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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Erementar Gerad 29

Viro – the quick assassin

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Nov 6, 2009 08:54 | Go to Erementar Gerad

-> RTS Page for Erementar Gerad 29

Elementar Gerad ch. 29


Re:no 29: Viro – the quick assassin


Coud: Hnn… it…

Cou: Are you okay, Ren?
Ren: Yeah.

Ren: You’re bleeding…
don’t neglect a deep wound…

Coud: Hey! Is everyone okay?
Kuea: It huuurts…
Rasati: Somehow…


Rasati: The trees acted as a cushion for the fall.
We escaped a direct hit to the ground.
Coud: Yeah.

Rasati: Ow.
Lilia: Nee-san!
Coud: Did you hurt your leg?
Rasati: Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious.

Lilia: But nee-san, what was that?
Rasati: Did you see it too?
At the point where the iron cables were…

Rasati: It was far away, so I’m not sure but…
there was a person.


Viro: Uh…

Cisqua: Now, Viro-san…
you’re going to tell us what exactly happened.

Cisqua: Just like a minute ago, I’m pointing my gun at you. You can’t move a finger.
Why have you always acted like a normal girl? I want the truth.

Coud: Cisqua!! Stop that!!
It’s not like Viro did anything wrong!!


Coud: Woah!!?

Cisqua: We’re surrounded.

Coud: Eh?


Coud: Wha- What is this?
the trees around us are cut like paper?

?: Why hello… how are you?
It seems all of you were very lucky…


?: ‘No chance for survivors after fall in ravine’ the newspaper would say.

Coud: Y- You?!
You’re the one who made us fall down?
Viro: Cou-kun.

Viro: Forgive me.



Cou: Ro-!!

Cisqua: How dare you!!


Cisqua: Can you move, Rowen?
Rowen: Yes, sempai.
Coud: Viro!! Why did you…

Coud: What did you do?!

Viro: My, Cou-kun…
why don’t you ask me…


Viro: ’Who are you?’
like Cisqua did before?

Coud: Viro…

?: Viro.

?: You really are a useless child…
You failed your last chance… and right before my eyes.


Viro: Don’t worry. I will perform my role to the end.

Coud: Viro!!
Who’s that guy?!
And your role…

Viro: My role… I’ll tell you that, Cou-kun.
I’ve gathered information about you and your plans and reported it.
Then I would take the shichikouhouju Reverie Metherlance back…

Viro: and kill her pleasure,
Coud van Giruet.


Coud: No way. To return Ren you’d

Coud: kill me…

Cisqua: Cou-san, I’m very sorry. I meant no harm by not telling you but
those who attacked us on the boat were also targeting you and Ren.

Cisqua: And so…
was Viro-san…!

Coud: N- No way…
How could…
it can’t be…

Viro: She’s right.



Coud: No…
I can’t believe it.

Coud: Aren’t you being deceived by that guy?
He found out your weakness, didn’t he, Viro?

Viro: You’re wrong, I…

?: Ahh, that’s enough of a meaningless discussion.
If you say it, so be it.


?: Therefore, boy…
I can’t let you leave this place alive.

Cisqua: I won’t let you!!

?: Unfortunately…
I’m not your opponent.


Cisqua: Ugh!
Rasati: Cisqua!!

Rasati: Ch!

Rasati: What’s with these people, their movement is inhuman…!
Don’t let go of me, Lilia!


Rowen: …
They’ve got us in a pinch!

Rowen: We have to protect Cou and the others, Kuea!
Kuea: Okay!!

?: Viro…
Here’s you next order.
Viro: Got it.



Viro: I won’t let you…
stand in my way.
Rowen: Viro…chan.

Rowen: That arm…

Cisqua: Ugh!
Damn… I’m being separated from Cou…


Rasati: Th- Their arm… it transformed…
No way…

Cisqua: They’re able to transform a part of their body?

(note: I only transcribed the text, but if you want to know, it’s old Japanse… I have no idea which era it’s from though XD)
“Akakaru kokoro”
“kaze o matoite”
“chigiri kon!!!”


?: It’s no use, even if you react.

?: In a blink I can
?: separate your head from your body forever.


?: Heh.

Coud: Guhh!!


Coud: Uwaaah!

Coud: Oww…
Ren: You okay, Cou?
Coud: Y- Yeah.

?: Ooh, as expected. Metherlance’s speed is the best.

?: You dodged my flash

?: However, I also have
some confidence about my speed.

?: Next time your head might just…
fall off.

Coud: Say what you want!
It won’t be that easy!!

?: Bravery is such a good thing, boy… if fear would make you hesitate, I would be fairly disappointed…


?: But how long can you keep it up?

Coud: His attacks are…
so fast that I can’t move.
I can hardly see anything!!

Ren: Calm down, Cou.
Focus on defending and keep standing.

Ren: Huh?
Cou… something’s weird.

Ren: It’s strange…
Cou: Ren?
Ren: I’m so sleepy…


Coud: …??

?: Oh? You’re still connected…
Coud: Uhh…
Ren: I’m sorry… I…

Kuea: Ro!!
Ren-chan’s acting strange!

Rowen: Eh?!

Kuea: Cou’s going to be killed like this!


Viro: I told you I would’t let you interfere.

Kuea: Move away, you!!
Rowen: Kuea!!

Rowen: These…
are Viro-chan’s…

Kuea: Is she…
Rowen: Viro-chan!!


Rowen: Vi…


Rowen: Viro-chan…

Kuea: Ro!
Look at that!

Kuea: Above her stomach
it’s shining.

An elemental gelade!!

Rowen: You were an Edel Raid?


Kuea: But if she’s an Edel Raid like us she isn’t supposed to be able to fight alone!

Kuea: She doesn’t even react with a pleasure!
And it’s only a part of her body which changes…

Viro: The same?

Viro: I’m not
the same.

Viro: Because the elemental gerad I have is created.


Viro: It doesn’t cost much
and I don’t need a pleasure.

Viro: Many were produced for consumption.
Like disposable stones.

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