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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Spica 4

Flower Cradle

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 12, 2014 23:46 | Go to Spica

-> RTS Page for Spica 4

Reserved for Blue Flor and Be With You Scans

Ok, I finally got this one done. This took a while, but the last 2 plus the omake are just a total of 15 pages. So I'll try to get that all done soon. That SHOULD be possible.

[Spica 4 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 65:
Title: Flower Cradle

Page 66:
Paper: Novel Prize
Will Togetani-shi win the prize?!
Kio: Wow! The Novel Prize, Courtin!
This Togetani person is someone that lives in this village.
I can't believe somebody from this village has been nominated for such a big award!!
Someone: What?
A drug that erases memories?
What a strange thing he's made.
Even so, it's amazing.

Page 67:
Togetani: Shopkeeper,
has the item I ordered arrived in yet?
Kio: Look, Courtin!
It's Professor Togetani!!
It's really him!
Guy: Ah! Well, well, if it isn't Togetani-san. So you've up for the Novel this time, eh?
Toge: I asked you if the item had arrived.
Did you not hear me?
Hm? What is this?
I asked for Frotie's tea. This is wrong.
Guy: Unfortunately, they were currently out of stock of that brand.....
but that is another brand of rose tea......
I will say it once again. The item I ordered is Frotie's.
My wife has a liking for Frotie's Rose Tea.
I have no desire for anything else.
Please order it once again.
Guy: .........But Togetani-san...

Page 68:
Toge: I have no interest in your excuses!
Try somewhere else!
GUy: Hmph.
Even if it's a huge award, he's only been nominated so far.
And now he's throwing his weight around just because he's famous.
Kio: .........
Guy: Actually, shopkeeper,
that Togetani has always been a wily bastard that throws his weight around.
I dunno if he's a genius or whatever,
but he's an outsider that's no good at socializing.
Someone: Hey, you!
Don't bad-mouth the customers. Do your job.
Come again, Kio.
Somebody: Rose mohair #1, #2, and #3. Off-white #2 and #5.
and also light blue #8......
Is your mom making a teddy bear this time?
Kio: Yep! It's an order from old mister Shirogane.

Page 69:
Kio: He said he wants to give a different colored present to all of his grandchildren.
Woman: That'll be some task. He has 36 of them after all.
Guy: But seriously, how could any woman have married a man like that?
Hey, he says he's got a wife, but maybe that's just a big lie?
Hey, he's a great inventor, ain't he? Maybe he even made his wife!
Yeah, for sure.
If he has a wife, she's a robot, no doubt.
Kio: Thank you!
I'll come again soon, Miss Yoshie!
Cour: WUON!
Kio: Robot?
That's amazing! Did you hear that?!
No wonder he's a Novel Prize level professor.
He even made his own wife!

Page 70:
Woman: Molly, welcome back.
Molly's back!
Welcome home, dear.
Togetani: Here, a gift.
I've heard it's the newest design.
Molly: Oh my, they're wonderful!
.......You don't think they're a little too cute for me, do you?
Toge: Oh, of course not.
You're as beautiful as ever.
Just like when you were young.

Page 71:
Toge: My cute little Molly.
Someone: So cute!
And so pretty!
They sure are blooming into something beautiful, huh?!
So cute!
What cute little buds!
Kio: Hey, Mom,
what sort of person would use a drug that erases your memory?
Mom: You mean the one that Professor Togetani made?
Kio: This says that depending on the amount of the drug you take
the amount of time you forget becomes more or less.

Page 72:
Mom: Well, I don't really know,
but I'm sure there are people in this world that need a drug like that.
Though it seems rather difficult to use...
Kio: If it were me, I'd secretly use it on you, Mom.
That way you'd make pie for us a bunch of times every week, right?
May: Can May have apple pie, too?
Mom: Hey now,
if you used his great invention for something like that, then even Professor Togetani would be disappointed.
Kio: Speaking of great inventions......
Professor Togetani sure is amazing, isn't he?
I heard he even made his wife himself.
Hey now, Kio, where did you hear a thing like that?
He has a perfectly normal wife.
He said today was his wedding anniversary.
Here, see? This is Professor Togetani's wife's dress.
Kio: Mom, you saw his wife?!

Page 73:
Mom: No.
To be honest, this was a request from the Takamatsu Department store.
They thought I'd be more suited to this kind of design......
Kio: Did Takamatsu-san see her?!
Guy: We've just had so many orders lately, we're really in quite a pickle......
Marie-san, could you possibly lend us a hand?
Could you perhaps do some sewing for us?
Marie: Speaking of which,
Takamatsu-san said that he hadn't met the wife either, actually.
Kio: !!
Isn't that amazing, Courtin?
It's gotta be a secret, then.
I guess his wife really might be a robot.
Hey, look, Courtin!
That's Professor Togetani's house.
It's a house that nobles used to use a long time ago.

Page 74:
Kio: Slooowly... [Star after the y]
I'll just get a quick look and see if Togetani has a wife or not.
Oh, look, Courtin!
Somebody's coming.
Guys: That guy really is out-there.
He's no different from how he was in the old days.
Throwing water on us like that.
Guy 2: Damn that guy, with his new money!!
He may have bought this big 'ol house, but he's still the same dirt-poor bastard on the inside.
And after we told him we were just old friend comin' ta see how he was and everything.
Handwritten: You should hurry up and drop dead!
Kio: .......
Toge: And never come back!
You damn hyenas!
Kio: Professor Togetani sure is intense, isn't he?
If he sees me spying, he'll flat-out devour me.
All I wanted to do was check and see if his wife's a robot.
SFX: DOKI DOKI (Heartbeat)

Page 75:
Molly: Dear?
Is something the matter?
Toge: Every last one of them
nauseate me!
Grinning and kissing up!
You want me to lend you money?! You must be joking!
Those are the same people that, back in the old days,
would make fun like mad for being poor and being an orphan!
How dare they say such shameless things at this point!
Their attitudes sure changed in a hurry the moment I became rich!
Molly: Dear...
Toge: Molly...

Page 76:
Toge: You're the only one that hasn't changed,
my cute little Molly.....
The Novel Prize is going to be announced soon.
And this time, my invention will truly be the best in the world.
I now finally, finally have it all.
I'll become a human who's obtained everything he wanted.
I'll finally be able to obtain perfect happiness.
a little more and.........
Molly: Dear!!

Page 77:
Guys: All right.
I won't be coming again.
I'm leaving plenty of medicine.
To be honest, it's up to luck from here.
His living or dying
will be decided by God.
Tani: Hmph. That quack.
Just saying the truth so bluntly.
Damn. My eyes......
I can't see that well...
Molly, where are you?
...............What a boring life.
I can't believe I was attached by a lung fever twice.
Molly: It's okay.
I'm sure it'll get better this time.
Toge: That's right. Even back then,
the one that held my hand like this
was you, after all.
When I was still a greenhorn, I wanted to return the world's gaze.
I clung to my research day in and day out.

Page 78:
Toge: I had no parents, no money, and not a single friend.
And as I vigorously cursed
the smiles of the city
and their happiness
that day arrived.
What is this?
Huh? Isn't that......?
It was the daughter from the boarding house.
She was always looking downward fearfully, perhaps anxious about her unseemly appearance.

Page 79:
Toge: At first, I was annoyed, thinking "Now there's even a girl like this that's pitying me?".
But whenever she left something, I ate it up.
I wanted to use as little money as possible on my research
so that made the lunches she left me all the tastier.
After a year had passed, she even started to take it upon herself to mend my clothes.
As I had no idea how to handle her,
I continued to immerse myself in my work
until finally, with one invention, I just managed to reach the point where I could get a patent.
And yet, when I was only one step away...
I collapsed due to fatigue and lung fever.

Page 80:
Doctor: He's in quite an unstable condition.
And even if we save him, he may lose his eyesight.
Toge: I had lost everything, and I was left on my bed, unable to see.
I was utterly helpless.
I thought that if I went to heaven that I would perhaps be able to meet my mother,
but without knowing what she looked like, how was I supposed to find her?
----When I thought of that, tears started to fall.
----And then, someone grabbed my hand.
It was that boardinghouse girl.
I said "You'll get infected. Leave.",
but she didn't take one step away.
She kept nursing me.
after day

Page 81:
because of that girl......
because of that boardinghouse girl, "Molly",
I kept my life and even escaped blindness.
And one year later, I proposed to her.
And wearing the new glasses I had invented...
'My cute little Molly.'
'My cute, cute little Molly.'
If I just wore those glasses,
My eyes would not see reality. That unseemly boardinghouse girl would turn into a beautiful girl.

Page 82:
Toge: And so,
I obtained a devoted wife who is a great chef and extraordinarily beautiful.
I put my heart into my job
and my work began to gradually bear fruit.
And no matter how many years passed, Molly wholly believed in me.
She warmly supported me ever since.
Though in exchange, my feelings of guilt swelled every year.
being the wretched person I am
as I was so, so scared of the little world
which I had worked so hard to find
being destroyed...
'cute little Molly'
I said those loving words as if I were trying to paint over the lies.

Page 83:
Toge: Molly never knew of those feeling of guilt.
She always had a smile on her face.
That made me sad
and so I showered her more and more with words of love.
Box: This is punishment
for thinking only of myself.
Toge: Molly,
this is farewell.
Please, leave.
This time, I can't be saved.
Box: Sent to me for not
Toge: Molly, quickly.....
before you get infected.
Box: trying to look at you.
Molly: I don't want to.
I will not leave your side.
I'm sure you'll get better this time as well.
Toge: And yet...
Molly: And when the fever in your eyes goes down,
you'll be able to see again.

Page 84:
Toge: You cared
so much about me----
this is punishment.
Punishment to this pathetic man
who never looked at you properly even after you did so much for me.
To this man who relied on something like this......
Molly: If it is punishment, then I'll undergo it with you.
I ran away from reality with those glasses just like you.
I always wanted
you to call me your "cute little molly"
I could never come out with the words "look at the real me". I was just like you.
Toge: Molly..........

Page 85:
Molly: Please, don't die.
If you die, I'll accompany you.
To me, a world without you
isn't one worth living in.
Box: Half a year later-------
Marie: Ah, it's perfect!
Just as I thought! Cream colored small floral pattern really suit you......
Molly: But you don't think it's a bit too flashy?
I'm...... such an old lady.
Toge: No, it suits you perfectly, Molly.
Hearing that Marie-san's voice, I can tell.
Molly: But adding such expensive lace to it...

Page 86:
Black Bar: When I could see, I didn't notice.
Toge: What? Expensive?
When I was young, I could never afford you any luxury.
But it's not to late to start now.
You can wear that and walk with me.
My cute little Molly.
Black Bar: I had been preoccupied with 'wanting to return the gaze of others'
Marie: That's a couple that really loves each other.
Isn't it lovely......?
Handwritten: HOUH
Kio: She wasn't a robot, huh, Courtin?!
Even that dress mom made
really looked good on her!
Even for such a cute old lady!
It was really worth it for Mom to do all that!
Mom, did you see the professor's face?
He was smiling as much as his wife.
He wasn't scary at all.
Black Bar: But the really important things

Page 87:
Black Bar: were already
Molly: What a nice wind, isn't it?
Toge: Yes.
Molly: The beach lilies are already blooming.
Toge: Yes.
Molly: And the sun
is very bright. It's such a nice day, isn't it?
Toge: ..........
Black Bar: gripped in the palm of my hand-------
Molly: Dear? Are you all right?
Do your eyes hurt?!
Toge: No...... they're just
stinging a little.
I think the sunlight today is just a little...

Page 88:
Toge: ..........
Marie: You're so cute today, too.
And so pretty.
My little flowers.
Kio: Mom, you always sing that song, huh?
When you're watering the flowers.
Marie: Flowers sure are strange things, aren't they?
When I tell them "they're so cute" like this every day
for some reason
they really bloom beautifully.
It's like magic, isn't it?
Bottom: Flower Cradle End

Page 89:
Top: <Kio's Stories>
For Kio's stories, I wanted to draw something like the "Boy Detective Series" I read when I was little, so I made 2 works as short stories. They're rather crude works, but I really enjoyed drawing them. It makes me feel good to go back and re-read them even now.

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