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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Spica 2


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 3, 2014 05:32 | Go to Spica

-> RTS Page for Spica 2

Reserved for Blue Flor and Be With You Scans

Okay, here's this one. This one's more normal length compared to the others. I'll try to get the others done more quickly while I've got time.

[Spica 2 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 11:
Title: Spica [Well, it's in English already.]

Page 12:
Narration: Before I knew it, I noticed in the corner of the schoolyard
those flowers that suddenly spring up every summer.
-----Summer's already begun.
Somebody: Hey, hey, you need to keep moviiing!
Quit acting so high-falutin'!
Narration: My third year of high school. The last summer......
Guy: If we don't make it to the top 4,
we're just a bunch of bald-headed morons!
Hey, what're you doing for the fireworks display this year?
Aaaah, I really wanna goooo.

Page 13:
Somebody: The number of couples always spikes at our school
after the port festival, doesn't it-----?
Seriously, it's not so much a fireworks display
as it is a grand confession festival. ["grand confession festival" white.]
Guy: Looks like you've still got some lingering worldly desires.
Looks like we'll need to make that hair even shorter!
Handwritten: Clippers
Middle: Currently already close-cropped
Left: No, no moooore!
Right: First-Year Monk
Someone: E... Excuse me!! Team Captain!! We've gotta get going!
Guy: Geez, who cares about fireworks displays. We've got the quarterfinals that day, for crying out loud.
-----By the way, Takasaki,
Takasaki: Hm?
Captain: That transfer student in your class,
Misono-san, right?

Page 14:
Captain: I kinda wanna invite her to the fireworks display. Do ya think you could introduce me?
Taka: It kinda looks like it's your heart that could use a good crew cut.
Captain: Well, I just meant that you don't see too many people wearing sailor suits like that these days.
Wearing pure white with that pitch-black hair...
Taka: So you figured she might not have plans yet...... Right? [A heart after the ellipsis]
Captain: Huh?! But do you think her acceptance rate's already gonna be that high?!
Taka: ......
No, I dunno about that...
it's just that I don't think anyone's really talked to her yet.
Box: Late in the morning
Misono: Sorryyyy!
Handwritten: Staaand!
Box: Break Time
Lunch Break

Page 15:
Box: And after school
Taka: -----That's how she is every day.
Captain: So it's just that nobody can catch her, huh? Ok.
All right then, like an Iriomote mountain cat!!
Taka: No... I think she'll be a bit easier to run into than a protected species...
-----Ah, but an Iriomote mountain cat...
I guess she is... a bit like one.
She seems really nimble...
Handwritten: Nationals regional preliminaries!!
Captain: Okay!! That is all for our regulars!!
As is tradition at our school, all those that have failing grades at the end of the term will be taken out of first-string.
So for any players nervous about that, be sure to pay a visit to our team's vice captain and god of studies!
Or, rather...
please save me, Takasaki-sama... This is my last summer heeeere!
Descriptions: God of studies
(Vice Captain) [The last 2 lines are written smaller]
Definitely Failing
#4 Third Base
(Captain) [The last 2 lines are written smaller]
Handwritten: It's my last summer, too, ya know!

Page 16:
Taka: Just in case, I made collected all the information together for what's likely to be on the tests for each subject.
Handwritten: Ooh! I knew I could count on you!!
That's our god of studies!!
Takasaki-senpai sure is dreamy! ["dreamy" white]
Taka: Just look over them and come ask me individually about anything you don't understand.
You're kidding me.........
Half the first-string are taking makeup tests......?!
Are they all muscle-heads?
Handwritten: Checking everyone's tests.
SFX: DARADARA (Sweating)
Taka: ......
My last summer, huh?

Page 17:
Taka: ......Man, I'm tired.
----Oh, that's unusual. She's not running today......
And she's singing something.

Page 18:
Misono: ............
Taka: ...
Taka: Ah, the fastener on your bag broke.

Page 19:
Taka: ......
Handwritten: 19 Points
Mi: Th... This is
because the curriculum here is different from the one at my last school.
Handwritten: It got me all mixed up!!
Taka: Misono-san,
I won't tell anybody.
Mi: Huh?! How do you know my name?!
Taka: Because we're in the same class.
Mi: Huh?! Really?! I'm sorry.
Taka: No, that's okay.
I see.
So you have a competition soon, huh?
Mi: I ended up going really far from home when I transferred, so I'm staying at a teacher's place on weekends and I take intensive lessons.
On weekdays I'm at the ballet studio from 4 to 9.
Taka: So that's why you're always running home.

Page 20:
Mi: Takasaki-kun, are you going to morning training
for the baseball team?
Taka: How'd you know?
Oh, I guess it's pretty obvious with this haircut.
Miso: It is. And I heard that this school's baseball team is pretty good.
Taka: Yeah... But this summer might be a bit dicey...
Half our first string got failing grades on their mid-terms.
We've got this weird tradition at our school where if you get failing grades on both your mid terms and your finals, that you get cut from the first string.
Miso: Ah, everywhere's the same.
I've got the same problem.
"If your grades slip, please quit ballet."------ they told me.
Taka: ......
Then it sounds like you in quite a bind.
Misono: All this stuff with transferring schools...
I-I mean, come on...
this is out of my control...

Page 21:
Misono: Seriousy,
what am I gonna do?
Taka: Misono-san,
ya know...
Someone: Okay.
----So, these three,
if you just totally memorize them
then you should be pretty much okay.
Handwritten: Baseball Team Study Group
Right: Honwa~~~
Above Misono: Participating
Miso: Wow!
How do you know all this stuff so well?!
Why are you on the baseball team, Takasaki-kun?!! You could probably be a cram school teacher or a tutor part-time and make a fortune!
Taka: Thanks.
Handwritten: ...Though I'm entirely sure how I feel about that...

Page 22:
Captain: Yes... The fate of our baseball team
rests on the shoulders of our Vice Captain, Takasaki!!
Handwritten: He's quite a man, this guy.
Shirt: Pride
Taka: It's mostly you that's weighing on me, ya know!
So please, #4 Third Base,
we're really gonna be in trouble if you fail and get cut from first string.
Handwritten: OWOWOWOW
Hey, I'm
giving this my all, too!
Misono: ......
That must be nice
having friends like that.
Captain: Misono, why don't you tell everybody what's going on with you?
I'm sure they'll all be supportive.
Or is it you can't?
Is that another promise?
Misono: I'm hooome.

Page 23:
Mom: You're home late. Today isn't one of your ballet class days, right?
Misono: I'm sorry.
One of my classmates was helping me study.
We're learning different stuff here than I was learning in Tokyo.
Mom: Hey,
I know I've told you a hundred times, but don't you think it's about time you took a break from ballet?
College is more important.
I know you like it,
but there's barely anyone that can make a living off ballet, right?
Do you have that much confidence in yourself about it?
Miso: ......
Mom: What are you planning to do if ballet doesn't work out?
Won't everyone laugh at you?

Page 24:
Mom: What are you planning to do if ballet doesn't work out?
Won't everyone laugh at you?
Someone: Misono-san, open up your chest more.
What's wrong? Listen to the song more carefully.

Page 25:
Someone: Thank you very much!!
So just before the competition, you have finals, huh? That's a pretty rough schedule.
Everyone's stressing about it. Going on to university and ballet.
Don't worry about it too much. Mental anxiety will have an effect on your body...
Narration: 3 days before the exam----
Captain: I... sorta...
feel all my confidence slipping away.
Misono: M... Me, too...
M... Math is too hard.
Taka: It's okay.
We're almost there.
Text: Everyone all worn out from practice and studying
People: Hey, hey! You think the baseball team can make it into the top 4 this year?
Huh? Well, it looks like they're giving it their all, huh?

Page 26:
People: I heard if they screw up half their team is gone.
Huuuuh? And I was cheering for them and everything.
Yeah! Geez. I was reaaally looking forward to it.
But ya knooow,
they're always practicing like that...
It'd be cool if they could make it to the national tournament at Koushien.
What'll happen if they screw up?
Only a handful of people in the whole country go pro, right?
And you can't just do life over, can you?
Guys: ...
Captain: Hey, Takasaki...
could you hold my hand?
Taka: Uh, no. That's creepy...
Somebody: By the way, what're you doing for the fireworks displaaay?
Heeey! I'm gonna wear a yukata!
Captain: Otherwise I think I'm gonna go outside and go on a rampage. It just might end up raining blood, yaaa knooow! [Star after the first and 2nd sentence. Sencond sentence is in curly font.]
Taka: Okay, I'll hold it!
Just don't get suspended, okay!
SFX: PATATAH (Drip drip)
Misono: AH!
Oh no.
I'm sorry.

Page 27:
Misono: I'm sorry. I'm gonna go wash my faaace!
Taka: Misono-san?!
SFX: MIIIN MIIN (Cicadas chirping)
Misono: That was like what my mom tells me practically every day
what they said back there.
Misono: That only one person in a few thousand
can become a pro.
And if I'm not good enough......
everyone's gonna laugh at me......
So she wants me to stop before then.

Page 28:
Misono: Is loving something
such a bad thing?
So bad people will laugh at you?
I thought that in order to make my mom more relaxed about it,
I would have to get good results at the competition, so I've been working really hard at it
and meanwhile I'm being told day after day "What are you gonna do if it doesn't work out?" "Won't everyone laugh at you?"
So I've been getting more and more afraid
and now my body really isn't moving the way I want it to...
Taka: .........Hey, Misono,
ya know, I...

Page 29:
Taka: was in the first string up until the summer of my 2nd year.
-----But after the big tournament last summer
I tore a ligament during a practice game.
And even now, my left leg won't move like it did back then.
I got cut from the first string,
and rehab took a long time,
but I didn't want to leave baseball no matter what.
----So instead of being in the games, I searched for something I could do.
Managing the practice menu and the schedule.
And then I came up with the role of following their studies so my teammates could devote their energy to baseball.
So, yeah, if I were to summarize the whole thing,
I would say I became that "what if it doesn't work out?" guys you were talking about......

Page 30:
Taka: -----So?
Are you gonna laugh at me, Misono?
Misono: ..................
SFX: BUN BUN (Shaking head)
Taka: Hm.
Misono: W... Was it hard?
Did you.........
cry a lot?
Taka: Naw.
no, that's not true.
I did cry.

Page 31:
Taka: But
if there's something you love so much that you couldn't give it up.even if it made you cry,
then it's gotta be something pretty incredible.
Teacher: Okay, I'll now be handing out the test papeeers.
Handwritten: Anxious...
SFX: CHIRA.. (Glance)
Handwritten: You'll do fine.

Page 32:
Teacher: Okay,
Narration: And the next day----
Captain: Okay, now summer really begins!
Who cares about the fireworks display! Let's go give it our all!
Mom: Well... it looks like you tried really hard this time...
but, really...... I honestly think ballet
Misono: ......Mom.
Mom: might be something you kept as only a hobby, maybe.
...I mean... you know...
Misono: Mom.
Come see me on stage.
Like you did when I was little.

Page 33:
Misono: I'm giving it my all.
I really am, so...
Someone: Hey, Misono,
Narration: 32nd Kanagawa Prefecture Dance Competition
(Sponsored by the Tsuneto Newspaper)
Taka: if there's something you love so much that you couldn't give it up.
even if it made you cry,
Announcer: -----Number 5, Misnono Yuuka.

Page 34:
Announcer: From "Sleeping Beauty",
Princess Aurora's Variation
Taka: then it's gotta be
something pretty incredible.
Misono: Mom...
I guess she didn't come after all...

Page 35:
Misono: Mom!
Misono: You came, mom?! I'm so glad!
What about work?
Ah... but I was on already. It's too bad. I wanted you to see it.
Um, I...
Mom: You were amazing!
Your mother doesn't really understand ballet,
but you were magnificent...
you really looked like a princess.
I was surprised... The moment it ended I was so flustered I went out to buy flowers for you.
-----So I couldn't watch the competition's results, but......
It looks like while your mom was saying all that out of anxiety,
you were.....
giving it your all, weren't you, Yuuka?

Page 36:
Mom: I'm sorry, Yuuka...
for making you have to do all that on your own.
Guys: Ah, hey!
Heeey! Misono-chaaan!
Taka: Hey!
How'd it go?
Misono: Takasaki-kun!!
I... I
got 2nd place!!
Taka: All right!
And we made it into the top 4!
Misono: That's amazing!
Taka: We're all gonna go out to eat together after this.
If you want, you can...

Page 37:
Taka: Where'd they go?
Who's that?
An email?
Misono: Wh-
What's wrong?
SFX: GAKKURI (Crestfallen)
Taka: ......
Misono: Eh?

Page 38:
Taka: Okay, let's go.
Misono: Huh? Um...
Taka: To see the fireworks.
Misono: Okay!
Text: Vice Captain-dono!!
We wish you good luck in battle!!
"From the entire baseball team with love"
Bottom: Spica End

Page 39:
Umino: Thinking back on it now, I think Hina-chan and Takahashi-kun from Lion started here.
In an early cut, I was thinking that I wanted to draw a "school jersey with a tutu".

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