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Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi! 22

The Last Santa...!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 30, 2019 03:57 | Go to Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi!

-> RTS Page for Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi! 22

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[Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi 22 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Title: Leader 22 The Last Santa...!!
Kids: Heeeeeey, Takeshi-kuuun...
Take: Hwaaaah?
Kid: What're you gonna ask Santa for Christmas this year?
Take: I think maybe a super-strong beard-shaving kit.
What about you, Mitsuru?
Handwritten: Kinda need it.
Mitsu: Hm~~~~ I haven't made up my mind yet...
Eiji: Hey, uh, does Santa even really exist?
Takeshi: Sure he doooes!
I even know one.
Eiji: NO WAAAAY?! For real?! ["No way" big]
Mitsu: You know one...? So wait, you mean there's other Santas?
Take: Oh, yeah. There's 65 of them.
Want me to take you to his house?
Handwritten: It's not too far from here.
Mitsuru: Yopu even know where his house ise?!
Eiji: Okay, yeah! I gotta see this!

Page 2:
Title: Leader 22
The Last Santa...!!
Narr: Here in Poppo Town...
there is said to live a Santa who loves children more than anyone
and is just a bit lonely...

Page 3:
Kids: Is... this the place?
Take: I wo~~~nder if the old dude's home.
Eiji: This place is... kinda sketchy.
Sign: Santa
Take: Heeeey, old duuuuude!
Old Santa duuuude!
Take: WHYUH~~~? Looks like he ain't home. [First sentence big/bold]
Santa: Eeeey, eeeey!
Don't go knockin' on my house so hard!
Yer gonna knock it down!
Kids: Ah!
Bag: Famil Mary

Page 4:
Take: Old dude!!
Santa: Hm?
Nametag: Santa
Santa: Oooooh, well if it ain't Takeshi?
What's up?
Mitsuru: Um, Takeshi... you're not saying that this person...
Take: Yeah, that's old dude Santa!
Santa: Ah!
Ey, Takeshi~~~ Ya went 'n blew my cover agai~~~n!
Ya can't go blabbin' like that all the ti~~me!
Take: Heheh, sorry.
Santa: Ehhh, don't worry about it kid. Anywho, c'mon in.
Take: Yahoo!
Kids: This is definitely shady!

Page 5:
Kids: Um... Okay, I guess we're coming in then.
Santa: This's gotta be a today-only thing, okay?
Normally yer really not supposed ta go inta Santa's house.
Eiji: Say, mister, are you really Santa?
Satna: A 'course I am! How can ya look at me 'n think I'm anyone but Santa?
Ain't that right, Takeshi?
Take: Old dude, is it okay if I turn the TV on?
Tanta: I'm talkin' here, ya know!
Well, anywho...
This old dude's a real veteran... I've got a pretty long history 'a bein' Santa. Fer real.
Handwritten: Somewhere around 25 years of it now.
Kids: Okay, but we wanna see proof!
Yeah, proof!!
Santa: Why don't you kids believe me?!
Sheesh... Fine, then.
Handwritten: Haaaah.
Santa: Here, take a gander at this.
Kids: Ah!
Santa suits!!
Santa: This is the '96 version that I wore last year.
Then that one there's from the year before that.
Kids: What's different?
Santa: Wha?!
'Course you wouldn' know!

Page 6:
Santa: Yeah!
I've been sayin' the same thing forever!!
We've really gotta make it somethin' with a bit more fashion sense!
Kids: Uh... Who have you been saying that to?
Santa: Er, don' get the wrong idea, there's no tougher Santas above me 'er anythin'.
Ya could call 'em like, King Santas. Like bosses.
Eiji: Hmmm.
Takeshi: What's so bad?
These are fiiine...
They've got such a Santa feel to 'em!
Santa: I toldja, it ain't good!
Santa: Times are changin'!
They've gotta think about makin' it see-through and all sorts 'a things like that!
I'm sick 'a that same old thing all the time!!
Eiji: That old guy definitely just farted...
Take: Yeah, but there a slight difference in the smell---
every year.
Santa: Who the heck cares about the dang smell!!
Santa: Geez... Doesn't really matter anyhow.
I'm hangin' up the suit fer good after this year...
Eiji: Mister, are you not married?
Santa: Hm...? Married?
Aahh... Marriage...
Well, ya see, a lot's happened ta this old dude...
Mitsuru: So you're not, huh?

Page 7:
Santa: Hey, hey, don't get the wrong idea here!
There were two times a while back where I had a chance ta get married, but I didn't.
Kids: Hmmm
Santa: It's all that goddang Yoshiharu's fault!!
If that guy just would'a minded his own business back then.... I'd have a wife 'n kids 'n...
Take: Ah, I see. So it's all Yoshiharu's fault.
Kids: Who?
Santa: Yep. Despite how I may look,
this old dude used to be quite the ladies man back in the day.
Take: Even more than me?!
Santa: Yeah, 'a course.
I used to get so~~~~ many Valentines 'n such.
I used ta be pretty slim in my younger days, ya know.
Used ta play soccer, too.
Take: Heh, I didn't know that.
Mitsuru: Heeeeeeh.
Take: But uhhhh, old dude... How'd you become a Santa?
Santa: Ahhhhh, well that...
is a looong story.
Take: Ah, ok, skip it then.
Handwritten: Don't bother.
Santa: Hey, hey, c'mon! Lemme tell it!
So, the whole thing started when I was scouted.
Take: Scouted?!
By who?!
Santa: By
a King Santa.

Page 8:
Santa: Yep...
I think I was just in my 2nd year of high school at the time...
I'd been reading a porno mag at the convenience store... when all 'a the sudden he was right there behind me.
Santa: You can be Santa.
Kid: Huh?
Santa: ----And that's how it went.
Kids: That sounds phoney as heeeell!
Santa: Yeah, 2nd year 'a high school, I'd say that was
this old dude's prime.
Those were the days when I was the most popular.
And maaaaan, did I struggle over it.
My family owned a tofu shop. And I didn' know if I was gonna take it over er not...
I'm the oldest son in my family, ya see.
Eiji: Heh, really?
Santa: But once I saved up enough, I decided I'd give it a try just ta see how it went...
Like a part time job sorta deal...
So yeah... the first house I went to back then was the house 'a somebody named Nogami-san.
It was a real shack.
Sign: Nogami

Page 9:
Santa: They had it real rough.
It was cold in there and the whole family had to sleep in the kitchen without any futons ta sleep in.
Ha~~~~~ Darn,
thinkin' 'bout that really takes me back ta my days as a kid...
Take: Uh, isn't your house kind of a shack, old dude...?
Santa: Yeah, this old dude's house is at a real megaton level...
If Nogami-san's house was shack level 10, then this old dude's house's around level 125.
But when this old dude was a kid, his parents never bought anythin' fer him...
I was suuuuper jealous 'a Yoshiharu and all his toys.
Kids: Again with Yoshiharu?!
Santa: But just once a year... There was a day when toys would fer sure get left next ta yer pillow...
Takeshi... Eiji... Mitsuru...
Everybody equally deserves ta be happy...
No matter what family or what kids ya got, he comes ta yer house ta bring happiness all the same...
This old dude's always loved Santas like that...

Page 10:
Santa: Whenever I see Yogami-san's house, the memories 'a those days hit me light a freight train...
Those feelings I had as a kid, lookin' up ta Santa...
Back then,
this old dude brought lots of futons 'n stuff ta the Nogami-san household! Haha!!
Handwritten: HA HA HA HA
Take: Old dude, is that when
you decide you were gonna be a Santa...?
Santa: Ah, yeah. But this old dude's leavin' it all behind after this year.
Take: Huh? Why?!
Handwritten: HWAH?!
Santa: I mean, last year you spotted me, didn't ya,
Take: Oh yeah, I remember. I thought you were a burger or somethin'.
I just feel like... That wasn' good...
Kids just ain't supposed ta know Santa's real identity.
Take: Heh?!
What, really?!
Santa: Yeah, see, I can't say I didn' know anythin' about this before, but... If anybody sees our faces fer more'n 10 seconds, we get fired.
Take: Fired?!!
Santa: Yeah.
Ya kno~~~w Takeshi... You really did wake up fast...
Handwritten: And well, that was it fer me.
Take: I'm... I'm sorry.
Santa: This old dude's been out there doin' the best job he can since waaaay before all you were born.
I've been in charge a Poppo Town for 25 years.

Page 11:
Santa: And that was the first time I ever got found by a kid.
Take: But just 10 seconds, old dude? Back then...
Santa: Yeaaaah, it's fine... Don' worry about it. You couldn't help seein' me.
And anyhow, I'm gettin' on in years... I was gettin' ta the point where this was too much fer me, so really it's all fine...
Mitsuru: Oh... I'd better get going soon or my grandma's gonna get worried.
Take: Oh, right.
Well old dude, I'll make sure to sleep like a baby this year!
So I'll be waiting for you! But asleep!
Santa: Hm? Wha, you goin' already?
Hey, you can stick around a little...
Take: !

Page 12:
Kids: See ya, Mister Santa!
Santa: S-So long! Watch out fer cars on yer way home...
Be carefuuul...
Kids: So there really is a Santa, huh?
Crazy how he knew our names even though we didn't tell him.
Yeah, that was amazing!
Take: .........
Mitsu: ......?
Eiji: What's wrong, Takeshi?
Take: Hm...? Nothin'...

Page 13:
Take: The old dude...
just seemed kinda lonely...
Kids: Huh?
Take: I mean, he told us how if anybody sees him for more than 10 seconds, he gets fired, right...?
So that means that as long as he ran or hid within 10 seconds then he'd be okay...
But last year when I saw the old dude, he sure didn't act like that.
Eiji: How'd he act?
Take: I talked with him
until morning.
Kids: Huh?
Take: He was real happy to talk with me all about memories he had from back before he was Santa all the way to now...
He had all these wrinkles on his face when he was laughing all through the night...
Maybe old dude...
just wanted to make sure...
By talking with us...
he wanted to see if he was loved the same way he loved that santa clause that inspired him all those years ago...

Page 14:
Take: Even if he's lost his job...
he wanted to know that he has value...
Kidss: ...Mister Santa...
Take: ......
Mitsu: Isn't there anything we can do for him...?
Take: .........
Box: The 25th. Christmas.
Santa: So in the end...
SFX: Huuuuu
Santa: I didn't get a single word of thanks from Takeshi...
Box: Mandarin oranges
Santa: Man I'm pathetic...

Page 15:
Santa: ........
At first... just imaginin' the faces 'a kids smiling...
That by itself was enough ta make me happy... ["that by itself" big]
Santa: Well, I guess it's tough ta have one-sided love like that...
...Geez, what am I doin', expectin' somethin' in return like this...?
I really don't
deserve ta be Santa...
Oookay, guess it's time ta go!
Last job!
Santa: My last time bein' Santa.
...I guess.
Handwritten: HE-YUP
Santa: !

Page 16:
Santa: Wh.... What're... you guys...
doin' here...?
Take: Ready, set...
Kids: Mister Santa,
thank you for everything!
Santa: ..........
Y... You got all the kids in the town together 'ere, didn' ya...?
Handwritten: It's 8 o'clock at night!
Santa: Takeshi... You mean ta tell me that you...
Take: Old dude,
you told me...
that everybody's equally deserving of happiness.
So we wanted you
to be happy, too, old dude.

Page 17:
Santa: Y-You idiot! What're ya talkin' about...!! [First sentence in bold]
And yer breath stinks!
'N anyhow, if I got seen by all those kids, then this old dude would get kicked outta the Santa world forever!
Take: Everybody's got a card with a message for you, old dude!
Kid: Santa-san!
Santa: !
Kid: Thank you for everything!
Santa: ......
Card: The stuffed bear you gave me last year made me really happy! It'll be my treasure forever!

Page 18:
Kids: Here, Santa-san! ["Here" big]
Santa: ......
Kids: My dad said he loves you, too, Santa-san!
Name: Nogami
Santa: ------
Santa: ........
I'm the happiest Santa Clause
in the world...
Take: ...........
Old dude, you brought happiness
to more people than I can count...

Page 19:
Take: Everybody...
loves you, old dude!!
Take care...
old dude...
Box: The next day-----
The old dude's house was gone...
The kids felt a little sad, but...
Two seconds later, that sadness disappeared.
Take: Ah! It's old dude! ["Ah" big]
Kids: Huh?! WHere?! ["Huh" big]
Kids: Heeeey! Old duuude!
Santa: Oh, hey!
Box: The old dude was starting his second life (as a piza delivery man)
Sign: PI

Page 20:
Top: Personal History
Top Boxes: Name
Middle Boxes:
Star Sign
Blood Type
Big Middle Box: The dog (?) being kept as a pet by Takeshi. He seeks to become a great "Leader Dog". Kojirou has a major fiery rivalry with the dandy dog Dandy-kun. He says 'yan yan' when he barks and loves melon bread.
Left Diagram: Sports
Screen Time
Studying Ability
Middle Right Box: (Hobbies) Sleeping. (Special Abilities) None, really. (Latest Obsession) None, really. (Dream for the Future) To become a great Leader Dog, he wants to work for society at least 2 hours a day!
Bottom Left Box: (Comment from Kojirou himself) 'Yan! Yanyan yayayan yan! Ya? N-ya? YAAAAAAN!! YAN YAN!! YUAA~~~~~~!! Ya? ....Yamm [Heart]'
Bottom Right Box: (Friends' comments) Takeshi 'Kojirou is sleeping all the time so~~~ I guess I'm gonna need to give him some super-strict S&M-style training!'
Gonzou 'I'll make Kojirou mine if it's the last thing I do!'

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