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Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi! 11

The Leader Badge of That Day!! ~'Proof of a Leader' Arc Finale~

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 16, 2017 03:29 | Go to Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi!

-> RTS Page for Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi! 11

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[Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi! 11 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 225:
Bon: I'm
not gonna lose to anyone.
Bon: Takeshi,
we'll see which one of us is right...
Ten: Takeshi-kun!!
Don't lose this, Takeshi-kun!!
Guys: B-
Don't let him win!!
You can't lose to this guy!!
Bon: The answer-----
Title: Leader 11
The Leader Badge of That Day!!

Page 226:
Title: Leader 11
The Leader Badge of That Day!!
~'Proof of a Leader' Arc Finale~

Page 227:
Take: OoaAA
Bon: Wh-
Why... Why did Takeshi get it
and not me...?

Page 228:
Bon: Wh-
Andore: Bonchuu-san

Page 229:
Guys: Bonchuu-saaan!
Where ya goin', Bonchuu-san?!
Bon: Where I go's up ta me.
Get lost.
Guys: Please don't say thaaat!
We wanna go with you!
Bon: Hmph.
Guys: Anyhow, please, listen to this, Bonchuu-sa~~n!
Handwritten: Yeah, that'll happen.
An: An upperclassman was makin' fun 'a my hair stylllle!
It really kinda hurt, ya kno~~~~w.
Bon: Andore,
Ya think telling me how you were hurt is gonna make you feel any better?
If that guy really hurt you, then why don't ya kill him?!

Page 230:
Andore: B-Bonchuu-san...
Bon: Get it, Andore?
Don't talk to people about every little thing that bothers you.
Obtain the strength to solve it on your own....!!
If you wanna be a brawny man like that,
then come with me.
An: Bo...
Kan: Bonchuu-san's little sister died...
An: Huh...? For real?
Kan: He hasn't said a word about it to anyone though...
Well, not like there's much to say...
But you can bet he's feeling a kind of despair we can't even imagine...
Still, he won't show weakness to anybody for an instant...
That's the kinda guy he is...

Page 231:
An: Bonchuu-san...
Let's go, too!
Kan: Okay.
Guys: It was
always like that...
We were living in a dark room of being called hoodlums and rejects...
And he was the man that showed us the door of hope...
He carries a deep sadness...
He's harder on himself than anyone...
A man that lives on his own convictions...
We'll always admire you,

Page 232:
Guys: B-
Don't lose!!
You can't lose, Bonchuu-san!!
Bon: Huuuu
Take: It's over,
Bon: Huuuu

Page 233:

Page 234:
Bon: ......!!
Guys: Bonchuu-san!
Bon: D-Don't go thinkin' things are back to how they were, dammit... ["how they were" in italics]
I'm... Not... done yet... you bastard...
Guys: Bonchuu-san!!
Bon: Don't touch me!
Take: Bonchuu.

Page 235:
Take: What you said before... That this world is all about power...
Then where does that power come from?
The heart.
It's your heart that power is born from.
That day... The day you didn't get the Leader Badge...
If you'd learned that this world is not all about power, but heart... That the most important thing is the human heart...
If you'd only understood that, then Bonchuu...
the one with the Leader Badge pinned to his chest that day
may have been you.
Bon: Y-You idiot...
Don't start talkin' like you know everything...
I don't accept that!

Page 236:
Bon: I...
Meg, no matter what happens, don't be scared...
Big Brother'll protect you because he's the strongest in the world.

Page 237:
Bon: I won't lose to anyone.
Take: !

Page 238:
Bon: What do you think...
Big Brother
sure is strong, isn't he...?
Take: Bonchuu...

Page 239:
An: Your name's Takeshi, right?
You're the first one to ever go this hard with Bonchuu-san.
But don't forget,
Bonchuu-san hasn't lost.
Take: !
An: You saw them, right? Bonchuu-san's eyes?
Those eyes didn't let up at all... Bonchuu-san sure as hell didn't admit defeat.
And the two of us
don't think Bonchuu-san lost either.

Page 240:
Guys: Bonchuu-san
is gonna keep gettin' stronger!!
Take: .........
Guys: Tell Gonzou know, too.
He'll be lookin' forward to the day
when he meets you again.
It might be my imagination...
but for a moment there, I thought I could see something like...
a tear in Bonchuu-san's eyes...

Page 241:
Guys: Y-
You did iiiiiit!!
Take: The man that sought the ultimate in strength, Bonchuuuu.
I'm sure someday we'll meet again.
Ten: T-Takeshi-kun!
Take: Ooh, Tendon! You okay?!
Ten: That Bonchuu guy... Why would he do something like make a scam dojo...?
Take: Hm?
Yeah, Bonchuu ain't the kinda guy ta pull somethin' like that.
This was probably...

Page 242:
Take: those guys' idea.
Guy: Uh, o~~~h...
He figured it ooout...
Take: You used Bonchuu's strength
ta make more money with your scheme, didn' ya?
Guy: You got it!
Handwritten: You're a clever one!
Guy: And so, let's exit stage leeeeeeft!!
Handwritten: WAAAH
Gen: Ta-Takeshi-kun, thank you...
Take: Genkyaaa!
I'm sooo glad you're not dead!
Gen: Y-Yeah... But I think I've only got about 2 HP left...
Take: Really?
Actually, I am, too.

Page 243:
Tane: You two are going straight to the hospitaaaal!!
Narr: Thus,
the curtain closed on the hyper-intense battle of the Leader Dojo VS Takechi and co.
The next day... having crushed the scam dojo, Takechi and the others
made it into the class paper.
Paper: Year 1 Class 2 News[cut off]
Takeshi Tendou
make waves!
Handwritten: Uooo
Takeshi-kun's so cool!
Tendo's awesome, too!
Gon: Hey, Eiji... Why am I not on this, dangit?
Eiji: Huh? Were you there, too, Gon-chan?
Box: Newspaper Editor
Handwritten: 'Re you a moron?! I was, you, all that! Ya know?!! Right?!!
Takeshi: Maybe I should open a Leader Dojo, too...

Page 244:
Starburst: Shimabuu's
Big Letters: The Way You Draw Manga is Something Like This!
Top Left: [4] Manuscript Edition (2)
Shimabu: ..........
Text: ○Generally speaking, the only physical work involved in drawing a manuscript is with your hand, so you can keep drawing a long time without getting much sleep. Stuff like drawing the name is the kind of work your brain needs to be running on all cylinders for, so you really don't wanna be working on no sleep for that... [Teardrop]
Though I haven't been able to pull all-nighters much lately myself, either... [Teardrop]
You really want to sleep an absolute minimum of 3 hours per day. This is a bit of a side-tangent, but apparently lack of sleep makes one more susceptible to mouth ulcers, for some reason. Though once your work is done, get some serious sleep and they'll heal in no time... (Haha)
Okay then, first off you do the under-sketch. But in my case, I don't make the Name into a manuscript as-is, so when I'm at the under-sketch stage, I tend to work on continuing to improve any section I think needs it. That why the final manuscript ends up as perfect as possible.
Bottom: Continued on p266~

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