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Translations: Gintama 666 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 890 by cnet128

81 Diver 70

New York

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 14, 2014 05:25 | Go to 81 Diver

-> RTS Page for 81 Diver 70

Only for use by Aka to Kuro

This chapter makes no sense but let's roll with it.

[81 Diver 70 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 173:
Title: Chapter 70 New York

Page 174-175:
Suga: No way I'm playing!
Mamu: You're not?
Suga: You've gotta be kidding me. Like hell I'm gonna play...

Page 176:
Mamu: Why not?
Suga: ...............
Mamu: Why
won't you play?
Suga: ...........
D... Did I hear wrong?
Mamu: .........

Page 177:
Suga: C... Could you tell me the conditions...
for our game one more time?
Mamu: If you win,
I die.
If I win,
I take your pinky finger.
Suga: .....................
I... I'm kinda having trouble piecing this whole thing together.
I dunno what the fuck...
if I

Page 178:
Mamushi: I
Suga: F...
First, I don't understand that part.
Mamu: You idiot.
Get this through your head.
This place is a world where
that [Italics]

Page 179:
Mamu: is something
that is overlooked.
You're good at shogi, but you don't understand a thing.
Use that bird-brain common sense of yours and think!
Suga: .........
Mamu: What did you
come here for?
Suga: Uh... Well,

Page 180:
Mamu: Okay, I'll explain in a way that a grade school kid could understand.
I'll explained to you how this world is in one shot.
First, imagine New York.

Page 181:
Suga: What?
Excuse me?
Suga: Please don't trip up there.
All the giant buildings in New York in America.
Imagine that.
Suga: W... Well, I've never been there.
Mamu: Neither have I!
But you can imagine it anyhow, right? That's the kinda place New York is!!!
Suga: ..........................

Page 182:
Mamu: So are you imagining it?
Suga: Y... Yes.
Mamu: Make that group of buildings spreads out in your mind even more.
That heavy, gigantic endless sea of buildings
is your
"common sense".

Page 183:
Mamu: All if mankind lives there.
At first.
That's because
below that sea of buildings is

Page 184-185:
Mamu: A bigger,
pitch black,
spreads out infinitely.
That's the swamp of "irrationality".
Common sense doesn't work there at all.
Starting to get it now?
Between that giant sea of buildings that is common sense
and that horrible bottomless swamp

Page 186-187:
Mamu: is a layer of thin ice.
Just one layer of ice that's so thin you can see through it.
Suga: ............
Mamu: Every day, the ice under the feel of tens of thousands of people breaks
and lives fall apart.

Page 188:
Mamu: Men, women, good people, bad people, it makes no difference.
It's possible for anybody to suddenly fall down there.
Now imagine the earth.
That is
this world.

Page 189:
Mamu: Right now...
being here
are you happy?
Suga: ............
Mamu: You've fallen.
The ice below your feet...

Page 190:
Mamu: has broken.

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