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Samurai Flamenco - Another Days 1

Ahh! My favourite curry rice!

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Jan 23, 2014 13:46 | Go to Samurai Flamenco - Another Days

-> RTS Page for Samurai Flamenco - Another Days 1

Samurai Flamenco - Another days : chapter 1


upper text: Samurai Flamenco Another Days

Goto: What's with you?
Masayoshi: I- I'm not a suspicious person!

Goto: Yes, you are. What are you doing out here?
You a thief?
Masayoshi: I'm not.

Masayoshi: I am...

Masayoshi: an ally of justice!

left text: New series - start


right text: chapter 1 : Ahh! My favourite curry rice!
orange text: Nice to meet you, hero!
yellow text: Grand opening of another story to the popular anime!

white text: TV anime 'Samurai Flamenco', currently airing on Fuji TV's 'noitamina' and others

Samurai Flamenco
art: Mizusawa Shou
original work: manglobe
composition: Takagi Kyoko


(title page)


??: Is this the police?

??: Uhm, a weirdly dressed guy
is tied up to a lightpole in the park...


Goto: Masayoshi.. you again?
Masayoshi: Waaa, Goto-san...

Goto: What were you doing this time?
Masayoshi: It's not me who did something!


sfx goto: glance

sfx goto: sigh

Goto: You're a hot-sell model aren't you?
Shouldn't you refrain from doing things that make you stand out?

Masayoshi: But I'm also an ally of justice!
I only do what's natural for a hero!
Today too...


guy: Shinoriiiin!!

guy: Why!? Why with a flashy guy like him?
We're the ones who always supported you!
He's just a face! Die, handsome!
billboard: Yoshiki + Shinorin's relationship announced!

guy: Down with handsome guys!
girl: Kyaaa!
bf: What the?!
guy: Successful normal people should explode
and die!
[TN: what says is 'rea-juu', a term used by otaku which targets people satisfied with their normal 'real' life and who are successful, have girl/boyfriends etc. There's also a vocaloid song that 'rea-juu bakuhatsu shiro, and that's exactly what he said.]


Masayoshi: Venting your anger
is unsightly

Masayoshi: This evil
cannot be over seen by Samura Flamen...


sfx: stomp

guy: Shut up!
What do you know about it?!
You freak!
Masayoshi: Ow
that hurts!

Masayoshi: what happened.
sfx: I even got tied up...

Goto: Well, this is pretty much the same as the first time I met him.
text: When he warned the smoking guy who ignored the red lights.


Goto: They turned on him

Goto: and then left him in a miserable state...

Masayoshi: I... I'm not a suspicious person!
I am...

Masayoshi: an ally of justice.


Goto: Ally of justice

sfx masayoshi: Goto-san!
Untie me, please~

Goto: They're sensitive at the moment,
so don't provoke them.
sfx fanboys: Shinorin!
Masayoshi: I just... gave him a warning.

Masayoshi: Besides
there was another reason why we fought.

Goto: Get changed and go home first.
I'll come by when work is over.


Masayoshi: Come in!
sfx goto: thanks
Goto: I'm kinda hungry now.

Masayoshi: How about you eat something then?
Take whatever you want from the kitchen.

Goto: Oh

Goto: Instant Curry?

Goto: The pack looks so tattered...
whatever, this'll do.
sfx: rip


Goto: Thanks for the food.

Goto: Ohh, it's good!
I'm gonna buy this as well next time.

Masayoshi :AAAAAH!
sfx: gulp

Goto: Wha-
what the...
sfx: cough cough


Masayoshi :What
are you eating?


Goto: What do you mean?
Just this curry?

Masayoshi: That's

Masayoshi: the one from the MineMira pack.
Goto: Huh? Oh, yeah, that's the one...

Masayoshi: Why are you eating it?!
sfx: grasp
Goto: Well, cause it's curry?!

Masayoshi: it.

Masayoshi: I wanted to save it!


Goto: Save it?!

Masayoshi: Now

text (masayoshi): there's a collaboration between this brand and the popular idol group MineMira.
If you collect 50 barcodes of the product, you can win a super-rare item.

text: The MineMira fans stocked up
so it's scarce now, plus they even steal
from other fans...

text: I've always liked this brand
so when I finally got one, I protected it with my life!


Masayoshi: But then...

Masayoshi: You ate it, Goto-san ~
sfx: Waaaaaah

Goto: Wait a sec.
Didn't you tell me to 'take whatever you want' at first?
Don't cry about it.

Masayoshi: You want to shift responsibility?
That's horrible!
You brute!
You're the worst!

Masayoshi: Please take responsibility.

end text: Check out the next chapter in the November issue of G-Fantasy!

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#1. by Kinlyu (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 23, 2014
This translation is free to use, but please let me know that you are working on this and of course credit me as translator *0*
#2. by ArabianLuffy (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 27, 2014
Thank you Kinlyu ^_^

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