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Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi! 17

The Vice Principal's Purpose in Life!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Dec 6, 2017 06:54 | Go to Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi!

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[Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi! 17 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 347:
Title: Leader 17 The Vice Principal's Purpose in Life!
Take: Ooooooo! It's soo cuuuuute!
I love this goldfish!
I think it's even a smidge cuter than me!
Whadda you think?
Eiji: A smidge? Uh, I think it's way more than a smidge, Takeshi.
Take: No wa~~~~y! It's totally only like 1 point higher than me.
It's a real pitcher's battle. Right?
Eiji: Uhhhh, nah, I think it kinda knocks you flat on your face.
Vice: Oh, well if it isn't Takeshi-kun and Eiji-kun?
Kids: Ah! Yokota-sensei! Good mooorniiiin! ["ah" big/weird font]
Vice: Morning.
Box: Poppo Elementary School Vice Principal
Yokota Morifumi

Page 348:
Title: Leader 17
The Vice Principal's Purpose in Life!
Narr: Poppo Elementary School has an old fish tank on the 2nd floor open space.
Take: Senseeeei! I think you've got more wrinkles than usual.
Vice: Hahah. I think that's just your imagination.
Narr: And living there is Yokota-sensei's beloved goldfish.

Page 349:
That goldfish has been alive for 7 years already?!
Eiji: You're kidding us!!
Vice: It's true.
Take: So them he's the same age as uuuuus!!
Vice: I'm honestly as surprised as you are.
I never would've expected that a goldfish I won at a festival would live 7 whole years...
Bag: Vice Principal
Take: Heaaaaaah. Won him at a festival 7 years ago and had him ever since, eh?
Even for a lie, that's pretty incredible.
Vice: I'm not kidding, it's true!
Handwritten: Believe it!!
Vice: I love him so, so much.
I think of him like he's my own son at this point...

Page 350:
Guy: Haha.
I'm getting up there in years, I suppose.
Taek: What? No waaay.
Eiji: You're only 59, aren't you, sensei?
Take: Yeah! Life's only just gettin' into the real show for you now!
Vice: .........
Wait, so everything up to now's just been the opening act?!
Eiji: Uh, not like that.
Take: What's an opening act?
Vice: That's it, isn't it?!
Eiji: No, it it's not!
Take: Really, what's an opening act?!
Take: !
ice: You can't go pulling pranks on an innocent goldfish like that!
Take: Ah. It's Yokota-sensei.
Yoko: A goldfish could die from being poked at with a stick that way!
What grade are you all in? What are your names?

Page 351:
Kids: 5th year, class 4...
Vice: All three of you?
Kid: Yes...
Vice: Say, aren't you young men old enough to be in high school...?
Even a 1st year student knows that all life is precious!
Now you won't be doing anything like this again, will you?
Kids: Yes, sir...
Guy: Okay, go on now.
Oh, and from now on, boys,
bleaching your hair blond like that,
Vice: I sure am jealous!!
Kids: !
Vice: Hahah!
Me, I've got to dye it to keep it black!
Ah, I wish I could do my hair like that.
Handwritten: HA HA HA HA HA

Page 352:
Handwritten: HA HA HA HA HA HA HAH
Guys: ..........
Take: ..........
Guys: Let's get goin'.
Take: Sensei...
Vice: Oh, Takeshi-kun... What were you just laughing at?
Take: You're just so darn funny, Yokota-senseeeeei!
Normally a teacher would get mad at a kid, seeing they'd bleached their hair, and give them a warning.
Vice: .........
Things like that aren't much of a problem...
There are things far more important than that...
Other things I really think I should be teaching...

Page 353:
Vice: I think it was...
when I was around your age, Takeshi-kun...
Back during the war...
I lost both my parents and my brothers...
Take: !
Vice: I was all alone, and the only one I had to comfort me was my pet dog, chichi...
Vice: Chichi stayed by my side for 20 long years...
Before I'd realized it, he'd become closer to me than a parent or a sibling...
It's always been like that for me...
Same goes for this fish, here.

Page 354:
Vice: These friends of mine that can't even speak,
are my reason for living.
Handwritten: HA HA
Take: Sensei...
The vice principal...
really sympathizes with living things...
He knows the precious value of life better than anyone...
He really taught us what we need to know...
without a hitch...

Page 355:
Narr: The next day---
Guys: Hey, is the coast clear?
Sheesh, that vice principal seriously pisses me off.
For real.
All for a shrimpy little goldfish?
URAA! How 'bout this!
Die, you stupid thing!
Vice: Oh, look at the time.
I'd better go feed him.
Paper: The world of Go
Guy: !

Page 356:
Teacher: Blond hair...

Page 357:
Someone: Okay, then as for this problem...
Sign: Satou Kaori
Someone: TOday is November 10th,
so with 11-10, so let's become the number 1 girl.
Handwritten: What is that supposed to mean?
Take: Yokota-sensei...?
Handwritten: GAAAAA
Kaori: Hm...? What's wrong, Takeshi-kun?
You stood up all of the sudden... Do you want to solve the problem?
Take: This isn't normal...
I've never seen a look like that
on Yokota-sensei's face before!
It couldn't be...!
Kaori: AH! Hey, Takeshi-kun, where are you going?! ["Ah!" bold]

Page 358:
Take: If a man who's never anything but kind...
is looking like that...
could it...?
Take: !!
Take: Was it them?
Oh no!!
You can't go raising a hand to them!!

Page 359:
Sign: Yamamoto Kanae
Teacher: M-Mister Vice Principal...?
SFX: SU...
Kid: Hm...?
Kid: Oh.
Someone: Vice Principal!!
Hey, what's going on?!
Kid: Heheh...
You gonna hit me...?
I'm in the middle 'a class...

Page 360:
[No text]

Page 361:
Vice: Takeshi-kun...
Handwritten: Hm?!
Vice: I...
I'm going to be nothing more...
than a retired old dottard soon, but...

Page 362:
Vice: tears...
are one thing you never outgrow...
Take: Sensei...
Kids: Hmph.
Hey, he's friggin' crying!
Handwritten: Scumbag
Guys: Man,
he comes out here all high 'n mighty,
but he can't even bring himself to throw a punch!
For real. We're in the middle of class... What is he, an idiot?

Page 363:
Vice: I never would've expected that a goldfish I won at a festival would live 7 whole years...
I love him so, so much.
I think of him like he's my own son at this point...
My own kids have all gotten married and left the house at this point...
These friends of mine that can't even speak,
are my reason for living.
Kids: !
Who's this brat...?
Ain't he the one from yesterday?

Page 364:
Take: There's no way in hell people like you...
could possibly understand Yokota-sensei's pain...
Guy: HUH?
You wanna die 'er somethin'?!
Take: So how about...

Page 365:
Take: Huh...? What're you sprinkling there, Sensei?
Vice: Flower seeds.
The goldfish will turn into nutrients...
and I'm sure he'll help some beautiful flowers bloom.
Take: Sensei, is it okay if I raise these flowers?
Sensei: Sure, of course.
Handwritten: You think you can handle the responsibility, Takeshi-kun?
Takeshi: I can handle it so well it's kinda freaky!
Narr: A few days later---
Take: Oh.
Once a flower blooms,
I think I'll give it to Yokota-sensei as a present...
May a flower of happiness
bloom right here...
Bottom: [1]Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi! (End)

Page 366:
Top: Shimabuu's Story
Text: So these 'Takeshi' Wide-Bans will be going on sale one each month apparently. And as that happens, around this time next year, I'll be writing the continuation of 'Takeshi'. I'm not sure exactly what kind of publication it'll be, but for now I'm raring to start drawing again! (Maybe they'll first appear in books like this one?)
Now then, right now I, Shimabuu, have been allowed the opportunity to be drawing a weird sports manga called RING in Super Jump. Super Jump comes out on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month! So I hope everyone enjoys checking out RING as well!! This is a pretty off-the-cuff announcement, I know. It's a largely adult magazine... What they call a seinen magazine. Pretty untrodden territory for me, honestly. But it's thank to all the support you've given me that I've been able to draw manga like this again. Even now I have to give my utmost thanks to all the readers that've supported me. Thinking back on it now, it's been 2 years since I last wrote one of these 'Shimabuu's Storys'... I think I'm starting to tear up... A lot's happened in recent days, but one notable event that's happened recently. My bike got stolen!
Bottom: End

[Past here are credits and stuff, leave those as-is]

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