.
Look.... ...Look! ...Look!

Page 31:
Nori: The act of pulling the spoon up...
always makes these 9 layers inside the glass flow by convection and start to mix.
In other words!
Due to the 'shape' of the glass, the flavor of the parfait gradually changes with the passage of time!
Because of this change, girls can enjoy and be surprised by its flavor from beginning to end!
And when they feel like they want it again, they'll bring their families or their friends to the fruit parlor.
That is the 'shape' of the glass I came up with!
Side: FULLY!

Page 32:
Nori: Basically 'what' I'm trying to say is...
everything here has a natural 'flow'.
Now, 'flow' is a metaphor, but if you don't fight it, you'll definitely reach your goal.
When you're in my household, remember that.
..................Otherwise, you won't be able to find any "good fruit"!
Jou: ......
Okay, the 'parfait'! Eat up, and don't spill any!
Jou: M-hm, m-hm.

Page 32:
Jou: Huh...?
When did I get this email...? [Email symbol]
Jou: YYYUM!!
Jou: Ah...

Page 33:
Nori: It's an email from "Joubin"......
He's back in the country......
Joubin: ..................

Page 34-35:
Nori: !
Jou: ...................

Page 36:
Jou: E... Excuse me.
I spilled my parfait............ seriously......
Nori: ......Ah......
Joubin: It's okay to make mistakes, right......?
You're only human, after all.

Page 37:
Nori: Aw man, I looooove "Aida Mitsuo"-----!! [Heart after the "love".]
Well, it's a great quote, after allllll! [Heart]
T/N: Aida Mitsuo is a famous Japanese poet and calligrapher. The last two lines on the previous page are a famous quote from him.
Jou: !?
After alllll!
Nori: OOOOOOOOOH! Welcome baaaack, Joubin!
JousukeL "Joubin"...?
The one that's the eldest son of the Higashikata Family?
[There's that same family tree we've seen in every chapter for the last 2 years again. That's the line with Daiya, Joushuu, Joubin, and Tsurugi]

Page 38:
Nori: When'd you get back?! You should'a called me! WAHAHAHA! [WAHAHAHA different font]
Jou: I emailed you didn't I......? [Email symbol after "email"]
It's good to be back, Dad!
Nori: So... how was Singapore?
Jou: The places I went, dad... were Vietnam and the Philippines.
I saw some pretty good fruit fields there.
Nori: I see...
I didn't even notice...
that your beloved car is parked over there.
A golden Lamborghini.
Jou: Also, Dad... While I was there... I bought this.
A "Dorcus Titanus Palawanicus". It's 112 millimeters long.

Page 39:
Nori: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
C'mon now...... This has nothing to do with your work!
Is it because of this that your trip took so long...?
With all the airfare
how much did this cost?
Jou: Huhu. 110,000 yen for one.
Nori: Seriously?!!
Jou: But it's gonna be a Guinness world record!
An 11.2 centimeter Palawanicus!
Ain't it awesooome......?
"I can rest easy...
now that I've seen your face......"
Nori: That's another "Aida Mitsuo"-----!
Both: After aaaaaall!

Page 40-41:
Joubin: Oh, right...
You...? I 'know' you.
Who are you again?
Jousuke: I'm Jousuke.
Joubin: "Jousuke"...
Oh yeah......... Before I went on my trip... I remember you'd lost your memories or something... How're you doing?
Nori: They're still lost......
But I've welcomed in 'Jousuke' as a member of our family.

Page 42:
Jousuke: Thank you for having me.
Joubin: ............
I see.
Well, let me welcome you. I'm the eldest son, Higashikata Joubin.
You can have this.
Jou: Huh?
[It's fucking Tower of Gray. He's back. Symbol of interrupted journeys. We're all gonna die.]

Page 43:
Nori: ............
Joubin: C'mon, take it.
That's what I want.
You don't see a Dorcus Titanus Palawanicus like that every day, ya know... If it were being sold inside Japan, it'd cost 300,000 yen.
Jou: Uh... That's not it...
A 'stag beetle'............
...I don't really know what to do with it.
Is it alive...? ......And... I don't really know how to take care of it.
And it's not like I can return it, either.
Joubin: You don't like it?
Jou: N... No, it's not about liking or disliking it.
Joubin: I told you, that's what I want.

Page 44:
Jobin: Okay, I get it!
I'll throw in this wristwatch!
Plus, you can have this sofvi Tetsujin 28-go!
So you get the Palawanicus, the sofvi, and the wristwatch.
Jousuke: Uh...
T/N: A sofvi is a soft vinyl figure. Tetsujin 28-go is an old manga and anime from the 50's and 60's.
Nori: Hey, Joubin! Quit it with the onslaught of preseeeents!
Can'cha see yer makin' Jousuke uncomforable?!!
Joubin: AHAHAHAAH! I'll teach you how to raise a Palawanicus----!
After aaaaaall!

Page 45:
Jou: HAH!!

Page 46:
[Oh shit dawg.]

Page 47:
Jousuke: Joubin's handkerchief...
He memorized the 'smell'.
And 'if it's within range, it'll pursue it automatically'.
This is...!
Bottom: What does Joubin know?!
To be continued

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