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Gintama 701

Homing Instinct

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Feb 23, 2019 09:41 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 701

Only for use by HWMN

One of these days it's gonna end. But today is not that day.

[Gintama 701 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Gin: ri?
T/N: The 3 bubbles of these last 3 covers spell out "o-wa-ri?", meaning "The end?".
Gold: The

Page 2-3:
[You can just leave this as is. It's fora contest.]

Page 4-5:
Insert: May that soul be forever----
Bottom: Sorachi Hideaki
Left Insert: ☆The third chapter in GIGA!!
The Silver Soul Arc
With opening color pages!!

Page 6:
TItle: Lesson 701 Homing Instinct
Shin: Gin-saaaaaaan!!
Insert: With being reunited right in front of them----!!

Page 7:
Kagu: Sadaharuuuu!!

Page 8:
Guy: I wonder.
This fellow succeeded in protecting the Dragon Veins from the wicked,
carrying out the job of the Inugami.
And yet
he went so far as to reduce himself to this state in order to cling to life...
Is it to continue to fulfill his duty as an inugami?
I find it hard to imagine that he has no other reason...

Page 9:
Guy: Fulfilling his duty
may not have been the only reason this child risked his life the way he did.
...Just seeing you here made me feel that way.
Coming out to this remote region just for him as you are...
Something so precious was broken up
just for him,
Turtle: I feel like the day when his wounds heal may come.

Page 10:
Anemone: Indeed.
We've exhausted every means at our disposal as well... but unfortunately...
If you searched every corner of the universe but still found no answer, then I'm afraid there's nothing we can do.
Nah, just kidding.
Though it would be a lot easier to just give up.
we have reason to believe that the answer may not be as far away as we thought.
It may be something actually quite close by.

Page 11:
Anemone: We didn't find an answer,
but you
all of you
came back here.
So maybe this child was the same as you.

Page 12:
Ane: Just wanting
to come back to this planet.
Ane: Back,
to Edo.

Page 13:
Ane: Maybe
he just wanted
to come back to the Yorozuya.

Page 14:
[No text]

Page 15:
Ane: To see
all of you again.

Page 16:
Tae: ----That's right,
and you two
just wanted
to see Gin-san again, didn't you?
Gin: Sada-

Page 17:
Gin: ........
Guys: Huh?
Tae: Oh, looks like I was wrong.

Page 18:
Kagu: Sada...
Kagura: You...
came back, yes?
You came back
to save Gin-chan
and all of us, did you not?

Page 19:
Sada: MWOOF!
Shin: Wait, what's that sticking out of his mooooouth?!
Kagu: Sadaharu!!
Shin: Hold on a secoooond!!! We got Sadaharu back but Gin-san is...
Don't tell me you ate him, did it?! Did you swallow him whole?!
Kagu: You cannot blame him, yes? Sadaharu is still recuperating. He needs lots of nutrients.
Shin: Forget saving him, he just grabbed him out of the air because he was hungry! Oh man, what're we gonna do?!!
Kagu: Do not worry, yes? Scum like that has no nutrients in it at all, so he will come exactly the same out the other end.
Shin: Gin-saaaaan!!
Shin: What the hell kind of tearful reunion is thiiis?!!
Please hold on, Gin-san!! Gin-saaaan!!

Page 20:
Shin: Gin-sa-
Shin: ...........
Huh? Um... excuse me, I think we got the wrong guy.
Shin: Why did some random guy come ooout?!! And why did he go back in?!!
Sadaharu, just how many people did you scarf down?!! When did you even do this?!!
Kagu: He always used to eat whatever he found lying around. Maybe he picked up a parasite?
Shin: Parasite?! That guy gave off a vibe like he was paying rent to stay there!!
Guy: Ah~~ That was a good pu.
Shin: There's more than one of them coming out noooow!! And what's a good pu?!!
Guy: What do you think? Up for a game of shogi?
Shin: Huh?! WHat?! Is this a public bath?! What kind of world is going on inside of theeere?!!
Um... Excuse me!! Did you happen to see a white-haired man inside there?!
Guys: White haired?
Oh, is that the newcomer you're talkin' about?
Shin: !!

Page 21:
Guy: If it's that young man you're talkin' about, seems he was so covered in filth that he ended up goin' out the other exit.
Shin: So he did end up covered in fiiiilth!!
Guys: Gin-chan!
Gin: I guess all that about dogs having a homing instinct
where they can get back home no matter how far away they are is true.
Sorry, Sadaharu.
Your idiot owner
took your home to home in on away
for a long-ass time.

Page 22:
Shin: Gin-san...
Gin: ...I told you before, didn't I?
We had nothing to do, so we just did whatever.
So if you have something you wanna do, then some half-assed thing like a place where you do odd jobs should be closed down.
I guess the fact that we're all here
means we're back to doin' that half-assed thing.
Shin: ...No,
it just means
that what we want to do is right here.
Kagu: ...Gin-chan,
we didn't become odd-jobbers because we had nothing to do.
We just...
were okay with whatever.
If it meant we could go on walks with Sadaharu again,
we didn't mind flying to the ends of the universe.
If it meant we could fool around with the people we feel at home with,
then we would be alone if it meant protecting our home.

Page 23:
Kagu: It didn't matter
as long as we
could be here with you and everyone.
that is why
I am ["I'm" and "I am" next to each other]
a Yorozuya.
It was so obvious,
but it took us such a long time to tell you.
So Gin-san,
please, if there's anything we can do to help...
Gin: .........
Don't say that.

Page 24:
Gin: It's the Yorozuya's job to do the job once they've been asked it.
There's nothing for you two Yorozuya to say beyond that.
Maybe the reason I came back here, even if it meant being half-assed or being a fool,
was to say that to you.
You sure have gotten a whole lot bigger
since I've been gone.
...My back hurts.
Would you mind giving me a hand?

Page 25:
Shin: What're you talking about? What a sorry sight.
And you still call yourself a Yorozuya?
Gin: If you'll do any job, then you'll give me some pity, too, right? I'm counting on you to give me a company discount.
Shin: It's starting to look like we didn't get bigger, you got smaller, Gin-chan.
Kagu: Sure does, yes?
Handwritten: Ahhahhahhahhah
Someone: Uh, no, seriously, did you get smaller?

Page 26:
Gin: Hey, hey! If you don't quit it, I'm gonna kick the crap out of you with my long-ass Oguri Shun legs!
Shin: Forget Oguri Shun, more like Oguri Shrunk!
What's in the world happened to you...?!!
Gin: Uh... I might've gotten a little digested inside Sadaharu.
Shin: Digested?!
Gin: Did anything come out before I did? I feel like I dropped something important...
Shin: Ah!!! Well, what looks like two old men that just got out of a bath came out.
Gin: Hey, hey, what do you think you're doing, Gin-san Sepia? Gin-san Severe?
Shin: Sepia?! Severe?!
Gin: You know you're not supposed to just split off on your own like that. Together we're the Gin-Three (San), aren't we?
Shin: Split off?! You're originally all one?! So wait, is that what Gin-san means?! T/N: "San" as a polite suffix can also mean "Three".
Gin: Hurry and come bacK! I need my long legs back!
Guys: I don't wanna!! Ta hell with going back to being those smelly legs!!
I've been wantin' to say this for a while now. But bare feet in boots? What are you, some kind of brute?!
Shin: What the hell is with him?! Why is he setting up new plot points right at the final chapter?!
Kagu: !!
Someone: Dammit, enemies...!!
Kagu: Gin-chaaaaan!! You've gotta hurry!!
Shin: !!

Page 27:
Sada: Gwoof.
Shin: We're back to square oooooone!!
Kagu: Pattsan, it looks like we are going to need to get Sakata Gintoki reassembled inside Sadaharu, yes?!!
Shin: We need to what?!!
Someone: Fine, if that's what we gotta dooooo!!
Someone: Come back to uuuuus,
Sakata Gintoki~~~~!!

Page 28:
Narr: ---That man
was far too rough to be called a Samurai.
But he also

Page 29:
Narr: had eyes looking for too straight ahead to be called a hoodlum.
He was the same as ever,

Page 30:
Zura: !
Guys: Yo.
What's the man who once stood at the pinnacle of the country as Prime Minister doing here alone?

Page 31:
Kon: I dunno what happened, but it looks like you're back to being just a Joui patriot again.
How the mighty have fallen.
Zura: What about you?
You're still chasing after Joui Patriots around same as ever, and you ended up here?
That's pretty pathetic after we've finally reached this new era.
Kon: Say what you want,
we didn't fall here.
We came home.

Page 32:
Kon: With them.
Guys: Guh.
Someone: We'd finally gotten all the way up there, and now we gotta do it all over again?!
Gin-san! Where's Takasugi-san?!
I dunno! But for now, we gotta hurry!!
Someone: Oh, are you in a hurry?!

Page 33:
Hase: Where ya headin'?
If it's to the final boss,
I can get ya there cheap.
Go ahead, get in.
Gus: H-Hero Madao!!
Hata: Hasegawaaa!! What the hell do you think you're doing?! One minute you say you need to borrow the official car, and the next minute you...
Hase: Prince.
Hase: It's thanks to you that I went from being unemployed to being a hero,
but the title of hero doesn't come with a salary on its own, so I realized, I'm actually still unemployed.

Page 34:
Hase: So I'm dropping the hero thing.
I'm the same as you guys,
I'm doing things over again from here. What a coincidence, right?
Guys: You sure?
Someone: I said it before, didn' I? Anybody that throws themselves into temporary excitement ends up ruined.
Someone: No need to worry.
I'm definitely doing things over,
Hase: but there are some things that are different from before.
Right, Prince?
SOmeone: Get in already, you shitty earthlings!!

Page 35:
Someone: ----I see.
He's back, huh?
Honestly, that's one sight that really takes me back.
Maybe what we really wanted to see
wasn't the scenery of a new era,

Page 36:
Guys: maybe it was that idiotic sight.

Page 37:
Someone: GYAAAA
Tae: You...

Page 38:
Someone: The Terminal has taken all it can take...
If any more Altana is sucked up, this Terminal's going to be blown away along with Edo!!

Page 39:
Tendou: ...Utsuro.
Will Edo's destruction
or your awakening happen first?
That vessel is already complete, yet...
you still wish for more power?

Page 40:
Guy: Then
go ahead, devour everything.
Tendou: We
will sacrifice these bodies to become part of that power as well.
This is an appropriate place
for Utsuro, the emptiness that will erase everything, to alight.

Page 41:
Guy: You...
Guy: Even now?!!
Do you want Utsuro to be revived even if it means turning Edo to ash?!!
Guy: .........
Hand over the heart.
Guy: I've told you before.

Page 42:
Guy: Utsuro's revival
cannot be stopped.

Page 43:
Zura: And none of you
can save him.

Page 44:
Guys: The only one who can save that person
is meeee!!

Page 45:

Page 46:
Katsu: You...!!
Hiji: I can't believe it...
You've been trying...
to destroy Utsuro's heart...?!
You want Utsuro's revival...
to be stopped...?!

Page 47:
Utsu: Are you the one
who awakened me?
Ten: ...Utsuro!
Do you not know? I am one that has accepted your blood.
I have sacrificed this body for your revival.
What is it you desire? Vengeance on humans? The demise of the world?
Whatever it may be, I shall follow your...
Utsu: I have only one wish.

Page 48:
Utsu: To erase
me, Utsuro.

Page 49:
Utsu: But before thatm
Utsu: it seems there is something I must do.
Taka: Like hell.
Taka: All to save you,
Taka: we met up with all these people we didn't really get along with
and crawled on our hands and knees to get here.
And you want to erase yourself?
Not gonna happen.

Page 50:
Taka: Sensei,
Sensei... what?
Don't make
that sad face.
I... We...
are gonna protect you from whoever we have to.
Let's go home... Sensei.
Along with them
to Shouka Sonjuku.
Insert: The moment that will determine all of their fates---!!
Bottom: ...Lesson 701
/ End
Right: The continuation is set to be in the 'Gintama App'!! For details, see the next page!!

Page 51:
Grey Bar: The landmark Sci-fi humanity whatever period drama comedy
Big Text: 'Gintama' finally reaches its dignified end!!
Starburst: ...or not!!
White Text: ...So, you see, it didn't end with this issue. It's definitely still going. So here are the future plans and an apology.
Editor: I want to express my honest thanks for you buying these three consecutive issues of Jump Giga. The editor of this series is borrowing Gin-san's appearance to apologize about the 'not ending' situation. I realized when on standby for the first manuscript 'Ah, this can't be finished in three issues, can it?' It was right when I saw the six-page Dragonball parody. I laughed at the gag, but 'As long as I didn't have to take responsibility for this, I wouldn't mind somebody blowing me away with a Galick Gun.'
Right around when the first issue was going on sale, with it being a done deal that 'This text on the covers is clearly meant to connect to spell out 'owari' (the end)' I felt a kind of an 'inescapable despair'. But fortunately, I got a chance to spend 15 hours in the 'Hyperbolic Time Chamber' that is Sorachi-sensei's work studio while waiting for 2nd manuscript, in which time I had a chat with Sensei. The result was, in order to make allowing him to draw a proper conclusion to the story of 'Gintama' the top priority, we landed on 'distributing it through the app'. I hope you'll all stick with us to the very, very, very end.
Right Box: The continuation of this story will be...
Big: in the Gintama app!!
Little Text: All further chapters will be distributed on this exhaustive app of 'Gintama'.
White Text: Planned to be completely free!!
Left: Be sure to download it!!
Gin: Um, I really am
sorry about all this.
Circles: What is the Gintama App...?
Big Bottom: A way to, mainly for free, enjoy manga, anime, and the novels any time!!
Left: ★Every chapter of the original 'Gintama' manga is available!!
★The 'Gintama' TV anime series is available as well!!
★The '3-Z Ginpachi Sensei' series and other novelizations are there, too!!
★Includes features to search for which chapters different characters appear in!!
Bubble: You get the free 'Silver Loan' manga and novels!!
The paid 'Gold Loan' version also lets you see the anime wherever you want!!
Right: Look for this icon!
Search for 'Gintama App'!!
Bottom Left: Recommended OS: iOS: 1.0 or higher. Android: 5.0 or higher
*Some devices may not be able to use the app.

Page 52:
Top Black Text: General Election
Results Announcemeeeent!!!!
Left White: Commemmorating the final chapter (From when the series was in Weekly Shounen Jump)!
Small Black Text: Due to a number of circumstances, we've got lots of pages we can use, so we're showing tons of character illustrations and revealing all the votes!!
Starburst: The largest amount ever!!
Total number of submissions
Gin: 1st
Sakata Gintoki
7,059 Votes
Big Left Text: The original dead-eyed protagonist
Small Text: For the very last one, of course it had to be him!
Hiji: 2nd
Hijikata Toushirou
6,061 votes
Big Right: The demon mayo vice chief
Small: His popularity is as strong as ever! A sublime 2nd place!
Taka: 3rd
Takasugi Shinsuke
5,124 Votes
Big Left: The Sekakowa-type extremist Joui patriot
Small: A man whose ultimate fate is still yet to be determined...!

Page 53:
Oki: 4th
Okita Sougo
3,149 Votes
The Prince from Planet Sadistic
He actually doesn't wear that eye mask too often.
Zura: 5th
Katsua Kotarou
3,005 Votes
It's not Zura
He's a former Prime Minister.
Zaki: 6th
Yamazaki Sagaru
2,383 Votes
The number one character of the background world
Could he possibly finally make it to the cover in the final volume?!
Kagu: 7th
2,356 Votes
The first gero-ine in Jump History
The woman that made Hashimoto Kanna throw up!
Tsuku: 9th
The Shinigami Tayuu
getting full marks in phys-ed
Far and away the top ranking female character (after the gero-ine)!!
Sasa: 10th
Sasaki Isaburou
The monster of three heavens (And phone addict)
He's made an incredible jump in the rankings, lol!
Obo: 11th
664 Votes
The strongest swordsman in the series, and member of the Yatagarasu
The 1st disciple of Shouka Sonjuku has ranked up one from last time!

Page 54:
Sa: 12th
Sarutobi Ayame
661 votes
The total masochist and stalker
Wiping away her past losses to pandemonium!!
Kon: 13th
Kondou Isao
573 Votes
The indecently exposed & gorilla stalker
He must be glad Otae-san is next.
Tae: 14th
Shimura Tae
539 Votes
The bodyguard and cabaret club girl
After this she annihilated the gorilla
Kamu: 15th
513 Votes
The Thunder Lance of Harusame (The man with three complexes)
For the last one he got a pretty tough rank down!!
Sora: 16th
Sorachi Hideaki
383 Votes
The Gorilla author
Please get to the end before you become steamed cheese bread!
Mitsu: 17th
Okita Mitsuba
The taste-destroying ephemeral Yamato Nadeshiko
She made an incredible impression for how few chapters she was in! And she got a cover!!
Bansai: 18th
Kawakami Bansai
355 Votes
He's got a pretty unique look
Number 2 of the Kiheitai, living up to his reputation!!
Itou: 19th
Itou Kamotarou
328 Votes
The sorrowful prodigy
The other protagonist of one of the best stories in Gintama!!

Page 55:
Nobu: 20th
Imai Nobume/Mukuro
324 Votes
One of the Naraku Three whose life was saved by a pon-de-ling
Spoilers for those that aren't caught up
Saka: 21st
Sakamoto Tatsuma
317 Votes
Loud man
A regular of the OPs and EDs
Sho: 22nd
Yoshida Shouyou
305 Votes
The Final Boss Sensei
What will happen to this great master...?!
Eli: 23rd
The king of mascots
Has lots of goods. Must be tough for the director!
Sada: 24th
209 Votes
The original mascot
As of this issue, he's finally back!!
Kyu: 25th
Yagyuu Kyuubei
147 Votes
Yuri or not yuri?!
The 2-years-later short haircut looks great!!
Mata: 26th
Kijima Matako
138 Votes
The red bullet with the exposed midriff
The lone woman of the Kiheitai!!
Sai: 27th
Saitou Shimaru
121 Votes
The young af-ro

Page 56:
Tokugawa Soyo
117 Votes
The natural sadist princess
The biggest rise in rank for the girls!!
Utus: 29th
111 Votes
The actual god of death
What is happening to the being known as Utsuro?!
Mutsu: 30th
103 Votes
The wicked-tongued razor adjutant
The 2nd gero-ine!!
Flower: Extra: The top rankings of past popularity polls
Top Middle Box: #1
1st: Sakata Gintoki
2nd: Okita Sougo
3rd: Hijikata Toushirou
4th: Takasugi Shinsuke
5th: Yamazaki Sagaru
Top Right Box: #2
1st: Sakata Gintoki
2nd: Okita Sougo
3rd: Hijikata Toushirou
4th: Takasugi Shinsuke
5th: Katsura Kotarou
Bottom Left Box: #3
1st: Sakata Gintoki
2nd: Hijikata Toushirou
3rd: Kamui
4th Okita Sougo
5th: Takasugi Shinsuke
Bottom Center Box: #4
1st: Sakata Gintoki
2nd: Hijikata Toushirou
3rd: Okita Sougo
4th Takasugi Shinsuke
5th: Katsura Kotarou
Bottom Right Box: #5
1st: Sakata Gintoki
2nd: Hijikata Toushirou
3rd: Okita Sougo
4th Takasugi Shinsuke
5th: Kagura
Big Banner text: There's no room for character portraits, but here is everyone 31st and beyond!!
Small Right: *Characters of the same rank are in no particular order.
Top Row: 31st (101 Votes) Abuto
32nd (95 Votes) Okada Nizou
33rd (81 Votes) Hasegawa Taizou
34th (50 Votes) Justaway
35th (44 Votes) Otose
36th (43 Votes) Takechi Henpeita
37th (42 Votes) Tokugawa Shigeshige
38th (39 Votes) Tama
39th (37 Votes) Hattori Zenzou
40th (31 Votes) Kouka, Nagasawa Masami
42nd (28 Votes) Ikeda Yaemon
43rd (24 Votes) Doromizu Jirouchou
44th (23 Votes) Nishiki Ikumatsu, Dozaemon
46th (21 Votes) Balmunk Fezarion
47th (20 Votes) Isaac Schneider
48th (18 Votes) Terakado Tsuu
49th (16 Votes) Itou Takahisa
50th (15 Votes) Hedoro
51st (14 Votes) Leukocyte King
52nd (13 Votes) Prince Hata, Kurokono Tasuke
56th (12 Votes) SHachi, Tokugawa Nobunobu, Shiroyasha
59th (11 Votes) Umibouzu, Matsuhira Katakuriko, Hiraga Gengai, Doromizu Pirako / Chin Pirako
63rd (10 Votes) Ketsuno Seimei, Bichigusomaru, Momochi Rappa, Takatin, Doumoto Tsuyoshi, Yoshizawa Ryou
69th (8 Votes) Sakata Kintoki, Fakersugi Shinsuke, Shoukaku, Obi Hajime, Seita, Toujou Ayumu, Nakamura Kyoujirou
76th (7 Votes) Tosshi, Harada Unosuke
78th (6 Votes) Catherine, Kurgoma Katsuo, Gedoumaru, Yamazaki Sagako, Akechi Mitsuhide, Sugita Tomokazu
Bottom Row: 84th (5 Votes) Kada, Housen, Terada Tatsugorou, Shijaku, Kotetsu Z-II, the first editor Oonishi Kouhei, Chiba Prefecture's Y-san, Ultimate Lifeform, AYAMO
93rd (4 Votes) Shinpachi's Glasses, Kanna, Hinowa, Sasaki Tetsunosuke, Kanshichirou, Musashi-like Person, Kozenigata Heiji, Mob Cop, Ebina-san, The Neo Armstrong Sakron Jet Armstrong Cannon, Masu Taichi Ana
104th (3 Votes) Sakata Ginko, Paako, Tsukuo, Agomi/Azumi, Ane, Yagyuu Binokusai, Lake Toya Hermit, Queen Bubbles, Enshou, Hijikata Tamegorou, Ketsuno Crystel, Mokichi, Last of Mohican Living of the Dead McGuffin, All-Purpose Oni-Shaped Decisive Weapon Hevandorogon, Hijikata-san's Mayonnaise, Former editor Saitou-san, Momoshiro Chiyoko, Suda Masaki, Hashimoto Kanna, Satou Jirou, Ishida Akira
125th (2 Votes) Kintarou, Murata Tetsuko, Komako, Paku Yasha, Hasegawa Hatsu, Toboso, Mone, Otohime, Okita Souko, Hanano Saki, Beri Kuzunosuke, Sakito, Oiwa-san, Kirara, Guardian Spirit Aslaman, Death Cancer, Jiraia, Honjou Kyoushirou, Guile User Iwai, Ochi-san, Saigou Tokumori, Shinohara Shinnoshin, Cyber Angel Blu-rayko, Ginjirou, Prince Hata's caretaker (Nes), Puppy, the sea alien that shows up in Lesson 32, The Santa from volume 12, Patriot, Gura-san, Sakata Ginpachi, Captain Dragon, Shinohara Kenta-sensei, Okada Masaki, Miura Haruma, Kubota Masataka, Katsuji Ryou, Yuusuke Fujisaki/Bossun


Page 57:
Top Row: 163rd (1 Vote) Makoto-chan, Akurogi Musai, Batou, Mountain Killer, Planet Chatoranian, Hijikata Xko, Kondou Goriko, Kitaooji Daigorou's Temple School Homeroom Teacher, Kitaooji Satsuki (Daigorou's Mother), Matsuko, Elder, Takaya Hachibei, Pachiko, Anpan, Taysumi, Former Pro Boxer Iwamatsu, Kuzunoha, Jinpachi, Tenchi-sensei, Oda Nobunaga, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Shuuki, Unkei Kaikei, Oryou-chan, Zenzou's Father, Minami Nao Robot, Col*nel S*nders, Upheaval Arc Cat, Steamed Cheese Bread, Prince Enshou's Wife, the Earth Defence Base Girl, No.307, Oguri Shunnosuke, Kamenashi, Shirino Douman, Enmi, Nine Dragon Prince Dragonia, Fumiko, Haji, Gin-san's Bokutou, Gin-san's Goggles, Meru-chan, Mayorin, Matsuhira Kuriko, Masked Gokibuleader Black RX, Kagura Kani Zousui Laputa, Megine-san, Barara Crocodile, Member No. 49, the Shinsengumi's Bandana Captain, Tanaka Kahei, Izumi, Michuko, Sazaharu, Shishimaru, Old Man with Escargot on his Head, Kintarou's Uncle, Murata Jintetsu, the mole parent and child that seem to live at the driver's license training place (Especially the daughter), Ginta-san, Kishimojin Haruna, Chamousuke, Super Earthling Girl, Narei-san, Chinpou-san, Guardian Spirit Do-S Sadist, Ben, Planet Zunboran, Kagemaru, Muramasha, Bakaizer, Ungyou, Hanako, Kanemaru-kun, Kobayashi,
Bottom Row: Machine wearing glasses, Fake Battousai, Donald Trump, Kaumi's ahoge, Houichi Hamuko (Nobleman), Tamo-san, Box Driver, Teacher, Kai, the Anpan that set off Yamazaki, Guardian Spirit Corolla, Kiku-ichimonji RX-7, Instructor, Ujikintoki-don, Old Lady from the Fixed Meal Shop, Usui Kazuyoshi, Onizuka Hime, Agata Soujirou, Karasuma Tadaomi, Korosensei, Shiota Nagisa, Akabane Karma, Saiki Kusuo, Kaidou Shun, Teruhashi Kokomi, Aiura Mikoto, Furuhashi-san, Maetel, Fuka Jirou (Gun Gale), generations of Jump editors, Former Editor Manabe Ren, Editor Isaka-san, Akimoto Osamu-sensei, Katagishi Sukejin, Everyone at the Gintama Anime staff, Nakamura Yuuichi, B'z, Kusano Masamune, DOES, BLUE ENCOUNT, Fukuda Yuichi, Oguri Shun, Miyata Toshiya, Ikewaki Chizuru, Saitou Asuka (Nogizaka46), Zakiyama-san, No. 502
White Text: To everyone who passionately voted in as well as everyone who sent in joke votes,
thank you for sticking around to the very end!!
Big Bottom Text: Thank you so much for the most votes ever!!
698 chosen from those that submitted votes will be chosen at random to receive a free gift clear file of the Weekly Jump Final Chapter center color and this issue's opening color!!
Bottom Small: *The winners will be notified.

Page 58:
Big Text: Commemorating the completion of Gintama!!
Bubble: Near
Middle Text: Congratulations from folks related to the series [Congratulations crossed out]
Over Congratulations: (Rebukes)
Comment collection!!
Small Right Text: With Gintama's departure approaching, we've received autograph cards from lots of different people involved with Gintama! Sorachi-san, please make sure you read these!
Rectangle: Voice Actor who plays Sakata Gintoki in the 'Gintama' TV Anime
Sugita Tomokazu-sama
Middle Text: Invisible ink
Bottom: Gintoki

Page 59:
Top Right Rectangle: Voice Actor who plays Shimura Shinpachi in the 'Gintama' TV Anime
Sakaguchi Daisuke-sama
Card Top: Get to it!
Bottom: Shinpachi.
Bottom Rectangle: Voice Actress who plays Kagura in the 'Gintama' TV Anime
Kugimiya Rie-sama
Card Top: Soracchimiii
You can do iiit!!
Bottom: Kagura

Page 60:
Top Left: Director of the 'Gintama' anime
Fujita Youichi-sama
Card: Sorachi-san, where are you gonna be serialized after GIGA? Is it GORAKU?
Middle Box: Director of the 'Gintama' anime
Miyawaki Chizuru-sama
Box: I think my family is going to go before my grandpa
Bottom Left Rectangle: Bandai Namco Producer for the Gintama 'Anime'
Higuchi Hiromitsu-sama
Card: Sorachi-sensei,
I hope you'll take a long listen to what I have to say,
want to get some food together?

Page 61:
Top Rectangle: Helped in plate-making and printing of the 'Gintama' manga
Everyone at Kyodo Printing Co., Ltd.
[I'm just skipping this]
Left Middle Box: The editor for the 'Gintama' manga volumes
Shoukigaku Co., Ltd.
Fujiwara Kazushige-sama
Right Card: To Sorachi-sensei
You really did it now, Gorilla
Happy to be working with you on Volume 77, too
Bottom Right Box: Weekly Shounen Jump Editor-in-Chief
Nakano Hiroyuki
Card: Hey... Sensei! Senseeei!!
I'm going to have to apologize to a whole bunch of people again...
BUT! We'll work this out somehow, ["But" in a starburst]
so let's make this the final ending!!
Jump Editor in Chief
Bubble: MADAO-waranai?! (It's still not over?!)

Page 62:
Top Left Box: The 2nd editor of 'Gintama'
Saitou Yuu
Oonishi Kouhei
Card Small Text: I knew from the beginning it'd end up like this
Card Big Text: Sorachi-sensei, well done on all your hard work!! Let's have a meeting on March 3rd!! At Winzer Hotel Toya!!
Card Bottom: 2nd Editor
Middle Box: First Editor of 'Gintama'
[His card is the top right one. It's too small so I'm just skipping this]
Left Rectangle: The 4th and 6th editor of the 'Gintama' manga
Honda Hiroyuki
[I'm skipping this card]
Bottom Right Rectangle: The 3rd editor of the 'Gintama' manga
Nakasaki Atsuhi
[I'm skipping this card]

Page 63:
Top Left Rectangle: The 7th editor of the 'Gintama' manga
Naitou Takuma
Card: You're totally planning on making a brilliant comeback with Gintama 2 in the main magazine later, aren't you? You really know how to pretend like the best of them, Sorachi-san!
7th Editor
Right Middle Rectangle: The 5th editor of the 'Gintama' manga
Matsuo Osamu
Middle Left: The 9th editor of the 'Gintama' manga
Isaka Takeru
Bottom Left Box: I couldn't write a comment in time because I was picking up the manuscript.
Bottom Right: The 8th editor of the 'Gintama' manga
Manabe Ren
Bottom: Everyone, thank you so much for your comments!!!!

Page 64:
Gin: bi
Middle Text: We're so sorry we couldn't end it. ["couldn't end it" big.]
Bottom: *We couldn't get this done in time for the printing schedule, but this is the correct cover design for this issue. Our humblest apologies.
T/N: This cover makes the three bubbles Gin says read "o-wa-bi" meaning "apology", rather than "o-wa-ri" meaning "end".

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