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Innocent 42

Era of Mixed Colors

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 17, 2014 04:36 | Go to Innocent

-> RTS Page for Innocent 42

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Ok, finally on to this one! We now start Part 2! Woo. I'm hoping the scanlation of this volume goes a bit more smoothly than the last one, and it should according to what I've been told. I'm gonna try to get the translations done fairly quickly. Marie-Joseph is best girl. She'll torture you to death whenever ya want.

[Innocent 42 Translation by Kewl0210]
vol. 5
Sakamoto Shinichi
Bottom: Source Material: Adachi Masakatsu "Executioner Sanson"

Back Cover:
They both stand against and carry their own power of the state... With the help of his second sister, Marie-Joseph, Charles was able to avoid a crisis in Damiens' execution. But their grandmother, Mathe has remonstrated Marie for standing on the execution platform by branding her with the family crest. Charles rescued her and said 'The new era belongs to us'-----. The two Sansons are finally drawing close to the Palace of Versailles. We now enter the new chapter, the 'Blood Red Versailles" arc-----!!

Author Flap:
Truth is
not something to be said with a loud voice,
nor is it something to be thrown into an era of social networks...

A glistening instant of truth between two eyes staring at one another is something that can only be ladled out with instinct------.

Sakamoto Shinichi

Page 1:
vol. 5
Sakamoto Shinichi
Bottom: Source Material: Adachi Masakatsu "Executioner Sanson"

Page 2:
Title: The Red Fight
La Lutte Rouge.

Description: Charles-Henri and Marie-Joseph, these two members of the Sanson family have finally gotten close to the Palace of Versailles and now intersect with the royal family in the 'Blood Red Versailles' Arc-----.
Innocent hearts now begin their journey towards a glistening future of revolution. The world is sure to change---------.

Bottom: Ce volume 5 contient les episodes numero 42 a 53.
(This Volume 5 contains episodes 42 to 53.)
◎This work is based on historical persons and events, with dramatization for some parts.

Page 3: [Slightly different from last volume]
Top: The Genealogy of the Executioners of Paris, the Sanson Family
First Generation [Top Box]
Charles Sanson de Longval
Fell in love with the daughter of an executioner and later became an executioner.
Top Right: Marguerite Jeanne
Daughter of the Dieppe Executioner under the rule of Louis the 13th
Lower: 2nd Generation
Right: Anne-Marthe
Little sister of the first generation's second wife
The "Iron Law" of the Sanson Family
Middle: Nicolas-Charles-Gabrielle
Far Left: Left: Anne Renée
Married to the Executioner of Soissons, Chrétien Zelle

Box: Third Generation
Charles Jean Baptiste
Far Left: Madeleine
Below: Madeleine Claude Gabrielle
Would later marry the executioner of Melun, Piere Ellison.
Far Right: Jeanne Gabrielle
The daughter of the executioner of Touraine

Box: Fourth Generation
Charles-Henri Sanson
Head of the Sanson Family.
The Fourth Generation "Monsieur De Paris".
Right: Marie-Joseph
Executioner Directly Under the Officers of the Imperial Court
"Prevote De l'Hotel"

Bottom Row:
Louis Charles Martin
Later executioner of Tours and Auxerre.
Later, the executioner of Blois.
Later, executioner of Provins.

Page 4-5: [This page is the same as last volume's]
Map: Sanson Family Residence [Top]
Church of Saint-Laurent [Top Right]
Palais-Royal [Top Center]
Place de Greve [Right Top Box]
Hotel de Ville (Paris Government Office Building) [Far Right box]
Bastille [Far Right]
Seine River [River]
Notre-Dame Cathedral
[Bottom Center]
Louvre Palace [Center below Palais-Royal]
Conciergerie [Bottom left box]
Tuileries Palace [Left above Conciergerie]
Place de la Concorde [Far left]
Champs-Eysees [Far left top]
18th Century France [Big Box]

Heading: Historie jusqu'a present.
(The story leading to the present)
To bring attention to the wretched state the people of France are in where they 'cannot even eat bread', the farmer Damiens has pointed a blade at the king. That fact reached only Charles and his beloved son Jack, and Damiens was executed by Écartèlement for betraying his king. Charles believed along with Damiens that they would someday reach an "ideal" future and sought to execute him with all the mercy in his soul.
Charles is an executioner who performs his duties with the knowledge and experience of a doctor. But due to his uncle Nicolas's expectations, he switched out strong horses for workhorses causing the execution to come to a halt. Nicolas aimed to extend the length of the convict's suffering to display the power of the king. Charles shuddered at Nicolas's assertion. But just as Nicolas said, the crowd went wild with enthusiasm. Charles realized how they were part of a power structure with the king at the top and no way to oppose him. All Charles could do was to try to release the convict from his pain as soon as possible... With the execution not going well, the Sanson family second daughter, Marie-Joseph, looked upon the convict with his limbs being pulled by four horses with sparkles in her eyes. Marie shook off all restraints and stepped on top of the execution platform. With the execution on the verge of catastrophe, Charles took Marie's advice and performed the execution.
Like the execution was an event from a transient dream, the feeling of emptiness from after a big show and an air of questioning floated about the people. The person executed was poor just like us. This was a show for those lofty nobles. A cruel warning... The consciousness of the strain between the powerful and the weak certainly began the bud that day. And Charles could only offer a prayer to his comrade in seeking an "ideal" future-------.
A few days later, having accomplished their task, still had problems remaining. That was what their grandmother Marthe said,'"Punishment" to the 2nd daughter Marie for standing on the execution platform.' Marthe burned the family crest onto Marie's chest. Hearing screams from the torture chamber, Charles came running to save her. Charles, brandishing a sword, declared 'The new era belongs to us.' Charles held Marie tightly and vowed to open a path to the future with their own hands.
And 5 years later, a grown Mary could be seen wielding precise sword techniques...!! Her job is now Executioner of the Versailles Imperial Court, 'Prevote De l'Hotel'... These two members of the Sanson family, the older brother, Charles-Heri and the little sister Marie-Joseph have been drawn to the Versailles palace. This story of revolution now enters a new chapter-------!!!

Page 6:
[And there's that brand mark again.]

Page 7:
Title: n°42 Era of Mixed Colors
Narration: Entering the 18th century, a war for wealth spread across the world-----
The white lily on France's sigil represents the purity of the Virgin Mary.
Also representing the purity of the Virgin Mary is the symbol of the unicorn which was frequently drawn as a symbol of France starting in the middle ages.

Page 8-9:
Narration: Land was taken back and forth and wealth was mindlessly devoured
by the desires of these seemingly unstoppable covetous beasts-------!!!

Page 10-11:
Narration: July 16th 1761
The Battle of Willinghausen
2nd Box: England and the Prussian Confederation Army VS the French Army

Page 12:
[War! Fighting!]

Page 13:

Page 14:
Guy: Your decision, Marshal General Griffin!!!
Our French Army has 5,000 casualties, our only choice is retreat!!!
Griffin: When will Archduke Subyss's...
trailing unit arrive?!!
Guy: Regarding his highness the Archduke, he never accepted your orders, General,
he has yet to enter the war!!!
Griffin: So he will not listen to the orders of someone of the same rank....?
How could he do such a complacent thing on a battlefield...
this is not Versailles...!!!
Guy: It is regrettable...
If we return to Paris, I doubt I can avoid legal action...

Page 15:
Griffin: And I doubt this head will stay attached for long...
Somebody: Rest easy,
Lord Griffin.

Page 16:
Baptist: If I am to cut off your head,
I promise to finish it in one strike.

Page 17:
Griffin: Jean-Baptist, I cannot believe the joke you spoke of in our youth will come true...
This head will be entrusted to your successor------...

Page 18-19:
Title: n°42 Era of Mixed Colors
Arc title: Chapter 2 Red Versailles
[Also it says it in French there.]

Page 20:
Narration: 1762
October 13th
The Sanson Family Mansion

Page 21:
[Now for a fun shower scene.]

Page 22:
Marie: Damn.
Such a pain.
Andre, a cloth!!
Andre: Huh?
Ah... Yes,
Lord Marie.

Page 23:
Marie: This day has finally come...
the day I can execute that man......

Page 24:
Marie: Thomas-Arthur Griffan. You are the one person I cannot let off with one strike.
Today, I will thoroughly torment you until I am satisfied and then kill you-------!!!!

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