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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

Erementar Gerad 34

Baurinitost~ A Drop of Remembrance

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Dec 11, 2012 19:45 | Go to Erementar Gerad

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Re-No:34 Baurinitost~ A Drop of Remembrance


Coud: Granny!!

Gran: Hnn!


Gran: Now now, what’s that?

Gran: If you get defeated by an older opponent, you won’t be able to face your master anymore, will you?

Chero: Hnn…


Chero: It’s because you’re so old that I’m going easy on you!

Chero: I have to treat the elderly with proper sympathy, you see.

Gran: …

Coud: Granny!

Gran: Hm?
I already have enough of that.


Gran: What are you aiming at?
My stone is right here, little nurse.
Aim steadily.

Chero: You don’t have to tell me!
Who would care about a fossil like that!

Chero: I will take your core stone with me!


Coud: I won’t let you!

Chero: Please…
don’t get in my way…


Gran: A fossil’s superiority…
lies in how long it’s been around, and the countless experiences it’s gathered.


Gran: Remember that,
little nurse-girl.

Chero: Gyaaaa!!

Coud: Amazing…

Chero: This isn’t over yet!
I will certainly pay you back!!


Chero: Bleeeeh!

Gran: My…
doesn’t she talk fast.

Coud: Granny!

Coud: Are you okay, granny?

Gran: What, are you still here?
Hurry and go back home.

Coud: Granny! You’re bleeding a lot!

Gran: You’re loud…
don’t make such a fuss over something like this.


Gran: I would’ve beaten her faster you hadn’t been there in the first place.

Coud: Do you have a first-aid kit?
Where is it?

Gran: Are you even listening?

Gran: Listen! I don’t need…

Coud: There it is! I’ve got it, granny, the first-aid kit.

Coud: Here, granny!

Gran; I don’t need it.

Gran: I don’t need any treatment!
I told you I hate human men, so don’t touch me!


Coud: But you’re hurt…
and it’s probably my fault…
because she was following me…

Gran; I’m making an exception.

Gran: Even though I’ve already said it a few times
I do hate human men.


Gran: So I’m really making an exception for you.

Coud: Hehe
Thanks, granny!

Gran: Pff! What’s your name?

Coud: Me? Cou, Coud van Giruet!


Gran: Cou…
The reason why you came to my mansion…

Gran: is because you can let me meet with an Edel Raid
who has a malachite like erementar gerad on her forehead, Reverie Metherlance, right?

Coud: That’s right!
So you really do know Ren!


Gran; Yes… Ren…

Gran: I know her… very well.


Kuea: I’m baaack!
I’ve bought a lot of presents!

Kuea: Look! Look a this!
It’s really special!
Usually it’s got only consommé or myeongtae flavour

Kuea: But – tadaaa!
A local variant, bitter melon flavour!!

Kuea: Itsh sho good!

Kuea: By the way…


Kuea: Did something happen?

Rowen: I thought about quitting Arc Aile…

Kuea: Hmmm…
I think it’s fine,
if it’s your own decision.


Kuea: Your face… It was Cisqua, right?
It’s understandable that she got angry.

Rowen: I understand what she was trying to tell me but…
I no longer have the confidence to be a part of the organisation.

Kuea: If you’re really quitting
I could work at the headquarters’ dining hall or something.

Rowen: Eh? But…

Kuea: I have no choice, there’s no one else to react with.

Kuea: Aaah!!
It’s horrible!


Kuea: Arc Aile might try to erase you!

Rowen: W- Why?

Kuea: As long as you’re alive, no one else can use me!!
Kuea: That’s dangerous! You’d better be careful!

Rowen: I – I guess…

Kuea: Though I’m just joking.

Kuea: I’ll find ways to keep myself busy during the rest of your life.
Don’t worry about it!


Rowen: Kuea… I’m sorry
to trouble you.

Rowen: But…
As Arc Aile, I’m already…

Kuea: Haven’t you quit?
Then you’re no longer ‘Arc Aile’

Kuea: I want to hear what you think as yourself.

Rowen: As… myself…?


Kuea: About Viro…
What did you want to do as ‘Rowen’?

Kuea: At that time, I pushed you, as Arc Aile, to act.

flashback: Why do you hesitate?
You’re part of Arc Aile!!

Kuea: I was also wondering how you would feel about it.

Rowen: I really… wanted to help her.
I wanted us to become her support…

Kuea: Ro…
Not ‘us’…


Kuea: I think I know.
liked Viro, didn’t you?


Rowen: I’ve…

Kuea: Somehow, you always say ‘we’, but…
that’s not it. Though it seems you didn’t know it yourself.

Kuea: More than anyone else, it was you
who wanted to save Viro, right?

Rowen: …I

Rowen: Viro…chan…


Rowen: Uh…

Kuea: Hmm…
I knew it.


Kuea: So… what are you going to do?

Kuea: I am…
seriously pissed off.

Kuea: Do you remember what she
hated most?

(viro: ) I hate being a failure!


Kuea: Those who treat the viro like that ran away
and they’re making more of them.

Kuea: I can’t forgive that!
They selfishly make more and throw them away when they’re not needed, they’re so easily disposed.

Kuea: You’re angry about it too, right?
Those guys who treat the viro like that!

Kuea: Hey!! Get a grip, Rowen!


Kuea: The girl you loved had to suffer from that!
Can you forgive them?

Kuea: There’s no way you can, is there?!


Kuea: This isn’t the time to be sobbing, and you know it!

Kuea: There’s still something you can do!!

Kuea: And I know exactly what!!

Rowen: You’re right, Kuea…
It’s as you say…


Kuea: That’s how it’s gotta be.

Kuea: We’re a team.

Kuea: We have to do it!


Chero: Soo~ I’ve found her…
Bu-uut… even though she’s old, she’s strong… you see


Haeling: Aaah!! Hurry! Tell me what happened!!

Haeling: I have more things to do than this!!

Chero: I’m sowwy~

Chero: But Haeling-sama…
(note: again, being creative with the transcription of the name)

Chero: There’s this awesome surprise I discovered…

Haeling: A surprise?


Haeling: Cherotte

Healing: Is that information true?

Chero: Ye~s, without a doubt.

Chero: Please, let me go there once again.

Chero: Hae… ling-sama

Haeling: Thank you.
I no longer need you.


Haeling: I can’t cancel this and this.

Haeling: If I can move this one an afternoon 3 days later…
Aah~ busy busy…


Haeling: I’ll have to get this cleaned up first.

Haeling: Time cannot be bought with money…


Haeling: … Lulurose
I don’t have time, let’s clean it quickly.

Lulu: Didn’t we promise to react only once a day?

Haeling: Hey… don’t be so selfish at a time like this.

Lulu: He~y…
I want a jewel that suits the dress you gave me…

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