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Erementar Gerad 37

Koffelvieu ~ A Unifying Road

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Dec 11, 2012 19:48 | Go to Erementar Gerad

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Ch. 37 Koffelvieu ~ A Unifying Road

Ch. 38 The Buffalo Festival ~ The Curtain of Night Falls

Ch. 39 The Buffalo Festival ~ A Feast of Temptation in the Dark

Ch. 40 The Buffalo Festival ~ A Star Shines Bright

Ch. 41 The Buffalo Festival ~ Lectures on Suffering Throughout the Evening

Ch. 42 The Buffalo Festival ~ The Wavering Lamplight


Re-No: 37 Koffelvieu ~ A Unifying Road


?: A Shichikouhouju…?!

Is that true?



?: There is a lot I need to get cleaned up.

?: Although I didn’t go to confirm it myself, I received a long report.

?: Right… thank you for informing me.

?: You look busy as always.

?: Aren’t going to pick it up after this?


Haeling: Well, I would like to but I have things to do.
After this, I have another business to attend to.

?: Wha?

?: You’re asking my help for something other than that Shichikouhouju?

?: Do you know how valuable that is…

?: I wouldn’t lend you any subordinates for anything else…

dude: This guy’s just making excuses.


dude: He has no self-conficence.
Do you mind me saying that, Haeling?

?: It’s rude to enter while I’m in a conversation, Ronburet.

Ronburet: I apologise. It’s not in my nature to ignore talk about a new Edel Raid.


Ronburet: Wienenritter-sama, you cannot count on Haeling.
He can’t recuperate her himself and uses his business as excuse.

Ronburet: Isn’t that so, Haeling?

Ronburet: It’s the strongest Shichikouhouju after all… just admit that you’re scared.

Haeling: I don’t have as much spare time as you.
My time is far to precious to waste it on useless talk with you.

Ronburet: Useless talk?!

Haeling: I have gathered this information on the opponent…


Haeling: Well, see you.

Ronburet: Haeling!!

Ronburet: He’s always so self-centered…

Ronburet: Wienenritter-sama, I will get her for you.

Ronburet: I’m also curious about what attributes that Shichikouhouju has.


Wien: Listen, Ronburet. Your opponent is a shichikouhouju.

Wien: Don’t disappoint me.

Ronburet: Rest assured.
Whatever attribute she has,
I can perfectly deal with it.


Koffelvieu main road

Rowen: Waah! The coach the doctor lent us
sure is a great help, huh sempai?!


Rowen: It would’ve been hard to walk to the next city.

Rowen; Oh, and when we’ve arrived, we could eat something good
and meanwhile reconfirm the route to Edel Garden with everyone.

Rowen: Ahh…

Rowen: Sorry for making you worry…


Cisqua: That limitless cheerfulness is pretty unnatural…
but whatever, it’s fine.

Cisqua: But next time you request our holiday.
I’ve already been yelled at by general Falke.

Rowen: Sempai…

Rowen: By the way, what’s that scrap of paper on your hat?

Cisqua: Paper?


Cisqua: Haah!! When did that happen!!

Cisqua: Could you take it off, Rowen?
sfx: I can’t reach it.

Rowen: Okay…

Cisqua: The bill with charges for helping out…
One bullet, 100.000 gane, adjustment to rifle, 6700 gane
Various costs 80.000 gane, total: 186.700 gane… Payment due by by the 20th of this month…

Cisqua: …What
the hell is this…


Rowen: It’s one of those fancy bills that people recently get.
sfx: If you don’t pay, they raise a trial.

Cisqua: Hmm…
sfx: one…ten…hundred…thousand

Cisqua: Sheesh!
They won’t get me!!

Rowen: That’s true, even if you had that much you wouldn’t pay…

Cisqua: Hnn?

Rowen: It’s nothing…

Kueia: Ahh! I can’t stand it!
I’d have thought I could eat something by now…


Coud: Ren… doesn’t it hurt?

Ren: No… I’m okay now.
Sorry for causing trouble…

Coud: I don’t see it as trouble.
But don’t push yourself, okay?


Ren: Cou…
Thank you…

Coud: Eh…

Ren: I heard from Cisqua that you tried to save Griina with your life…
I’m happy… Griina was the only one who’s like family to me.


Coud: But in the end, I couldn’t do a thing…
Bringing granny to the clinic was all…
all I could do…

Ren: But Cou, it’s amazing.
Griina disliked everyone except me, yet you could persuade her.

Ren: Wasn’t she really stubborn?

Coud: Yeah! Seriously, she wouldn’t budge.
And she was also really strong!

Ren: She hasn’t changed…
So stubborn…
just like she used to be.


Ren: When I was young, I didn’t want to eat carrots or onions…
But if I did that, she would make them every day…
If I didn’t eat, she would only make them, and we both didn’t give in.

Coud: So? Who was the winner of the carrots and onion battle?

Ren: I came to hate them even more, and so did Griina, in the end.
sfx: I still hate them.

Coud: Hahaa!! So it was all for nothing!!
Or your victory?


Ren: These things…
make it seem like it was just yesterday…

Ren: I didn’t tell you, but I wanted to go to Edel Garden
and live there with Griina.

Ren: That time, we didn’t plan on even going back to our home…
but… I have always been wondering how Griina was doing all alone…
I wanted… to apologize to her…


Ren: That I was able to meet her once again
is all thanks to you.

Coud: I…
just wanted you two…


Don’t take Ren to Edel Garden!!


Coud: Ren…

Coud Uhm…
about Edel Garden…

Cisqua: Cou-san, Ren-san!

Cisqua: We’ll soon arrive in the town!
It seems we need to prepare before we arrive, so we’d better do that now.

Coud: Ah… yeah.


Kueia: What’s this luggage?
sfx: doesn’t look like food…

Rowen: We got those from the doctors when we left Baurinitost.
It seems we need those to get into the city.

Coud: Hmmm?


Coud: So…
is this what we need to get into the city?

Rowen: Costumes?
We look as if we’re going to a masquerade…

Rowen: According to this letter, it seems our clothes were chosen by the female doctor.
and those of Ren-chan, sempai and Kueia by Mr. Krankheid.


Coud: And this camera?

Rowen: That’s… ah, it seems it’s for you.

Rowen: ‘Use this camera to get 50 pictures each of Ren-chan and Kueia-chan from many angles.’

Rowen: ‘This is not a request, it’s an order!’ he writes.

Coud: What an idiot.
He’s a real idiot.

Cisqua: I completely agree.

Cisqua: What was that stupid doctor thinking?

Rowen: What’s wrong,


Cisqua: What’s the idea of needing this outfit to get into the city…
what the heck is going on?!

Rowen: ‘P.S. I don’t need a picture of the cow!’ is what it says.

Cisqua: GAAAH!!


Ron: Forgive me…
just stay quiet here for a while.

girl: Ron-chaan!
I’ve finished the preparations!

Ron: Oh! That’s quite nice.

Ron: It’s really good for something done in a hurry.


Ron: Kukuku… Now come, Coud van Giruet!

Ron: Tonight will be the night of your death.

Ron: The banquet of your deep red demise is about to start!

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