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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)
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Replica 2


+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Dec 29, 2009 14:43 | Go to Replica

-> RTS Page for Replica 2

Replica v 01 ch 02


Nito: What the?!

Nito: W-who is it...

Manji: Hey!

Manji: Where’s the doctor!

text: On this grey coloured soil the story will grow in scale.


Manji: Hah?

Manji: The same guns and clothes as forehead-brat.
His colleagues?

Nito: Who are you? Why are you here?

Manji: Who cares about that! Get a doctor! This guy’ll die!

Nito: Eh?!
Captain Karu?!

man: It’s the captain!
man: Bastard! What did you do?!

Manji: Haah?!

Zenri: Okay, that’s enough.

Nito: Zenri-san...

Zenri: Everyone is to leave this room. I’ll handle this.

man: But...
Zenri: Nito.
Nito: Ah, yes.

Nito: Sorry, I’ll inform you later.

Zenri: Welcome to “CARDS”.
Mr. Red Dog?

Manji: This guy...
he looks suspicious...


Zenri: Well?

Manji: My ass!! I told you to get a doctor!!

Zenri: Ah, don’t worry. He’s special, it’ll heal soon enough.
Manji: There’s no way a wound like that would!!

Nito: It’s fine...
his breath has stabilized, it won’t be long before he wakes up.

Manji: Seriously?

Nito: Ah!

Manji: What’s happening here?!

Zenri: I have to thank you for bringing him back. So, what I want to know is how things turned out this way.

Manji: One way or another
he transferred my pain into himself.

Nito/Zenri: Huh?

Manji: I said, the kid transferred the wound I got from a huge toy...
Zenri: Wait a sec.

Zenri: He transferred your pain
into himself?


Manji:Yeah, that’s what I said.

Zenri: How much do you know?

Manji: About forehead-brat?
He came falling from above, talking about destroying TOYs or something. And his name’s Karu.
He’s an expressionless kid who puts on airs, and it pisses me off that he looks down on me.

sfx Nito: Uwah.

Manji: Also...
Nito: We understand, say no more.
Zenri: In short he knows nothing at all.

Zenri: You explain it later, Nito.
Nito: Please don’t try to escape the troublesome work.

Manji: What’s that?! Explain this properly! And, who are you people?!
sfx nito: hahaha...
Nito: Uhm... where should I start?

Manji: Tell me everything, dammit!
Nito: Eep!

Zenri: You’ve become Karu’s contractor.

Manji: Huh?
text: contractor?

Zenri: Calm down a bit and listen.
And don’t be such a wuss, you.
Nito: Yes...

Nito: You said he took away your pain, right?
That means captain Karu uses his power to form a contract with you.
Manji: Hah?


Nito: “Scapegoat”...
a technique that allows one to transfer another’s pain through a blood contract.

Manji: Huh...

Nito: You may not believe this, but it’s the truth.

Nito: Didn’t you think it was strange? That someone else suddenly felt your pain?

Manji: So it’s because of a contract...
text: But...

Manji: But he didn’t use the “Pain, pain, go away!” charm!
text Karu: Go away!

Nito/Zenri: Eh?

Nito: It’s just... such childish trickery doesn’t work in real life.
Manji: Shut up! How long are you gonna laugh, four-eyes?!
sfx Zenri: Hehehe

Zenri: It’s fine as a method, but really believing in it?
sfx Zenri: smirk
Manji: Damn you!

Zenri: The Red Dog, huh?
The rumours were considerably wrong.

Nito: Anyway, since you are his contractor, you may stay here a while.
You’ll hear more details from captain Karu.


Karu: What a troublesome man you are.

Nito: “Scapegoat”...
a technique that allows one to transfer another’s pain through a blood contract.

Manji: Why is there a contract?

Manji: Didn’t he just do that by himself?

Manji: Fine, I understand the stuff about this contract.
But who are you guys and what are you doing here?

sfx Zenri: *turn*
Nito: This guy...!

Nito: Uhm, yes, sorry for this late introduction. My name is Nito Flacks.
The guy with glasses is Zenri.

Manji: I’m Manji.
Nito: N-nice to meet you.

Nito: This is the headquarters of an organisation that exists to destroy TOY.
We are all members of this group.

Manji: So there is a group like that...
text: didn’t know that
Nito: Because few even know about TOY


Nito: TOY are originally murdering toys created by a genius inventor.

Manji: Murdering toys...
No wonder they’re dangerous.

Manji: That inventor was good.
Nito: ... He’s a murderer.
He has no name, so we call him AAA.

Nito: Because of him, TOY are scattered all over the world for three years.
At first they were few in numbers, but as the numbers increase... the victims they make increase as well.

Nito: Somewhere in the world is “Alice”, the TOY factory.
That’s where we need to strike to stop AAA.
That’s our ultimate goal here at CARDS.

Nito: Uhm... did you follow me?
Manji: In short you’re fighting for world peace, yeah?
Nito: ... you could say so.


Nito: We’ve got only 52 people at CARDS, so we’re desperate to destroy TOY.
Though we haven’t even found Alice yet.

Manji: So you’re short on people?

man: Sorry to disturb your talk! Zenri-san! Nito-san!
A request for reinforcements has arrived from the team in White Town.

Zenri: Well.
Can you go, Shirahime?

Shirahime: Sure!

Manji: When did she...

sfx: smile
Shirahime: I’m Shirahime!
Nice to meet you! It’s been a while since Karu-poo had a contractor!

Manji: Shit... surprised by a girl.
text: have I weakened?
Shirahime: Ah, Hime!
They said we’re gonna help out!
Hime: Ro...ger.


Nito: Okay, Himechiyon. This is a map to White Town, if you will.
Be careful on the job, you two.
Shirahime: Yes sir!

Manji: Are they gonna destroy TOYs?

Manji: My pain got...

Manji: Hey.

Nito: Ah, Manji-san, you should stay. We do not intend to involve outsiders...

Manji: Now is the time.

Manji: Hire me!

Nito: Eh?
Manji: I’m a bodyguard, I have confidence in my skill. I can go with them as back-up.

Zenri: No way.

Manji: Hah? Why?

Zenri: I would not send someone who suddenly appeared away with my colleagues, even if he’s Karu’s contractor.
I don’t trust you enough yet.

Zenri: I’ll let you stay here until Karu wakes up.


Nito: Wha!

Zenri: What could you want from us?

Manji: I’ve come this far with just one sword.
Now this sword is my everything.

Manji: I’ll entrust
this sword to you.

Zenri: Why?

Zenri: Are you telling me you trust me with your life?

Manji: I have to pay him back.


Zenri: Okay, you can go and earn my trust!
Nito: Wait!

Nito: Is that really okay? He is, after all, a civilian.
Shirahime: Let’s go!
Manji: Yeah.
Nito: Oh, geez! I’ll ask Himechiyon for help.

Zenri: Karu always had a weak constitution.

Zenri: He never got involved with others and has trouble expressing his emotions.
Maybe he took away your pain because he wanted to grow closer.

Nito: Zenri-san...
Zenri: Don’t say anything.
Let him do what he wants...

Manji: move, idiot!
?: Eek!

Nito: I didn’t know that.
Zenri: Me neither.

Nito: Could you do something about those on-the-spot lies you tell?!
text: Captain Karu being weak...
Zenri: He won’t betray us after telling him that.

Nito: Is this really okay? You called him the Red Dog, so he really is, right?

Nito: What a nice sword... he must have treasured it.
Zenri: I wanted to see his resolve.

Zenri: And also...
text: as far as I know, Karu never made a contract on his own before.

Karu: Why do I have to do such things?


Zenri (text): I’ve started to expect
that something... will change.

text: White Town

Manji: Woah, it’s white.
Shirahime: It seems the mayor here likes cleanliness and white.
Himechiyon (text): Everything’s all white...

Shirahime: Your clothes are weird. The combination is funny.
Manji: Whatever, dumbass. It’s better than something soaked with blood.
So what will we do now?

Shirahime: Join up with Sattsun!
Manji: Hey wait, what ‘Sattsun’?

Shirahime: A monkey!

Manji: Hah? Monkey?
Shirahime: Ah!
They’re here!


Manji: Why didn’t she call out sooner!

Manji: Gah!

Manji: I don’t have my sword!
text: We’ll give you two anti-TOY guns.

Nito (text): There are 4 kinds of TOY in total
mud dolls
wood toys
tin toys

Manji: That’s mud!

text: The weakness of mud dolls is purity. Their main ingredient is mud, when pure water is mixed with them, they lose their form and melt.

text: These guns use bullets with pure water.
Manji: Here!

Shirahime: You missed!
Manji: Shut up! I’m warming up!
Shirahime: Hya!
Manji: You missed too!

Himechiyon: Let’s...hurry...


Manji: So this one’s against wood...
Shirahime: It shoots fire! Because wood toys burn easily.

Manji: Woah!

Manji: Don’t get carried away, you damn toys!

Manji: Out of bullets?
What now?

Manji: Screw this!!

Manji: Isn’t there something like a sword...

Manji: Ku...

Shirahime: Ah! Above!

Manji: Hah?


Sattsu: Allriiight!
First bingo of the day!

Manji: Hah?

Sattsu: Who’s you?
[TN: not a mistake, just trying to have him speak differently because he does so in Japanese too]

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#1. by Kinlyu ()
Posted on Dec 29, 2009
Uploaded here since Bliss scanlations is working on this project (aka, I won't continue to translate Replica.)

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