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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 35

First Bout


-> RTS Page for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 35

Only for use by HWMN

And now... the bug fight to end all bug fights.

[Jojolion 35 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: To the fighting arena...
Title: Chapter 35 First Bout

Page 2:
Narration: Is a bad person bad from the moment they're born?
Insert: What is happening to Jousuke in his search for clues...?!
Jousuke: If one were to become a 'bad person',
would it be because of 'desire' or 'jealousy'.........?
Would it be because of 'laziness' or 'resentment'?
Or would it be because of 'innocence'?
Tsurugi: My dad isn't a bad person!!
Jou: I still don't know!
Higashikata Joubin undoubtedly knows about 'that fruit's' tree!
No matter what it takes, I'm going to dig up the truth!!

Page 3:
Jousuke: I'm going to find out who I am!

Page 4-5:
Joubin: A tick moved over from the hornet...............
This Palawanicus #28 is really happy it got that tick.
It's both excited and feeling the joy of living.
Joubin: If... we are going to test them in a fight,
then you mentioned a "bet" earlier... right?

Page 6:
Joubin: What're you gonna bet on your gladiator?
Were you being serious about that?
Joushuu: Big Bro, this guy doesn't even have any property~~
And I don't think he's got any brains, either!
In here!
Joubin: Okay...
What do you think of this idea then,
I said I would bet my 'Heracles' earlier, but let's forget that,
how about I 'shave my eyebrow'?
Jou: ...

Page 7:
Bin: Wouldn't that be fun?
But this way it's even......
If my Palawanicus #28 loses, I'll shave one of my eyebrows.
And... if you lose...
you have to shave one of your own "eyebrows".
Jou: ..........
Shuu: Heheh...
Jou: What for?
Bin: What for? ["for" in italics]
.........Thrill is "written with"......................
"the characters for feel and move~~~~~".
Shuu: ?
T/N: This literally means the kanji for the word "kandou" written "感動". It can also mean being moved emotionally or impressed.

Page 8:
Jousuke: ...........
Shuu: ............
'Aida Mitsuo'?
Bin: It's such
such a greaaaaaaaat feeling famous line after aaaaaaaaall!
Shuu: Yeah.
Bin: An eyebrow will grow back even if you shave it off, right...?
It's not anything of any real worth, right?
Or Jousuke... do you just wanna forget about it?
I mean, you were the one that suggested we make a "bet" after all... So if you don't want to, feel free to say so.

Page 9:
Jou: Stag beetles are very special insects......
And you said that according to your observations...
they have "intelligence" that lasts for a period of "45 seconds", right?
Bin: Ah!
That's true... they do have "intelligence".
Jou: .........Then
I can win.
I'll make the "bet"............ I'm in!
Bin: .................
Jou: The one that loses
has to shave one eyebrow, right?

Page 10-11:
Bin: Okay!
It's all set then.
After seeing my Palawanicus #28 just.... killing that hornet, it's lit the flame of my fighting spirit.
I'll give you some time, too.
You can warm your beetle up......
Jou: Don't worry...
As long as it has intelligence, then I'll win.
Shuu: You basta~~~~rd!
Damn you're cocky!

Page 12-13:
Jou: Let's start.
Bin: 1 round, 45 seconds.

Page 14:
Box: Dorcus Titanus Palawanicus
(Length 10.3cm)
Dorcus Titanus Palawanicus
(Length 11.2cm)
Jou: Tsurugi-chan, tell me his "Stand Ability".
Your Dad's Stand Ability... I can't go meet him until I know it.
What sort of ability is it?
Tsurugi: I don't know.....
Jou: You don't know...?

Page 15:
Tsurugi: I really don't know.
My Dad... probably... has some sort of Stand Ability.
It might be an unconscious one.
We may be family, but we don't talk about Stand Abilities... And I've never seen him use one............
Jou: I guess you 'don't go around showing other people your assholes'.... huh?
Bubble: You hide your porn, too, right?
Jou: But
even if I don't totally understand it, there must be some hint!
Do you have any hint to what his ability might be that you can give me?
Tsurugi: What's most important right now......
is we find the truth without Dad realizing our "aim"!
Stick to the stag beetles! It's important that you corner him with those!
If he catches on, he'll become totally closed off.
You absolutely have to win with your stag beetle. If his pride is broken, I'm sure he'll reveal what we want to know.

Page 16:
Tsurugi: The best thing to do with a male stag beetle is to give it 'female pheromones' with a brush! [Before "male" is the male symbol and before "female" is the female symbol.]
Tsurugi: The mandibles of stag beetles
are "weapons that have evolved for them to protect their 'territory'."
They're not something to kill enemies with or catch food.
That's why the scent of a female is the best way to draw out the fighting spirit of a male. [Before "male" is the male symbol and before "female" is the female symbol.]
Dad keeps 'females' in his breeding room, so make sure you get the 'scent' of them from one of their cases into a brush. [Female symbol before female]
Get it from between the female's legs... understand? [female symbol before "female's".]

Page 17:
Th... They're grappling!

Page 18-19:
[I like how they stuck symbols on their beetles... That beetle's a true Joestar.]
Shuu: What the hell?! That explosive sound... Why's it making that sound?
That's not the sorta sound bugs make...!!
All right! Go, #28!! Now flip him over and push him out!

Page 20:
Bin: Jousuke... This is quite an intense fight, isn't it...?
Did you put female pheromones on the end of your brush?

Page 21:
Shuu: No way! It broke off!!
Awesome! His mandible went flying!
But it's still holding out!!
Goddammit! It's hooked its feet on the edge and it's standing firm!
He's still got some fighting spirit!

Page 22:
Bin: Jousuke...!
Jou: ....................
You said earlier that my Palawanicus's mandibles looked "weaker" than yours, didn't you?
Normally when I'm looking after them......
I sharpen the 'blades' on their mandibles... Thoroughly with a file...
In a battle with mandibles VS mandibles---- well, you can see what the result is.

Page 23:
It's twisting its neck, this is too gorey!!
He's flipping over! Big Bro's already won this!
Bin: No...
It's not over yet, Joushuu! Its feet are still holding firm......
Until it's run out of the ring, I haven't won...!
Jou: ....................

Page 24-25:
Shuu: Warning, gore! Warning, gore! Its head is gonna be ripped off!
Jou: Inside my 'soap bubbles'..........
I put the female pheromones------
And now I've finished planting them.

Page 26-27:
Jou: No waaaaaaaay!
He picked it uuuuup!

Page 28:
Bin: ...................
Shuu: Wh... What the hell?! It was about to get gorey as fuck...
What happened all of a sudden?! What happened?!
Jou: He's being lifted from the arena... please count.
Shuu: B... Big Bro?!
Y... You've gotta do something! Th... This doesn't look good!

Page 29:
Jou: Joushuu, goddammit!
Hurry up and cooooount! Count to 10!
Somebody: It ran!
It ran!
Big Brother's ran out of the riiiiing!

Page 30:
Bin: ....................
Shuu: Y... You're kidding, right...?
How?! Jousuke's...... How can that be?
Jou: Joubin-san,
allow me to say this
It looks like somehow or another, I won...
The winner......

Page 31:
Jou: is meeeeeeeee! My Dorcus Titanus Palawanicus !
Insert: Jousuke's victory!!
Bottom: This series will be on hiatus next issue. Please understand. Look forward to a special reprinting of "Mashounen BT " as a supplementary present!!

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