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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Erementar Gerad 35

Baurinitost ~ endless night

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Dec 11, 2012 19:46 | Go to Erementar Gerad

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Re-No: 35
Baurinitost ~ endless night


Lulu: After this, I want you to look over me…

Lulu: If you do so,
I will also do my best for you, Haeling.


Coud: Hey, Granny…

Coud: I think it’s better to have that wound treated
let’s go to the doctor.

Gran: So stubborn… I told you it’s fine.

Gran: There’s one thing I want to ask…
Is Ren still being sealed?


Coud: Sealed…?

Coud: Aah… When I met her, she was inside some old box.
It was between the things the sky pirates had stolen, and I opened it.

Gran: The one who untied the seal…
was you…?!

Gran: It’s unlikely but…
you and Ren…

Coud: Yea, we reacted.


Gran: Why you…!
You forced Ren…

Coud: Th- That’s not it!!

Coud: It totally wasn’t against her will!

Coud: I never thought of her as a weapon or as someone to use!

Gran: I suppose so…
you don’t look very smart anyway.

Gran: You emit some aura of honesty and stupidity…


Coud: Che! After all I’m best at that.

Gran: I was praising you.

Gran: Because Ren…
might have hated humans more than I do.

Gran: How is she now? If she’s not together with her Pleasure…

Gran: Is she in Kranheid’s clinic?

Coud: Yeah.

Coud: Her condition was too bad, the doctor has to watch her.
So I was asked to take you there.


Coud: So let’s go, Granny.

Coud: What’s wrong?
Could it be that you don’t want to meet her?

Gran: Of course I want to meet her!!

Coud: Granny…

Gran: I want to…
I want meet her now.

Gran: Ren is in town… she’s come so close…
I could only dream of the day we would meet again…


Gran: In order to see her again I’ve tried to preserve this body
It was all because I hoped to once see her again…
There hasn’t been a moment I forgot…

Gran: But now, when the time has come, I’m feeling uncertain…

Gran: Ren may
not be willing to forgive me…


Coud: Why is that?

Gran: It has nothing to do with you.

Coud: But! You wanted to meet her, but you’re afraid to!
Why is it that you’re hesitating?

Coud: Did something happen, in the past?

Gran: Say!

Gran: How can he be so blunt about past happenings with someone he just met!

Gran: Fine, I’ll tell you.
Since Ren was a baby, I’ve lived with her
but when leaving the village in which she grew up, we got separated during a fight.


Gran: That’s why she must hate me now.

Coud: But Granny! You were looking for her all this time!!
There’s no way Ren wouldn’t be happy!

Coud: I don’t really understand everything, but aren’t you like family to her?
I don’t have a family, but if I knew that the sky pirates would be looking for me, I’d be happy!

Coud: No matter how you got separated
a bond isn’t that easily broken!


Gran: Cou… you…

Gran: Your way of thinking is so simple that I admire it.

Coud: Wha…!?

Gran: I was praising you.

Coud: Are you coming along then?

Gran: Yes. I’m coming.
sfx: noisy kid

Gran: By the way, aren’t you guys just stopping by on the way to Arc Aile?

Coud: Eh?
No way, no way!


Coud: Me and Ren are going to Edel Garden.


Gran: What did you say?!


Coud: Is something wrong, gran…
you’re making a scary face…

Gran: You can’t…
You cannot go to Edel Garden!!


Coud: Why shouldn’t we go…

Gran: … it seems you don’t know about it.

Gran: Listen, Cou, that place…


Coud: Wha!?

Gran: Che…
it’s that stupid little nurse’s master.

Gran: You arrived so fast…

Haeling: How do you do, Lady?
Sorry for visiting at this hour in the evening.


Haeling: Anyway, I am very busy…
I’d like to end my business in a few minutes.

Coud: Granny! Run!!
Hurry to the doctor’s!!

Gran: Stop!!
that guy is…

Coud: Haaa!


Coud: Urgh!

Coud: An Edel Raid’s…


Haeling: Oi, kid, don’t interfere.
It’s just a waste of time.

Gran: Wait.
The one you have business with is me.

Haeling: Yes, that’s correct.
I’m here to receive something from you.

Haeling: For example, that magnificent shining jewel…


Haeling: That stone is truly the only thing I want
If you hand it over both you
and of course the little boy won’t get hurt.

Haeling: Fighting takes so much time, so please
if you would cooperate…

Gran: Hmpf! If I’d give this to a showy man like you
it would end up as some kind of lowly accessory.


Haeling: Lady…
that would not be very true.

Healing: The moment they’re needed, these ornaments
are worn to fit best at every possible occasion.
That is the correct way of usage.


Haeling: Right now, you’re just keeping it as a treasure.

Haeling: Like this, it’s not even of benefit to you, right?

Haeling: That’s why I must create a more appropriate purpose.

Coud: Granny!!

Granny: Ugh…


Granny: That’s why I hate human men.
You don’t know how to treat a lady.

Haeling: It’s because men must be a little forcible.

Coud: Why you!!


Haeling: I’d like to pass on a double booking.

Coud: Urhg!


Gran: Cou!!

Haeling: Lady… please don’t be distracted by another guy.

Haeling: I made room in my agenda for you.

Haeling: Well, I’ll be taking this.
Enjoy the rest of your life…
although in our case…
it might be that nothing remains after I’ve taken your core stone…


Gran: Ren!


?: Oi oi, you’re so quiet…

?: Holding a woman down and pointing a knife at her…

?: That’s not very gentlemen-like is it?


?: Elderly people are the treasure of a country.
You have to take good care of them…

?: Isn’t that so, brother?


Coud: What?! This man…?

Coud: He’s not… an enemy…?

Lulu: Hey, Haeling?
I that okay?

Lulu: Your clothes…
Haeling: Gaaaah!!

Haeling: There’s a hole in my coat and my suit!!
And bloodstains too…!!


Haeling: You bastard!! Why did you come here?!

Haeling: After this meeting I have an important date coming up!!

?: Well, sorry…
sfx: a date?

Haeling: My outfit is a mess!
I’ll have to change clothes…


Haeling: If I contact the Cacus shop first…
no, the Juret store has better complete sets…

Coud: Granny! Sfx: Let’s run!

Granny: Cou…

Haeling: Aaah! Such a strict schedule!!
I don’t have enough time!!

Haeling: Bastard… I won’t let this pass.

Haeling: I am very busy!


Haeling: Let’s get you out
and finish this!

?: Fine, if you want to fight me.

?: You’d better cancel your next appointments!


Haeling: Right now, I don’t care who it is,
but everyone who disturbs me during my job…


Cisqua: I won’t let youuu!!

Coud: Hii?!

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