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Translations: Gintama 690 by kewl0210 , One Piece 909 by cnet128

81 Diver 319

Underground Meijin Tournament

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 15, 2018 01:46 | Go to 81 Diver

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[81diver 319 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 167:
Title: Chapter 319 Underground Meijin Tournament

Page 168-169:
Bro: Big Bro...
had a dream of defeating a Mejin.

Page 170-171:
Soyo: You're a Meijn, aren't you?
Morine: Sure am.
Guys: So the identity of "God" is...

Page 172-173:
Guys: The...
The Meijin is like the pro shogi world incarnate.
This is...
going to shake the pro world to its core...
With things as they are, for now,
Morine Meijing is...
going to overwhelmingly...

Page 174:
Guy: tear apart everyone in his path!!!!
Screen: God [Rest of the bracket is as usual]
Rin: That...
was it
from the basement?
Someone: Sheesh.

Page 175:
Himu: There's some crazy stuff going on!!! Awww man!!! You got that, you stupit old man?!!!
Guy: Yeah, yeah.
Himu: Um...
For real...?
Hashi: Can we go?
Mamu: Yeah.

Page 176:
Hashi: If the first "Monster Spot" is "Yamato",
then the other is "Musashi".
Text: Yamatro
Hashi: If we break 'ol Musashi,
then with just a little flick,
and this building comes tumbling down.

Page 177:
Mamu: This one looks like he's near death.
And "Ultimate Sis" over here looks to be out like Sleeping Beauty.
When Sis comes to, bring her over!!!
Hapi: Huh...? Okay...
Mamu: So that means me and psycho grandpa here are gonna go.
Hashi: If we die, it's fine with us!
Mamu: Sure, if we can blow up the pillar.
Hapi: Mamushi-san!!!
Hapi: Mamushi-san, your power level
went from 64 up to 104!!!
You must be really into this!!!
Mamu: ..........

Page 178:
Mamu: I know how dumb this sounds, but I'm gonna ask anyway.
How high is the enemy's power level?
Hapi: The soldiers range from 1,600 to 1,900.
Mamu: And I'm
only 104.
Hapi: Well, when you say "only" like that it sounds bad.
Mamu: I'll call you before I get killed.
Hapi: Mamushi-san!
Mamu: ..........
Please, please, please don't die!!!
Mamu: The only thing I'm afraid of is it happening at the wrong time and dying a cold, meaningless death.
Mamu: For real?
For real, for real?

Page 179:
Assassins: Yes...
Master Lee was defeated.
Himu: That's, like...
That's, ya know...
the game-wagering move.
Our most...
sure-fire move...
Go back to the basement with the remaining assassins...
and without hesitation,
say 'Tanio-san has a favor to ask.'

Page 180-181:
Himu: And let Minta-sama out.
To get that mouth-watering shogi....
Even if the Japanese army's been deployed,
we're not gonna let them interrupt!
Narr: The enemy...
was two middle-aged men.
Morine: It's your sente.

Page 182-183:
Both: Let's have a good game.

Page 184:
Minta: Don't come with me.
You'll only get in my way.

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