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Translations: Gintama 691 by kewl0210 , One Piece 910 by cnet128

Innocent Rouge 40

Mutiny to Paternal Rights

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 15, 2017 06:41 | Go to Innocent Rouge

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[Innocent Rouge 40 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 145:
Title: n°40 Mutiny to Paternal Rights
Someone: This frail nape of the neck,
the same one my son Olivier stroked lovingly.
Those white breasts,
the ones my son Olivier covets and buries his face in like a baby...
That corpulent rear,
the one my son Olivier rubbed to his heart's content...

Page 146:
Dad: Unforgivable.

Page 147:
Title: n°40 Mutiny to Paternal Rights
Dad: Ever since I was a small child when I was brought here by my mother and I crossed the threshold into this Mathurin Louschart house,
you were already mine----!!!

Page 148:
Woman: Please...
Please, stop this, sir...

Page 149:
Father: I've known for quite some time now that you've been seeing Olivier behind my back!!!
Now then, open up those legs,
you harlot girl!!!
Some amount of pain will accompany it,
but this is for your happiness.
Woman: ......!!!

Page 150:
Father: This pain is a ceremony to return to you your maidenhood
after offering up your chastity to depravity and other men, defiling your body...
Woman: I'm so sorry, Delphine...
We're just two women alone in the world...
All we can do is rely on wealthy lords.

Page 151:
Woman: .......!!!!
Father: And henceforth, you shall be wife of this imperial court horseshoe blacksmith, Mathurin------

Page 152:
Father: You will never again have intercourse
with any man other than me------------!!!!

Page 153:
Father: This "chastity belt" was made as a visual spectacle, a product of imagination,
and not something that anyone has ever actually worn...
But based on rumors I've heard and making use of my expertise as a blacksmith, I made a special order for you.
Such an indescribable scene.
I have obtained a perfect love...!!
My wife,
You will never go hungry and always have peace and quiet...

Page 154:

Page 155:
Guy: Young Master, don't you think that iron has been struck enough?
Olivier: No, not yet!
The horseshoes we provide to the royal family are well tempered and long-lasting!
Unless we make our farm tools using the same process, what's the point?!!!
I'm going to keep tempering this a while longer!!!
Guy: Buy Young Master,
if the Boss finds out you're making farming tools in secret,
we'll all be banned from the workshop, won't we?
Olivier: Look at this landscape.

Page 156-157:
Olivier: On top of the poor crop due to the harsh winter
and the long eruption from the volcano in Northern Europe,
the land all over France has been covered in volcanic ash, ruining the soil. The famine is being spurred on even more...
Narr: 5 years earlier, in 1783, the Islandic Laki Volcano and Grímsvötn Volcano underwent a prolonged eruption that lasted 2 years. One theory says it happened in sync with an eruption of Mount Asama.
A massive amount of volcanic gas was released
and the dust that rose up into the stratosphere covered the northern hemisphere, decreasing the amount of insolation on the ground, causing lowered temperatures and cold-weather damage.
In addition to the Tenmei famine these caused, the long period of poor harvests is seen as a cause of the French revolution.
Olivier: In order for France to escape this famine,
we'll need farming tools strong enough to overcome this ruined land, and to hand them out to poor farmers free of charge.

Page 158:
Robs: When people are born, they possess the same, and equal rights...!!!
Olivier: The speech Robspierre gave at Palais-Royal even now beats fervently in my chest-----!!!
Now is the time to throw away my attachment to being blacksmith to the royal family,
transcend class and status, and join hands with everyone.
I will dedicate everything for a new, reborn France!!!
Now, we must finish this work before Father gets back from his meeting.
Guy: Yessir!
Olivier: !!

Page 159:
Olivier: ......
Narr: 2 months later---
Woman: !?

Page 160:
Olivier: Delphine.
Will today be the day I get to hear your response to my proposal of marriage?
Del: .......
Oli: You've been averting your gaze from me recently.
And at night, you always lock yourself in your bedroom...
I so miss touching your body...
I feel like I'm going to go mad......

Page 161:
Oli: !!?
Del: I...
I'm sorry, Olivier...

Page 162:
Dad: !?
Oli: ...Hand over the key...
Father: Aah?
And who do you think you are speaking to?

Page 163:
Oli: Delphine is my lover!!!
Free her immediately!!!
Father: Free...? Don't make me laugh.
Delphine has already become my new wife.
I even got consent from her mother.
Oli: Wha...?

Page 164:
Oli: Y... You can't be serious. Delphine and I exchanged vows of marriage...
I don't believe that...!!!
Father: The people obey the king so the order of the country is maintained.
A child obeys their parent so the order of the household is maintained.
Every last plant in this mansion
belongs to this house's master, Mathurin Louschart...!!!

Page 165:
Dad: Olivier, that girl's vagina is quite tight.
She took me, the head of this household, into her and would never let me go.

Page 166:
Oli: Fuck you!!!
We're not your property!!!
We're free and equal!!!
Father: Nonsense. the idea that humans can be equal is nothing but an illusion!!!
The king is the king, the people are the people...
Even if you chop off the ears of a donkey, it doesn't become a horse!
It was a mistake to send you to school in the first place!
I'll never acknowledge a son that would strike back at their father!
I'm disowning you! [Big in same bubble as the next one]
You can go wander the streets and die on the side of the road for all I care!!!

Page 167:
Father: !!!?

Page 168:
Father: Why does my venerable blacksmith workshop that provides the royal family with horseshoes
have these tools used by lowly farmers doing in it?!!
Olivier, have you been going behind my back to do such a thing that smears mud on his royal highness's name...?!!
Oli: S... So what if I did?
If it brings wealth to the country, then his royal highness will be pleased, won't he?!!
Dad: You good-for-nothing obsessed with fancy new ideas...

Page 169:
Dad: Die, you disgrace!!!!

Page 170:
Someone: So the notice to abolish all torture for the rest of the year has been handed down...?

Page 171:
Char: The times certainly are changing...
They seem to be going in the direction of not giving gruesome punishments even if they are criminals.
If that is the case----
Our work with the breaking wheel, écartèlement, death by hanging...
crushing bones, peeling off rawhide, cutting off limbs...
How will it look to the eyes of the people-----?

Page 172:
Narr: August 3rd 1788----
For the crime of patricide, Olivier Louschart was sentenced to the 'breaking wheel' at Place Saint Louis.
And at this point, no one could have imagined how big an sway this execution would have on history----!!!

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