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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Erementar Gerad 36

Baurinitost ~ a blinding beam ~

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Dec 11, 2012 19:47 | Go to Erementar Gerad

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Baurinitost ~ a blinding beam ~


Cisqua: Cou-san!

Cisqua: Make sure the old lady remains safe!

Cisqua: Rest assured now that I am here!!
The Edel Raid’s Complete Protection Association Arc Aile!


Cisqua: Behold!!

Haeling: Arc Aile? How troublesome…

Lulu: What do we do, Haeling? Time is short.

Haeling: Inevitably…


?: Maybe I should leave as well…

Coud: Those guys are gone… did they run?

Cisqua: So it seems.
sfx: I scared them away!

Coud: Granny! It’s okay now!

Coud: Granny!!


Coud: Hold on granny!

Cisqua: Old lady!!

Coud: Granny!!


Coud: Please hurry and do something, doctor!
Cisqua: He’s right, she won’t even stop bleeding!


Coud: Doctor!!

Granny: Cou…
Don’t say such unreasonable things.

Coud: Granny…

Gran: I’ve lived so long already… even a small wound can be fatal.
He knows medical treatment will be useless, and my lifetime is almost over anyway.

Coud: Your lifetime…
But – back then…

Gran: I don’t need any treatment!


Krank: I’m sorry… If only I’d been more careful…

Gran: Oh dear, what’s that depressed face? It’s unlike you, Schild…

Gran: I don’t mind. Your family has been taking care of me for so long.
That’s already enough.

Coud: What are you saying?!

Coud: You were going to see Ren again!
How can you have given up on meeting her?


Coud: Hey! You’re an Edel Raid doctor, right?

Coud: You know everything about them, right? Can’t you do something?
At this rate, granny will…

Coud: Please!!

Krank: …I can
do something…

Krank: A way to save
an Edel Raid who’s on the verge of dying, not by illness by by injury…


Coud: What method it it?

Cisqua: Cou-san…

Gran: Stop it, Schild.

Gran: You don’t need to tell this kid.

Coud: Doctor!!

Krank: It uses…
the blood of a Pleasure…

Krank: A large blood transfusing to the Edel Raid
from a Pleasure she reacted with.


Krank: No matter what idiot you are
you do understand this, right?

Krank: Losing that amount of blood
results in certain death of the Pleasure.

Krank: It is…
an act to sacrifice your life for an Edel Raid.


Gran: Did you hear that?
Forget about it already.

Coud: There are things one has to accept.
Hey Granny…

Coud: Could you…
react with me?


Krank: What!?

Cisqua: Cou-san! You…

Gran: Cou…
What are you saying!

Coud: But you’re Ren’s family, right?
Didn’t you want to meet Ren?

Coud: I don’t like it!!
Like this, you won’t be able to meet her…
I really don’t want that!!


Coud: Doctor! If I react with her,
you can save her right?!

Cisqua: Wait a minute, Cou-san!

Coud: Cisqua…
Cisqua: Cou-san…

Coud: Take care of Ren.
I know I can leave her in your care.

Cisqua: Eh…


Coud: Granny!! Let’s

Cisqua: Cou-san!!

Coud: Owowowowowowow…

Gran: Don’t continue this conversation on your own.


Gran: Who did you say you’d react with?!
Even though I’ve told you I hate human men, you still don’t get it?

Coud: But granny…

Gran: That’ it!
Who would react with a kid who always calls you ‘granny’?!

Gran: And, Cou…

Gran: You should use your life for someone
really important.


Gran: Remember this
my name is Griina.
So stop calling me ‘granny’.

Coud: Granny…

Griina: Jeez.

Griina: That exactly why
I don’t like human men…

?: It will cost my life to save her?
Are you kidding?


I don’t care if it’s the Edel Raid I reacted with! So what if she dies!

My life is my own.
I and she have no connection!

no connection!!!


If only he was more a guy like you…

It’s not that I wanted that person’s life…
What I wanted was…

Coud: Granny!

Griina: Cou…


Griina: That you were the one to release Ren from her seal
might not have been simple coincidence, maybe
there is some meaning to it.

Coud: I’m going to get Ren.
She’s in the room next door, no?

Krank: Stop! She must rest now. If she pushes herself now, her condition will only get worse.

Coud: But at this rate…!!


Coud: Granny will…

Griina: Coud…
It’s fine already.

Coud: Granny!

Griina: Cou… Listen very well…


Griina: Don’t…

Griina: … take Ren to Edel Garden…



Don’t go to Edel Garden!



Griina: Ren is probably still holding a grudge against me.

Griina: That time, I…
She was…

Ren: Griina…!


Griina: Ren…

I’d always…
dreamed about…
her callying my name
just like back then…

Ren: Griina…


All those times…

Whenever I closed my eyes…

I relived that time.



My precious Ren…


Please forgive me…
and I wish…

that you…
can become happy…


Cisqua: This…

Krank: Originally I didn’t want to separate it from the body, but
if those who want that stone come to dig it up,
she wouldn’t be able to rest either.

Krank: She was like a grandmother to me, so…
I would like you of Arc Aile to look over this stone.

Cisqua: Understood. I will take the responsibility to bring it to our headquarters.
I promise.


Krank: Thank you.


Cou… listen very well.

Don’t take Ren to Edel Garden…



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