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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128
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Replica 1

The Red Dog and a Toy

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Dec 29, 2009 14:39 | Go to Replica

-> RTS Page for Replica 1

Replica v. 1 ch. 1


upper box: Manji
180 cm, blood type B, age 23
birthday: August 8th
Likes curry, omeraisu and hamburgers.
He has no sense of direction. If things get too troublsome, he’ll refuse.

lower box: Karu
165cm, age 16 birthday: December 20th
No hobbies.
His special skills are fast gunfiring and fast reading. Folded pages in a book irritate him.

Manji: There! Something’s there!
Kal: Yeah yeah.
text: This looks like the relationship between me and my editor.



Card 1: The Red Dog and a Toy
Card 2: CARDS
Card 3: The Doll Trainer/Tamer of White Town
Card 4: Cheshire Cat
Card 5: DOLL

Under a golden sky, a story unfolds
Slowly, like the soft tones of a music box
like the creation of a castle of sand or a crown of flowers
Follow the story with speckled footsteps.
In a valley of a country where the cruel passing of time of this world and it’s sins seem a far away dream
drifting away...


sfx: Yawn
Manji: Gaah, I’m bored!

Manji: There’s nothing to do here.
text: so dull

Manji: Huh?

Manji: Whatever...
text: must be my imagination

Manji: OK! Let’s kill some time.
box: Town Mayor

man: Huh?!
man: What the...?!

Manji: I’m Manji, I work as bodyguard.

title: Card:1 The Red Dog and a Toy.

Manji: Hire me.


sfx: silence

mayor: Uhm, who are you?
Manji: As I said, I’m a bodyguard.
text: listen to me, fool

Manji: There’s a phantom killer at work in the neighbouring town, you should be careful.
But not to worry, I’ll crush any danger.

mayor: Eh, you look rather like a killer... besides I already have bodyguards.
bodyguard: Mayoooor! Is something wrong?

mayor: Ah, good timing, this person entered without invitation...
bodyguard 1: Whaaaaat?!
bodyguard 2: You’ve got guts to trespass in broad daylight.

Manji: Oh? You guys don’t look strong at all.
sfx: grin

sfx: viu

bodyguards: Huh?

Manji: What now, you’re damn weak.


man: Huh?!
man: Wha...
bodyguard: Guh...ugh...
sfx: cough

bodyguard: Gyah

mayor: Uh, did something happen?
woman: M-mayor!

woman: Th-that man, isn’t he the Red Dog?

Mayor: Hm? Red Dog?
You mean that famous murderer-bodyguard?

Manji: Well, what do you think? I’m obviously stronger.

mayor: A dumb looking guy like him the rumoured Red Dog?

woman: But the Red Dog has
a horizontal scar

woman: red hair
and a black sword...

everyone: We’re sorryyyyyy!!!

Manji: What’s that so suddenly?
mayor: We did not notice you’re the famous Red Dog. How impolite of us!

Manji: Red Dog? Who’s that?


mayor: We understand that you are strong,
please, please let us live!

Manji: Hey.
mayor: Eek!

mayor: Please don’t kill me...

mayor: Eek!

mayor: We’re safe...
man: That was... scary...
text: why did he come here?

Manji: Damn! Here too?

Manji: When they see my face, they get scared.
What the hell did I do?!

Manji: Sure, I did kill a few and I get violent, but...


Manji: This won’t even kill my time.

Manji: And what will I do without money?

Manji: A Cat?
sfx: stare

sfx cat: fear

Manji: Gah!

Manji: I’m bored!
Won’t something happen...?

kid: Whee

Manji: So noisy...
sfx: whee

Manji: He’s awfully happy...
is something there?


Manji: What’s that?

Manji: It’s too small to see wel... is it a doll? How does it float?
sfx kid: stare

Manji: You’re annoying, leave.
sfx kid: Waaah!

Manji: I said leave, you dumbass!!

kid: Uh...
Manji: What? Don’t think crying helps!

sfx: rumble

Manji: Right, I haven’t eaten anything lately... I have to find a job soon, or...

Manji: What’s that? Are you giving it to me?
Hah! Don’t be a fool.
sfx kid: nod
sfx: rumble

Manji: Allright, I’ll take it! Be grateful!
kid: Okay.

Manji: He’s laughing already.
A kid’s thoughts are hard to get.

Manji: But a debt is a debt. Hey, kid, tell me what you want.

kid: Fun things!
Manji: Going for difficult, huh? I’d want those too.


kid: You’re not having fun?
Manji: Of course not! I’m about to die from boredom!

kid: Bored! Bored!
Manji: Yeah.

Manji: This sucks!

sfx: crash
kid: Ah.

Manji: Wha...

Karu: Oh, there’s someone underneath.

kid: He fell!
Karu: No, I descended.
[TN: Karu uses 降ってきた , which is used for the falling of rain and other natural stuff. The same kanji, with a different reading, means ‘to descend’.]

Manji: I don’t care which! Get off me!!


Manji: This guy...
I didn’t sense him at all!

Karu: What are you doing?
Manji: Who are you? Where’d you come from?

Karu: I have no reason to tell you.

Manji: You’re pretty calm.
Karu: More importantly...
sfx: he pushed it away!

Manji: Who is he?

Karu: Did you happen to see
a toy?

Manji: Hah? A toy? Go to a store if you want one.
Karu: To be exact it’s not a normal toy, but a moving doll.

Manji: A doll...?

Manji: Is something wrong with it?
Karu: It’s okay if you didn’t see it.

Karu: I wanna know! Why does it bother you?

Karu: It does indeed.
If you see a moving doll, run away before it kills you.

Manji: Hah! There’s no way I’d run. I’d rather cut it up instead.
Karu: You?


Karu: Hmm...

Manji: What?
Karu: It’s seems you’re very confident in your skill, but

Karu: it’s impossible, for you.

Manji: Why do I have to hear that from you?

Manji: Go away! We’re talking!

Manji: Haaah? You got hurt?

kid: Waaah... sniff...
Karu: Bye.
Manji: Don’t run now!

kid: Waaaaah... sniff... sob...

Karu: He’s noisy.
Manji: It’s not my fault. Hey, show that hand, damn brat.

Manji: “Pain, pain,
go away!”


Karu: What are you...
Manji: Haah?!
You don’t know? Pain can be moved away.

Karu: He ’s serious, huh...

Manji: How’s it, it doesn’t hurt anymore does it.
sfx kid: nod
Karu: Ah, so you’re a spiritualist.

Manji: Hm.

Karu: He’s not gonna say ‘The pain transferred to me’, is he?
sfx karu: He’s really self-implying.
Manji: The pain transferred to me...
sfx manji: it kinda hurts...

Karu: Ridiculous! I’m shocked!
Manji: Ha, awesome, huh? I was surprised too when I learned this.

Manji: I’m no longer indebted to you.

Manji: Ah, hey! We haven’t finished our talk yet!
Karu: No, we did.

Karu: At best I’ll pray you
don’t meet a “Toy” doll.


Manji: What’s with him... suddenly showing up, talking nonsense about toys or whatever...
I’m bored.

Manji: I’m bored.
I’m bored.
I’m bored!

Karu: It’s impossible, for you.

Manji: Hah!

Zenri: I see...

Zenri: So the phantom killer in that town was the work of TOY, huh?
And? Did you destroy it?

Karu: Yes. Right now I’m in the next town, I’ve discovered a few TOYs here, but I think it’s a number I can handle alone.

Zenri: Oh, how reliable. I’ll leave it up to you, then.
Karu: Yes.
Zenri: Anything else to report?

Karu: I met the Red Dog.

Zenri: Woah, the Red Dog? How is he? If he’s good I’d like him to join...
Karu: We don’t need him.


Karu: He’s just a dumb guy.

Karu: Again no clues about Alice...

Karu: I wonder what he’s planning.
Killing time, and all...

Manji: Yo!
Don’t run away, forehead-boy.
sfx: huff huff

Karu: You...

Karu: They’re here...!
Manji: Huh? What is?

Manji: Uwah!


Manji: Ha?! What’s that?

Manji: Hey! What’s happening?

Karu: Quick, stand up, please.

Manji: Aren’t those what you were looking for?
Karu: Yes.

Karu: TOY.
They’re dangerous toys.


Manji: I don’t care what exactly they are, but if they’re enemies...
Karu: Don’t, I said....

Karu: He’s fast.

Manji: What the hell,
they’re totally weak!

Karu: That may be true, but...

Manji: Wha...
Karu: They regenerate after a normal attack.


Manji: It doesn’t...come back...

Karu: TOY is nothing ordinary, it can only be defeated with this gun.
Manji: Damn!
Karu: It’s futile.

Manji: Strength alone won’t do a thing.

Karu: If you understand then go and hide somewhere, you’re in the way;

Manji: Who’re you telling that? Don’t fool me.

Manji: Then I’ll ask you.
If they’re toys, they must have something like a battery to make them move, right?

Karu: Why do you want to know? You think to hit them there?
So you know the structure of TOY, huh?

Manji: Haaah! Uwah!

Manji: Oops.
They really are a pain.

Karu: In the head they have a core.

Karu: That’s their drive.
Their heart, so to speak.

Manji: Core...
I see, that’s the battery.


Karu: It’s useless!
It’s too small to aim for, it would surely be im...

Manji: You really are
too narrowminded!!

Karu: It’s true! With a katana, you can’t...

Karu: It’s not regenerating...!


Karu: Is he cutting them?
He’s aiming for the core without missing even one...

Manji: Get lost!!


Manji: What’re you standing there for, dumbass!

Manji: Whatta wuss!!

Manji: Is that gun your only merit? Huh?
Karu: You’re good at finding the core position.

Manji: Haah? You said where it was, dude.
Then, the exact middle would be good enough.

Karu: Does that make him...
the Red Dog?

Karu: It seems you’re more useful than I thought, but don’t get too overconfident and don’t get in my way.
Manji: You’d better not hold me back either, you irritating deadpan.

Karu: Only 5 left

Manji: Two left!
That’s one!

Manji: Che! Some people have gathered there...

mayor: I wonder what those two are doing...
text: dolls?
woman: Ah... Aah!
mayor: What’s wrong?

mayor: Wha-what is that...


Manji: What the heck?! It’s huge!

Manji: How long has it been there? Damn, I couldn’t feel it even though it’s so big!
Karu: Your sense appears to be limited to living beings... these are TOYs.

Manji: TOYs?
It looks so different.

Karu: It definitely is one, though it’s my first time to see one this big too.
But other than the small ones, it has to be burned.

Manji: Ok, then hurry up and burn it!
Karu: Are you stupid?
If we burn this now things will become more serious.

Karu: First...
Manji: Hey, mayor!!
mayor: Y-yes?

Manji: Evacuate all the civilians, now!

mayor: Eh, huh?
Manji: Don’t complain! Hurry up or I’ll kill you!
mayor: Okay!!

Karu: It seems you understand... hey! Where are you running off to?
Manji:You clean up that last TOY thing there.

Manji: That thing must have a core too, somewhere.


Karu: Does he think he can handle that alone...?

Manji: Don’t act so cocky!

kid: Bwaah!
Manji: I’m fine. Run!

Karu: Did you want to save them so badly?
Manji: Shut up! I didn’t.
text: I gave it a handicap!

Karu: You’ll die.


Manji: Nice way to kill time.

Manji: Hey, what...

Manji: Damn forehead-brat!

Karu: All TOY are made the same way. It’s easier to see from the inside.

Karu: Can you see it?
Above you!


Manji: Got it!


Manji: I did it.

Manji: Serves you right... though it annoys me that your hint did so much...

Karu: What a troublesome man you are.

Manji: Haah?!
Karu: Don’t yell.

Manji: Che!
text: Crap, I can’t move.

Manji: Hey... stay... away. I’ll transfer it to you!

Karu: Are you still going on about that?
Manji: Shut up...! You... hey! Stay a...way...

Karu: Karu...

Karu: that’s my name.
Manji: Like I care...
Karu: You heard it the first time, right.

Manji: I said... stay away...
you’ll die, stupid...!

Manji: Hot!
What the...?


“scape goat”

Manji: Hah?

Manji: It doesn’t hurt...

Manji: No way!

Manji: Oh, hey!

Manji: Did you take it over from me?!
Damn! That’s why you had to stay away!


Manji: You had a bike! I’m gonna borrow it!
text: Whoah!!
Stay there if you don’t want to die!!

Manji: Where is the closest doctor here!

Karu: To ‘cards’...

Manji: Huh?! Cards? What’s that?
You need a doctor, dumbass!

Karu: At cards they...
Manji: H- hey...

Manji: Gaah! I got it, I got it!
Where is this ‘cards’?!

text: The deserted capital

Manji: Is it really here?
I can’t sense any human life...

Karu: Rattel Park inDeathtopia.

Manji:Rattel Park? As in a park with threes?

text: Is is said that meetings are miracles caused by coincidence.


text: The answer lies in the story that will start to unfold soon.

text: The story slowly marks the passage of time.

text: The desolated and forgotten capital, Deathtopia.
In this area where no one lives, words will flutter.

text: ‘Let’s make this our headquarters.’
This worn out empire that was once full of smiles...

?: Nito!

Nito: What are you doing?
?: Here, look at this!

text: is our starting point.

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#1. by Kinlyu ()
Posted on Dec 29, 2009
Uploaded here since Bliss scanlations is working on this project (aka, I won't continue to translate Replica.)

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