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Gintama 702


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 13, 2019 00:49 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 702

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Ok, one last string of chapters it looks like.

[Gintama 702 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Author: Sorachi Hideaki
Title: Lesson 702 Fate
Saka: Darnit.
We've taken care of the majority of the enemy, but... we can't stop the Terminal from spinning out of control.
Saka: They've already drawn up too much Altana for their plan to revive Utsuro.
Now the faucet's out 'a control!
We're still holdin' on for now,
but it's only a matter 'a time before it blows along with the pipes!
All the effort and hope that the people 'a Edo put inta restorin' everything
is gonna... disappear in an instant.

Page 2:
Mutsu: ----How many times is this planet going to need to be saved before it's actually safe?
It almost feels like the end is fate or something.
Saka: Yeah, maybe
the destruction this planet faced two years ago at the hands of Utsuro was fate.
But we humans
chose to reject that fate.
Fighting fate
with fate.

Page 3:
Saka: Why is it ya think it is
that while humans and planets are all fated to fall to ruin one day,
even knowing that,
humans will reject the end, reject even immortality,
and fight.
I wonder if at the end of this fight...
we find the answer ta that question.
The answer to why we've been fightin' all this time...

Page 4:
Taka: Sensei,
I can tell just looking at your face,
sure as hell aren't Utsuro.
our sensei, Yoshida Shouyou, aren't you?

Page 5:
Taka: The ambitions of the Seibouists are in tatters.
There's no one left to torment you.
We came to protect you from whoever was a threat to you.
So, Sensei,
let's go home.
back to Shouka Sonjuku.
We've got tons of things we want to talk to you about.
So much as happened since you've been gone.

Page 6:
Taka: Since then,
we took different paths again and again,
and clashed with each other again and again,
we came back here.

Page 7:
Taka: To where everything began,
it looks like I ended up getting here before them.
Their... His sword
isn't something that is swung for the past anymore.

Page 8:
Taka: Now,
he swings it
for those that are by his side,
and for the future.
And my role
is being his companion.

Page 9:
Taka: So,
come back with...
Handwritten: GEHO GOHO
Taka: Just a little more...
I just had a little more to go...
this is pathetic.
My sword that's clinged to the past
is now completely rusted.

Page 10:
Shou: ...I
I am...
no longer a being that can be called your Sensei.
maybe even long before that...
I... remember.
Why was a being like me born?
was Utsuro born?

Page 11:
Shou: why Shouka Sonjuku
was born.
With the memories of Utsuro
of trying to end himself along with the entire world inside me,
there also exists the memories of Yoshida Shouyou who tried to prevent that.
And then there's the innumerable wars
and massive amount of bloodshed that happened which I was connected with.
I could never forget the sight of all of you
trying to stop that.
can no longer to back to being Yoshida Shouyou.

Page 12:
Shou: I will bring both Yoshida Shouyou and Utsuro with me as I return to nothing.
That is the one place we can return home to.
And now,
that wish can be granted.
Guy: Utsuro's heart has disappeared.
Previously, Utsuro possessed even the power to regenerate that heart,
but now that is not the case.

Page 13:
Guy: As Utsuro is now, using the crystal as a temporary heart and vessel for his spirit, he was just able to regenerate his body.
Without that crystal, he will not even be able to maintain his body.
Even with enough Altana gathered up to awaken him,
it is only temporary.
Utsuro is no longer immortal.
He is an ordinary human.
...That man
can finally... end.
Zura: .........
Guy: Only after getting this body that will not die even if its rotted way
did I finally understand.
The pain of not being able to end.
A taste of the loneliness that man
who tried to end himself and the whole world felt.

Page 14:
Guy: Even ordered to do so by this blood,
I could not bring that man back here again.
I cannot put an end to the world either,
but I am able
to free that man from the cycle of that curse.
I'm not sure
if you all could do that.
To put an end to the master
that you had finally reunited with.

Page 15:
Guy: And now my duty has been... fulfilled.
Not just mine... but also all the others who received Utsuro's blood.
Their blood... should be rotting away right now as well.
Along... with Utsuro...
Though I do not know... what they will choose to do... with that remaining life,
I pray that for their final hours at least,
that they can meet their end...
with humanity.

Page 16:
Utsuro: I cannot
go with you.
I have a duty to eradicate all remaining elements of Utsuro in here,
and quell all of the wars that started because of me.
If I collide the massive amount of Altana within me with that rampaging dragon,
they may cancel each other out, leaving everything at peace.
Using this life of mine to protect Edo,
that is how I want to use the last of this life that gave birth to so much strife.
So I
cannot save you.
To save you, someone in whom Utsuro's blood dwells is...
...I'm sorry.
That blood...
is seeds that I scattered in this world.

Page 17:
Utsu: I thought... I could save someone as well.
Utterly unaware of how dangerous it was.
It was sheer arrogance.
Even now, in my attempt to save the countless people of Edo,
Utsu: I could not save a single one of you...
the disciples I truly wanted to save.
I'm sorry.

Page 18:
Taka: There is no need to apologize.

Page 19:
Taka: Shouyou,
I've long known that you could not protect anything.
Shou: Y-You...
Taka: I've been waiting
for this moment.
Like what you did back then.
Shouyou, I've been waiting for this instant where you left an opening in your heart.

Page 20:
Taka: in your
precious disciples.
Taka: Shouyou,

Page 21:
Taka: you will meet your end here, unable to protect anything.
Not your disciples,
not Edo,
not yourself,
not a single thing.
Along with this world.

Page 22:

Page 23:
[No text]
Page 24:
[No text]

Page 25:
[No text]

Page 26:
[No text]

Page 27:
[No text]

Page 28-29:
Insert: ☆The next chapter is planned to be released May 27th (Monday)!!

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