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Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi! 21

Takeshi's Laugh-Your-Ass-Off Special '97

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 30, 2019 03:57 | Go to Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi!

-> RTS Page for Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi! 21

Only for use by HWMN

[Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi 21 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Title: Leader 21
Takeshi's Laugh-Your-Ass-Off Special '97
Shima: We've got some short comedic strips for you today.
Handwritten: Mhm...
Takeshi: Huh?! Where'd that come from?!
Gon: What're you talkin' about, Shimabuuuu?!
Hey, Shimabuuu, I'm gonna be in some 'a these, right?!!
Hey, Shimabuu, are you listenin'?!!
Shima: Pipe down!!
Just read it and you'll find out!!
Handwritten: Okay, let's see...
Spine: Jump
Shima: Okay, let's get to it!!

Page 2:
Box: Class Election
Teacher: Okaaay, all that's left is picking the class president.
Board: Class President
Class Vice President - Takeshi
Secretary - Takeshi
Treasurer - Takeshi
Teacher: Would anyone like to announce their candidacy?
Girl: Senseiiiii! How much would it cost to be Class President?
Kaori: You can't buy it, Miku-chan!!
Take: Senseeeei! Me! I'll do iiiit!
Kids: Again, Takeshi-kun?!
Kids: You've already got the triple-crown, Takeshi-kun!
Take: I ain't done yet!!
I'm goin' for the quadruple-crown!!
Gon: You moroooons! I ain't givin' up the seat of president ta anybody!
This here being of bossiness is gonna be the pres!!
Kid: Are you nominating yourself, Gon-chan?
Gon: 'A course I am, moron! Who else could handle that post?! ["moron" big/bold]

Page 3:
Kid: Sensei! I think it would be too much for Takeshi to do four jobs all himself,
so I'm endorsing Tendou-kun.
Gon: What?! No, I toldja I'm gonna do it!!
Girls: Oh, yeah, me, too!
I'm supporting Tendou-kun!
Handwritten: ME!
Gon: Heeeeey!!
Kaori: All right... Then between Takeshi-kun and Tendou-kun,
everyone will cast one vote each and that will decide the winner.
Gon: .........
Kaori: Oh, you, too, Gonzou-kun?
Okay, then between the three of you then.
People: Takeshi-kun.
Kaori: Okay! So here's our results.
Our new class president will be Tendou-kun!
Board: Takeshi
Handwritten: WAAAAH
Kaori: Well, looks like you're the class president again, Tendou-kun. Good luck!
Ten: Thank you.
Take: Go get 'em, Tendon!
Kid: Looks like the only vote you got was from yourself, huh, Gon-chan?
Gon: Eiji, I can't believe you betrayed me...
Handwritte: Oh?
Ei: Well if I voted for you, it'd just make it 2 votes. It wouldn't've made any difference!
Gon: Sheddeup, you moron! You dang moroooon!! Moron!! Moron! You're a moron!! Idiot! Poop! Snot!! You're a dang cavity dangit!!

Page 4:
Box: Kaori-sensei
Teacher: Um, Kaori~~, you really should be thinking about getting married soon.
Box: Her Mother - Tomiko
Kaori: Thank you, motherrr!! Gooot it. Oh, speaking of which...
SFX: Rrrrr
Kaori: What was that person you set me up with?!! Huh?!! ["huh" big with a weird font]
What was this supposed to be?!
Blouse: Mom
Tomiko: He was a good ma~~n! A societal elite! He was making 50 million a year, dear...
He has 5 Mercedes-Benz and can speak 8 languages.
Kaori: Say, Mom, to be honest, I don't really care how much money a guy makes
or what car he drives, what university he went to, any of that.
Mom: Oh, are you still hanging onto that Johnny's dream of yours?!
Please, be realistic!!
Kaori: It's my life, Mom!!
Let me live it!!
Mom: Your mother is just worried about you, dear!!
Kaori: You don't need to be!!
Mom: Do you want your mother to never see her grandchild?!
Kaori: I didn't say that!! It's not like I don't want...
Mom: Oh! Sma-Sma is starting soon! ["Oh!" big]
Kaori: Ah, you're right! ["Ah" big]
Mom: Who's today's guest again?
Kaori: Hold on, I'll check the newspaper.
Handwritten: WA ha ha ha
Box: They really are mother and daughter...
T/N: Sma-Sma (short for SMAP×SMAP) is a Japanese variety show hosted by the boy band, SMAP.

Page 5:
Box: Hide-And-Seek
Eiji: Ready, everyoooone?!
Someone: Albost erryyy!
Eiji: What's albost erry?
Gon: Don't look! I'm not ready yeeeet!!
Oh, whatever moron!! Everybody's been finished hiding ferever now!!
Hurry up and find 'em, MORON!! ["moron" big/bold]
Eiji: You don't need to be so loud about it, geez.
Handwritten: Ya moron!
Eiji: Ha, found you, Genki!
Genki: Awwww.
Eiji: Fond you, Mitsuru!
Mir: Geh!
Eiji: Okay, now all's left is Takeshi...
Where he's he hidiiiing...
Take: ......
Eiji: Hm~~~ Where is he hiding out...?

Page 6:
Box: Gonzou's Wish
Gon: Takeshi,
just what the hell do you want?!!
Take: Hweh?
What do I... what?
Gon: What is it?! Money? How much?!
How much'll do it?! 100 yen?
Take: What're you talking about, Gonzou?
Gon: Oh, is that it...? ["that" in itaclis]
Is that waht you want...? ["that" in italics]
Take: What do you mean "that"?
Gon: Seriously...
what's up with you?
Take: Uh, what's up with you?
Handwritten: With this whole thing...
Gon: By the way, what are you?
What month are you?
Take: What month am I what?
Gon: Hey I'm asking the questions here...
What rank are you? ["what rank" big.]
Take: Uh, what rank...?
Uh, 1st, I guess...?

Page 7:
Gon: So that's what are, huh...? ["that's" in italics].
You want me to say I'm sorry, is that it...?
Take: Huh?
Gon: You want me to admit I was making assumptions, is that it?!!
That's it, isn't it?!!
Take: All want is for you to explain what you're talkin' about, Gonzou!!
Gon: HA~~~~~~
You really are so...
I'm just gonna say it, dangit!
Take: Say what...?
Gon: Okay!
I'm just gonna come out with it!! Here it goes!!
This is it!
Take: What? Just say it already.
Gon: Gimme Kojirou!!!
That's what I'm sayin'!!
Take: !
Whaaaat? Is that it? ["Whaaat" big]
Why didn't you say so sooner, Gonzou...?

Page 8:
Box: Lonely Kojirou ["Kojirou" big]
Take: I'm heading ooooout!
Someone: Bye!
Ko: Yan!
Take: Hm?
Sorry, Kojirou~~~~
You can't come with me~~~
Ko: Ya~~~~n
Take: If I bring a dog to school, everybody'll play pranks on you!
They'll draw eyebrows on your and laugh! You don't want that, right?
I know you're lonely, but I'll be back soon!
Try to hang on till I get back.
I'll sprint my whole way home!
Ko: Yan...
Take: I'm hoooome!
Kojirou, what happened?!
Did you come to school?!!
Handwritten: YA
On ear: Idiot

Page 9:
Box: Super Takeshi
Narr: When Takeshi's anger exceeds 70,000 volts,
he transforms into "Super Takeshi".
Of course, this is a straight rip-off of Super Saiyan...
but Takeshi barely ever gets angry...
SFX: *grin* *grin*
Narr: Even if he suddenly gets punched by Luffy...
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no Pistol!
SFX: BAKIH *grin* *grin*
Narr: Even if a fly
comes buzzing around him while he's trying to sleep...
SFX: MIII MIII *grin* *grin*
Narr: Even if there's no toilet paper in the bathroom...
Take: Huh?
Narr: Even if he stubs his tow on a telephone pole...
Take: Owww!
Narr: That's not enough to bring out "Super Takeshi"...
When he feels a sneeze coming on...
but then doesn't sneeze...
SFX: HAa.. HA...
Narr: For some reason, his anger...
gets pointed at Frieza.
Someone: Was the sneeze Krillin?!!!

Page 10:
Box: Bonchuu (1)
Bon: Twenty thousand and five, twenty thousand and six...
twenty thousand and seven...
Handwritten: HAa HAa HAa HAa
Guys: Bonchuu-saan! The ramen's readyyyy!!
Bon: Oh, thanks, man!
Handwritten: Oh, miso, huh?
Guy: You sure seem fired up, Bonchuu-san.
Bon: 'Course I am. Because next time I got up against that bastard...
Handwritten: That bastard
Bon: I'm gonna show him just what the difference in our levels is!!
Guy: He's...
So cool!
Handwritten: Fwoooo fwoooo fwoooo fwoooo fwooo fwooo fwooo fwooo fwooo
He sure is blowing on that ramen a lot...
Guys: Uh... That's a little less cool...
Box: Bonchuu's mouth burns super easily.

Page 11:
Box: Bonchuu (2)
Guys: Sure is cold near the ocean in winter, ain't it, Bonchuu-san?
Bon: ......
Guys: Bonchuu-san...
He must be remembering his little sister...
Bon: Andore,
You think it's true that Buffin is half made from kindness?
Guys: That's what you were thinking about?!!
T/N: Buffarin is a brand of buffered aspirin that had the commercial tagline "Bufferin is half made from kindness".

Page 12:
Box: Kaori-sensei finally has a formal marriage interview ["Kaori-sensei" big]
Picture: Hiroshi-san
Mom: What do you think?
Apron: Mom
Kaori: You did it, Mom!
Mom: I thought so!
Hiroshi: Heh. So, you're pretty good at playing the piano, are you?
Kaori: Um... Well, I'm ok.
Hiro: Do you play any sports?
Kaori: Well... When I was in school, I played a little tennis...
Hiro: Oh, I see.
Kaori: I'm... just straight out lying right now.
Handwritten: Ohoho
Kaori: But those eyes of his... He believes everything I said.
Oh, I'm just the worst...
Kaori: Um... Hiroshi-san... I'm sorry. I...
I lied to you...
Hiro: Huh?
Kaori: The truth is, I never played any sports in school. I was a total geek...
And with the piano, the farthest I got was playing the Flea Waltz really fast...

Page 13:
Hiroi: Oh, is that all?
That's nothing!
Handwritten: Hahha
Hiroshi: To be honest, this
is a wig!
Handwritten: Hahha
Kaori: Huh?!
Hiroshi: Hah hah hah hah hah ha!
Kaori: A...
Handwritten: Aaa hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah h
Oho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
Mom: Hm? What's wrong, Kaori...?
Was there something you didn't like about him?
Kaori: He reminded me of him... ["him" with the picture of the principal next to it]
Handwritten: No complaints about his face, though...
Kaori: Oh, right.
Did you remember to take 'Let's Go To School', mom?
Mom: Oh, I'm sorry, dear.
Handwritten: Oooh, how could you forget, Mom!
I'm sorry, I just don't know how to work that VCR!
Box: Maybe this is for the best with that mother and daughter...

Page 14:
Box: Meeting
Guys: Hey, Shimabuuu!
Shima: Uh, what's up, Gonzou?
Gon: I'm the protagonist 'a this manga, ain't I?
Shima: No, you're 100% a supporting character.
Genki: Shimabuuu, I haven't had any screen time since the Leader Dojo arc...
Guys: Neither've we, dammit!
Shima: Uh, well, Andore, Kandore, and Bonchuu are gonna show up more before too long,
so just sit tight and do some training or somethin'.
Guys: How long is 'before too long'?!!
Bon: You bastard. Don't go gettin' cocky just cause you're the author!
Handwritten: Oh?
Shima: Ah?
Wanna go, asshole?
Bon: You got it, bastaaard!!
You're dead meat!
Someone: Aah!
Shimabuu and Bonchuu are fightiiing!!
Take: Would you two cut it oooout?!!
Guys: !!

Page 15:
Bon: You stay outta this!
Take: What was that?
Want me to go "Super Takeshi", you jerk?!
Tendou: Hold up, you two.
Take: Tendon.
Bon: Who're you?
Ten: I'm fully sympathetic with Bonchuu after having so little screen time,
but let's be adults about this.
Bon: Adults...? I'm 7 years old, man.
Ten: Huh?! No way, we're the same age?!!
Bon: We are, right, Shimabuu?
Shima: Uh... Yeah...
Bon: Whadda you mean, "probably"?!
Girls: Hey, Shimabuuu! Never mind all that stuff, give us girls more screen time!
Yeah, yeah!
We're sick of the whole battle manga thing!!
Shima: I like battles, dangit!
Check out 'One Piece', how good is that series?!!
T/N: Takeshi and One Piece started one week apart from each other and Shimabuu and Oda Eiichirou are good friends.
Girls: Yeah, but One Piece has good artwork.
Yeah, that's right. No way you can pull off stuff like that, Shimabuu.
Shima: Sheddeeeep!! You girls are never showing up in my series again!!
Guy: Shimabvuu
Shima: Hm?
Handwritten: Booo!
Go to hell, Shimabuu!

Page 16:
Guys: Could we have some more screen time soon?
Handwritten: Gon-chan
Shima: ..........
Uh... well... Ya see... You guys were sorta meant to be one-off joke characters... So I don't really have much use for you anymore... maybe.
Handwritten: UWAAAN
Eiji: Aaah! How could you say that, Shimabuu! You brute! ["aaah" in a weird font]
Shima: ......!!
Shima: W... Was I too mean? Whadda you say, Takeshi?
Take: Uh, well, how do I say this... it was kind of...
Handwritten: Hahaha...
Take: incredibly mean.
Shima: Whadda you expect, dammit?!! I've got problems too, ya know?!
Eiji: Ah, Shimabuu's broken.
Handwritten: KHHHH
Shima: AH!
Handwritten: Aaaah!
Shimabuu stepped in poooo!

Page 17:
Shima: Ya know, I think poop's getting too much screen time in this manga!!
Eiji: You're the one drawing it.
Girls: Shimabuu sure like writing himself into his own manga a lot, doesn't he?
can you believe that? Ugh.
Shima: Okay, that's it... I'm done.
'Takeshi' is over.
Shima: Honestly I wanted to do a sports manga anyhow.
Somethin' like Slam Dunk.
Handwritten: Huhu...
Gon: Nah, man. You couldn't handle it.
Handwritten: One Piece and Slam Dunk are way out of your league.
Shima: Out of my league, huh? Ok, I see.
Handwritten: I must've been dreaming...
Take: So then, let's make 'Takeshi'
go for 10 years!
We hope you'll stick with us!
Shima: 10 years?!
T/N: It didn't go for 10 years.

Page 18:
Top: Personal History
Top Boxes: Name
Middle Boxes:
August 3rd
Star Sign
Blood Type
Big Middle Box: The principal of Poppo Elementary! All his sexual harassment of Kaori-sensei at school has apparently caused some major pushback from the PTA. His spiritual age is probably not much different from that of Takeshi and the others.
Left Diagram: Sports
Screen Time
Studying Ability
Middle Right Box: (Hobbies) Appreciating the videos he rents (pornographic). observation. (Special Abilities) Managing to just barely keep his job after blatant sexual harassment. Cleanly opening the covered binding of porno magazines and erotic novels. (Latest Frustration) Gets barked at by dogs a lot.
Bottom Left Box: (Comment from the Principal himself) 'Now that you mention it, last time I mailed something to Kaori-sensei, it turned out she'd changed addresses... I've gotta ask her again! I can't just give up!!'
Bottom Right Box: (Friends' comments) Eiji 'The principal is kinda pervy, but he's funny, so I'm ok with him! Though I wish he'd abolish Tomato Day.'
Tendou 'He kind of sets the mike too loud in morning assemblies.'

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