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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Erementar Gerad 33

Baurinitost ~ an old friend

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Dec 11, 2012 19:44 | Go to Erementar Gerad

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Re-No: 33 Baurinitost ~ an old friend


Coud: Su-suspicious!!
He’s too suspicious but… this is an Edel Raid doctor!!?

Ren: Uhm…

Krank: Are you my patient?
Please come in.

Coud: That was pretty normal…


Krank: You can’t enter here!
Coud: Eh? Wait…

Chero: My… he closed it…

During examination he often touches a girl’s chest…
and bottom…

Coud: Uwaaah!
Ren! Reeeen!!

Krank: You’re noisy, be quiet!!


Krank: Don’t mind him, just continue.
Was there anything besides nausea and headaches?

Coud: Am I being over-suspicious?
sfx: it’s a normal conversation

Ren: Eh? But doctor…

Krank: Are you embarrassed? I’m a doctor, there’s nothing to be ashamed about. Now let me take a look…

Ren: But…

Coud: Wha-wha-what’s happening inside?!!


Krank: As I expected… you’re very beautiful…

Ren: That’s not…

Krank: Though your face looks young, you’ve… ah, pardon me.

Krank: Your pulse is a bit quick because you’re nervous.

Ren: No… doctor, it’s embarrassing.


Krank: If you cover them, I can’t examine you.
You’re so cute…

Krank: Let me look at the rest of your body.

Ren: Ah!!
Wait, doctor…


Coud: What are you doing to Ren,
you perverted doctor!!

Krank: Oh?
square: His inner voice came to the surface.


Krank: You brat, don’t come in to my sanctuary.

Krank: I’ll kill you! (wrath)

Krank: Get out immediately!!
Coud: Hiiii!

Coud: That pervy doctor is dangerous…

sfx: That’s because
Chero: Doctor Krankheid is well-known for his hatred of men.

sfx: hatred huh…
Coud: Can we really trust that guy?


Krank: Is it you?! Is it really you?!
Krank: Ren-chan’s first boyfriend?!

Coud: F-first boyfriend?!
We’re not like that…

Krank: Of course not!! Yet, not only do you react, you were the first to take her with you!
I’ll turn you into soil fertilizer with my bare hands!!

Krank: There’s no valid reason for a useless guy like you to be the pleasure of sweet and cute Ren-chan!!

Krank: Even if it works, I don’t approve of it!!
I won’t accept it, you fool!


Krank: Damn…
in all the years that I do this job I never witnessed such a disgrace…!

Coud: Is this doctor really okay?

Krank: Whatever, we need to talk. Come in!

Coud: Maybe, if I enter that room he’ll finish me…!

Krank: Hurry up!
I said we need to talk!!
sfx: I’m making an exception here!!


Cisqua: Rowen, you…
said you’re quitting Arc Aile…
why would you do that?

Rowen: I’m sorry…


Rowen: I… took this job because I wanted to help Edel Raids.

Rowen: But I don’t understand what it means to save someone.
To be honest, I’m confused.

Rowen: Up till now, as a member of the organisation,
I’ve always thought it was right to protect Edel Raids from being oppressed by humans.

Rowen: But as a result…
I was unable to save Viro-chan.


Rowen: Although she wished to live as a weapon
I denied her ideas and said she was wrong. In the end, I couldn’t give her any understanding.

Rowen: I’ve lost my self-confidence.
My confidence to work for Arc Aile…

Rowen: If I continued this work,
even though I couldn’t help her…

Rowen: Hm??


Rowen: Se-

Cisqua: So you couldn’t save her?
Then tell me,
are you saying that it’s meaningless, if you can’t save everyone you meet?


Cisqua: Please don’t think you can do everything on your own…

Cisqua: Please don’t think
that we’re the only ones who can help the Edel Raids out!!

Cisqua: Are we supposed to be that powerful?

Cisqua: I too want to help the Edel Raids we meet with these hands!
I also thing I want to protect as many as possible!

Cisqua: But even we are not perfect!


Cisqua: Besides, even if we can or can’t help them,
the moment when we joined Arc Aile, we are involved with the Edel Raids and we bear the responsibility to carry their feelings and lifestyle on our back.

Cisqua: Still you blame yourself for not knowing how to help.
Are you planning to discard that responsibility?

Cisqua: …

Rowen: Sempai…

nurse: That’s enough, your opponent is wounded…
And keep it quiet inside the clinic, please.

Cisqua: I’m sorry…

nurse: Here, this is the address of the Edel Raid doctor.

Rowen: Sempai…

Cisqua: I didn’t think you were so gutless.
If you want to quit, go ahead.
I don’t care any longer.


Coud: Ehm…
On the corner near the house with the red roof…

Coud: This map is so hard to read!



Coud: Let’s see…

Coud: It’s here… right?
That doctor is so trying to get rid of me…!


Coud: Ren!

Coud: What happened to Ren?

Krank: Be quiet! She’s sleepy because of her medicine.

Krank: She’s weak, she must have endured a lot.
Didn’t she act strong so you wouldn’t worry?

Coud: Eh?

Coud: Ren…

Krank: Damn you piss me off!! Can’t you just die, here and now?

Coud: I-is that what you wanted to tell me?


Krank: Well then, her name
is Reverie Metherlance, correct?

Coud: Y-yeah…
sfx: When did he take those pictures?

Krank: Then you also know that she’s a shichikouhouju who was lost 500 years ago?

Coud: Fi…

Coud: Fivehundred years?! Ren? That long?! But…

Krank: Edel Raids live much longer than human beings…
especially compared to you.


Krank: In those 500 years, people have searched for her…

Krank: There’s this old lady I know who’s gone into hiding…

Krank: I’ll tell you where she lives
and you will go there.

Coud: Why me?!

Krank: She cannot move right now and I can’t leave here side.
It’s best for you, her pleasure, to go there.

Krank: Don’t misunderstand, this is not a favour
it’s an order!!


Coud: I get it!

Krank: Oi! Don’t let others know where you’re going.

Krank: Don’t say I’ve sent you and be careful on your way.
If you get the feeling you’re being followed, get into stores or alleys to get rid of them.

Coud: Haa?
sfx: Why’s that?

Krank: If your followed by someone…

Krank: Don’t get scared or do something that makes you stand out.

Coud: I…


Coud: Is this it? It looks like a haunted mansion…

Coud: No one… is coming…

Coud: Doesn’t it…
seem deserted?

Coud: Woah…
Does someone live here?


Coud: Right… right now I need to use the password…!

Krank: When you’re there, use a password to tell them I’ve sent you.
It’s something the old man has decided.

Coud: Hey there, stylish lady!!
Will you join me on the beach to talk about our carefree life?


Coud: Oh! It’s too bright! Your sparkling eyes make my heart melt!
sfx: it still continues

Is this password some kind of punishment…?

Gran: What’s this…

Gran: I thought is was another children’s test of courage game…

If that person’s been looking for Ren for 500 years…
she must also be an Edel Raid no?

Coud: Ah…


Gran: Truly… even though I hate human men.

Gran: Why is he still trying to confirm that I’m alive?

Krank: Yeah…
she is the closest to the Metherlance clan…


Coud: This granny…
has been searching for Ren…?

Gran: You… What did you…?

Coud: Wha- What’s that?!


Chero: Haa!
I finally found you!

Coud: You! You’re the doctor’s…

Chero: So it was true that you were hidden somewhere in this town…

Chero: Isn’t it amazing? When I entered the grounds, the radar’s waves went crazy! It’s ground-breaking!


Chero: Oh my-mi-my
(note: I made her rhyme to match the original nonsense)

Chero: You’re so very old now…
like this, I can do this on my own.


Chero: Bu~t your Erementar Gerad
will be come back to us.

Coud: Her arm!!
Is she the same as Viro?!

Gran: This girl…
is not an Edel Raid…

Chero: Here I come!

Coud: Granny! Watch out!


Chero: Haa!

Coud: Uwah!!

Chero: Don’t stand in my way!

Chero: You can be my opponent after I defeat granny.
sfx: the eldest first

Chero: Hmm?

Gran: Really…
aren’t you underestimating me?


Gran: Come, monstrous little nurse!
That silly way of speaking,
I’ll beat it out of you!


Gran: I’ve been underestimated a lot.

Chero: Eh? Monstrous little nurse?

Chero: Well…
Old people drink only mineral water~

Chero: or was it just water?
(I have no clue what this could actually mean ^^; )

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