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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

81 Diver 287

Shogi Lecture

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jan 23, 2018 04:27 | Go to 81 Diver

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V27's done.
8 Volumes, or 88 Chapters to go.

[81diver 287 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 185:
Title: Chapter 287 Shogi Lecture

Page 186-187:
Monji: Blood!
He's bleeding all over the place!
He's coughing up blood!!!
Guy: How's that?
How 'bout that
Osaka: How does it feel?
God: ...
Osaka: Like you're gonna die?
God: .......

Page 188:
God: When my physical body undergoes an attack, the human part of me, naturally, feels fear...
Osak: .......
God: But
God: Gods...
do not die.
There are those that are approaching being gods than humans are.
Do you know who they are?
Osaka: ......
God: Computers.
Osaka: What're you talking about?

Page 189:
God: Allow me to start a shogi lecture.
I'll teach you about shogi.
Osaka: ......
God: The 'hisha' and the 'kaku' are what we call the major pieces and are said to be of equal value.
In sumo terms, they'd be the 'yokozuna'.
The 'kin' and the 'gin' are called the 'metal pieces'. They're also considered of equal value.
In sumo terms they'd be 'oozeki'.
Osaka: Are you really giving a shogi lecture?
Right now?
God: So if we go in value-order, we have
'ou', 'hisha', 'kaku', 'kin', 'gin', 'kei', 'kyou', and 'fu'.
Osaka: You've got blood dripping down your face...
God: Yes. That's because when I talk about shogi, I get excited like a little kid in a toy store and blood starts dripping down my face as I talk.
Osaka: If there's one thing I hate,
it's children.
Monji: Uh, are they having a conversation?
Suga: .......
God: The way computers value shogi pieces is interesting...

Page 190:
God: Depending on the programmer, the programmed computer will have different kinds of idiosyncrasies in its play.
And among the, there is a computer which...
regardless of opening or midgame, considers the major piece, the 'kaku', to be the same value as the lower-ranked 'kin'.
In other words, it considers the 'kin' to always have the potential to make moves on the same order as a major piece.
That's an idea no human would come up with.
Osaka: You seem downright happy that blood is dripping down your face.
God: And the closer one gets to the endgame, the 'kin' appears on boards in decisive positions for "approaching the gyoku" or "defending" in order to reach victory.

Page 191:
God: Though unlike the gin, the kin has one more available space it can move.
Sign: The gin has 5 spaces.
The kin has 6 spaces.
God: No matter how many gin you have,
you'll never be able to checkmate the gyoku with them.
While with the kin, you only need one.
Osaka: Um, is there someone else here that you're talking to right now?
God: I'm talking to you.
The kin

Page 192-193:
God: is the bellybutton of shogi.
It's the center.
Remember that.
Osaka: ......
The kin is the bellybutton of shogi... That's what you're telling me. Okay,
so what?
God: I love shogi.
Whenever I teach it to someone, even if they're a 5 year-old child, I get obsessive about it.
That's all I have to say.
You're not playing shogi on your own.
Osaka: ......
God: The pros behind you are the ones playing.
Osaka: !!!!
God: The one they've all got their eyes on, Tanio,

Page 194-195:
God: is the man that will change the world with shogi.
And the protector of shogi
is me.
Osaka: ..........
A Meijin?
God: Hm, maybe.
Even though I take a different path than Tanio,

Page 196:
God: I love shogi from the bottom of my heart.
Osaka: What sort of connection do you have to Tanio?
God: Now I'm going to teach you...

Page 197:
God: how to use the kind.
Guy: 3-9 Kaku Promote!!!
Guys: Okay, here it is!
Just as we read!!!
Same Gyoku!
Osaka: Same...
God: Now then...

Page 198:
God: time for the super-closer with the ERA of 0 to take the mound.
Guy: If...
from 1-8 Kin, we go Same Kyou, then 1-9 Gin,
and he hits us with brinkmate,
with that one-move opening,
with 3-9 Kaku,
we'll make your gyoku...

Page 199:
Guys: mated.
And then we'll all get a kiss from the princess! [Heart]
And drink up a storm!!!
Narr: The kin
in an instant...
just like this...
can create a Z situation.
Osaka: Ab...
God: For example...

Page 200-201:
God: if I had you had a mountain of in-hand pieces,
or even if you had enough in-hand pieces to fill this stadium to the brim,
at this moment...
my gyoku
absolutely cannot be mated.
This is...
Guys: He's...
He's not
approaching our gyoku...

Page 202:
God: Z.
This is how you use a kin.
Have you
got that memorized?
Osaka: ...............
Bottom: Hachi One Diver (27) (End)

Page 203:
Top: Newly-Drawn Extra Manga
Serious Commercial
Guy: Who's up for an ad?!!!
Hey, you out there that doesn't know much about shogi and want to learn more!
What if I told you I had something right up your alley?!
Well I don't.
no, I do!!!!
My book!

Page 204:
Guy: Just check out my 'Study Habits for Becoming a 1-dan Shogi Player' and, oh man, bet your sweet bippy you'll be a 1-dan in no tiiiiiime!!!!
And then, if you solve my collections of mating puzzles...

Page 205:
Guy: Even you could become an "amateur 4-dan"!!!!
Why? Because mating shogi isn't only good for the endgame, it also ups your skills in the opening and mid-game, too!!! As the saying goes, 'Mating shogi is shogi weight training'!!!!
I feel like we're not makin' quite enough of an impact here...
How bout...
We go to the beach...
with everybody in bathing suits!!!!

Page 206-207:
Guy: Go get 'em in stores now! [Heart]

Page 208:
Guy: HAH!
Guys: W-
Were you...
just sleeping?
I was not!!!!
Guy: You really can get better at shogi just by studying the "Urano Set"!!!!
Box: The author guarantees it!!!

Page 209:
[All the pros in this manga are actually helping with the manga in real life. Ain't that neat?]

Page 210:
[See ya next volume.]

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