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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Erementar Gerad 28

The Mountain Road: Stirring Tactics

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Oct 30, 2009 12:28 | Go to Erementar Gerad

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Elementar Gerad ch 28


Re-no 28
The mountain road: stirring tactics.


Viro: This one… is too thin.
This one too long.

Viro: Aww… I can’t really find one alike.

Rowen: It would probably have been better if we had light.
It’s difficult to see with only the moonlight.

Viro: Which one?
I have my eyes wide open, like saucers!


Rowen: Viro-chan…

Rowen: Can I ask you something?

Viro: Hm?


Rowen: Well…
about yesterday night…

Rowen: did you go somewhere
that time?

Viro: Yesterday

Viro: Nope! Yesterday, after I ate dinner
I fell sound asleep~ and slept like that till morning.

Viro: I can just sleep everywhere, you know.
Because …

Rowen: Viro-chan!


Rowen: Aren’t you…
hiding something from us?


Viro: Ah..
What do you mean?

Viro: Are you saying I’m suspicious or dubious?
Rowen: Ah… no, sorry.
I didn’t mean to make you think that.

Rowen: It’not that I suspect you or that I’d be angry if you were hiding something.

Rowen: Since this morning, you seemed unwell, so
I’m a bit worried.

Rowen: If there’s something you can’t tell us…
might that be troubling you?


Viro: Oh my, Rowen-san!
I’m not keeping anything from…

Rowen: Yesterday night
I happened to see you in the alley.

Rowen: Viro-chan.

Rowen: Didn’t you see something back there?


Rowen: You really did witness something, no?
You did, right?

Rowen: Viro-chan…

Rowen: Can’t I…
be of any help to you?


Rowen: And… not I alone…
you can depend on Cisqua and Kuea too…

Rowen: If you saw something like that, Cou would be able to help.
And besides…

Viro: Nothing.
Rowen: Eh?


Rowen: Uwah!

Viro: I saw nothing!
So I have nothing to talk about!


Viro: Why would you care about others?
You’re nosy!

Rowen: Viro-chan…


Viro: So nosy…

Viro: You meddler!!


Viro: What I have to do…

Viro: is to erase the pleasure,Coud.

Viro : and to take away

bubble: I can’t bear it when a girl gets hurt.
bubble: You write with us too, Viro.

Viro: Reverie Metherlance.


Rowen: Can’t I be of any help to you?
Viro: What I…

Viro: must… do.
erase Cou… take away Ren.

Viro: Erase Cou… take away Ren…
Erase Cou… take away Ren.


What I have to do…

Viro: is to erase Cou
and take away Ren.


Cisqua: Cou-san!

Cisqua: Hey, Cou-san!

Cou: Hmm.

Cou: Fuwaaaah~
It’s just you, Cisqua.

Cisqua: What do you mean, ‘just’?

Rowen: Good morning, sempai!

Cou: Aah- my shoulder hurts.


Cisqua: Both of you, sleeping in a place like that…
what ‘ll we do if you got a cold?

Cisqua: Did you stay up to work all night?
How is it? Is it fixed?

Cou: Hehee, you wanna try?
See if it moves well?


Cou: Okay, here we go!!
Spectacularly Brilliant Coud version EX (named by Cou) activated!


Cou: Allriiiiiight!

Cisqua: It’s really moving… wow.
Lilia: Great job,Cou!
Rowen: As expected from Cou!
Cou: Yaahahahahaha!
sfx: praise me more!


Lilia: It’s high…
sfx: this small box…

Lilia: Once we’ve crossed these mountains, we’ll be closer to our home, right nee-san?

Rasati: That’s right.

Rasati: I wouldn’t ride a train but…
this isn’t too bad.

Coud: Yaaaawn

Rasati: Coud?! You…!

Lilia: Nee-san, shhh!
Cou is tired after repairing the cable car.


Rasati: Sure, but…
sfx: Isn’t he heavy, Ren?

Ren: I’m okay.

Ren: Good work,


Lilia: Are okay with heights, Viro-san?

Viro: Yes, I’m fine.

Viro: I rather like it.
Lilia: I’m a bit scared.
Rasati: Are you?
Rasati: I can feel it in my tummy…
Rasati: I just get sleepy.

Good… Today Viro-chan looks better.
sfx Viro: How about you, Kuea-san? Ren?
Maybe she just felt bad yesterday…

Rowen: Ahh- what to do…
Viro: Meddler!
Rowen: She got angry with me…

Rowen: Ah… this…
I forgot to return it.


Coud: Nn…

Coud: Eh?

Coud: Cisqua?!


Rowen: Sempai! I borrowed this for such a long time…
thank you very much.
Let’s stop by the branch next…

Rowen: time…


Viro: Ah? What’s wrong, sempai?
You’re making a scary face.

Cisqua: Oh?
It will take some time until we reach the summit.

Cisqua: I thought we could have a meeting that will reveal some things…

Cisqua: Viro-san…
who are you?


Viro: Hahaha! Who I am?
Cou-kun’s follower?

Cisqua: You’re not just a follower.

Cisqua: Don’t move!!

Coud: Stop that!

Coud: Who or whatever she is, don’t just point your gun at her!
You’re acting weird!!

Rowen: He’s right.
Please calm down for the time being.


Cisqua: Cou-san, Rowen, please be quiet.
I’m asking this to Viro-san.

Cisqua: Please answer me.

Rasati: Hey, Cisqua.
Just wait until we’ve arrived.

Rasati: Eh?!


Rasati: Oi, what’s that!


all: Uwaaaaah!


?: My my…
even after all your effort, you’ve been replaced.

?: I guess I should feel sorry for you.

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