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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 655

It's Hard to See the Bottom From the Sky, but it's Easy to See the Sky from the Bottom

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 14, 2017 04:46 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 655

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[Gintama 655 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Shijaku: Will you do nothing, allowing the Amenotori Ship will collide with the Earth
and watch as everything is destroyed?
Insert: Is there no way to avoid a sacrifice...?!
Shijaku: Or will you choose to act
and destroy this ship before it falls to Earth?
It is your choice,
No one would presume to tell you
to kill the people on this ship with your own hands.
But the same goes for the opposite.
All we can do is sit quietly and watch as we await your choice.

Page 2:
Shijaku: I'm sorry... It was me that roped you into this in the first place,
and now I've forced this terrible choice upon you.
But... At the same time,
I'm glad it's you there.
The path you choose...
the path you, a person who loves all things big and small, chooses...
I know... I can believe is the right choice.
No matter
what choice that is,

Page 3:
Shijaku: Hata,
even if this body of mine perishes,
even if the world perishes,
big brother,
will always be your ally, little brother.
So... do not waver.
Believe in what your heart tells you to do and go.

Page 4:
Insert: In the corner of this good-for-nothing world...
Top Left Insert: ☆Jump Comics Volume 70 is now on sale with great fanfare!!
☆The 'Slip Arc' of the Anime is now airing on TV Tokyo and affiliates every Sunday at 1:35 AM!! (And TV Osaka every Monday at 1:05 AM!!)
☆The 'Gintama' movie BD & DVD goes on sale and on rental November 22nd (Wed.)!!
Title: Lesson 655
It's Hard to See the Bottom From the Sky, but it's Easy to See the Sky from the Bottom
Author: Sorachi Hideaki

Page 5:
Someone: No way...
The Inugami are...
If we keep using their power like we are,
these puppies are gonna disappear?
Then that Dragon Vein...
how are we gonna calm it down?!
It'd be tough even if we all worked together... But if we don't have the power of these two...
That's why I said I'll cover it.
This isn't the time to let some little injury beat me.
My job isn't just to quiet down the Dragon Veins,
I've also got a duty to get this puppy back to the Yorozuya in one piece.
Do you think I'll just let you sacrifice yourself to do that?!!
No way!!
This is our mission together and we're all going to go back home ali-

Page 6:
Anemone: !!

Page 7:
Someone: Stand uuuup!!
This way!!
Ane: Get a hold of yourself!! Ruuuun!!
Sada: !!
Puppy: WAN!!
Sada: .........!!

Page 8:
Someone: !!

Page 9:
Old: M...
My Prince...
Hase: What're you wavering for?
You've already got your answer, don't ya?
The old you
never would 'a hesitated.

Page 10:
Hata: My cute little Pes!!
Why did you do that?! This is an international incident!!
I couldn't give less of a damn about what happens to Earth's brats!!
Who the hell do ya think I am?!!
Hata: .........
I guess that's true.
And then I'd
probably have gotten hit by you again, right?
Big Brother doesn't understand a thing.
I'm not the sort of person who should be entrusted with the fate of the world.
The little brother that loves all creatures big and small?
I don't know who he's talking about but it sure isn't me.
Since I was a little kid, because I was mixed up in the issue of succession to the throne, I was alone a whole lot.
Having pets by my side wasn't for any reason other than to distract from that loneliness.
When I was surrounded by animals, I could forget how alone I was.
Old: My Prince, I have always been by your side!
Hata: I forgot my old manservant even when I wasn't surrounded by animals.
Old: So you just never remembered me?!!

Page 11:
Hata: But while I was cherishing those creatures beside me,
I didn't pour any love into creatures that didn't comply with my wishes.
Someone: Uh, isn't that your manservant?! Yeah, I think it is!
Hata: I wanted pets
because they were more convenient for me.
I didn't love them,
I only loved myself.
And as for my manservant, I forgot about him before loving or not even came into the equation.
Handwritten: How many time are you gonna say that, bastard?!
Hata: why?
Someone: Become a kind king
that loves all creatures big and small, Hata.
Hata: Why is it that I've been waiting for that creature
that went against my will and left my side
to return all this time?
Hase: I said shut up,
you alien from planet mudskipper!

Page 12:
Hata: And why is it I never left that planet
infested with creatures
that go against my will?
I don't want to destroy that ship or that planet.
And I know that the me thinking that right here
isn't doing it out of something you could call love.
...But the voices of all of them that go against my will...
If all that ruckus stops...
I feel like then, I'll really be alone.

Page 13:
Someone: In that case,
no, because of that,
the idea that I have to destroy one of them is...
Shijaku: I'm sorry,
my Earth friends.
While we were saved by you,
we could not save you.
You weren't able
to return to your hometown.
The reason this ship sank
was because I wasn't strong enough.
So please, don't attack my little brother.
All of the blame should go to...

Page 14:
Eli: to us brothers.
Shijaku: E-Elder Brother...
Hata: Thinking back on it now,
my number was up the moment I met strange and fantastic creatures on Earth.
If I hadn't met them, I wouldn't be wavering like this.
If I hadn't met them, I could've kept living my life only thinking about myself.

Page 15:
Hata: 'Samurai',
I'm having you take responsibility.
If I
make a wrong choice again,
I want you to hit me.
All ships, prepare to fire!!
Your target...
is the Amenotori Ship!!
...I'm sorry,
Big Brother...

Page 16:
Hata: Fi-
People: HUUUAUH?!
Guys: He seriously hit hiiiim!! And with some really outrageous timiiiing!!
Whaat?! What did the Prince get wrong?! Did he do something he shouldn't have?!
Hase: His face.
Guys: What was wrong with his face?!! He didn't dress it up to look like that just now, it's always had a failing grade!!

Page 17:
Hase: After I hit you and lost my job,
I fell to the very bottom.
I regretted it more times than I can count,
and I thought about dying more times than I can count.
when I saw your face wavering and struggling for the sake of the Earth
and still trying to come up with an answer,
I felt glad I hit you back then.
It meant what I did really had a point to it.
So, I hit you again...
This time,
so I could crawl up from the bottom with you.
You've changed in some ways, but you're still as much of an idiot prince as you always were.
Do you do nothing and watch the Earth be destroyed?
Or do you destroy the ship your brother and his comrades are on and save the Earth?
Which is wrong and which is right is something a little kid could figure out.

Page 18:
Hase: They're both wrong.
There isn't any choice except to save both the Earth and the ship.
Shijaku: !!
What're you doing?!! Why won't you fire?!!
Someone: Sorry Admiral, but we can't shoot ya down.

Page 19:
Hase: This is the Chief of the Bureau of Immigration.
Maybe if it were an enemy nation's ship, but that's a friendly army in there. Plus,
we couldn't pull something like shooting down a ship with our allies on it.
Shijaku: What is this nonsense?!
Are you saying you're giving this flaming ship permission to enter the country or something?!
Hase: Yeah, let me be the first ta welcome you.
Shi: !
Hase: If we can't stop ya, all we can do is let you in, right?
That's how it's always been.
As I butter up dangerous aliens that come in one after another,
I safely let them in and send them on their way back into space.
Nothing's changed since those days.
This is
the job of the Chief of the Bureau of Immigration, Hasegawa Taizou.
Insert: Now is the time to work...!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 655
/ End

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