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Translations: Gintama 691 by kewl0210 , One Piece 910 by cnet128

Innocent Rouge 41

The Meaning of Fear

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 18, 2017 07:43 | Go to Innocent Rouge

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Ok, this one's finally done. Just one more chapter to go.

[Innocent Rouge 41 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 173:
Title: n°41 The Meaning of Fear
People: This damn executioner should get the hell out of this city!!

Page 174:
Narr: August 3rd 1788, 2:00 AM
Guy: Woah, close one.
I was a hair's breadth away from getting something quite filthy on me.

Page 175:
Guy: I do remember when I was a child on my way to school
I would get showered with that stuff quite often.
Ah, that really takes me back...
Someone: Stones thrown at us, rotten vegetables, livestock entrails....
We've been showered with every piece of crap under the sun...
Charles: But as I've gotten older, nothing gets to me anymore...

Page 176-177:
Title: n°41 The Meaning of Fear
Char: With the five of us grim reaper siblings here,
I don't blame the populace for shaking with fear.

Page 178:
Char: This is the first time us five Sanson siblings have all performed an execution together, isn't it?
Box: Eldest Brother
Charles-Henri Sanson
Paris Executioner
The 4th Monsieur de Pais
Char: If our father, Baptiste, were still alive, then I'm sure seeing all of us siblings united would make him overjoyed...
Box: Second Son
Louis-Charles-Martin Sanson
Executioner of Tours and Auxerre
Box: Third Son
Nicolas-Charles-Gabrielle Sanson
Executioner of Blois
Charles: Nicolas-Charles-Gabrielle,

Page 179:
Charles: Louis-Cyr-Charlemagne,
Box: Fourth Son
Louis-Cyr-Charlemagne Sanson
Executioner of Provins
Char: and Marie-Josphe. It's the fist time in a year, isn't it?
It's good to see you.
Box: 2nd Daughter
Marie-Josephe Sanson
Executioner of the Palace of Versailles
"Prevote de l'Hotel"
Narr: As the result of the third head of the household, Jean-Baptiste, having more children after remarrying,
the Sanson Family spread all across the land of France and became a great force of executioners.
Louis: Be that as it may, Marie, you've been missing for a whole year now.
Just what have you been doing?
In your absense, I was forced to take up duties as Prevote de l'Hotel in addition to my usual position.

Page 180:
Marie: Marie got sick of Versailles and all its formalities.
Marie wanted to spread her wings...
Char: Your desire for freedom is as frustrating as ever...
but anyhow, I'm quite pleased you came back.
Cyr: Marie, what is that basket on your back?
Marie: Something that belongs to Marie. Something she could never entrust to anyone else.
Though don't worry about it.
Louis: But Big Brother, why are you performing an execution before dawn like this?
Isn't it a bit early?

Page 181:
Char: Louis, this is the decision I made.
I made a request for a security agency and had the execution time moved up to the earliest time possible.
To be honest, when I had the materials for the execution platform
brought in to Place Saint-Louis, a place close by the Palace of Versailles...
Guys: !?

Page 182-183:
Char: And despite it being the day before the execution was taking place,
Place Saint-Louis was so teeming with people
that it wasn't possible to construct the execution platform...

Page 184:
Someone: The convict in this execution committed patricide. His name is Olivier Louschart.
He's quite a popular man who was set to inherit his father's blacksmith workshop. In the incident in question, his father had become irrational and Olivier ended up accidentally struck back at him...
The populace seems to sympathize with him quite a bit.
Cyr: Big Brother, the punishment for patricide is death.
The hand that did the evil deed is to be cut off in advance. That has already been done, correct?
Char: That part of the punishment disappeared from the final verdict...
Even the security agency is afraid of how his execution will stimulate the crowd.
It was enough to postpone the execution several months...
Cyr: Hmph. That security agency is naive.
Forcibly tying him down will be enough to maintain order.
Grandmother Marthe must be rolling in her grave.

Page 185:
Nicolas: How odd. If raising one's hand to their parent is a crime...
Then Big Sister Marie should not have her hand anymore after scratching Grandmother Marthe's face with that needle...
Marie: Shut up, Nicolas-Charles.
You wanna die?
Someone: Despite it being before dawn,
Place Saint-Louis is already crowded with people...
We should carry out this execution as soon as possible if we want to prevent any further disorder.
Charles: For the protection of his royal highness the king's dignity,
we 5 Sansons will combine our strengths
to carry out this execution without incident!!!

Page 186:
Char: Marie and Nicolas-Charles,
you go on ahead to Place Saint-Louis and wait on standby on the execution platform!!!
Just to be safe, we've made the fence particularly strong,
but Charlemagne will be on patrol around the fence for security!!!

Page 187:
Char: And Louis will come with me
to put the convict Olivier Louschart in the prisoner transport vehicle
and transfer him to the Place Saint-Louis execution platform!!!
Olivier: My beloved Delpine...
If I could have one wish, it would to see you just one last time...

Page 188:
Olivier: Delphine,
with this, you are free...
I'll most likely be executed...
But you, released from old traditions, live on to the new era----!!!

Page 189:
Guy: What is this...?
Someone: You there, assistant.
That basket belongs to Lord Marie-Josephe.
She gave explicit orders not to touch it... So hands off!!
Guy: Yessir!

Page 190:
Baby: DAa

Page 191:
Nicolas: Look, Marie.
It's not even dawn, and yet there are so many people out here...
Top Box: August 3rd 1788
Bottom Box: Place Saint-Louis
4:30 AM
Marie: Calm down, Nicolas-Charles.
Nico: There they are! It's Big Brother's carriage!!!
People: Stop the execution!!!
Don't kill Olivier!!!

Page 192:
People: Don't let Sanson's carriage through!!!
He gave out hoes and spades to us poor folk for free!
Olivier didn't do anything wrong!!!

Page 193:
Guys: Out of our way!!!
Make a path!!!
Anyone interfering will receive a severe punishment!!!
People: Anyone who can, stop that carriaaage!!!
Louis: I've never seen something like this, Big Brother...
What on earth is going to happen if we try to execute this man...?!!
Char: Don't be anxious, Louis! His royal highness is on our side...!!!

Page 194:
Cyr: If you want to be showered with this cursed Sanson blood,
then go ahead, come right over here!!!
I, Charlemagne Sanson will guide you to hell!!!
People: HIIIIIH!
Sanson blood...

Page 195:
Char: Now!!!
The path is open!!!
Sorry, Charlemagne.
I owe you for that!
Char: This is a trick I setup with burgundy wine, Big Brother!!
Olivier: Thank you, everyone...
That's enough. I'm satisfied...

Page 196:
Olivier: Delphine...
You came to see me...!!!
Even if my body is crushed to bits, as long as my loved ones can have freedom,
then I'll gladly sacrifice it...

Page 197:
Olivier: ----------!!!!?

Page 198:
Olivier: You didn't...
open the lock...?!!

Page 199:
Olivier: I see.
Instead of choosing freedom,
you chose the path of peace as the widow of my father in that mansion of old traditions...?
I was foolish...
People are weak.
They're creatures that cuddle up to others
and rely on other in order to survive, aren't they...?

Page 200:
Olivier: Is "freedom"
really something that terrifies people that much...?
Marie: Prepare the breaking wheel.
As soon as the convict arrives, we'll perform the execution!!

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