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Gintama 703

The Right Eye

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 26, 2019 21:29 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 703

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Well, it looks like there's just one to go after this.

[Gintama 703 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Utsuro: Two years ago,
Title: Lesson 703 The Right Eye
Utsu: when all of you denied me, I said to you...
as long as you continue to live,
tragedy will only recur.
This is the result of the path you chose.
Here, you have no friends nor masters.

Page 2:
Utsu: All that is here
is the void: Utsuro.
T/N: The word Utsuro means void/hollow.
I must thank you.
You did well to make it all the way here
working with that one who had taken in some of my blood.
Not knowing
that I was within it.
Not just in him. In all of those that received my blood,
I sprouted in them and my ivy coiled around them
as I waited for the moment where we could become one and I could take myself back.
through gaining Yoshida Shouyou's blood, it finally happened.
The world now once again
faces the blooming of the flower of despair.

Page 3:
Utsu: It will not be long now before the world is swallowed by the dragon and ends.
And the one person that can stop it, Shouyou, is no longer here.
But as you are now,
can you accept that fate?
You, the man that once cut down his master to save his friends,
the man whose master was once cut down by a friend,
even after having experienced each other's pain,
your struggle has been futile and your tragedies have only repeated.
In the end, you could not change a thing. You could not accomplish anything at all.
...I can hear his, Takasugi's, voice quite well.
He said we have to
quickly put an end to everything.

Page 4:
Utsu: You feel the same way, do you not?
Gin: ...........
I feel the exact same way.
Gin: Let's end it with this...
Utsuro, even without these nice little lectures of yours,
we've known about our own powerlessness for a long time now.
So we made a vow.

Page 5:
Gin: Even if it meant combining the strengths of these powerless swords that clashed together so many times,
we would take back what we lost on that day.
And we're not
going back on our word.

Page 6:
Utsu: You still unsheathe that sword?
Even with no reason left to fight with the world ending as it is?
That vow has long since been broken
by the hand of none other than your friend.
Or do you perhaps want to at least avenge your master at the very end?
So after your master, you'll cut down your friend next?
Gin: ...Utsuro, unfortunately that's not the kinda friends we are.
But there's one thing he knows better than anyone.
No matter what kind of tragedy that guy goes though,
he would never say something as admirable as 'I just want it all to end'.
In times like that, he says things like this...

Page 7:
Taka: I simply
I'll destroy the rotten world
where you're still swaggering around carefree.

Page 8:
Utsu: What is this...?

Page 9:
Utsu: Why am...
I here...?
What is this...?

Page 10:
[No Text]

Page 11:
Oboro: Utsuro,
You're not
the only one in this blood.

Page 12:
Utsu: Sh-Shouyou...
Where did... his corpse go?
Gin: Utsuro... What did you see exactly?
There hasn't been anything like that here the whole time.
The only thing laying there

Page 13:
Gin: was you, Utsuro.

Page 14:

Page 15:
Utsu: ---Back then,
he pushed me back
and stabbed himself with that blade...?!!

Page 16:
Utsu: So the corpse I saw
was myself...?
Taka: Sensei... I'm sorry.
Please, go.
It looks like this flunkee has some homework left undone.
It looks like the one I'm going to have to accompany is this you, Sensei. ["this" in italics]

Page 17:
Taka: But don't worry.
We are the only disciples of Yoshida Shouyou.
There are already those here... that have inherited our will.
I leave you, I leave the future,
to them.

Page 18:
Utsu: Kuh...
Even if it was only temporary, to drive me away and to allow Shouyou to escape...
But with those wounds, an imperfect Shouyou will not hold out long.
No, even before that happens, I will put an end to him along with these disciples.
Gin: You're not going anywhere.
No matter how much of the incomplete Shouyou's blood you bathe in, regrowing one arm is the best you can do.
You're no longer an immortal monster.
Getting into his body was where your luck ended.
Both he and I aren't letting you get away again.

Page 19:
Gin: So I'll end it just like you want, Utsuro.
Both you and this absurd tragedy.
Utsu: .........
Me, cut down by you?
Didn't you want to save him?
Didn't you want to protect him?
I know very well that you came this far with him.

Page 20:
Utsu: If you cut down your master for your friend
and you cut down your friend for your master,
what exactly do you have left?
All that's left is an empty void, an empty Utsuro.
Do you have the resolve
to keep that Utsuro alive?!!

Page 21:

Page 22:
Gin: Utsuro,
I sure as hell ain't empty.

Page 23:
Gin: The ones I wanted to protect
are right here, in my soul.

Page 24:

Page 25:
[No text]

Page 26:
[No text]

Page 27:
[No text]

Page 28:
[No text]

Page 29-30:

Page 31:
Utsu: .............
I... see...
Humans are... utsuro, hollow.
But... because they know that,
they can bring other people in... to live on... inside them.
So even in death...
they are not destroyed...

Page 32:
Utsu: they can remain there... in the... soul...

Page 33:
Shouyou: ...Why do you help me...?
Utsuro came from me...
I was the source of all this calamity... but you still...
Shin: If there's somebody in trouble, then we lend a hand and then charge them an arm and a leg for it.
That's what Sakata Gintoki hammered into us.
That's how your disciple has been living.
That is our Yorozuya.
And you didn't only create Utsuro.
You also created him, Sakata Gintoki. I really... wanted to talk with the person that did that if I got the chance.

Page 34:
Utsu: Honestly, I'm the one who was on the receiving end.
If I hadn't met them, I would have stayed empty as Utsuro.
They gave me my humanity, Yoshida Shouyou.
But my existence was nothing but a shackles to them.
If they hadn't met me, they would not have met with such a harsh fate.
In the end, I could not save or protect them.
I was only ever saved by them. ["by" in italics]
I don't deserve to be called their master...
Shin: Still,
even if that's true,
it's because of you that we were able to meet Sakata Gintoki.

Page 35:
Shin: Your meeting Gin-san
led to a ton of other meetings.
So even if this had ended up being the end of the world,
I'd want to offer my thanks.
I've wanted to say it to you
for so long.
Thank you.
I'm sure
Gin-san and the others
feel the same.

Page 36:
Taka: 246 wins and 247 losses.
Looks like I... lost my touch.
I left the last fight to someone else and they walked off with the win...
Gin: Takasugi!!
Taka: Someone like Utsuro really is too much for you.
Looks like the only one that can beat you is me.
Gin: ...........
What took him down in the end
was your sword, Takasugi.

Page 37:
Gin: The one that protected Shouyou
and protected me, that was all you.
This time...
you got the win on me.
Taka: ...Heh. There's nothing more miserable than getting a win out of pity.
But at least I'll be going to the other side without having anything to pay you back for.
I can't let you
cut down Sensei anymore.
Compared to Sensei,
I was far easier to cut down, wasn't I?
Gin: ..........
Taka: Probably because this face you hate that you're so used to bashing in wasn't there.

Page 38:
Taka: It's been like that ever since we were kids. We go at it every time we see each other.
I thought once I got a bit taller and became an adult, it would get better,
but in the end... I stayed being a brat the whole way through.
And I never got as tall as you.
Gin: No, you got taller.
might've just been born under that kind of star.
But that's... not too bad, is it?
But Takasugi... I...
really would've liked to exchange drinks with you...
even if it was half the number of times we crossed swords.
Taka: .........
Heh. That ain't like you.
If you had that much free time,
I'd like to have gotten as many more wins on you as I could.
But... Let's leave it off here.
You'd better get going.
You're not empty.
You've got things you need to protect with that sword, don't you?

Page 39:
Gin: Takasugi!!
Taka: ...Gintoki,
this... destroyed left eye of mine...
it closed that day...
with the last thing it saw burned into it.
It was... your damp face.
I've lived staring at it with this left eye... an excruciating amount.
So when... by the time my right eye closes,
you'd better not be showing me... your disheartened face.

Page 40:
Taka: The man that
stood in my way that day...
The man that... I always wanted to defeat...
the man I chased... for so long...
That face isn't him.

Page 41:
Gin: Go wait for me in hell, Takasugi.
I'm not letting you walk off the victor... I swear I'll win next time.
Taka: Fine... by...

Page 42:
[No text]

Page 43:
[No text]

Page 44:
Insert: ☆Next time, the final lesson. Set to be distributed June 17th (Mon)!!

Page 45:
Bold Text: Apology
Main Text: In Weekly Shounen Jump issues 27 and 27, we had published that the date of the distribution of the final chapter would be June 10th (Mon.),
but due to various reasons, the date of distribution has been changed to June 17th (Mon.).
For this, we apologize.
We hope you all look forward to the final lesson.
Bottom Right: Weekly Shounen Jump Editorial Department

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