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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Erementar Gerad 30

Viro ~ the reason to fight

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Nov 6, 2009 08:59 | Go to Erementar Gerad

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Elemental Gelade chapter 30


Re-No: 30 Viro ~ the reason to fight



Kuea: What…
I don’t get it…

sfx Viro: chuckle

Viro: It seems the intelligence of the natural ones is pretty low.

Kuea: Whaaaaat?!!

Rowen: Viro-chan, you are…
created by someone, so to speak.

Viro: I’m not the only one.


Viro: The viros fighting over there are the same as I.

Rowen: Viros…?
Isn’t Viro your name?

Viro: The name Viro isn’t attached to me,
it’s a general term.

Viro: We were created by implanting an artificial elemental gelade in a body.


Viro: We are “VIRO” Virzoeve Eclairouer…
(note: name retrieved from ANN)
Viro: imitation Edel Raids.

Edel Raids created by humans!!


Kuea: That’s awful!!

Kuea: It means there’s some organisation that produces artificial Edel Raids…!!
Cisqua: Doesn’t that involve experiments on humans?!

Cisqua: That’s an act of violation between humans and Edel Raids!!
It can’t be that such a thing is allowed…


Cisqua: Watch out!!

Rasati: Lilia!!

Cisqua: Rasati!!


Rasati: Hah…
Lilia: Nee-san! Hang on!

Rasati: Damn! With my leg hurt, I can’t support myself…

Rasati: Man-made Edel Raids, huh?

Rasati: So what?
I’ve fought so many Edel Raids with Pleasures…

Rasati: I won’t lose to the likes of you!!


Rasati: Stand back, Lilia.
I will protect you!

Lilia: Yes…

Lilia: I’m always looking at her back…
I always think it’s a given that she will protect me!

Lilia: Ever since that time, I haven’t changed.
I couldn’t change.

Lilia: Stop, nee-san!!


Lilia: Didn’t we decide to fight together?! We would always…
face everything together!!

Lilia: Because…
I alone…
Rasati: I’m sorry, Lilia.

Rasati: You’re right.


Rasati: We will fight

Cisqua: During my work for Arc Aile
Cisqua: I’ve witnessed the reaction of people with an Edel Raid countless times.


Cisqua: To feel each other as partners
To always have that strong, unbreakable bond…

I’m just a little…


?: Aah... that was close.

?: I see you’re still connected.

Coud: D-damn! His attack was too fast, it’s hopeless...

Coud: Ren! Change into the armour of wind.
(note: uhm, that’s a literal translation… ^^; )

Ren: Yes.

chant: kizo oboshi moutoni

?: My my…
What are you going to try this time?

chant: nan kuremo furebai


chant: kaoshigara…
Coud: Ren!?
chant: ……ra...

Ren : I can’t... when I concentrate I feel strangely sleepy...
I feel… sick

Coud: Ren!! What did you do?!

Viro: Heh…

Viro: Aha! Ahahaha!!
Viro: It seems Ren-chan has become rather unstable!


Kuea: What’s so funny!?

Viro: Ahaha! Isn’t she a shichikouhouju?
Viro: Isn’t she the ultimate weapon everyone wants?

Viro: Yet if you think that she’s become useless after just this…
isn’t that amusing?

Kuea: Just that…?
Kuea: What did you do to her?!


Viro: Do you remember when she and I went out?
Viro: I gave her a small present.

Viro: Lips close,
I let my tongue glide over
Ren-chan’s precious place…

Viro: Our saliva doesn’t affect humans but…
to Edel Raids it’s the same as poison.
Although unfortunately it doesn’t kill them…


Viro: our little princess will soon fall into a deep sleep.
Viro: She might even forget all about you and your friends.

Rowen: Why would you do that…
you and Ren-chan are…

Viro: Stop with the ‘friends’ talk.
It’s disgusting!!


Viro: Not Ren alone…

Rowen: Uwaah!

Kuea: We did it!


Viro: Kuea, I
hate you and Lilia too!

Viro: All the Edel Raids, every one of them!!


Viro: I really hate them!!

Rowen: Ugh…

Kuea: Why this…


Kuea: Either way…
you’re not that different from us.

Viro: Oh, but I am.
You are weapons that need to be used by humans.

Viro: We are disposable.

Viro: You Edel Raids
are valuable gems
while we are ordinary stones.


Viro: That’s right!!
Ordinary stones!!

Viro: Ahaha!!

Ahahaha!! Hahaha!
Just stones, doesn’t that make you laugh?

Rowen: Viro-chan?

Viro: However…


Viro: If we fulfil our objective well
if we are useful…
then we can also
become gems.

Viro: That’s our birth-right. You Edel Raids …
can’t even imagine how I feel!!


Viro: I don’t want to be neglected and left to decay!!

Viro: I don’t want to end up as junk!!
Rowen: Ch!

Viro: I want people to use me
so I can live as a properly made weapon!!


Viro: I want to be useful
as a weapon.

Rowen: N…

Rowen: You’re wrong, Viro-chan.
Not being used doesn’t mean that you’re not needed…


Rowen: Gaaaah!!

Viro: I’m not wrong.

Rowen: Ah… ugh…

Viro: When we’re not used as weapons…


Viro: we’re meaningless.
Rowen: Aaagh!!

Rowen: Hah…
Kuea: Ro!!

Rowen: Is…

Rowen: Is it really…
that… important…


Rowen: to live as a weapon?!
Is that really all there is?!!

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