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Translations: Gintama 694 by kewl0210 , One Piece 913 by cnet128

Innocent Rouge 42

Blood Bapteme

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 19, 2017 04:46 | Go to Innocent Rouge

-> RTS Page for Innocent Rouge 42

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Aaand we're done!
Next volume is gonna come out December 19th probably.
Hopefully I don't work myself to death before then!

[Innocent Rouge 42 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 201:
Title: n°42 Blood Bapteme

Page 202-203:
Title: n°42 Blood Bapteme
Someone: In the name of his royal majesty the king, the horseshoe blacksmith Olivier Louschart
will now be put to death on the breaking wheel for the crime of patricide!!!!

Page 204:
People: Don't kill Olivier...!!!
It was an accident! Olivier's not a bad persooooon!!!!
Nico: Its not even dawn yet and more and more people keep showing up.
Is that fence... really gonna hold out, Charlemagne?
Char: The real fence is this cursed Sanson blood, Big Brother Nicolas!
Nobody's going to climb over this!
Louis: I've lit the firewood for burning the corpse!!
Okay, please begin, Big Brother!!!

Page 205:
Char: Marie-Josephe, this is the Versailles Place de Saint-Louis.
The role of swinging down the iron hammer of justice must go to you, the Prevote de l'Hotel.
Marie: Oui...
Monsieur de Paris.
Marie is more than used to the role of being hated...
Olivier: ...!!!

Page 206:
Marie: Convict atop the wheel! Apparently you're a pretty popular guy,
but to Marie, you are just a clump of meat...
So now I'll be swinging down this iron rod without mercy!!!
Someone: Hurry! The execution is starting!!!
Everyone, take your places, just as we planned!!!
We'll be able to take back Comrade Olivier Louschart, I'm certain of it!!!

Page 207:
Olivier: WOman executioner,
I ask you, please have mercy,
and split my head open
and release me from this suffering in an instant...

Page 208:
Someone: !!?

Page 209:
Marie: Ga...

Page 210:
Someone: This is a person's lifeblood...

Page 211:
Marie: The warmth of a
living human...

Page 212:
Marie: Little baby in the basket,
may you accept Mother Marie's baptism of blood...!!!!

Page 213:
[No text]

Page 214:
[Lots of blood here]

Page 215:
People: Olivier!!!!
Charle: Get back...
Get baaaack...

Page 216:
Charle: If you don't want this cursed Sanson blood to touch you,
get away from that feeeence!!!!
Someone: HIH...
Jaques: Don't be intimidated!!!!
If Sanson blood is cursed blood,
then is our peasant blood dity as well?!!

Page 217:
Jacques: Aristocrats, peasants, and even Sanson all have the same blood running through their veins!
There are no ranks to blood!
We are all human beiiiiings!!!
People: Humans...
We're all... human beings?

Page 218:
Jaques: Olivier's screams are----
our screams!!!!
Olivier's pain is...
our pain!!!

Page 219:
People: Olivier...

Page 220-221:

Page 222:
[A lot going on here]

Page 223:
Someone: --------!!!!
Th.. The Fence has falleeeen!!!

Page 224:
People: Get Olivier down!
Get Olivier off the execution platfooooorm!!!
Charle: Dammit, I can't hold them back!!!
Marie, hurry and put an end to him!!!
Char: I can't believe this...
The people are clamoring against the decree of the king, our god...?!!! ["against" in italics]
This can't be...!!!

Page 225:
Marie: The jacket flag of the Enragés!!!
They've hoisted their symbols of the third estate...!!!

Page 226-227:
Marie: Hey, clump of meat, what the hell did your screams
create within these people...?!!

Page 228:
[And there's the sweet little baby]

Page 229:
A suivre dans le volume 7.
To be continued in volume 7.

Page 230-231:
[Ok, see you in Winter of 2017, ya'll! They're pretty soon to be honest!]

Page 232:
[Copyright page!]

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