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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Spica 3

Green Puppy

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 4, 2014 22:44 | Go to Spica

-> RTS Page for Spica 3

Reserved for Blue Flor and Be With You Scans

Ok, that's most of it. The whole thing's only like 103 pages.

[Spica 3 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 41:
Title: Green Puppy

Page 42:
Kid: Hello, Hoshino-san!
I'm here to deliver the item you ordered!
Hoshino: Oh, I'm so glad! I've been waiting for this!
Is it okay if I open it right away?
Ah, isn't it beautiful?!
Marie-san sure has a knack for making wonderful hats and dresses!
Woman: My, it really is beautiful!!
Please tell your mom that we must do business again sometime, okay?
Kio, May, these are some cookies I made.
Kio: WAA!

Page 43:
Kio: Goodbye, Hoshino-san!
Thanks for the cookies!
Woman: Kio and May sure have gotten big, haven't they?
Remember when everyone in town sure was worried when their parents died?
Hoshino: Marie-san sure is doing a bang-up job.
One woman raising the two of them on her own like that...
Kio and Mei are both good, healthy kids.
I wish their parents could see them now......
Kio: We're baaaack!
May: And then, and then,
May got cookies!
Kio: Hoshino-san was very happy!
Marie: I guess we'll have to keep working hard, then.
Though I am really happy to hear that.

Page 44:
Kio: And then he said, "Wait, Phantom Thief Jack"
and as he nimbly flipped his cloak over, standing there
was Great Detective Rodney.
Look, May.
Isn't he cool?
That's the ally of justice, Great Detective Rodney.
I can't read them yet because they're really hard,
but Papa's bookshelf is full of detective novels.
Hey, May, I can tell that Papa
was like me, he was someone who looked up to allies of justice, don't you think?
Marie: Kio, would you make another delivery for me?
Kio: Waa! What a big box. This is a hat?
Marie: It was an alteration made by Yasuda-san.
Tell her I tripled the amount of flowers on it.
[Ya know, I can barely tell these characters apart... I spent like 15 minutes trying to figure out who some of these people are, the women are nearly identical.]

Page 45:
May: Carry me, Kio!
Kio: Oh, I told you you shouldn't've come with me.
Look, there's Yasuda-san's mansion.
We're almost there, so just hang in there.
Look, May!
That's so cool!
It's a real detective!
He's going into Yasuda-san's house.
I wonder what's going on? Maybe he has a case.
It sure is a big mansion, huh?
I can't even see that end.

Page 46:
Guy: A delivery for the missus?
Please, come right this way.
Yasuda: Aah, it's beautiful!
Hats really do need to be at least this flashy.
It really was worth getting it altered.
Thank you, Kio. Give my regards to your mother.
Now I have something to talk to this man about.
Kio: Huh?
SFX: SUDDEN [She did that exact same thing in the last chapter...]
Kio: May!
Where are you, May?!
Woah... look at all the treasures.
Huh? ......But
this mansion, it's sort of......

Page 47:
May: Aaahn! Aahn!
Open it up, Big Brother!
Kio: Oh, May, you silly goose.
You know you're not suppose to leave your Big Brother.
Someone: What did you say?! Then you can't look for my dog?!
Ah? Oh, Kio, you're still here?
Kio: I'm sorry, we got lost......
Yasuda: Well, never mind.
SFX: SARA... KOHON (Cough)
Yasuda: Why don't you listen for a bit. This is awful.
My precious dog has gone missing and this detective
says "I can't look for something as unprofitable as a dog."?!
Detective: For only 300 Mallow, I refuse to search for something so nimble.

Page 48:
Yasuda: And he's still just a puppy! He's been outside for 2 days!
He says that by now he's probably been eaten by a wolf on the other side of the mountain and he's gone without a trace.
So you've already given up, have you?
Kio: ......
Detectives are allies of justice.
Let me look for that dog!
That dog is really important to you, right, Yasuda-san?!
I know everywhere around here, even the other side of the mountain! And even if I find him, I won't take any money from you!
Yasuda: Oh my, you'll look for him for free?!
Kio, you're such a wonderful child! Please, go right ahead!
Detective: .........
Kio: First,
tell me the dog's name any any special characteristics he has.
Yasuda: My, my, you are serious about this aren't you?!

Page 49:
Yasuda: Okay, first the name then.
Yes...... It's "Muff".
And he does have one very unique characteristic.
Give him one glance and you'll know it's him.
You see, this dog
is one of only a few individual "green colored dogs" that exist in this world.
Kio: A green dog, huuuh......?
Oookay, let's go!
I'll find him soon, okay!
Guy: Oh, Kio! You're quite a valiant one, eh?
Where're you headed off to?
Kio: Mount Tentou. I'm looking for a lost dog.
Woman: Don't go too far in or you'll get lost yourself, okay?

Page 50:
Kio: UWAA!
It's pitch black even though it's the afternoon.
But I've gotta do my best to find him......
Muff has got to be all alone and hungry, after all.
Okay, here we go!
Marie: Oh, a detective?
You're going to look for a lost puppy?
That sounds like quite an adventure!
Kio: But tomorrow, I won't be able to help you out, mom...
Marie: It's okay. You always help me out so much,
this time Mama will help you out.
Would you like me to make a boxed lunch for you?
Kio: One of only a few green dogs in the world.
The only ones that are really close to me [Thought]
So in this big world,
he only has a few comrades...... [Thought]
are Mama and May.
He must be
really lonely.

Page 51:
Kio: Huh?
It's Yasuda-san.
I wonder where she's going.
Kio: AH!!
Kio: U......Nn...
SFX: PERO PERO...... (Licking)
Muff: WAFF
Kio: !!

Page 52:
Kio: It's a green doooog!
Muff: GYAN
Kio: N...... ...Ow... My leg...
It looks like I sprained it.
Ah, are you hurt?
Poor thing...
So that's why you couldn't get home, huh?
Oww...... Hold on a sec.
How is it now......?
You're shaking.........
I'll bet it hurts a lot.
What do I do?
Mom would definitely be able to fix him up, but...
it's a sandwich mom made.
You must be hungry, right?

Page 53:
Kio: Does it taste good? That's nice.
Let's go halfsies on it.
Kio: Looks like you've cheered up a bit, huh?
Hey, I'm ticklish!
You're so warm......
And you're quite a mysterious one, aren't you?
I was a little lonely before,
but now, for some reason,
it's feeling less and less scary.
Guy: ......

Page 54:
Detective: Hey!
Kio: Ah!
you're the detective that was a Yasuda-san's house.
Detective: Ah, that's a relief.
I lost my way on the mountain.
I'm glad I found you.
Kio: You're kind of an unreliable detective, aren't you?
Ah, take a left at that cedar tree.
Marie: Kioooo!
Kio: Ah, it's Mama!
Marie: There, you should be fine now.
I really have to thank you.
So you went looking for him when he took a long time to get back?

Page 55:
Detective: It was nothing. But really, I'm impressed.
He actually found the dog.
Kio: I'm gonna go return it to Yasuda-san tomorrow.
And of course, I won't accept any money.
Marie: Ah......? But
I heard that Yasuda-san left on a trip yesterday and she won't be back for a week.
Kio: Huh? Yesterday?
But I just saw Yasuda-san today.
Detective: ......
Where was that?
Kio: At the bay at the bottom of Mount Tentou behind Yasuda-san's house.
They had a lot of luggage packed onto a little boat.
Marie: What a strong wind.
I hope the door doesn't blow in.

Page 56:
Kio: I'm sure that at Yasuda-san's big house it wouldn't budge even if the wind is ever stronger or if there were lightening.
Those walls are incredibly thick.
Marie: It must be quite a mansion.
Detective: ------
Why do you think so?
Kio: Well, in that house,
the length of the walls outside is totally different from the length of the walls in the hallways inside.
So those walls have got to be super thick.
Detective: .........I see.
Is that right?
Marie: Ah, after all that, why don't you stay for dinner.
Detective: Excuse me, but I remembered urgent business I must attend to.
Thank you very much for the tea. I hope we meet again, Kio-kun.
Marie: I wonder why he left in such a hurry?
Handwritten: He didn't even take off his hat and coat...
What a strange man.
Kio: I wonder why real detectives
...are so unreliable.
But a week, huh...?
I know you want to see Yasuda-san again soon......

Page 57:
Kio: But you know, I'm kind of......
happy that I get to
keep you a little while longer.
Okay, we're here.
It's your house!! I wonder if Yasuda-san is back.
What's wrong?
Yasuda: Kioooo!
You found my little Muff?!
Muff: !!
Yasuda: KYaaaah!
Kio: !?

Page 58:
Yasuda: And what?!
He's injured, isn't he?!
Kio: Ah,
that's from when he fell into a valley.....
SFX: POTA POTA (Dripping)
Yasuda: I cannot believe this!!
I paid all that money for him,
and now he has a scar on his back!
Now I won't be able to make a fur muff!
Kio: Huh......?
Fur muff.....?
You don't mean
Did you know that,
and that's why you ran away?
Thoughts: And I...
after you had tried to hard to run away...
I found you and brought you all the way back.

Page 59:
Kio: Ah!
Yasuda: Ah, how frustrating. Now the most I can make out of you is earmuffs.
Kio: Ah..... Um.
Yasuda: Unbelievable. I paid 500,0000 Mallow for this!
Kio: W...... Wait...
Kio: This little puppy
was so, so scared, and......
Kio: U...
I... I... I----
Ya...... Yasuda-san,
I...... I...... I......
Yasuda: Oh, yes. Perhaps I should sell you at auction for breeding purposes?
In that case
I could maybe get half my money back from some trader.
Muff: WA...

Page 60:
Detective: And by auction,
do you mean the market for stolen goods
that you organize?
Yasuda: !!
Kio: D.....
Detective: We've seen all of your hidden rooms.
I've the goods perfectly matches this list of stolen items.
SFX: HIRAN ZORO ZORO... (Entering)
Yasuda: Wh..... What is this?
Everything here are items I bought through legitimate means......
Detective: No use lying. That man has already confessed everything.
Guy: M-M'am, please forgive me!

Page 61:
Police: Please come with us to the station.
Inspector, isn't this green dog one of the items on the list?
Yasuda: I won't forget this!
Detective: ..........
Police: Then..........
can that boy bring him back to his real owner?
Detective: .........
This is why I said i didn't want to look for that dog......
Detective: Chief,
Chief: Mm?
Detective: The "green dog" on that list,
could we say that it ran away on its own and that its "location is unknown"?
Chief: Ah----- Well,
it was probably eaten by a wolf or something in the mountains anyhow.
compared to giving it back to a fur trader and getting made into a scarf or something,
it probably preferred having died fighting.
Guy: Okay, then the green dog
has been confirmed to be missing.

Page 62:
Detective: -----Well, there you are.
Kio: Ah!
Kio: ........
So you weren't a detective?
Inspector: I just wanted to try wearing this once in my life.
To be honest, I've looked up to detectives ever since I was a kid.
Just like you.
----But might really be able to become a great detective.
The hint you gave me was the key to this whole thing.

Page 63:
Inspector: We suspected there might be underground tunnels, but we couldn't find any.
-----But with your hint, we figured it out.
The tunnels were inside the walls.
And as you saw, they brought stolen goods in and out by boat through the mountain behind the mansion.
Now then, you should get going.
The sun is going to be setting soon.
Your mother must be worried about you.
And I've got to report your achievement to her.
Kio: Hey, Detective-san.
Inspector: My real name is actually Inspector Tamiya.
Kiyo: Inspector Tamiya,
do you think my mom will let me keep this dog?

Page 64:
Tamiya: It's okay. I'll help you convince her.
when I checked that list,
I found out that this green dog is a very clever and brave breed of dog.
I'm sure he'll be a great partner to you.
-----And from this moment onward
I'm sure he'll protect you, your mother, and your little sister.
Bottom: Green Puppy End

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