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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Erementar Gerad 32

Bauritost~ the hope for snow to come~

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Dec 11, 2012 19:43 | Go to Erementar Gerad

-> RTS Page for Erementar Gerad 32


Re-No:32 Bauritost~ the hope for snow to come~
Re-No:33 Bauritost ~ an old friend ~
Re-No: 34 Bauritost~ a drop of reminiscence ~
Re-No: 35 Bauristost~ the everlasting night ~
Re-No: 36 Bauritost~ a blinding beam ~
(note: chapter titles are weird D: )


?: … the shichikouhouju?
that’s another dangerous affair.

?: … I see.

?: Since you asked me, I’ll think of something.

?: It’s a deal, then.

?: Yeah…
I know that.


?: We have to hide our true character…

?: and be very careful.


Chaper 32: Bauritost – hope for snow to come


nurse: Oh, my!
Oh dear!

nurse: You’ve really endured a lot
in this condition.

Rowen: Uh… uhm…

nurse: You’re much tougher than you look.
How wonderful!


Cisqua: Well, doctor…
how is his condition?

nurse: Since the first aid was good
and he’s not losing much blood anymore, his life is not in danger.

nurse: He must stay here a week and complete recovery will take about 2 weeks.

Cisqua: Eh?!

nurse: Fufu~ I will have to sew this wound though.
You’ll be fine, don’t look so scared.

nurse: I’ll make sure it doesn’t leave a scar.

Rowen: Haa… thank you very much…


Cisqua: Well then
I will attend to Rowen-san now.

Rowen: S-sempai…

nurse: Oh my…

nurse: You don’t have to.
I’ll give him the best care.
sfx: smile

Cisqua: Please, we couldn’t cause you any more trouble!
I have to protect the chastity of my cute kohai.
TN: *kohai: the opposite of ‘sempai’ ( – and since I use ‘sempai’ in the translation, I think it’s only fair to use kohai as well XD)

nurse: Dear! I am a doctor, don’t worry about my skill.

Cisqua: It’s not your medical skill that worries me!!

Coud: Hey, sempai!


nurse: What’s the matter, thick skulled boy?
Does it hurt somewhere too?

Coud: No, it’s not for me…

Coud: Please look at her.
She’s always feeling bad and seems to be in pain.

Ren: Cou…

Ren: But I…

Coud: Don’t worry! This person is a human, but she’s a doctor, you’ll be fine.

nurse: Human?

nurse: Then she’s an Edel Raid?


nurse: If so, I don’t mind looking after her, but my speciality lies with humans, I can’t help.
nurse: You must have an Edel Raid doctor attend to her, boy.

Coud: An Edel Raid doctor?

Cisqua: As the name says, it’s a doctor who’s specialized in taking care of Edel Raids.

Coud: eeh?! Such a doctor exists?


Edel Raids are uncommon beings. To treat these girls, special knowledge and skill is needed.

That’s why it’s an exceptionally difficult job. I’ve heard that there are only 10 doctors in the world who qualify as Edel Raid doctors.

Coud: So we have to take Ren to one of those doctors.

Cisqua: But there are so few! Even in Arc Aile we only have 3 doctors.

nurse: There’s one in this town.

Coud: Is that true?! Really?!

nurse: He’s a friend of mine.
He’s got a clinic around here.


nurse: He should be back from his business trip.
nurse: Cherotte!

Chero: Yes!
Chero: What’s your wish, sensei?

nurse: Guide these people to that person’s place.
Chero: Understood.

Ren: Cou…
Coud: It’s fine, I’m going with you.

Ren: …Yes


City in the valley: Baurytost

Kuea: Ro’s in the hospital for a week…
That means we’re stuck in this city…

Kuea: Well, after that fight…


Kuea: Ah!!
What’s this, it looks delicious!!!

Kuea: I’m gonna satisfy my stomach, okay?!
sfx: dash

Coud: Uwah!
What is it?


Kuea: Don’t break you head
over what happened with Viro.

Kuea: No matter what we did
or how much we tried, sometimes it’s a lost case.

Kuea: We couldn’t help her at all but we can
remember her.

Kuea: We couldn’t understand but…
the time we spent together,
Viro’s last words…

Kuea: That will stay with us.


Kuea: Ren-chan! Make sure the doctor treats you well.
I’ll leave the rest to you, Cou.

Viro: I don’t want to be a viro
I want to become a gem.


Coud: I… haven’t gotten over it yet…
a lot happened all at once…

Ren: Yes…
me too…

Coud: Even though Kuea said so
it’s difficult…
to witness the death of someone you know.

Coud: Seriously…

Ren: Cou…?


Ren: What’s wrong?

Coud: Ah! Sorry, it’s nothing.

Coud: I wonder were Rasati and Lilia are now.
Coud: Would they’ve arrived in Lonfi already?

Lilia: Doesn’t your body hurt anymore, Ren?
Rasati: I’m happy that you’ve come to see us off, but don’t push yourself!

Ren: It’s okay as long as I don’t use any Edel Raid power.
but I still feel a bit sick

Ren: Finally you can go back home together.


Lilia: Ren… we’re friends, right?

Lilia: We’ll meet again.

Ren: …Friends….

Lilia: I’m sure we’ll meet again.


Lilia: Waaaah!

Ren: Li-lilia!

Rasati: Lilia…

Rasati: Well then, Coud. Say hi to Cisqua and Rowen.

Coud: Yeah.

Coud: Uhm… sorry. Because of us you guys made a detour and got in trouble.

Coud: On top of…

Rasati: Indeed you did!!


Rasati: It’s a joke. I’m not angry anymore.

Rasati: Compared to what we went through before, this detour wasn’t that bad.

Rasati: Even if any weird guys come after Lilia, we’ll be fine.

Coud: I see…

Rasati: Ah…

Coud: It seems the train’s gonna lea… ve…


Rasati: Coud!

Coud: Wha-what?
Hiii! She is angry after all!!

Rasati: No matter what happens after this
you guys can’t afford to lose!

Rasati: Got it?!



Coud: Yeah, I know.
You two be careful as well!

Rasati: Of course.
Whatever happens, we won’t lose.

Rasati: See you, Coud!

Ren: Surely…
meet again.

Coud: Yeah.
We will!


Cisqua: So you have to rest for one week.

Cisqua: But I’m glad it didn’t get worse.
When I saw your wound, even my head turned a bit.


Cisqua: Even so Kuea went somewhere…
though she left with Cou, she immediately returned,
just to ask for money…

Cisqua: She’s probably eating everywhere again…

Rowen: haha…

Rowen: Sempai, I’m sorry… because of me you holiday got…


Rowen: Now we can’t take Ren-chan to Edel Garden…
it’s impossible.

Cisqua: Rowen…

Cisqua: That doesn’t concern you!
If needed, I will do something.

Cisqua: The only thing you have to do right now is to get better!
You need not worry about anything else!!

Cisqua: Now just rest…



Cisqua: I’ll close the curtains.
If you sleep a bit, you’ll recover faster.

Rowen: Sempai…
Cisqua: Yes?


Rowen: I…

Coud: Is this the Edel Raid doctor’s clinic?

Coud: It’s impressive unlike that of the other doctor…


Chero: Krankheid-sensei?

Krank: I’m busy now, come back later.

Chero: Bu~t…
I’ve brought a patient for you, from Shiina-sensei.

Chero: Only you can attend to her.

Krank: This patient…
is she an Edel Raid?

Chero: U-Uhm…

Coud: So, is he coming?

Chero: I think he’ll be here soon but…
That is… be careful…


Coud: What do you mean?

Chero: This person… uhm…
even though he’s a doctor…

Chero: During examination he often touches a girl’s chest…
and bottom…
He also touched me several times…


Krank: Well, who might be
my lovely patient?


Cisqua: Wha…
What did you say, Rowen?

Cisqua: You…
What the…


Cisqua: You’re quitting Arc Aile…?

Cisqua: Why would you do that?!

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