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Erementar Gerad 45

Re-No : 45 The Buffalo Festival ~ The light of the festival goes out

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Jan 21, 2014 19:55 | Go to Erementar Gerad

-> RTS Page for Erementar Gerad 45

Erementar Gerad chapter 45

Re-No : 45 The Buffalo Festival ~ The light of the festival goes out



Cisqua:…a blunder.
The biggest blunder in all my 16 years of life…


Girl: You’re just back to being the person inside the cow.

Girl: Why don’t you want us to see you like this?

Cisqua: Isn’t that obvious?!

Cisqua: To show myself in my underwear in front of the guys…
I’m just a soft and shy pure girl!!

Cisqua: It’s a blunder!!

arrows: male
arrow Ren: asleep

Coud: That’s underwear?

Rowen: No, sempai! *embarrassed*

Ron: Is that her underwear…


Cisqua: It’s…
This is just…

?: Cisqua….
Come to me…

?: Are you… embarrassed?
You’re very beautiful.

assistant Cruss…

Cisqua: That kind of manner…

Cisqua: I had meant to use it only on special occasions to fight with my beloved!!

Cisqua: Stupid! Stupid! Stupiiiid!!
sfx tears: tears of blood

girl1: Aah…

girl2: Special occasions?

girl3: Well, that’s pitiful.

Rowen: Sempai…
sfx: Fight!!

Cisqua: Hey! You!

Ron: Eh? Me?
sfx: surprise


Cisqua: You will pay for making a girl ashamed with your death!

Cisqua: You’ll be turned into minced meat!!

Ron: Haa-… I’m not interested in girls except Edel Raids.

Ron: After all, there’s not much difference in underwear or a cow suit.
Sfx: Are gonna self-destruct?

sfx (repeated): not much difference



Cisqua: There are… others who’ve said such rude things to me…

Coud: It doesn’t make much of a difference to me
so it’s fine that I saw it.

Cisqua: Fu… fufu…fu
Haha… ha…

Coud: Is it me, or did she just turn this way?
sfx: she’s looking at me

Cisqua: That half-assed sky pirate, that damned doctor,
Coud (stabbing thing) half-assed
Rowen: Se-se-se

Cisqua: and this time it’s a long-haired collector?
sfx: long-haired collector?


Cisqua: Is this how guys recently are?!

Cisqua: I’ll kill you!!


Cisqua: Cisqua’s Certain Death Overwork Elegy!!

Rowen: Hii!!

Girl1: It’s the apocalypse!

Girl2: The king of terror’s descend!


Coud: She’s gonna kill me before the assassins do!

Ron: It’s terrifying,
the fury of a cow.

sfx Rereku: Waah, scary

girl: Wawawawawa…

Cisqua: There’s still some left!




Gladius: Well well well…

Gladius: A young girl in her underwear shouldn’t be firing missiles.
How vulgar…


Gladius: Though I must say
the beauty of destruction is quite amazing, no?

Ron: Y…
You are…


Ron: Gladius!!

Gladius: You seem to be having such a great party…

Gladius: Though very regrettable to say…
there are two things lacking.


Gladius: This flyer is a fraud.

There’s nothing like a ‘bunny show’ here…

Idwy: Gladius-shan wanted to see that show.

Gladius: Well…
I was a bit interested…
sfx: disappointed

Cisqua: This is bad.

Cisqua: The situation got worse
now we have two enemies to deal with…


girl: This won’t do! We have to help them, quick!
The enemy count has just gone up!

dude: Hmm, let’s wait
there’s no doubt he’s an enemy but…
there’s a strange kind of atmosphere among those two.

Gladius: It can’t be helped, I’ll let it go that there’s no bunny show.

Gladius: But the other thing lacking is intolerable.

Gladius: I was convinced that Haeling-san would be here
and I was really looking forward to that.


Gladius: So it’s you, Ronburet-kun…

Ron: What was that super long pause for?!

Gladius: As a comparison, Haeling is like the best part of tuna,
used for ootoro aburi sushi.
sfx: it melts in your mouth
(note: ootoro aburi sushi is well, made with the best part of the fish, and seems to be really good.)

Gladius: I was full of expectation to be able eat that…

Gladius: While you’re more like sushi which has been on the conveyor belt for too long and has dried out and lost it’s colour…

Ron: You mean I’m that much of a disappointment?


Ron: Why you!! Gladius!!
Talking such nonsense!!

Ron: What’s with me being dried out
and Haeling being ootoro?

girl1: Let it be, Ron!

girl2: Ron-kun!

Ron: Hm, fine.
You’re too late, old man.

Ron: I will take the Shichikouhouju back to Wienenritter-sama.

Ron: Good job on coming here for no reason.


Gladius: Wienenritter ordered me to go.

Ron: Whaat?

Ron: He wants to fight me?
Come! Ulrike!!


Gladius: Ahh…
Could it be

Gladius: that this is the girl you’re looking for?

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