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Replica 8

card: 8 - March Hare

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Jan 6, 2014 19:18 | Go to Replica

-> RTS Page for Replica 8

Replica vol 2 chapter 8

I started numbering the pages from page 1 because my raws are all double paged scans. (numbers are for single pages though)

notes on layout:

I leave an empty line between panels, different bubbles are marked by the start of a new line, and are just in the right reading order. sfx: soundeffects, small text/handwritten text within a bubble is italic. Getting this right consistently is hard xD


card: 8 - March Hare

Manji: So this is were you were hiding?

Manji: Tch
It's fast


Manji: Gah

Manji: Why you...

rabbit: Hyuu
Manji: I'll kill you!

girl: Ash was my only support...

Manji: Huh?

Manji: Also fast at running away huh.


girl: Ash...

girl: Why...

girl: Ash! Ash!

girl: Hehe, this is proof of deep love
we hold nose to nose.


girl: It means 'I love you'
rabbit: kyu

girl: Kyaaaa!
Manji: Oh

girl: s-sory...!

Manji: Didn't the rabbit get back yet?
You know where it could go?
girl: No.

girl: That...


Manji: That rabbit was looking at it.
girl: Ash did?
Manji: What kind of book is it? I can't read this

Manji: What?

girl: It's about...witchcraft...
it's a story about a witch who killed a hundred pretty girls
and bathed in their blood to stay young forever...

Manji: girls' blood? Forever young?
You don't think...

Manji: Is that a true story?
girl: No... just a fairy tale.

Manji: Maybe, he does believe it.

girl: For me...?


Manji: I'm gonna kill it.

Manji: That's all. Later.
girl: W-wait, please! It's better not to go out...

Manji: Hah?
girl: Around 6 o'clock, Ash goes wild.
Though it lasts only one hour...


girl: Normally, he's in his cage, but

Karu: 6 o'clock...
Where's Akainu?

Karu: They told me to keep watch on him but he just disappears
Does he want to cooperate?

sfx: annoyed

Karu: Calm down,
I just need to focus on the TOY.


Hatter: Did you find that TOY already?

text: Find it quick

Hatter: Karu


Karu: AAA is... here?

Karu: What's...


Karu: That rabbit!

text: Until this time
Karu: What's going on here?

girl: Ash!
Karu: You?

girl: Please run! He'll be calm after an hour!

Karu: What do you mean?
girl: He always goes berserk between 6 and 7.
I didn't know he'd attack like this!


Karu: Just one hour?
text: It seems its goal is to attack people though.

Karu: Could it be...

Karu: It's known that it's just one hour.
You should go hide.
girl: But...

Karu: It's not like you can do anything by being here.

Karu: Don't worry about this.

Karu: Hurry...


woman: Ahahah...
Manji: Why are you laughing, stupid! Go and run!
woman: Ah

Karu: Don't get hurt before we get to the TOY.
It's enough to make sure to evacuate...

Manji: You again?Let me be!

Karu: You hypporcite.
Are you trying to be cool?
You're just drunk on your own strength.

Manji: I just
don't like it.

Karu: Again...


Karu: this fuzzy feeling.

girl: Here, Ash!!

girl: I'll call him over!

girl: So please, kill him!


Manji: Yeah.

Manji: Ch, stay still!

Karu's thoughts: It's no use.
Manji: Should trap it somewhere...!
Karu's thoughts: Your opponent is an agile animal. Even Akainu would have trouble giving it a fatal wound.

Manji: It went into the clock tower! Can we?
Karu's thoughts: Just wait till it's over.
girl: No good! The porch on the other side is open! We need to close it first!

Karu's thoughts: It was enough
to just evacuate the villagers.


Karu: Damn...
Karu's thoughts: What am I doing?

thoughts: If we can close this gate, we can trap it.

Karu: Move...


Karu: Uh...

Manji: The hell?!
girl: His ear!
He's lost his balance now.

Manji: Shit, it's gonna run again!
girl: Ash, no!!


Karu: Move!!


girl: He's trapped!
girl: Come here, Ash!!


Manji: Sorry about this.



Manji: Right at 7 o'clock...


girl: Ash...

girl: Why did you do all that...
It wouldn't heal my scars,
it doesn't make me happy
you idiot.

girl: I won't ever forgive you...


girl: I hate you...


Karu: Foolish...

Karu: ...hm.

Karu: Well, it'll heal.


Karu's thoughts: My left leg too?

Karu's thoughts: Seems I'll have to stay put for a bit.
If I'm late, he'll be loud about it though.

Karu's thoughts: Oh but
no one knows I'm up here.

Karu's thoughts: It's Manji. I'm sure he'll think the gate just happened to close.

Karu's thoughts: Cause he 'doesn't need' it.
Karu: It hurts...


Manji: What're you doing, baldy?


Karu: Eh.

Manji: Did you think I wouldn't notice?

Karu: It hurts.
Manji: Aah?

Manji: Who told me not to get needlessly hurt? Huh?
Karu: Shut up.


Karu: I just didn't like it.

Manji: Ch.

Manji: Thanks.

Karu: What?
Manji: Don't make me repeat it!! I said thanks!!

Manji: You take over pain as you please, it's annoying.
Show some restraint.


text outside balloon: restraint...
Karu: You're not one to talk.
Manji: Aah?

Karu: Besides, you're persistent to refuse it.
Manji: Of course.

Manji: I get hurt because I fight, I can't stand giving that to you.

Karu: Eh?

Manji: It feels bad to have someone else feel my pain.
Karu: Didn't you say you don't need me?

Manji: What? Are you dumb?
text: Let's go.

Karu's thoughts: What...


What's this...


Karu's thoughts: I heard... a sound


Karu's thoughts: What exactly that sound would bring along
I didn't know yet.

Karu's thoughts: I didn't know... anything.


Manji: Huh? Did you say something?

Karu: Yeah. That's it.
Manji: What?

Karu: If you can do as whatever you want,
will you let me do as I please as well?

Manji: Uh, yeah, sure.

Manji: Wha?

- chapter end -

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