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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Innocent Rouge 34

Scandal Concerto

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 18, 2017 05:02 | Go to Innocent Rouge

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And here we finally have it! The trial of the Affair of the Diamond Necklace! That sure took some building up. And so Rouge volume 5 is finished. This last chapter was like way more text than every other chapter in the volume. We're working on the scanlation and hope to get it done sometime soon.

[Innocent Rouge 34 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 177:
Title: n°34 Scandal Concerto
Text: A 1.6 million livre
The massive swindle that shook Versailles!!
Box: Recreation
Text: Jeweler 'Yes, your eminence Cardinal de Rohan. This necklace was originally ordered by the late King Louis XV for his favorite mistress, Madame du Barry.'

Page 178:
Someone: As they possessed the sort of asset that was passed down in royal families France,
even the Cardinal de Rohan balked...
Guy: Hmm...
Text: Admiral de Rohan (At the time, 50 years old)
[The top left box on all of these always says "Recreation"]
Text: His Lover, Comtesse de La Motte
(At the time, 28 years old)
'This necklace that her highness desires, if you were to buy it and give it to her, she may even call you to her bed tomorrow night... [Heart]'

Page 179:
Text: Cardinal de Rohan 'Th-Then perhaps if I paid in four installments...'
Jeweler 'Ah, yes, thank you so very much!!!!'
Announcer: Meanwhile,
in the Palace of Versailles---
Text: Marie Antoinette
(At the time, Age 29)
'I've grown tired of all these jewels, are there no jewels more beautiful out there?'

Page 180:
Narr: With payment being late, the jewelers, Monsiuers Boehmer and Bassenge brought the bill
to her majesty Queen Antoinette in person.
Text: Jewelers 'Your Majesty, regarding the payment for the necklace a few days ago...'
Her Majesty, Queen Marie Antoinette '...What in the world are you talking about?'
Jewelers '...!!?'
Bassenge: Back then, her majesty the queen really didn't seem to know about it...
But either way, we didn't know where the jewels were and they weren't yet paid for,
so unless we did something, our only choice would be to throw ourselves into the Seine.
White Text: The Actual Victims
The Jewelers, Monsiuers Boehmer and Bassenge

Page 181:
NArr: In fact, her majesty the queen burned the bill in a candle fire...
Just how genuine was that bill?
We await the judgement of the court----
Text: News Flash
Cardinal de Rohan (50) Arrested for a case of enormous fraud. Comtesse De La Motte along with a several others were also arrested.
Was Her Majesty Queen Marie Antoinette also involved in the incident? We now go to the Parlement of Paris trial

Page 182:
[The top left is the same text as from the first page]
Rohan: The one who was deceived was me!!!
The fact that the payment was delayed is true...
But where have the numerous jewels I've supplied for her majesty up until now...?!!!
Girl: Lèse-majesté...?!!
But they told me all I had to do was stand there!
Text: Made to imitate her majesty the queen
Marie-Nicole-Leguay d'Oliva (Designy)
Guy: Please, forgive me...
I was the one that wrote the letter...!!!
Text: Forged a letter from Her Majesty the Queen
Rétaux de Villette
Jeanne: Let me go! Who the hell do you think I am!!
The blood of house Valois runs through my veins!!!
Text: Seen as the Ringleader to the Case of Fraud
Comtesse De La Motte

Page 183:
Jeanne: Goddammit! That shitty husband of mine high-tailed it to England!
I'll kill him!!!

Page 184:
Someone: Your majesty!
Your majesty!
Did you burn the bill in order to conceal something?!
[The top left text is the same]
Text: Rumored to be Involved
Her Majesty Queen Marie Antoinette
Narr: While the national treasury is in dire straits,
it's you, your majesty, that has continued to spend extravagantly!!!
You really are the one that has the necklace, aren't you?!!
Text: Rumored to be Involved
Her Majesty Queen Marie Antoinette [Same as above]

Page 185:
SOmebody: So where is this 1.6 million liver necklace?!
As the peoples' criticism of the royal family rises,
many people have crowded here at the Palace of Versailles...
Text: Broadcasting From
The Palace of Versailles
Narr: At the time, people all over France were enamored with finding out how this 'Affair of the Diamond Necklace' would turn out.
Someone: This has been our broadcast from Versailles.
Narr: The queen's scandal quickly became known to everyone in France, spreading to every region in the blink of an eye.
Someone: I... I can't believe it...
The people really believe these utterly baseless rumors...

Page 186:
Marie: I never even had any interest in that old-fashioned, ostentatious necklace in the first place.
I'm far more inclined to live more naturally,
and wear simple, English-style dresses as of recent....
I didn't do anything after all, so I'll be fine...
The Parlement will prove my innocence,
that Rohan man will be punished, and the people should all quiet down...

Page 187:
Narr: May 1786
The Parlement of Paris
Judges: Minister of the Court De Breteuil, considering precedent,
Cardinal Rohan and the few others should be charged with lèse-majesté for besmirching the Queen's honor, and thus be sentenced to capital punishment, but what are your thoughts?
Bre: ...In recent years, the tumultuousness in the royal family has been intolerable.
And the national sentiment has gotten more and more austere with regards to her majesty's extravagance...

Page 188:
Judge: This is a good opportunity for we of the Parlement to put our power on display.
Let us let the royal family know that we will not unconditionally abide by their wishes.
Narr: The Parlement was always in an antagonistic relationship with the royal powers. They saw this as an opportunity to strengthen their won standing...
Someone: We will now hand down the judgement on the 'Affair of the Diamond Necklace'-----!!!

Page 189:
Judge: Cardinal de Rohan, not guilty!!!
Rohan: Oh God...!!! I thank you for your mercy...!!!
Judge: Nicole-Leguay, not guilty!!!
The accomplice, Rétaux de Villette, is banished from France!!!

Page 190:
Judge: And the ringleader, Comtesse De La Motte,
for the crime of fraud, is sentenced to 12 lashes and 'branded with a hot iron'-----
Jeanne: L-Let go of me... The blood of house Valois runs through my veins!!!
I'll commit lèse-majesté on all of you!!!! ["you" in italics]
Judge: She is then to be imprisoned for life at Salpêtrière...!!!

Page 191:
Jeanne: You'd better listen and listen good, ignorant masses!!!
Her highness and I are having a secret affair!!!
Guy: Silence! We will not allow any more insults!!!
Jeanne: I've gotten a nice thorough taste of her lovely thicket's nectar!!!!
Guys: Ooh, so our queen has "lesbian" interests?!!!
I guess men aren't enough to satisfy her!
That's the lust of an Austrian girl, I suppose!!!

Page 192:
Guys: My God...
I can't believe the public would accept
a royal family scandal so easily...

Page 193:
Charles: Before this slander becomes any more rampant
I must seal that evil woman's mouth...!!!

Page 194-195:
Marie: This is unusual.
Big Brother asking Marie for help?
No wonder the heavens are so stormy today.

Page 196:
Charles: Marie, lend me your knowledge.
I want to kill someone...!!!

Page 197:
Marie: You've turned into a good man, Big Brother.

Page 198:
Char: The person in question is currently causing chaos in society.
It's the ringleader of the 'Affair of the Diamond Necklace', Comtesse De La Motte.
Normally, the act of "branding with a hot iron" will not cause death, but I want to end that woman's life...!!!
Someone: The man of mercy, Charles-Henri,
to plant the seeds of bloodlust in him...
she must be quite a woman...
Marie: Sounds like quite a challenge.
This could be a long night.
Charles: This really takes me back, Marie...

Page 199:
Char: To spend all night talking as brother and sister,
it's like time has been turned back to the hiding place in that mansion on Sainte Anne Street--------------

Page 200:
Marie: Big Brother used to
be a real crybaby back then.
Char: ...I sure was.

Page 201:
[And here's what's his name]

Page 202:
Gab: Rose, where did you go, Rosé?
You couldn't have been kicked out because my father saw that leaflet?

Page 203:
Paper: A Speech By Up-And-Coming Attorney
Monsieur Maximilien Robespierre [This first section, make bold]
'A discourse on liberty and equality between men.
-On the rights of man and the three classes-
Attendance allowed for all, regardless of class
Admission free of charge
Location: The Palais-Royal
'Café de Chartres' [Location info is bold]
June 7th 1785
Gab: I must apologize to Rosé...

Page 204:
Gab: To the Palais-Royal!!!!

Page 205:
To be continued in volume 6.

Page 206-207:
[Preview pages! See you in summer!]

Page 208-210:
[And here are the credits and copyright info yay...]

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