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Gintama 698

Go Beyond the Final Chapter

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 12, 2018 20:54 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 698

Only for use by HWMN

Man, this chapter sure is final.

[Gintama 698 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1-2:
Right Insert: Final Lesson
Go Beyond the Final Chapter
Middle Insert: Until the day we meet again----
Top Left: ☆Goodbye, Yorozuya, goodbye, Gintoki.
A grand final chapter!
With two-page center color pages!!
Bottom Left: On the next page, check out the special project announcement and about the manga continuation on page 95!!
Bottom Right: Sorachi Hideaki

Page 3:
Top Text: A final commemorative general election
is now underway!!
[I'm gonna skip the rest here]

Page 4:
Box: Apology and Correction
The 'Tengenism' that previously appeared in this series (issue 24 and 25) as well as the alternate kanji used in issue 26 are meant to be a fictional religion created for this series and are not connected in any way to the actual organisation 'Tengenkyoh'. For the issues caused to those involved with this organization, we want to offer a sincere apology. In all volumes and such sold in the future and such, the name of the in-series organization will be changed to 'Seibouism'.
Tae: Shin-chan,
if you're going to become a Yorozuya
that can grant Gin-san's wish, then...
Insert: Make sure you don't miss the color pages a few pages back!!
Tae: We
will grand your wish.
And become a Yorozuya.
Middle Insert: ☆The official Gintama app is now available!! The manga, novels, and anime can be enjoyed with coins!!
Someone: This threads that were connected by the Yorozuya
will connect you all together again.
Middle Insert: Those bonds, big and strong...
Bottom Insert: ☆An incredible hit!! The live action movie 'Gintama 2' is now on sale!!
☆The TV Anime 'Gintama' The Silver Soul Arc is airing every week at 1:35AM on TV Tokyo and affiliates!!

Page 5:
Someone: We're paying back what we owe ya, Yorozuya!
Without you guys around, there's nobody around to do odd jobs!!
Shin: ...Huh?
Otose: ---Geez.
You sure added a lot of employees in the short time since I last saw you.
But actually, maybe with all these people working together,
that wish can come true.
No matter what his wish...
no matter what you Yorozuya's wish is.
Take this.
There's something
you'll probably need to make his wish come true in there.

Page 6:
Otose: And
this one's for you two.
Tell him this for me, will ya?
Hurry up and pay your rent.
Guys: !!
There are followers of the religion here, too?!!
This is sacred ground where god will soon have his second coming!!
Guys: Eliminate all those besides us Seibouists!!

Page 7:
Jiro: My, oh my...
Guys: !!
Jiro: What an unrefined bunch.
Ya know, the tastiest booze is the type you drink
with people who feel and believe different things.
That booze you have you daughter get for you when you're taking it easy in retirement.
Pira: Pops, looks like that guy got there first.
Jiro: Yep, that's for sure.
Jiro: Right after yakuza is the jack-of-all-trades.
Not much has changed in all these years, has it?

Page 8:
Jiro: Looks like my dream of a relaxin' retirement's still a ways off.
Pira: Let's go, you bastaaaards!!
Guys: Hey,
who are these guuuys?!!
This group,
who in the world...?

Page 9:
Shin: We're a Yorozuya.

Page 10:
[No text]

Page 11:
Jiro: Get goin'.
We'll safeguard
the place for you guys ta come home to.
go tell that guy to come back.
Shin: Gin-san.
Are you watching?

Page 12:
Guys: Since then,
we may have not been able to take a single step forward, but...
all of them
were waiting here for us.

Page 13:
Zen: Yo.
Looks like I picked the perfect time to come back to Edo again, huh?
Nobu: It seems that we were not the only ones
with an itch to scratch.
Shin: Zenzou-san! Nobume-san!
Soyo: Kagura-chan!
We'll open a path!
This time, we're going to pay you back
for what you did for us those two years ago.
Shin: They all
came back there.

Page 14:
Matsu: I may have been busted out by Katsura last time,
but now this old man's got his day.
We're gonna teach these terrorists just who it is that protects Edooo!!
Someone: GEHO GOHO
Kon: Well it sure ain't you, Tottsan!
We finally got Edo back up and running, are you trying to blow it up now?!
Matsu: If the time comes, we'll rebuild like we did before.
So there's need ta hold back now.
it looks like
this is just how it's gotta be.
Someone: They didn't forget.
None of them.

Page 15:
Shin: About those days...
About you...

Page 15:
Umi: Heh.
So you showed, too, eh?
I see. That odd form...
You're the one that taught her those weird techniques, too, huh?
So unless you make yourself out to look like a kid,
ya can't save one little sister?
What a difficult brat.
Shin: So we
are going to take a step forward with everyone.

Page 16:
Ana: Can you see that?
All over Edo, people are standing up and doing battle.
Even after Madao has perished and after those beings indecent for public broadcast perished, Edo is still alive...
Hm? What is that...!!
Tsuu: People of Edooooo!!
Is my voice reaching you-mbria Palace!!
T/N: Cambria Palace is a talk show/documentary on TV Tokyo.
Tsuu: I'm everyone's idol, Terakado Tsuu-troyyyaaa!!
And I... am going to fight together with all of you!!
All I can do is sing... and try to encourage you, but...
If that becomes even a tiny bit of help, if there's anyone at all that my singing makes stronger,
that's who I'm standing here for-nuki's testicles.
Take: It's okay, Otsuu-chan.
I know there's at least one person's heart
I'm sure you'll reach.

Page 17:
Shin: ---Back then,
those words I couldn't say,
those thoughts I couldn't get across...
I'm going to hold them all up
and move forward.
And go straight to you,
Tsuu: This song
goes out to all the samurai out there fighting on this planet.
I hope you'll listen.
[Then there's four music notes followed by tildes.]

Page 18:
Tsuu: Prince of Tennis sure is goo~~~d
It's my everythi~~~ng
T/N: This is an actual song from an album put out by the mangaka of the (bad) Jump manga The Prince of Tennis, Konomi Takeshi.
Tsuu: No matter what trying things happen, it'll be okay.
So try again, and we'll out all this down on a new page and keep going
because a great adventure is waiting!
Even if they call me a flashy mangaka,
I'm always just facing a desk
and so both happy news and sad things
are always passing my by.
Middle: JASRAC pending

Page 19:
Tsuu: I want to see your smiling face, I want to hear your angry voice! There's nothing to worry about,
now, draw! Stand up and push forward! I'll make this statement here and now!
Prince of Tennis sure is good!
BECAUSE THIS ISN'T THE LAST CHAPTER OF GODDAMN PRINCE OF TENNIS!! Why in the blue hell is this Prince of Tennis song going on page after page?!!
Zura: To be precise, it's a wonderful song Konomi-sensei is singing from the heart out to all of the readers of Prince of Tennis.
Gin: Nobody in their right mind would listen to something like that!! And what the hell happened to the song going out to all the samurai?!
Zura: Gintoki, it seems that somehow, we made it.
The thing we've been after is right over there.
It's likely that all sorts of difficulties will befall us from here.
But the thing I think we
should be most afraid of right now...

Page 20:
Zura: is that we don't have enough pages left.
Gin: I know, right?!! Because we spent all that time fooling around, we're way too low on pages!!
Zura: In order to conclude the story in the remaining number of pages,
our only choice is to let that song keep going on in the background and fool them into thinking this is the last chapter of The Prince of Tennis.
Gin: No, seriously, why is it a Prince of Tennis song?!! There's nobody but Konomi-sensei that can pull off a crazy technique like that!!
Zura: Didn't I tell you there was no way we could end the story in just 5 more chapters?!!
Those bastards on that ZIP! show! They had to make it into big news and now we can't take it back!!
Handwritten: I'll never forgive Masu, that bastard!!
T/N: ZIP! is a morning show on Nihon TV, hosted by Masu Taichi.
Taka: Keh. I'm not hanging around for this.
Zura: Wait! Gintoki, Takasugi!! What're you gonna do?!
Just how in the world are you going to wrap things up with just one more page?!! Is it even possible?!
Gin: Forget ending.
We haven't even gotten started yet!
Zura: Gintoki...!!
Oh, I get it. One of those "Our battle has only just begun" endings, huh?! I get you!
Some final chapter can't stop us!!
We'll keep going, to the place beyond the end!
Gin: That's right.

Page 21:
Gin: Our battle
starts in JUMP GIGA!!
Someone: I knew you couldn't end iiiiit!!
Insert: ☆To all of you out there, for 14 years of readership, thank you so much.
Please do not anticipate the next work from Sorachi-sensei.
Bottom: Gintama
We'll explain everything, just check the next page!!

Page 22:
Right: Celebrate!
The conclusion...?!
And honest comment & major announcement from Sorachi-sensei!!
Box: No matter how you slice it, it's not ending. What's the explanation for the whole ending...?!
Gin: Yeah, thought so.
I knew it wasn't gonna end.
Bar: And so... for beyond the final chapter, this winter
a series will be published in Jump Giga!!
Starburst: ・The results for the final chapter commemorative general election will also be announced in Jump Giga
・Submit it with a return address for the clear file and we'll send you one back if you win.
Bottom Right Box:

'Beyond the Final Chapter' will be running in 'Jump Giga' starting in the December issue. Please stick around with us until the very, very, very end.
Bottom Right: For details, check upcoming Weekly Jumps!!
Paper: For everyone out there who read Gintama for these long 14 years, thank you so much. And I'm so very sorry. So uh, with this week, Gintama will no longer be running in Jump, but it's not actually ending at all. I think a good number of you out there probably realized that when we announced there was 5 chapters to go and we were doing a gorilla wedding. Going from a gorilla to a conclusion to the story in 5 chapters was impossible even for a gorilla. So on that note, you see, Jump has a system where you notify the editorial department about 6 months in advance that that's about where you'll be wrapping things up, and then you move to get everything concluded by that time you gave. But with Gintama, I misread this and for the past three years now I've been saying, 'I don't think I can wrap up quite yet. There's still one last story I need to put in.' It was like getting your family together and saying, 'Huh? Ya know, I may actually not die quiet yet,' over and over. And then of course the family starts getting restless, starts tapping their feet, starts clicking their tongues at grandpa now and then and such, so grandpa says definitively 'I can definitely make it by the end of August,' and then takes out a big cigar and starts smoking it like Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid 4. But uh, it didn't work out that way. Even if I try to pack everything really tightly into weekly chapters, this stubborn Small Boss just wasn't gonna kick the bucket. So then we decided that with a bigger time frame and with a larger number of pages, we would finally bring and end to grandpa's life. So, for just a little bit, we'll be doing it in a different place. I honestly would've preferred to bring you the story all the way to the end in Jump, so I really have to apologize for screwing that whole thing up. This is goodbye to all those that just skim through Gintama chapters in Jump, but even if I'm gone, I hope you continue to enjoy yourselves reading Jump. Just don't expect to get any inherence. For those that are sticking around with Grandpa for the long haul, even if you stubbornly keep hanging around me I'm still not giving you any inheritance, got that? Why? Because my inheritance is all of you.
Let's meet again beyond the final chapter.

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