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+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 10, 2015 05:52 | Go to REAL

-> RTS Page for REAL 83

Only for use by Illuminati-Scans

Okay, only one left. Uhhh... it's almost 2AM I gotta sleep. Shit. I'll try to get it done soon. May not have time tomorrow. But I need to finish this up.

[Real 83 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 125:
Title: 83rd.
Guy: Hey,
what'd you just say?!
Toga: I told you not to slack off on defense!
You're taking it easy out there!
Guy: Huh?! I'm doing it!!
Do you have any proof I'm slacking off?!
Toga: Have you gotten conceited from winning the Oorurui Cup?
If the captain does that, then getting in the championship next year will stay a dream!
Guy: Do you think you're the only one doing their job right?!!
You're the one loosening up!
Don't you know that?!
Toga: Ah?

Page 126:
Guy: You've been sighing nonstop ever since Azumi left----
Guy: GUORAA! Who the hell does this brat think he is?!!
Guy: Stop! That's my tire!
Toga: GOHAH!
ou bastard!!

Page 127:
Guy: Ah, quit it, you two!!
Guys: ...
Guy: Sorry, my stomach hurts, so I'm going home.
Handwritten: Hey, hold on!
Guy: Kakiuchi, you bastard, if you leave we'll only have 4 people!
And what the hell happened to Nagano?!
Guy: He has influenza.
What about Yone?
Busy with work.
He's hospitalized for bedsores.
Toga: !!
Guy: ...

Page 128:
Guy: Where the manager?!
Where the hell's Fumika?!!
Girl: Let me just confirm your order.
A teriyaki burger with onion fries
and a medium premium ice coffee, will that be all?!
Guy: No, a shrimp cutlet burger and a large premium ice tea!
You got it all wrong!
Guy: Apparently she needs money because her dog is sick so
she got a part time job.
Guy: She picked a dog over the Tigers?!!
Ryou: Haah...
Nomi: If only Azumi-san were he~~~ere...

Page 129:
Ryou: Things've gotten weird around here ever since Azumi left to go study abroad.
Since then practice has kinda lost its edge, too.
And Fumika is totally unreliable.
Kiyo-san is as blunt as ever,
and without a moment's delay,
Kanego let his ego fly and now he's after the central role on the team.
Nomi: Aw man.
You're fast approaching a midair breakup.
Ryou: I'm... gradually gaining muscle strength.
I wanna practice,
and get better, but...
Nomi: Azumi-san really... was major support for this team.

Page 130:
Nomi: Well, we've got the gym, so why don't the you and I practice, Ryou?
Let's start with 5 sprints!
Ryou: Ah! Hold on!

Page 131:
Fumika: Just after the big rush ends is my break time.
I dunno if my luck is good or bad.
I'm taking my breaaak!
It's Azumi-san!
So then, is this from London...?
Screen: Azumi-san
Fumika: Helloooo! [Note]
What time is it theeeeere?

Page 132:
Azumi: 8 o'clock in the morning!
What time is it? Seriously, Fumika?!
Are you alive?!
Fumia: Huh?
Fine. Totally fine.
Azumi: I told the league to connect me to the manager, Fumika, and they said they couldn't get a hold of you.
So they called me in the middle of the night.
Fumika: Aaaah!
So that was that's the identity of the mysterious withheld-number call I got.
Azumi: You morooon!
Pick those up!
Fumika: Uh, but, I don't want anything to do with any.. er, what league?
I can't!
Azumi: What're you talking about?!

Page 133:
Azumi: Get a grip!
Anyhow, you should've gotten an email from the wheelchair basketball league, so make sure you check it.
If there's anything you don't understand, you can ask the captain or Kiyo-chan, just talk.
Okay? I'm about to go to school now.
See ya.
Fumia: Er... But...
Azumi: I know, you did tons of studying about wheelchair basketball, right?
I know you'll be fine.
I'm leaving the Tigers in your care, Fumika.
Fumika: Uh, but, I was just thinking I would quit-----
Narration: And Takahashi

Page 134:
Fumika: already started playing basketball.
I didn't even get a chance to invite him.
Though it's for a different team.
That's good.
I guess basketball is what makes Takahashi feel good, right?
Nobu: Huh?
It's not that simple.
Fumika: I guess that's true,
but I'm sure it's good.
So because he wanted to touch a ball again

Page 135:
he became what he wanted to be.
There's no reason for me to be around anymore, is there?
Woman: Fumika-chan, you're going past your break time.
Fumika: Ah, I'm sorry! Coming!

Page 136:
Somebody: It's been 2 months since you've joined the team---
so starting today, you'll be joining the main team's practice, Takahashi!
Nobu: Huh?!
Guy: Hey, ain't you happy about this?
Guy: You did good making it this far on that dull basic training.
Starting today, you can join into the games.
Girl: Nice, huh?
Nobu: No...
It's still to early.

Page 137:
Girl: 5 sprints!!
Guys: Ouh!

Page 138:
Guy: Oh, you, huh?
In that case, we can't lose.
Nobu: !

Page 139:
Guys: Okay!
Guy: OOouh!
Girl: Next, 10 laps, go!
Guy: Hey, don't cheat!
Outside the cones!!

Page 140:
Girl: Oouh!
Keep it uuuup!
Guy: Yeah, yeah, clear the way for the slow chair!
Nobu: HAA
Guy: I wonder how many times I've lapped you now?
Girl: Keep going! Hang in there!

Page 141:
Girl: Keep it going
all the way to the eeend!
Guys: HAA
Nobu: HAA
Somebody: One more lap?
No, two more.
Keep it going, Takahashi!!
Taka: ......

Page 142:
Guy: What? Is that guy not gonna join practice?
We've been rejected.
Wh-What the hell?!
You know you can't keep up, right?
By the way, you can stop coming if you want.
Nobu: HAA
Goddammit, I knew it was still to early.
Girl: It's natural that you wouldn't be able to keep up right off the bat.
Why don't you join in?
Nobu: I don't want to.

Page 143:
Girl: ~~~~
Nobu: Still-----
what is that speed?

Page 144:
Lady: Can'cha do this right?!
Don't you bastards have balls?!
Yeah, push, push!
Handwritten: Hiiiih!
I don't have
any balls
Lady: Hm?
I thought you weren't in the gym today?
Nobu: ......

Page 145:
Nobu: Is there any sorta training that'll increase your speed?
Lady: I heard you were going to Nagai's group.
The Dreamers.
Nobu: Dreams.
Lady: They still goin'?
Nobu: .....
Lady: ......

Page 146:
Lady: Can'cha do this right?!
Don't you bastards have balls, you bastards?!
Lady: Slow!
Kaah! Sloow!
Is that all you've got, you tranny bastards?!
Nobu: Guh
Shira: I see. This is some nice training.
I'll join in, too.

Page 147:
Broom: Hiiih!
Takahashi-kun is quite the sportsman, isn't he?
Is it because he got that sports cut?
Lady: So, you gonna get goin'?
Are you pullin'?
I ain't moved an inch.
Nobu: Get off...

Page 148:
Nobu: HAH
Shirt: Solitude
Nobu: Speed.

Page 149:
Nobu: My speed is
not even close to good enough.
Before I get to shooting, passing
and chair skills,
if I'm this much slower than everybody else, then I'm utterly
worthless trash.
Somebody: Keep it up, Takahashi!
Keep going!
Nobu: It feels the same---
Shit, fuck...
Narration: An directional correction.

Page 150:
Nobu: Adding speed.
Otherwise, I'll stay shit.
Lady: Last is this.
Nobu: ...!!
Lady: The devil's hill-------
------2 hours every day.

Page 151:
Nobu: 2 hours?!
There's no way I can do that!
Lady: Kukuku.
Only one guy
has done it.
15 years ago-----
and that was Nagai.

Page 152:
Nomi: You must be glad, Ryou.
You're not gonna have that problem from before on a Sunday.
We've got a good group together.
Tyou: Man, it's been sooo long
since we were all here.
Fumika: Umm, I've got an announcement to make.
I got this email kind of a while ago, but...
I don't totally understand what it means.
Guys: ?

Page 153:
Guy: Huh? Isn't that from the league?
Lemme see that.
2 weeks ago? No way! Geez...
Guys: ......
Fumika: Like, I have no clue what a temp file is.
Guys: They mean an attachment!!
Can't you open it?
Handwritten: I'm sorryyy!
Guys: Open it!!

Page 154:
Guys: Wh...
What the hell......?!
Paper: ◎Notification to Appear in the Japan Open Tournament◎
Due to personal circumstances, the Kyuushuu Block Fukuoka Hawks team has withdrawn from participating in the Xth Japan Open this coming October. The result of our consideration is that, due to reaching 2nd in the Tokyo block and winning the Ooruri Cup, the Tokyo Tigers will be allowed to appear in their stead. Please sign and fax or email the attached necessary documents by the end of July. If the documents are nor received by this time, you will be renouncing your rights to enter. We thank you for your understanding.
The Japan Basketball League Horiuchi Maruyoshi
Guys: Wh...
Japan Open Tournament.....!!
Hold on a second, it says there's a date we need to reply by.
Page 155:
Guys: That's today, ain't it?!
Tell them we're in, you freakin' idiot!!
Right now!!
Sign: Play For All or Nothing
Tokyo Tigers
Guys: 1

Page 156:
Toga: Maybe something like this?
With this big goal showing up all of a sudden, the team's been united.
I wonder what time it is in London...?
Is she still sleeping?
I wonder if this is what it was like back with Tora-san.
Why can't it just move in a straightforward direction?
This creature called a team...

Page 157:
Toga: Uwah!
Woah, that's crazy in sync!!
Phone: Yamauchi Hitoshi
Toga: Huh?
Phone: I want to talk.

Page 158:
Toga: 'My address is Hachiouji City XX...'
Did he move...?

Page 159:
Toga: This is it.

Page 160:
Toga: Yama...

Page 161-162:

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