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Erementar Gerad Volume 11

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Jan 21, 2014 19:59 | Go to Erementar Gerad

Translation used by DA-scan

Erementar Gerad volume 11

chapter 49



Re-No: 49 Gladius ~ Re-resolution ~
Re-No: 50 Gladius ~ No Second Time ~
Re-No: 51 The Buffalo Festival ~ The Festival Band Stops Playing ~
Re-No: 52 Nad=Lezen ~ Zero hour ~
Re-No: 53 Nad=Lezen ~ One’s inmost thoughts ~
Re-No: 54 Nad=Lezen ~ Two ply ~


Re-No: 49 Gladius ~ Re-resolution ~


Gladius: Coud van Giruet!!

Gladius: Ever since the moment you used the Metherlance,
Gladius: your fate became unchangable.


Gladius: One can only say you’ve been unfortunate...
Gladius: you were not meant to have a Shichikouhouju...

Gladius: When you understand this
it’s already


Gladius: too late, isn’t it?!!

attack: DRILL!!

Cisqua: Cou-saaaan!!



Ren: We blocked it!!

Gladius: That’s quite an achievement, but, Coud...
how long do you think you can take it?

Coud: Ch...

Cisqua: Cou-san!

Coud: Stay there!!


Gladius: No matter how strong you pretend to be there’s no way out.
You’d better wish for your friends to be saved.

Coud: W- When I...


Coud: When I met Ren...
I decided...

Coud: if this... would be...

Coud: my so-called ‘misfortune’,
I’d say ‘Fine!!’


Coud: I would deny that
each and every time!!

Coud: I want to
be together with Ren!!


Rowen: Cou forced him back?!

Kuea: Not yet! There’s still energy between those two.

Kuea: How long can this trial of strenth last?


Kuea: Ren-chan?

Cisqua: Did she...
stop reacting?!

Kuea: No, she didn’t stop it. Look at Cou’s right hand!
She’s still in her fighting form!

dude: A half-reaction?!
Endy: Eh?!

Gladius: My my, Metherlance...
are you almost reaching your limit?


Ren: Mr. Collector told us that...
a Darkness type is weak against a Light type...

Gladius: Pf... and what does that matter?
That has got nothing to do with you, a Wind type.

Ren: Yes... Wind is my attribute...
but I’m a Shichikouhouju.


Gladius: Chanting?
Dear me! What are you trying to do in that situation of half-way reacting?

Cisqua: This chanting is...?!


Cisqua: Rowen! Don’t look at them!

Isolate Luminus!!


Gladius: A flash of light?

Gladius: Isn’t it just a distraction?

Idwy: Huuuu...
Too bright!!

Gladius: Shit! In this light Idwy is...

Coud: Ooooooh!


Gladius: Hnn...

Kuea: They did it!

Rowen: Sempai, that song...

Cisqua: The one Ren-san just sang was the echo song from the fight against Beezun.

Cisqua: But still, that chanting is something done by the Edel Raid alone, in this half-reaction...


dude: He took a great risk.

dude: For a half-reaction, you have to maintain the point just before stopping it completely.
It’s like maintaining the the moment just before you close your eyes when you wink.

Endy: Something like that is impossible! Besides, if it fails the reaction would be completely dissolved.
If the Pledger would receive an attack from that man, he can’t block it resulting in both of them losing their life...

dude: Yeah.
To make a gamble like this you either have to be a big idiot or someone with a huge amount of self-confidence.


dude: That guy over there
is the only one who really believes that everything will be okay.

Gladius: As expected...
to chant in that situation
and expel my Idwy from me with a Light attack.


Gladius: It seems I underestimated the power of a Shichikouhouji
and the bond between you
a little bit.

Gladius: But
whatever you do, the Metherlance will...

Ren: Cou...

Ren: I also... want to be fight with Cou.
Later, after this too.


Ren: Together...

Gladius: I won’t let you chant anymore!!


Gladius: What does one who nearly died want?

Rowen: She was only wishing for something. Genuinely...
she had no choice but to hope.

Rowen: However!


Rowen: It’s true that those were her own intentions,
they weren’t anyone else’s, her hopes were her own!!

Gladius: Don’t stand in my way!!

Rowen: Uwaah!


Cisqua: Edel Raids and the other Viro’s
are certainly not your tools to use.

Cisqua: I don’t care if you think
those are just ideals or pretty words.

Cisqua: I will not give up!!


Cisqua: I will protect those girls with my own hands!!
I promise!!


Cisqua: Aaah!

Gladius: No matter how you struggle,
it’s useless!!

Gladius: Because in the end
we will obtain the Metherlance!!


Gladius: It can’t be! I aimed accurately!

Gladius: That man?!


Coud: We will absolutely not lose!!

Ring of Eurus!!
(TN: this time the attack is linked to the Greek deity of the east wind)

Erementar Gerad ch 50


Re-No: 50 Gladius ~ No Second Time ~


Coud: Absolutely not!!

Ring of Eurus!!

Gladius: Nuuuh!!


Cisqua: What power...!!


Coud: Wuoooooh!!

Gladius: Nuuh!!

Gladius: Guooooooh!!



Cisqua: Uh...

Cisqua: Ts...


Cisqua: A power which destroys all...
moreover it’s stronger than in El Blanca...

Cisqua: This is why they say the Shichikouhouju are dangerous...

Cisqua: That’s...

Cisqua: Cou-san!


Cisqua: Cou...san?

Cisqua: No...
No way... it can’t be...


Cisqua: She’s still warm!!

Cisqua: I’m so glad...



Gladius: Please tell them...
“this time it’s your victory”


Cisqua: Wait!

(note: hell, there it is! Apparently Organite should be OrgaNight or something like that.)



Gladius: Pretty words... and ideals... are not my thing
Those will eventually crumble under enormous power...
one day you will understand...


Idwy: Gladius-shan...

Gladius: I know, Idwy...
I also need a bit of rest.

Gladius: Well now... what should we report to Mr. Barovalks...

Gladius: What’s that?

chanting: A grating sound, a blotted colour
looking on painfully torn wings


chanting: interrupted stream of words...
a sinking corpse

Gladius: This...
chanting is...

chanting: gradually stopping pulse



Gladius: Oh, who we have here... Grayarts.
How strange it is to meet you here.

Gladius: How are you doing?
To have both arms disabled must be really unhandy.

chanting (?): looking for the exit, pursuing you
I have yet to find the last piece of guidance


Grayarts: Anyhow...
it seems you have some injured parts as well!!


Gladius: What?!

Gladius: Gaaaaaah!!


Gladius: No... way...
That’s a...

Gladius: Light...



chanting: Can I reach you?

chanting: Can you hear my song...


Grayarts: Uoooh!!

girl: It seems we need more tuning.

Grayarts: With these arms I can’t... jump yet.
I can’t sing yet...


Grayarts: Cocovet...

Erementar Gerad ch 51


Re-No: 51 The Buffalo Festival ~ The Festival Band Stops Playing ~


Deeroy: What on earth happened here?!


Deeroy: Gladius was murdered… and on top of that
inside this Edel Garden…

Wienenritter: Fufu…

Wienenritter: Didn’t he just do whatever he wanted himself?
He probably got the worst of some… personal grudge.

Barovalks: It seems the dead have quite rare Edel Raids, however…


Wienenritter: Oh, didn’t you recently realize
that all Edel Raids are rare?

Deeroy: Barovalks! Wienenritter! What careless talk…
This is an alarming situation!!

Galeoda: Relax, Deeroy…


Deeroy: Galeoda…

Galeoda: Let’s say it was one of us
who did that to an intruder from outside.

Galeoda: If an inspection is done, the truth will be discovered…


Deeroy: And the President?

Galeoda: There’s no need to bother that person for this.

Galeoda: We shall take care of this case, don’t tell anyone else.

Deeroy: I see… let’s do it this way.
Galeoda: All of you…

Galeoda: be careful not to do anything that would shame the crest of OrgaNight.


Galeoda: Understood?

Wienenritter: Worrywart…

Wienenritter: As if we’d do such a thing…


Barovalks: He must have been targeted right after coming back from Torodeire.

Barovalks: He was keeping twelve elemental gelades in his pocket,
could that be what they’re after?

Barovalks: No… What Gladius had were the edel raids of that woman’s subordinate,
that Various Pledger, Ronburet.

Barovalks: Gladius probably took those from him before his fight with the Metherlence.


Barovalks: But even Gladius couldn’t win against that Metherlence.
And when he came back severely wounded, he was killed…

Barovalks: It’s that woman’s doing.


woman: You mean Wienenritter? But you have no proof…

Barovalks: Proof? Pf! At that place there was no trace of Idwy’s attack.
That is enough proof!

Barovalks: Completely negating a darkness attack can only be done
by a Light attribute Edel Raid.

Barovalks: But Light types are extremely rare.
Even in OrgaNight, there is nobody who owns one. It must be someone from outside…


Barovalks: But I know someone in Edel Garden who does/

Woman: Eh?

Barovalks: That woman,

Wienenritter: “That woman,


Wienenritter: Heehee!
That guy just got another wrinkle.
sfx: Ah, so funny!

Norma: Wienenritter-sama…

Wienenritter: Oh, good work, Norma.

Wien: That meeting was coincidence but it had great timing.

Wien: That pipe-man was quite annoying.

Wien: But this won’t do, Norma!
You had to collect the gelades of those ‘sweet angels’!

Norma: Ah…


Norma: I’m sorry…
should I pick them up now?

Wienenritter: Silly Norma!

Wienenritter: You don’t have to prove that ‘the criminal returns to the place of the crime’ is right.
Losing those sweet angels is regrettable, but
as long as I get the Shichikouhouju all is well.

Norma: Although I think it’s too early to use Grayarts.
I need to see how he progresses to adjust better…

Wienenritter: Take good care of him.
After all I have entrusted you, my favourite, to him.


Wien: Oh that’s right, it’s almost time for Deil-mondrea-chan’s trimming.
We made an appointment.

Norma: So, what about the Shichikouhouju? Haeling-sama is also absent.

Wien: The next move is already planned!


Kuea: Guuh…
sfx: rrrumbel

Rowen: Kuea.


Kuea: Nyahaa! You know what I need, Ro! A bacon burger, yumyum.

Kuea: My stomach was totally empty.

Rowen: I thought so.
That’s why I bought you something from the city.


Kuea: This time…
was pretty tiresome.

Rowen: … yeah.

Kuea: Still… we only just got away… right?


Rowen: Yes.
Thanks to Cou.


Coud: OWW!!

Coud: Stupid! Could you be a bit more gentle?!

Cisqua; Ah, I’m sorry, I was thinking…

Cisqua: Hey, wait…

Cisqua: I’m wounded too you know!!

Coud: Ow ow owww!!

Cisqua: Would you stop acting as if you’re so great?

Coud: Yoooow!!


Ren: Mm…

Coud: Jeez!

Coud: What were you
thinking about?

Cisqua: I got the feeling you were doing the same.

Coud: Not reeeeally.
It was nothing.


Cisqua: Hey, Cisqua.


Coud: What kind of place would Edel Garden be?

Cisqua: Well… I haven’t been there myself so I only know
it’s a country that developed a lot economically and culturally.

Coud: I wonder why Ren wants to go
to Edel Garden…


Cisqua: Ah!! I know!

Cisqua: There must be someone she wants to meet!
Like her lover!

Coud: L…

Coud: Th- that can’t be!!

Cisqua: I only said it was possible.
That’s why she doesn’t tell us about it!


dude: That was rather hard.
You still alive, Endy?

Endy: So this is the power of the Shichikouhouju Metherlence clan.

Endy: It’s astounding… we must submit our report.

dude: Endy…


dude: That aside, how about getting up?
I can totally see your panties.

Endy: Hu?!

kid: Uwaah! What’s this? Awesome!!

kid: The theatre is gone…

kid: Cool! It looks as if a monster came through!

kid: Ah! Look at that!


kid: The cow…
The cow protected our town.

kid: Uh…
sfx: sniff sniff

kid: Stupid! Don’t cry!

kid: She surely stood here bravely on her own and fought evil until the end
to protect our village…


dude: I’m not sure but, it seems this village has just gotten itself a new legend.

Endy: So it seems.

Endy: Should I write it down?

dude: It’s funny, go ahead.
sfx: add some drama

kid: Thank you…


kids: We won’t forget about the Cow’s courage
and here love!!

sfx cisqua: A-choo! A-choo!

Cisqua: Pfuh

Coud: Eww, that’s dirty!

Erementar Gerad ch 52


Re-No: 52 Nad=Lezen ~ Zero hour ~


Ren: Uh...
snif... snif

Ren: Huu...


Ren: I... don’t want this...
this thing...

Ren: I don’t need it!
I don’t want it...


Girl: Stop!!

Girl: Don’t
hurt yourself...



Ren: Wait for me, okay?
I will also

Ren: go to Edel Garden...

Coud: Ren!


Coud: Look at this, Ren!

Coud: You can see the city!

Ren: City...?


The metropolis Nad=Lezen


Coud: Hovering stones!

Coud: I’d expected to see them here but there are so many!

Rowen: That’s because Nad=Lezen is the biggest processor of hovering stones.

Rowen: They also gather them from other regions.


Coud: When I was a kid, I saw one here and there, but
there are more than I’ve seen in my whole life.

Rowen: After all, hovering stones are an essential power source for airships.

Rowen: There are also people who want the big stones as ground.

Kuea: That’s just something for the rich! They want to feel like they’re gods, watching over the place from high above.

Coud: Living in the sky, that might kinda suit us.
sfx coud: grin
sfx ren: Duck?
(TN: Coud uses ‘kamo’, which means ‘maybe’, but can also be a kind of duck when written in kanji.)


Cisqua: Although recently, it’s been said it’s destructive to nature and it has become quite a severe problem.

Cisqua: Our lifestyles are depending on the blessings of nature,
too much emphasis on growth and extreme actions is very undesirable.


Cisqua: Hmmm, how shall I say this...

Cisqua: The atmosphere is pretty different than what one sees from afar, no?
The air is thick with brutality and danger...


Coud: Really? Before the bosses picked me up, I lived in this kind of place.

Coud: Hey, it smells like slums over here!
sfx: How nostalgic!

Cisqua: What kind of smell is that?

Rowen: Sempai, everyone must be tired after the long trip, why don’t we get some rest first before we continue to Edel Garden?

Cisqua: Let’s do that. It’s been a while since I slept on a bed.

Kuea: But first I want food! FOOD!!


Coud: Haaa~ That freshened me up!

Coud: The bath’s pretty big for a place like this.

Coud: Hehe, and afther the bath I was planning to eat these with Ren.

Coud: Tadaa~ !


Coud: I even made sure not to get a sweet one for Ren.
sfx Ren: Bleeeeh

Coud: We can finally have some quality time with the two of us...


Coud: If you stand there, you’ll feel cold after a hot bath.

Ren: Cou...

Coud: What ‘re you doing?

Ren: The owner of the inn said that
sometimes, you can see Edel Garden from here.


Ren: So I wondered if I would be able to see it.

Coud: I see...

Coud: Shall I help you look for it?
Oh! Is that it? Over there is also something, Ren!

Ren: See, at night it’s impossible.
sfx: distinctly

Coud: Woah...
sfx: Such strict and pragmatic speech.


Ren: But...
the wind feels really good.

Ren: So...
I want to say here a bit longer.

Coud: Y- Yeah, okay.
sfx: poing

Ren: Sweets


Coud: Ah! What to do!
Should I ask, should I not ask?!

Coud: We’re alone now!! No intruders!!
This is a big chance the gods have granted me!!

Don’t hesitate!!

He who moves first, wins! Just tell her!!
No, be careful, a slight hint may be better that being straithforward!!

Coud: Uhm... say, Ren


Coud: uhm, I...

Coud: I’ve got something... to ask you...
... see

Coud: Ren, you, uhm... before, you said that...
when we first met, you said...

Coud: that you want to go to Edel Garden
no matter what it takes...


Ren: Yes.

Coud: So I wondered... why
would she want that...

Coud: Ahh! It’s okay!! If you don’t want to say it, then don’t!!
You refused before too, so... It’s not like you have to tell me your reason for going there.

Coud: Somehow! Somehow I ended up asking, but...

Ren: ...one

Coud: Eh?


Ren: There’s someone I
want to see...


Ren: There’s a very important person in Edel Garden,
that’s why I...

Ren: Cou...?


Coud: Hey, wait a second!!

Coud: Why am I running?!

Coud: Why
am I running away?


Coud: I got her to talk about her goal!!
Why was I overreacting so much!


Ren: There’s someone I want to see...

Cisqua: There must be someone she wants to meet.
Like her lover!


Ren: A very... important person.

Coud: ...Ahh, I see...
That’s it... haha
What... was I doing?!

Erementar Gerad ch 53


Re-No: 53 Nad=Lezen ~ One’s inmost thoughts ~

Cisqua: A haiku about the past events.
sfx: tada!

haiku: I promised to take you there, I was rejected.
by Cou
(TN: not a haiku in English ^^; )


Cisqua: Hey, Cou-san! Are you listening?!

Coud: Hnn?

Coud: Oh, yea I am!
I was listening!

Cisqua: Really...?

Coud: We’re going to catch red lobsters for lunch, right?
sfx: that kind
But they don’t really taste good.

Cisqua: I knew that he wasn’t listening at all, this guy!!

Rowen: Waah, sempai!! Sfx: Don’t yell in the morning!


Rowen: We were just dividing the work
under each of us to find a way to go to Edel Garden.

Cou: Owww...

Coud: Each? Why do we have to walk around alone?

Cisqua: Hey do you want me to explain everything again from the beginning?
sfx: sway
sfx rowen: kyaaa

Rowen: Nad=Lezen is organized within three layers of quarters.
Each of them requires different conditions in order to enter.
sfx drawing: first quarter, second quarter, third quarter

Rowen: Where we are now is the third quarter, where everone can enter.

In the center is the production place of the hovering stones and there’s a railroad.

Rowen: The second quarter is where the trainstation is and the commutership stops.
You can come here freely if you have identification papers with you. It’s bright and lively, with many prospering shops.

Rowen: The third quarter is limited to those with special privileges.
It’s said to be the residential area of the elite, only those of nobility and Edel Raids are allowed to enter.

Kuea: Well, that’s the most secure and perfect place of this country.


Cisqua: Without an application from headquarters, even we of Arc Aile can’t enter the first quarter.
That’s why Kuea and Ren-san will go there... me and Rowen will go to the second quarter.

Rowen: Understood.

Coud: And I?

Cisqua: You, of course, have no ID and therefore you can walk around the third quarter.

Coud: Eeeh? Only I have to go alone!

Cisqua: There’s nothing to be done!!
It’s your fault we’re staying in this shabby inn in the first place!!

lady: Sorry for being shabby.


Cisqua: Uhm, that concludes everything...
Everyone, please do your best untill evening! Dismissed!
sfx: cough

Kuea: Yeaaaah let’s eat!!
sfx rowen: eh?

Ren: Cou...
uhm... be careful.


Coud: Okay, see ya!

Cisqua: Wha... from the window?!
sfx: bad manners!!
Cisqua: Ah.
He fell.
sfx:serves him right


Coud: Haaaa...
I’m the worst...
like a wuss...

There’s someone I want to meet...
a very important person...


Coud: Stop replaying that part in high-definition, damn memory!!

Coud: But I made a promise...
I’d take Ren to Edel Garden...

when we’ve arrived there...
I will...


Second quarter

Cisqua: Wu-wawawa!!
What did you say?!!

Cisqua: What kind of outrageous amount do you ask?!!
Who would use it with these rip-off fares these days?!

Rowen: Calm down, sempai!

lady: I’m very sorry, miss.
(lower bubble: ) Could you please get off the counter?
As I told you before, this year the fares went up a bit but,
these are the fixed prices here and everyone uses our service. We provide pleasant airtravel for a very reasonable price.


lady: Well, for someone with low wages
using the non-express train is more suitable financially, is it not?
Oh, excuse me.

Cisqua: I’m. So. Pissed!!!

Cisqua: Low wages, how dare she!! Low wages!!

Rowen: Now now...
What shall we do?

Cisqua: We’ll board the commuter ship of course!!
Mocking me!!


Cisqua: I hate it! I hate it!
So annoying!!

Rowen: You’re not planning to lie about our travelling expenses and ask headquarters...

Cisqua: Hum!
As if I could!!
Even I can do it if I have to!!

Rowen: Se...
Sempai, is that...?!


Cisqua: I got a bonus a while ago...
I was right to save it until now.

Rowen: It must be hard on her because she’s such a cheapskate.

Cisqua: Oooh,
what’s this?

Rowen: What’s wrong, sempai?

Cisqua: Umh, you see...
my, uhm, savings balance...


sfx rowen: 37 gane?

Cisqua: She did it... that woman...!!

Cisqua: She withdrew money from my account without my permission!!


Cisqua: I’ll kill her!!

text: And so, the bank account links ‘red’ and ‘blue’ for the first time.
The second story taking place in the world of Erementar Gerad.
(TN: obviously they’re talking about Ao no Senki :))

Rowen: Don’t fire missiles here please!!

Cisqua: That brat’s supposed to be my older sister!
sfx: so irritating!

sfx rowen: I’m sorry! I’m sorry!

Cisqua: I’ll send that bitch to hell!

Rowen: Pleaaaase stop!
sfx: drag drag

Rowen: Sempai, lost things don’t return.
Let’s give up on the commuter ship idea.


Cisqua: You think you can talk about other people’s problems, you bastard?
Of course for young rich master Rowen it’s just small cash.
It’s not even enough as pocket money for a pet.

sfx: backlight

Rowen: Dear, no! It’s my parents who are rich, not me.
I send all of my wage back home so I don’t even have 1 gane in my savings account.


Cisqua: Don’t floor me so fluently, dammit!
sfx: you’re too bright, go away!

Cisqua: Your parents must be proud to have such a nice, filial son.

Rowen: Wow... she’s at her sulkiness max...

Rowen: First off, let’s check out the trains.

Rowen: Come on, get up!


First quarter

Kuea: Oi! Why so gloomy?


Ren: That’s not...

Kuea: Well, it’s fine, but
this place is pretty awesome.

Kuea: The buildings are beautiful,
and the view is the best!

Kuea: Did you notice?
There’re quite some Edel Raids having a normal life here.

Ren: Eh...?

Kuea: Look, that store...


Kuea: That shop girl in the flowershop.
She’s an Edel Raid.

Kuea: The girls talking over there too.

Kuea: It’s safe to live here without hiding yourself.

Kuea: It’s like on the grounds of Ard Aile.
It must be the country’s policy towards Edel Raids.


Kuea: Arc Aile isn’t present here, so the country itself is protecting them.
I would be happy if there were more countries that’d think the same way about us.

Kuea: Sooo, what’s wrong?
Did something happen with Cou?

Kuea: The ‘how do you know?!’ face.

Kuea: Sister Kuea will listen, we’re both Edel Raids after all.


Ren: I don’t know...

Ren: Yesterday, I was talking to him and suddenly he was gone...
After that, it seems he’s been avoinding me...

Kuea: What were you talking about?


Ren: About why I want to go to Edel Garden...

Kuea: Uwah, that’s to the point!

Ren: At first, I didn’t like humans at all, so I didn’t want to talk.
But I don’t hate Cou, so...

Kuea: Hmm, I see.
Could you also tell me your reason?

Ren: I’ll tell.

Ren: I made a promise with someone important that when I’d turn 15 we’d meet
in Edel Garden.


Kuea: An important person? A friend?
Is it also an Edel Raid?

Kuea: It must be, I mean when she turns 15...
and that period she was sealed up was pretty long...
if it were a human, he’d be long buried.

Kuea: But if it’s an Edel Raid, 500 years is...
sfx: kinda long

Ren: Then,
once I explained it, Cou ran away...

Kuea: Aha, Cou probably simply misunderstood.


Kuea: He must’ve thought that this ‘important person’ is a guy!
How silly to just conclude that!

sfx cou: no way!

Ren: I’m sure Cou hates me now.

Ren: Because of me he got hurt badly and went throug dangers. But he always did his best to bring me to Edel Garden.

Kuea: Uhm, Ren-chan...
sfx: too many lines...

Ren: Even so I never said anything about why I want to go, that’s why he must be angry about my selfish reason...


Ren: If I had told him earlier, if I told everything that time
Cou wouldn’t have had to suffer this much...

Kuea: Uhm, you know, Ren-chan?
You’re thinking too much...

Ren: It would’ve been better if I went to Edel Garden alone, then I wouldn’t have involved Cou this much...

Kuea: Heeeeee!!


Ren: Kuea!!
Can’t you cancel the reaction?

Kuea: Eeh??

Kuea: That’s impossible!
And calm down a bit!
sfx: there there
sfx: relax

Kuea: Cou isn’t angry with you, trust me. It’s okay...


Kuea: Aren’t you thirsty?
I’m going to get some drinks, you wait here!

Kuea: Ren-chan is actually pretty concerned about things. She doesn’t show it on the outside, but a lot goes on inside...

Kuea: And Cou, how stupid to just run away!! Making Ren worried about him!!


Ren: If we could stop reacting...
Cou wouldn’t have to get hurt anymore...

I don’t want Cou to get hurt...
I don’t want to see him having a hard time...


For that, I...
?: It’s possible.

?: You can break the reaction with your Pledger.

?: Do you want to know how to?

Erementar Gerad ch 54


Re-No: 54 Nad=Lezen ~ Two ply ~


girl: A way to break a reaction?

girl: Oh...
I know of one.


Ren: Who are

Ren: Could you be an Edel...

Kuea: I’m baaack!!

Kuea: I’ve got banana float and lemon squash, which do you want?
I thought the lemon one wouldn’t be too sweet.

Kuea: Is something wrong?

Ren: Kuea...


Ren: This person...

Ren: Flowers...

Ren: Stopping the reaction with the Pledger...


girl: Do you want to know how?

Ren: That woman...

reporter: We’re here at the crime scene!
Today, in the peaceful second quarter of Nad Lezen a terrorist bombing happened.


reporter: The target location is Nad Lezen Central Station. At the moment, all trains have stopped service.

reporter: The people are visibly anxious that another act of terror will occur.

reporter: Whether this is related to the explosion at the air station earlier
is now being investigated.

reporter: Although there has been no contact with the criminal group on their goal or demands, the police are on high alert.


reporter: We will report again when new information is known!
This was Shouzu on location. We now return to the studio.

Cisqua: A-a-a-all trains out of service?!!
That means... we can’t board any train?


Cisqua: We don’t have money to board the commuter ship!
We can’t use the train! We’re desperately and totally stuck!!
Oh Jezus!!

Cisqua: What are we supposed to do!! Who the hell is responsible for this terrorism!!

Rowen: It’s probably from the missiles sempai fired...
sfx: Waaaah...

reporter: Although there has been no contact with the criminal group on their goal or demands, the police are on high alert.


Cou: Woah, terrorist bombings?

old lady: The world has become so dangerous...

Cou: The second quarter, that’s where Cisqua and Ro went to.
Would those two be okay?

Cou: Maybe Cisqua suddenly fired some missiles...
that can’t be. Sfx: haha

Cou: Anyway, I don’t have time for this.
How to get to Edel Garden is the question here...


Cou: It should be fine if we just take the commuter ship.
But I’m sure Cisqua is trying to find the cheapest way she can get.

Cou: Hey, wait a sec... the commuter ship leaves from the second quarter.
I can’t get in there.

Cisqua: Kukuku...

Cisqua: You’ll just have to get on board unnoticed...
Kukuku. What... it’s fine if they don’t find out. If they don’t find you...


Cou: That won’t do... and it would mean entering the country illegally.

Cisqua: Kukuku...

Cou: Is she really a government official?
sfx: kind of

Cou: Uwah!!

Cou: Wha...
what the...


man: Gyaah!

woman: How about doing your work instead of drinking since noon?
You drunkard!!

man: Huuuh
Jeez, who does she think I am.


Cou: That hurts!! Move it, gramps!!

man: What’s that, you little brat!!
You wanna fight?

Cou: Be my guest!!

man: This...
low quality red jacket...

Cou: What’s with it?


man: Are you...
part of the Red Lynx group?


Cou: That’s... a joystick?
And a sighting device?

Cou: Who is this old man...
Why does he know the Red Lynx?

man: Sit down.

Cou: Okay...

man: Here, drink.

Cou: Huh?!


woman: Why you!
That’s my beer!

man: Ugh
sfx cou: shock

woman: I told you not to start drinking from noon on!
And how could you offer alcohol to a child? Jeez!

man: Shut up! This is a happy reunion!!
Don’t be so reserved!


Cou: Uhm...

Cou: You say ‘reunion’ but
I don’t think I know you...

man: Pf! As if I could forget that flashy bright red jacket if I wanted to.

man: How’s the boss?
Are the ragdolls doing fine?


Cou: You know the boss and the others, gramps?

man: You could say that.

man: When I was still young
they often passed through here on their way to Priminae.

man: That time that bunch of guys in red used to hang around here.
They were the Red Lynx.

man: At first, they had a gunfight with another group.

red lynx: This is now our territory, losers!!
others: Shut up and crash already, reddies!!

man: They really shot each other down.


man: This all happened 20 years ago though.

Cou; Gramps, were you on board of an air ship?!
man: As I said, in the past.

man: What’s your name?

Cou: I’m Coud van Giruet, call me Cou.
I used to be of the lowest rank but I became candidate to be chief.
sfx: used to

man: Coud...!

man: I see. You...

Cou: What?


man: No, nothing...
So, what happened to the others?
I thought you guys were staying on that continent.
What are you doing here in Nad Lezen?

man: I see... so the Red Lynx’ ship crashed...

man: Tch! What a mess!!

Cou: Whaaat?!


man: If the sky abandons you it’s over.
The descent of the Red Lynx must’ve been a sad sight.

man: Ke! I’m gonna get me a drink.

Cou: Wait!! You have no right to tell me...

Cou: Old lady...

woman: He may be foulmouthed but...
even he is sensitive to shocks.


woman: That’s why he’s like that...
Your name was Cou, right? Follow me.

Cou: Woah! A secret entrance!!

woman: It’s just a cellar.

woman: He used to go on long trips.
And when he came back, he would tell stories.

man: Then I nimbly dodged the Red Lynx’s bullets,
circling and turning in midair!! It was truly a close call!

woman: Oh my!!


woman: Didn’t you think it was fun?
To compete with other pirate groups, and then drink all night and be merry?

woman: He also wouldn’t lose to anyone
in his love for the skies.


He also wouldn’t lose to anyone...

Cou: Tha... that is
an airship!!!


man: The sky abandoned us too,
me and my mates...


man: I and the others...
can no longer go back to that time...

Once... again...

man: Geh...

man: How foolish...


girl: Metherlance... Ahh... I can’t wait...

girl: The pain and suffering I received
will be returned sevenfold to you.

girl: That’s how it should be. Right, Metherlance...?

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