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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Erementar Gerad 31

Viro~ A Conceited Request

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Nov 6, 2009 09:02 | Go to Erementar Gerad

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Elemental Gelade ch 31


Viro~ A Conceited Request



Viro: What do you mean,

Viro: For me, that’s the absolute goal.

Viro: That I, a failure towards Edel Raids,
can become a real Edel Raid…


Rowen: Ku… uwah…

Rowen; …Hah…


Viro: Does it hurt?

Viro: Sorry, Rowen-san.

Viro: Even to a stranger like me, you were honestly worried,
always friendly and you covered up for me.


Viro: Those were pleasant words.


Rowen: Can’t I
be of any help to you?

Viro: Yet still…

Rowen: Viro… chan…

Viro: Still…
I want to become a gem.


Viro: I’ll be disposed when I’m useless
so please…
my sweet Rowen-san…

Viro: Let me fulfil my duty!

Kuea: Ro!!


Kuea: I’ve had enough of your selfish envy

Kuea: and you playing the heroine in a tragedy.


Kuea: Ro!!
Why are you…

Rowen: Viro-chan…
You’re wrong…


Rowen: Edel Raids…
being used as weapons isn’t the only thing.

Rowen: Being born as weapon, to live your life as weapon till the end…
that’s not all there is.

Rowen: The Edel Raids in care of Arc Aile were all
having a job and a house, like humans. They were living their own life.


Rowen: It’s not the way of life as a ‘weapon’.

Rowen: The Edel Raids live like the individual they chose to be.

Rowen: And more than just living or to need to be used by someone, they live for their own sake.

Rowen: And they surely don’t want to be needed as a ‘weapon’.

Rowen: Viro-chan, you too
have a way of life besides being a weapon…


Viro: A way of life besides being…
a weapon…

Viro: Pff… Aha!!

Viro: Wahahahahaha!!

Viro: As if that could be!!


Viro: We ‘viro’ are failures!!

Viro: The only reason to live and way of life is the one as a viro.

Viro: Another way of life would a lie to oneself, something to be understood.
It’s not that we don’t want that.

Viro: I don’t want to be a viro, but an Edel Raid!
I want to be useful to a pleasure as a weapon!!


Viro: I hate being
a failure!!

Rowen: No! Viro-chan…

Kuea: Ro!!

Kuea: It’s useless!
No matter what you say, it’ no use! It makes no difference.

Kuea: She doesn’t listen to what you say!


Kuea: I have no intention of letting her win!!
But… how are you?

Rowen: Eh…

Kuea: Like this Cou will be killed and we’ll lose Ren.
Kuea: I would like to pass on that!

Rowen: It’s true that with that number of opponents the others can’t do much…
And Ren-chan’s abilities are blocked so she can’t fight…


Kuea: We have to get through
we have to help Cou and Ren.

Rowen: For them…
I must…

Kuea: Ro… why are you hesitating?


Kuea: You’re part of Arc Aile!!

Viro: This is the end!
Bye bye, Rowen-san!


Viro: I will do my duty!!

Viro: Because…

Viro (bubbles): Hi! I overheard your conversation.
Is this your first time here?

Rowen-san is so cool!

Maybe I should help as well…


Viro: … I will become an Edel Raid!!


Rowen: I will…
defeat you.



?: That crash just now…
that means the time to play around is over…

Ren: Cou…

Ren: Cou…
I’m sorry…
It’s my fault…

Coud: Don’t even think that.
Don’t think of cutting our bond and going with those guys.

Ren: Eh…

Ren: But if I go there…

Coud: It’s like Viro said.
Their goals is to kill me…


Ren: But…

Coud: It doesn’t seem that we can win, but
I won’t give up!

Coud: I told you I would take you to Edel Garden.

Ren: Cou…

?: It’s time… to settle this.

Ren: But I can’t defend or fight like this!
Though you’re in danger.

?: I won’t let you do that, boy!!

‘shichikouhouju’ is only a name…

I can’t do a thing !!


?: What?!

Cisqua: It’s okay now.


Cisqua: We won’t allow you
to lay another finger on Cou and Ren.

Coud: Ci- Cisqua…

They’ve managed to defeat all viro…

Not bad…


I mustn’t force things…

?: Boy…

?: It seems you have your share of good luck.

?: Oops! You ladies don’t have to get so angry.

?: If things don’t go as planned,
I get into a very miserable mood.

?: Now even my motivation has sunk.


?: I wonder…
if I could still change the situation…

Cisqua: Wait!
Don’t follow him, Rasati!

Cisqua: I’m glad he’s gone…
to be honest I don’t think we could have ended this unharmed.

Cisqua: But that assassin and
the man-made Edel Raids…


Cisqua: there must be some organisation involved.

Viro: …Uh…

Viro: …Hnn…


Rowen: Viro-chan!

Coud: Viro!

Viro: Still…
I remained a failure…

Ren: Viro…
That’s not…


Ren: This is…

Viro: That child died.
Run over by a carriage on the way to deliver this.

Viro: Ren… You said both of us are the same…
but in the end, a failure is always a failure.


?: Haa…
Their (?) helplessness is great!

?: But if I neglect the rest of my task, it will be troublesome in the future…

?: However simple it is…
it’s the truth.


?: You too…
understand this…


?: Viro… From the beginning
your wishes were unable to come true.

Rowen: Viro-chan!!

Coud: Viro!!


Viro: Ah…
my stone is smashed.

Viro: I knew it, that I had a grudge against Edel Raids
because they are what I longed for…

Viro: I had a bit of hope… that I could be like that as well.

Viro: The one who didn’t see the truth
was me…

Viro: I… was…

Rowen: Viro-chan!

Coud: Viro! It’s alright, don’t speak anymore!


Viro: I could never become a gem…
I was born as a stone

Viro: and I would die as one.

Rowen: That’s not true.

Rowen: You are…
not just a stone.

Viro: Rowen-san…?

Rowen: To all of us…
you were the one and only Viro-chan…


Viro: The one…
and only Viro…

Coud: That’s right!!
Viro! Come with us!

Coud: Just like before!
because Viro is Viro!!


Viro: Together… with you guys…

Coud: Yeah!

Viro: I… hated ‘Viro’…

Viro: But when you called me as ‘Viro’…
I didn’t dislike it.

Viro: But still…
I am..

Viro: I was a weapon for Organite-sama…


Viro: …I…

all: Ah….


Rowen: No…

Rowen: That’s not true, Viro-chan…

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