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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Replica 9

Twisted Tea Party

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Jan 29, 2014 16:48 | Go to Replica

-> RTS Page for Replica 9


Manji: Haaah?!

Card: 9 Twisted Tea Party

Manji: The hell are you doing?!
Karu: Don't yell, my head...
sfx: (sharp pain)
Manji: Well duh!

Karu: Such pain, like my entire body is burnt.

Karu: Did this guy move around with these wounds...

Karu: I'll heal... soon... leave me if I slow you down...
Manji: That's not the point!!


Karu: I'll need you to slay as many Toy as you can, I heal faster anyway.
This way it'll be easier for both of us.

Manji: I didn't ask!
Karu: Whatever. Then make sure I don't need to.

Manji: What's that, you damn baldy?!
Karu: Listen up... we should do something about that rabbit before crowds gather here.

Manji: Dammit! Next time I'll kill you!
Karu: Your annoyance is clear enough from your behaviour...


Manji: What's wrong?
Karu: Don't you think it's strange?

Karu: This rabbit...
I think it grew big as a side effect to refusal...

girl: What?
Karu: and then went berserk and attacked people.
Manji: What are you doing?

Karu: As I thought.


Manji: That's...
Karu: A Toy's core. It was in pretty deep.

Manji: So it was a Toy?
Karu: No. This was probably inserted on purpose.
A core corrupts the brain, made him into an incomplete Toy.

girl: What's that...
Karu: They're things made to kill people.

girl: T-then, without it, Ash would...

Karu: This is very complex and the reaction to it is heavy,
it's not made for use on living beings.


Karu: It only acted as a Toy for one hour, that's when I noticed the similarity.
Either way it was to late for him. His body couldn't stand the side effect.

girl: Oh... I see.

Manji: You noticed that?

Karu: I've seen many things ruined by failing to become a Toy.

Manji: Isn't that sad?

Karu: Is it?


Manji: Don't you feel anything?
Karu: Like what

Manji: Does he really feel nothing?

Manji: Seems like a lonely guy to me.

people: Hey, it's dead.
I'ts that rabbit.

Manji: The villagers are back.

guy: Aw, it's dead already!


people: Ah, yeah, it's dead, dead!
It appeared so suddenly, and it's over?
Ehh, dead already? Would've been nice if it ran about longer.
There would've been more victims that way
sfx: laughing

people: It was that girl's pet, right?
It died! She must be happy!
Ahaha, hilarious!

people: Ah man, this is fun!

people: It's huge, how did she keep it? Disgusting!
Cut it up! In pieces, mince it!

people: Did she kill it? Wow, her own pet!
Mince up the owner too!


Karu :What's so funny?

Karu: What is this
I'm so irritated...

Manji: Let's bury him.

sfx girl: nod


sfx Manji: hey!
Karu: It's fine, I can walk.

sfx: hahaha

sfx: piririr
Manji: What's that?

Karu: It's from Cards.


Zenri: Sup.

Zenri: Sorry for the sudden call.
Karu: No, we were busy as well so I contacted you late.

Zenri: Is it done?
Karu: This case is closed. But there should still be Toy so...
Zenri: That so?

Zenri: In fact, we got some info that might be related to Alice.

Zenri: Diamond's vice captain saw a large number of Toy come out of Cross Oak.


Karu: Cross Oak? Isn't it just an empty forest...
Is Alice there?
Zenri: It's only a possibility. What'll you do?

Karu: I'll check of course.
Please send someone from Diamond, to search Cross Oak.
I'll go there once I'm done here. Tell them to retreat in case anything happens.

Zenri: And?

Karu: Something caught my interest
I'd like to get some books.

Zenri: Alright, I'll send someone over.
shirahime: Eh? A mission for Karucchi! I'll go!

Zenri: You just came back!
Shirahime: I wanna gooo!
sfx: Calm down, captain Shirahime!

Zenri: Well, the hime combo will come.
Karu: So it seems.


Hatter: Hello

Hatter: Nice to meet you, Akainu.

Manji: Who are you?


Zenri: Akainu, is he safe?

Karu: For now...
Zenri: Oh, did he do something again?

Zenri: Hehehe, stubborn guy huh.
Karu: I wish he would learn his lesson but...
Zenri: Can I talk to him?

Karu: Akainu, he wants to...

Karu: Akainu?


people: Mayor!
Why are you out so late, mayor?

Manji: You...
sfx: irritated
hatter: Sorry to make you wait.
Shall we go?

Hatter: Isn't this a great town? Everyone follows me.

Manji: I didn't ask that! Will you tell me why this town is so freaky?

Hatter: How so?
Manji: I followed you cause I thought you knew!

Hatter: Just kidding.
I'm the mayor, of course I'd know.


Hatter: It's hallucinogen.

Manji: Huh?
The livelihood of this town depends on one waterway.
The drugs were dropped into the waterway, and being unable to purify it, everyone keeps getting it inside.

Hatter: They started to see things there weren't,
their sense of right and wrong turned upside-down and the town itself became twisted.

Hatter: Nownow, don't get mad.
I'll pour you some tea so we can talk at ease.


Hatter: Welcome to my party hall.

Hatter: Well? I made this.
Surprising as it seems, I'm an inventor. I can make objects like these.
Manji: I don't care! Do something about that waterway!

Hatter: There's no need.
Manji: How so?

Hatter: Because I
made that drug.


Hatter: Uh-oh

Manji: So it was you? I thought you were fishy with a face like that.

Hatter: Oh dear, judging by appearances?
You don't look like you should speak.
Manji: Shut up, it's better than your junkieface.

sfx: sting

Hatter: It finally reached your legs.
Manji: Ah?

Hatter: You fell in the water, right? I'm surprised it took this long.


Hatter: Can't stand? Paralysis is the first symptom, you'll stay like this for a while.
Too bad, since you came to destroy Toys.

Manji: How do you know that...
Are you AAA?

Hatter: I prefer to know how the story unfolds.

Manji: Story?
Hatter: What? You don't know a thing?

Hatter: The 'cards' soldiers who are after Alice,
the story starts the other way around, how wonderful!
Manji: What?

Hatter: First the Cheshire Cat,
then the March hare,

Hatter: well, what's next?
sfx: bang


Karu: Hatter...

Hatter: Hey there, long time no see, Karu.

Manji: Hatter? You know him?
Hatter: From the past.


Hatter: I'm a doll.
Aah, I invited him,
please don't disturb us, Karu. I was ordered to kill Akainu.

Karu: By AAA?

Manji: Fine! Come at me!
sfx: I'm gonna kill you!
sfx: roaaah
Karu:... the heck are you doing?

Manji: There's a drug in the water that caused my body to paralyse!

Karu: I see. Tell me later.
Manji: Don't you get it?

Karu: What should I get?
I noticed because you broke the glass.
Don't struggle.

Hatter: Hmm...


Manji: Huh!

Karu: This again...

Manji: It doesn't hurt

Manji: What drug? I can stand just fine!

Karu: Your assumed willpower is quite a thing.
Manji: They're my wounds.
sfx; transfer and I'll kill you

Hatter: Oh, this'll be fun.


Hatter: You haven't met him yet, the previous mayor.

Manji: What?

Hatter: He's also my pact holder.

Mayor: Gah...

Manji: Bastard!
Karu: Akainu, wait!

sfx: drip drip
Hatter: I'll show you my power.


Manji: Hah?


Manji: Guh...

Karu: Get up!
Manji: What the?


Hatter: Shadow doll
With the pact holder's blood as medium I can assimilate with and control the shadow.

Manji: The shadow?
Hatter: Indeed, just like this.

Manji: Can you do anything when as a shadow?


Hatter: You can defend yourself, how interesting.
Seems if I give you a core you'd make a fine mock Toy.

Manji: Aah?
Karu: So it was you, who put the core in that rabbit.

Manji: Really?

Hatter: Exactly.
What a failure it was, dying right after becoming a Toy.

Manji: You asshole...

Hatter: Why so angry?
I merely granted that rabbit's wish.

Hatter: He became admirable for the girl he loved.


Hatter: Like the March hare dancing a mad court dance.

Hatter: Despite his laughable end, it was interesting to see.

sfx : bsh bsh


Hatter: Rage makes your movements simple, you should watch out.

Karu: Ch

Hatter: Too bad my core is in my head, right?

sfx: bam

sfx: grab


Hatter: hat might have been close.

Hatter: It's unexpected for you to do such 'useless' things.
I thought you only did what you know is sure to work.


Karu: I
just figured I should widen my possibilities.

Hatter: You've really changed

Manji: You!


Hatter: See ya

Karu: Akainu!


text: Do you know the story of Wonderland?
It all started with the curiosity of one girl
She followed a white rabbit, and when she came out of the tunnel,
she was there, in Wonderland.

She was made fun of by the grinning Cheshire Cat,
met the Hatter and the rabbit at the mad tea party,
the Queen of Hearts got angry with her,
the cards soldiers chased after the girl

such a fantastic story


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#1. by Kinlyu ()
Posted on Jan 29, 2014
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