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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Gintama 502

Shoguns of Light and Shadow

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 22, 2014 02:35 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 502

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[Gintama 502 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Top Left: In celebration of over 10 years of serialization
the "Gintama" TV Anime
is making a limited return!!
Small White Text: As thanks for making "Gintama Theatrical Movie Conclusion Arc - Be Forever Yorozuya", the TV Anime that was supposed to be concluded will be making a limited return in the Jump Special Anime Festival for a "tearful episode"!! Gin-san and the others will be in motion again for just one episode!!
Yellow box: For details on JSAF 2014, check page 10!!
[The text under "From Gintama with love" is already translated right above it]
Insert: ☆The Gintama Anime makes a return for a limited 1-episode engagement at JSAF!! For real?! Then here's a center color page!!

Page 2:
[This is an ad for blue-rays.]

Page 3:
Insert: The 14th Shogun is lost in thought---
Title: Lesson 502
Shoguns of Light and Shadow
Soyo: Dear Brother.
Dear Brother!!
Hey, Dear Brother!
Shige: Ah... Yes, Soyo? My apologies, I was just thinking...
Soyo: Oh~~! The tea I brought you's cold now!
Are you not getting enough sleep because of government business again?
Shige: .........
Soyo: I thought that might be it.
I just heard,
So one more of your allies
left you, Big Brother?

Page 4:
Soyo: It's been like this ever since that incident...
when dear uncle passed way.
There is no internal fighting going on right now
but even so, if this keeps up, you will be left all alone, dear brother...
Shige: This is all... the responsibility of the feckless master that could not protect one subordinate or one friend.
Such a pitiable man as I has no right to heal this country.
Once in a while
I forget all about the world and this nation
and wish I could just drink foul-tasting tea my little sister has poured for me with this foolish look on my face forever...
Soyo: Big Brother...
Oh~~ you're so mean!!
If it's just poured, my tea is delicious!!
Shige: Is that right...?
I do hope a day when I can drink it comes someday.
In a country where I won't have to be anxious of the future
and something like a Shogun is no longer needed.

Page 5:
Shige: A day where I can drink the tea my little sister poured
simply as an older brother.
Soyo: Ah! Dear brother!!
Someone: Please excuse my rudeness.

Page 6:
Sacchan: But
I felt you had best not drink that.
Soyo: !!
It cannot be...
Sacchan: Unfortunately
you will have to postpone the tea party
to a later date.

Page 7:
Hattori: A plan to assassinate the shogun, eh?
T/N: The magazine says "Samurai Trigger". Probably a parody of the Jump manga "World Trigger".
Hattori: So the tea bowl that the princess poured tea into was smeared with poison?
Then the princess nearly killed her own brother.
Sacchan: But to be knowledgeable of the princess's behaviors and use them to their advantage...
the enemy must already be deep within the Bakufu and drawing close to the Shogun's throat.
Hattori: But man, if his life is being targeted from within his very own palace
that Shogun really has fallen...
So now he's asking for help from those he once discarded.
He's actually calling the Oniwaban back together...

Page 8:
Hattori: How selfish. He laid us off like that, and now he's asking for help after all this time?
Sacchan: While it is true that The Oniwaban was dissolved under Lord Sadasada's rule,
but it was Lord Matsudaira that took us under his wing and helped us so much, is it not?
We were dissolved in name only. We've promised to gather at any time in the case of an emergency, didn't we?
And the one that abolished the Oniwaban, Lord Sadasda, is no more.
As the Shogun judged him as having become a puppet of the Tendoushuu and broke way from him, he has lost that shield of protection.
Right now the Shogun may be a number of allies left in the cabinet
but because everyone is after his seat, he cannot trust them.
We are the only ones that can protect the Shogun.
Yet why is it that the leader of the Oniwaban, Hattori Zenzou's name is not among them?
Hattori: ...It's not as exciting.
Sacchan: Huh?
Hattori: Assassinating a Shogun gets you way more fired up than guarding a Shogun, right?
It gets your blood pumping just thinking about it, doesn't it?
Having one person slip through a strict guard and deftly snatch away a great general's head.

Page 9:
Hattori: You're real lucky to be a ninja.
Ninjas get to carry out the stuff that happens in shounen manga in real life.
Sacchan: I don't wanna hear that from a guy dying shounen manga with hemorrhoids.
Handwritten: AAAUUUUGH
Sacchan: Even as a joke, are those really the words of the guy that once guarded the Shogun's family?
Sacchan: You really haven't changed at all since the old days.
You've got no loyalty, cooperativeness, or creed
because all you believe in is your own technique.
Hattori: That's my creed.
Sacchan: ...Yes.
You really have forgotten, have you?
All right. Even if the Oniwaban renders great achievements and is revived,
be aware that there is no place for you there, former leader.
Hattori: ...Geez. That's really not like her.
Don't ya think?

Page 10:
Gin: ......I don't really care, but
Magazine: The Wife Story - Forbidden Eros
only one copy of Jump left again, huh?
Okay, rock-paper-scissors!
Hattori: Take it.
I can't be wondering about what's gonna happen next on my mind right now.
It'll dull my resolve.
Tell her this.
Don't waste your life doing something that doesn't suit you.
And that rather than chasing the Shogun's butt around
you're way more suited to chasing an idiot samurai's butt around.
Matsu: You listenin'? This is a secret order. Talking to anyone else about this is unforgivable.

Page 11:
Matsu: You guys are gonna team up with the Oniwaban
and participate in a top-secret mission.
Bring the shogun out of Edoooo!!
Even if it means your lives, escort the Shogun to Kyou!!
T/N: Kyou is an old name of Kyoto. And it's the former capital of Japan.
Kon: Tottsan...
Hiji: Don't you think you're being a little loud for a top-secret mission?
Matsu: If he stays here in Edo, Shou-chan is undoubtedly gonna get assassinated!!
Woman: Um, what did you say about assassination?
Kon: I'm sorry, m'am, he's drunk.
Matsu: The palace is already riddled with political opponents, so there's no way we can consider it safe!! I'll find the offender!! You just bring him to the imperial residence in Kyou!!
Kon: H... Hold on. Just how exactly do you want us to bring the shogun there?
It's too dangerous to move the shogun right now.
What happens if our plan gets discovered? What happens if the shogun's political enemies take advantage of his absence?
Matsu: Hmph. Why do you think the Oniwaban's for?

Page 12:
Guys: !!
Why are you here?!
Matsu: No.
That's a body double.
With the Oniwaban's skill, a disguise like this is an easy task.
With this double left in the shogun's place, we can disguise the fact that the shogun has fled.
Somebody: No, we'll definitely get found ooooooout!!
Only his face looks like the great shogun who subdues eastern barbarians!! It's only his face that's really good!! Your balance is really bad! Do something about the bodyyyy!!
Matsu: And even if this isn't enough to keep his flight from being exposed, I've got more cards up my sleeve.
Separate from the main unit heading towards Kyou, we've prepared a decoy unit heading north to throw the enemy into confusion.
This time it's the real deal, the great general who subdues eastern barbarians!!
Or I thought it was! What the hell sorta barbarian-subduing shogun is thaaat?!!

Page 13:
Someone: That part can just be a common foot soldier! It's okay to hold back on that!
Matsu: We've also set up a decoy group to go East.
Somebody: HEEEEEY! Only the barbarian-subduing shogun is pointed Eaaast!! Go back!! Make a temporary retreat!
Somebody: We also have a decoy heading to his home.
Where did you leave the shoguuuuuun?!
Handwritten: I'm ho~~me
Matsu: Basically, we've set up lots of decoys.
Hiji: Shogunnnnnnn!!
Matsu: If we just slip the real shogun in amongst the decoys like this, we'll be safe even if his flight becomes known.
Hiji: Like hell that'll be saaafe!! If monsters like these are gonna be walking every which way, they're gonna stand out like crazyyy!!
What the hell are you guys thinking?!! Do you still call yourselves shinobi?!!
Kon: I am not a shinobi, I am the great shogun who subdues eastern barbarians.
Someone: Oh, well spotted. That's the real Shou-chan.
Hiji: That's the friggin' shogunnnnnnn?!!

Page 14:
Matsu: We're having Shou-chan and Soyo-chan taking refuge with us temporarily.
Handwritten: I-I apologize.
Soyo: There is nothing to apologize for. I am the great shogun who subdues eastern barbarians.
Someone: Why is Hime-sama even pretending to be the barbarian-subduing shogun?!! What the hell have you dressed a princess up in?!
Matsu: Everyone has become the shogun down to the bottom of their hearts. These are true body doubles.
T/N: The word for "body double" literally means "shadow warrior".
People: I am the great shogun who subdues eastern barbarians.
It is me who is great shogun who subdues eastern barbarians.
No, I am the great shogun who subdues eastern barbarians.
I am the one that is the 30,0014th great shogun who subdues eastern barbarians.
Gin: Shadow juice, bushsaaaa!!
Somebody: The character really shifted in the latter half, didn't it?!! And what the hell is shadow juice?!!
Er, wait...
Hey... Haven't we met somewhere before, Shadowssy?
Gin: Such casual language is rude! I may be a shadow, but I am the shogun. As not to be exposed to our enemies, I must be treated like a shogun, wouldn't you say?
Handwritten: Off with your head!!
Somebody: Uh, your true identity is already totally exposed!! Why are you Yorozuya bastards heeere?!!
Sacchan: Could it be?

Page 15:
Sacchan: Why.. Why are you at a place like this?
Could it be that you came to...
help meeee?!!
Gin: Don't come near me with that body!!!
Sa: KYaaaa! I love you, Gin-san! [Heart]
Somebody: Uh, that's the shogun.
Shogun: Sh-Sh-Shadow Juice bushaaa!!
Hiji: Uh, could you please not shoot out that shadow juice?
Sacchan: I knew you were totally different from that Zenzou guy!
Gin: No.
He asked me to do this.
Shige: A... All of you.
You mean you... did all this for me?
Soyo: You had said you wanted to meet them again, Dear Brother.
Shin: We heard you were in trouble, Shogun-sama, so we couldn't just sit idly by. I'm terribly sorry.
Kagura: You helped us before, so this time it is our turn to help you, yes?!!

Page 16:
Shige: You...
Soyo: Aren't you happy, Dear Brother?
You still have
all these allies!
Shogun: Sh... Shadow juice bushaaa!
Hiji: Hey, wait a minute!
Are we seriously bringing these guys with us? This is a top-secret mission, isn't it? We've got all kinds of leaks happening here!
Kon: Ah, it should be fine, right, Toshi?
Gorilla juice bushaa!!
Hiji: What is gorilla juice?!
Someone: Toshi juice, bushaaa!
Hiji: Hey, who did that? Who just shot out Toshi juice on their own?!!

Page 17:
Nobu: A strange group seems to be snooping around me.
How upsetting.
Just what is it they're saying I did?
All I did was try to clean up a corpse
as it was rotting away sitting on a throne, didn't I?
Right now, not only will he not sit the throne,
he wouldn't go outside either.
Oh well. You won't be running anywhere, Shigeshige.
Because you no longer have any allies in this country.
But the limbs of Hitotsubashi Nobunobu can reach anywhere.
I can easily take your head without moving one step from here.
My new limbs have arrived.
Nobu: I've been awaiting you. So you are the...

Page 18:
Taka: Hey.
Taka: What're you doing, bastard?

Page 19:
Kamui: Huh?
We just need to kill the shogun, right?
Taka: That's not the shogun. That's the next shogun.
Kamui: Well, then he's a shogun, isn't he?
Taka: ...Whatever. I'm sure he won't remember anything after you hit his head that hard.
Anyhow, get the half-broken palanquin.
Kamui: Hey, this can't be the right guy. There's no way somebody who's gonna stand at the top of a country can be that weak.
Then what is that? It had a pretty big attitude. What is it?
Taka: Didn't I tell you?
It's just one of my limbs, a tool.
Insert: Signs of conspiracy----
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 502
/ End

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