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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Ring 2

Hello, my Beloved Rivals!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 4, 2014 04:23 | Go to Ring

-> RTS Page for Ring 2

Only for use by HWMN

Ok, I just managed to get one of these done this week, too. Next chapter they actually start playing Ring.

[Ring 2 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 33:
George: Yo...
Guys: H... Hey, what is it, George-san?!
Bottom: Ring2: Hello, my Beloved Rivals!

Page 34:
George: Yesterday, I counted up
all the things that I'd never lose to anyone at and I got 15......
F-For real?
You really are incredible, George-san!!
George: And it's just a coincidence, but that includes my number of cavities.
Guys: HUUUUUH?!!
Foreigner: Then you really should go to a dentist----!
George: Huhu...
Look, even that foreigner's surprised...
Okay, let's get goin'!!
Let's go get that Summer guy real excited!!

Page 35:
Title: Ring2: Hello,
my Beloved Rivals!

Page 36:
Toki: Ooh, Summeeeer.
Wanna go buy some lun...
Background: DOKI DOKI (Excitement, heart pounding)
Summer: A... Asuka-senpai...... [Heart]
Toki: He's looking at that student notebook photo aga~~~in......?
Uh, did Summer always have a face like that?
Summer: AH! She just winked at me!!
Torki: She did not!! Its a friggin' photo!!

Page 37:
Summer: Okay, I've made up my mind!
Toki: Wah! What is it?
Summer: I'm going to deliver this back to Asuka-senpai!!
Toki: Ah... Uh, ok... Ya really should've done that in the first place.
I mean, she's probably been looking for it since yesterday...
Summer: Has she been looking or...
waiting......? [Big/bold]
Toki: Who?!!
Sum: I'm coming, Asuka-senpai!!
Toki: Ah, Summeeeer!
Foreigner: Wait uuup! I'm going, too!
Toki: Aaaah, you, agaaaain?!!

Page 38:
Summer: Finally!
Finally, I'm gonna get a girlfriend of my very own!!
I'm gonna send her texts like 'Goodnight' every day before I go to bed~~~~!!
Er, though I don't have a cell phone.
Box: In his dreams, he was sending exchanges with her by cell phone...
Handwritten: I did it!
Sum: !
Sum: DOWAH!!
Summer: Ow~~~~!
Hey... What the hell're you doing?!!
George: 'Don't fool around in the halls'...
It's one of the school rules...!
Handwritten: School Rules
1 - No not fool around in the halls.
2 - Do not undress in the halls.
3 - Do not age!

Page 39:
George: I'm third year Kume Jouji!
Yuhr him, huh...? ["Yuhr" in bold.]
The Summer guy?
Summer: Yuhr?
You friggin' liaaaar! Like hell you're in your teeeens!!
And ain't that a violation of school rule #3 ain't it?!
You're expelled!
George: You bastard...
Whatever, just meet me on the roof, brat...!

Page 40:
Guy: GU~~~~~
People: There's a fiiiiight!!
A fight's starting on the roooof!!
George: The naughty first year that beat the crud outta my cute little 3-man group...
yuh, wasn' it, Summer...? ["Yuh" big/bold]

Page 41:
Summer: Like I caaaare!! Every last one 'a them was blocking my pathway to love!
And I'm gonna tell a teacher that you're smoking!!
George: Y...... You bastard...... As it turns out...... You're somebody that can say things that'll really get someone excited......
Interestin'... If you think wanna tell a teacher about this, then go right again...... However!! ["this" and "However" big/bold.]
Handwritten: He's really gotten excited...
George: If you can safely get
down from this roof, that is...

Page 42:
Guys: ...............
......Uh, aren't you two a little far away from each other?
I mean, even if you glare at each other from this far away, ya can't really......
George: Mm... Yeah, I guess so...
Sum: ......
Guys: Aaaah, that's good!
That's real close!
Look fight-y!
George: Summer,
lemme just say this...
the moment you get within my range, I'm gonna make my move!
Guys: He's still not in range?!
But uh, you guys are kinda stuck to each other!
Handwritten: Now that's close quarters.
Summer: ............

Page 43:
Summer: Ummmm, could we pause for a sec......
That breath sorta reaaaaaally stinks.
George: Hm?
George: ......Is that one of you guys...?
Guys: Uh...
No, it's not us...
We're fine.
George: .........
Did he mean me?

Page 44:
George: ------Wait, of course it friggin's is!! I've got 15 goddamn cavities!! And after all that I smoke cigarettes to disguise the smell!!
Ya know,
there are people in this world that have problems they can't fix so they just take up smoking! Don't forget that, you dingbat!!
Guys: That's a weird reason to smoke......
Wouldn't going to a dentist be a smarter idea, George-san..?
Handwritten: Got that, asshole?!!
Summer: Aw man...
Did I really hurt him...?
I might've said something really rash......!!
Dad always used to say......
'Even if you beat someone's ass, don't pinch their heart'......
I just totally attacked his heart, didn't I...?!
I... I'm sorry, Jeeko...
George: Hm?
Sum: I didn't have the slightest clue there was a sexual reason like that......
I won't tell... any teachers about your smoking...
S... So please, Jeeko......

Page 45:
Summer: Please forgive meeee!!
Handwritten: Please don't hate meeee
George: You're holding your goddamn noooose!!
Summer: Uh, but it really does smell bad!
George: My family's smelled bad going back generations!!
Guy: ............
George: And my name's not Jeeko, it's George!!
Guy: .........
SFX: GU...
Summer: Huh? Morgan?
George: George!!

Page 46:

Page 47:
Guy: Oh.
Handwritten: Nice catch!
George: Hm~~~?
Wha was that?
Guy: Ah... Sorry, sorry.
But uh...
I was just thinking you guys are kinda noisy~~~

Page 48:
Guy: If yer gonna fight, do it someplace else.
I'm not gonna get a good nap if ya do it here.
George: Aah?
Who the hell're you...?
Get down here a sec, asshole...!

Page 49:
Toki: Mm...
I wonder if that Summer guy is okay~~~~~
Given how this whole thing's a "misunderstanding"......
I can't help but worry~~~
That girl----

Page 50:
Asuka: Hm~~~~~...
He's not here, eh~~~
Toki: Ah... Excuse me...
Asuka: !
Toki: Are you...... looking for somebody?
Asuka: Ah.... It's nothing, I just came to bring my little brother his lunch...
Looks like he ain't here, though...
Handwritten: HAHA
Toki: Little brother...?
He~~h, so she has a little brother in this class...
Wait, that's a lunchbox?!
Is your little brother a sumo wrestler?!
Handwritten: That's a cauldron, ain't it?!
Asuka: Er, no...... It's just that he said he said he wanted to eat a whole taimeshi.
Toki: Taimeshi for lunch?!
Handwritten: HUUUH?
T/N: Taimeshi is mixed rice with sea bream, also called 'tai'.

Page 51:
Toki: There's a simpleton like that in our class...?
Asuka: Well, to be honest, it took like 20 minutes ta bring this whole thing here...
So maybe little brother got tired of waiting and went to buy his own lunch...
Toki: Ah~~~~, naw, naw, naw, naw, naw, naw, naw, naw. Ya gotta wait for taimeshi. Normally...
20 minutes?
Huh? ..........Wait.......... It's been only 15 minutes since Summer went to bring this girl her notebook... ["Huh?" big.]
Where the hell did Summer go?!
Asuka: Aw man, where's Yousuke go......?
Summer: Jeeko!!

Page 52:
Yousuke: ............
I'm first year, Saori Yousuke.
Nice ta meetcha!
...Er, maybe ya can't hear me anymore...

Page 53:
Guys: George-san!!
You bastard, what the hell're you doing, dammit?!!
Yousuke: I dunno.
That gorilla is the one that just suddenly came to attack me...
And hey, that old man sorta stinks...
Summer: !
Hey, you.
Yousuke: !
Summer: I dunno who the hell you are, but...
You shouldn't say things like people are old, or their mouth stinks,
or their going bald or they're fat or whatever...
It hurts their feelings...!!
Guys: You're seriously shaken by this!
You: Ah?
Who the heck're you?
You: Yer pretty noisy yourself.

Page 54:
You: !

Page 55:
You: .........
........This guy.....
went ta dodge it.....
Summer: Hey.
You: !
Sum: What's wrong? Go ahead and hit me...
If you want your own way, then show your stuff!
Men talk with results...!!
Just try to knock me down......
You: Hu...... This brat...
he's gettin' cocky...

Page 56:
You: But..... I've got a bad feeling here...... It's the feeling I got when I used ta arm wrestle or grapple with by big bro......
I'd try but I'd always lose...... it really wasn' fun...
Guys: Yeaaaah! Go get 'im, Summer!!
Friggin' murder that guuuuy!!
You: Hmph...
I'm not gonna fight a battle I won't win...
You: Hey... you said your name's Summer, right?
Summer: Hm?
You: How bout a little contest?
With this...
Summer: !

Page 57:
You: In Ring...
You've heard of it, right?
Summer: Ring...?
Box: Meanwhile----
Toki: Man, your little brother sure is slow.
Asuka: Yea~~~h...
I don' really mind...
Ah, how about we just eat the taimeshi together?
Toki: Huh? Uh... I don't think I should.
Asuka: It's fine, it's fine, let's eat.
Box: They're kinda getting friendly.

Page 58:
Starburst: Shimabu's
Top: Thought up all on my own....
Ring materials and sizes!
Bullet Point: The material is hard rubber or a synthetic material. Hard enough that even if an adult (Around 60 kg) sat on it while it was on its side, it wouldn't break.
At high school level and higher, it's this size. The weight is 550g~600g. About the same as a basketball.
In Cirlce: #5 size
Bullet Point: In middle school level and lower, it's this size. It weighs from 450g~500g.
In Circle: #4 Size

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