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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Hamatora 2

Where did the stray go?

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Jan 31, 2014 20:34 | Go to Hamatora

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Reserved for Bulsajo-scans!

Hamatora chapter 2


Murasaki: They say the chosen ones have their own ecstasies and anxieties
but I don't remember ever being anxious...

text: A true elite.
...or is he?!

right text: New series with battles and mysteries - chapter two starts!

Murasaki: I was always fully self-aware as an elite
but that's all.

text: Hamatora
script: Kitajima Yukino - art: Wazu Yuu
chapter 2 : Where did the stray go?


left text: Murasaki accepted the order to take Nice back to the Academy...

sfx: do-n

sfx: munch munch

Hajime: My curry...
Nice: Hey, you...
Murasaki, right?
How long do you plan to stay? Go home.

Murasaki: That would be my line.


Nice: I already told you I'm not going back to Facultas.
box: State Academy - Facultas

box: An institution where people who hold special powers called 'Minimum' are trained.
box: Those who completed their courses
box: become essential in support to the national key figures.

box: Like high-level bureaucrats, police organisations,
box: special forces of the SDF, intelligence for public safety and so on. [TN: Self Defense Forces]
box: Facultas has continued to provide this elite personnel.


box: And I'm the 55th generation's top student...
box: An elite among the elite!

box: And yet... the mission I was entrusted with...

Tachibana: This man... bring him back to us.
His name is Nice.

Tachibana: He is the most outstanding student since the start of this school...
sfx Nice: yaawn

Tachibana: Murasaki...
he is a genius who outranks you.


Murasaki: In that case, what about this, Nice?

Murasaki: If you want to continue playing detective,
I'll turn in a request for a certain case.
Murasaki: This is an advance payment of 1 million.

Murasaki: If you can solve it, you will receive double the amount and I will leave.
However, if you cannot solve it...
text: Whatever shape he's in...

Murasaki: you will return to Facultas...
Nice: Haha


Nice: You think that will make me...
Hajime: Accepted!

Nice: Eh?

Nice: Hey now, Hajime-chan! I didn't say anything yet!
Hajime: But if we have this much money I can eat loads!
Nice: W-well, that's also true...
Murasaki: Pf...

text: Nice, are you really a level above me?
I will test you using this case.

text: And of course


text: when you fail, I'll drag your corpse back
and my mission will be over!

Murasaki: The aim of this request is
to secure the 'stray'.

Nice: The stray?
box: Yes... There are others like Nice, who quit and left Facultas.


box: Most of them are untalented and are considered fired,
but in extremely rare cases, some developed their powers after they were expelled.

Murasaki: Unaffiliated to Facultas,

Murasaki: many of those Minimum Holders start using their powers for evil and crime...

Nice: Hmmm.

Nice: Strays? Is that you people call them?
Truly a way of thinking fit for pet dogs.

Murasaki: What was that?


Nice: So
what type of person is he, this stray?

Nice: Let's go and catch him.

Murasaki: You seem to be taking this lightly...
We're not gonna go to the department store to buy children's toys, you know...
sfx Hajime: munch munch

Murasaki: Besides, who is this girl?
sfx: I've been wondering
Nice: Ah,
Hajime-chan is my assistant.

Nice: She may look like this but she's quite skilled.
Hajime: Leave it to me!

Murasaki: Oh... how remarkable... for a small girl
text: She...
she's totally looking down on me...


text: Interesting...
I'll have you show me how far your attitude will take you...

Murasaki: Here it is.
This stray's home.

Nice: Seriously? You already knew where he lives?
Then why did you want me to catch him? You can do this alone, can't you?

Murasaki: You don't get it, do you?

Murasaki: Here, put these in.


Nice: What's this?
Murasaki: Special earplugs that block ultra-high sounds.

Nice: Ultra-high?

Murasaki: This stray's name is Hibiki.
He holds the Minimum to emit ultra high sounds.

Murasaki: When you provoke him or yell at him, he can destroy your cerebral nerves.
The nearby residents will also get involved...

Nice: I see, that's troublesome.

Nice: But I don't need them... Hajime-chan, you?
Hajime: Nah.
Murasaki: What?

Murasaki: Didn't you hear what I just said?
Nice: I did... that's why I said I don't need them.


Nice: Either way, when he screams it's over. Don't we fail when other people get involved?
Still, I don't want something despicable that will protect only myself.

sfx: click

Nice Oh! Lucky! The door is open!

Murasaki: Hey, you!
Nice: It's okay, he's out.

Nice: Let's investigate while we can.

text: This guy... why is he so calm?!


text: Doesn't he get how dangerous this opponent is?
Murasaki: I forgot to tell you, but this guy caused a number of massacres before.
He could not be prosecuted because of lack of evidence to the lethal weapon,
but he's a dangerous guy who enjoys crime.

Murasaki: So you should take this more seriously...
Nice: Woah!

Hajime: Cake?

Nice: This magazine has pictures of Shindou Masami!
sfx: Oooh!
Uwa, should I take this home?
sfx; cuuute

Murasaki: What the heck are you doing? Don't act like thieves!
Nice: Be quiet, or we'll be reported!
Murasaki: Whatever, put that magazine back!


Nice: Okay
I got the basics, so we can get out.

Murasaki: Huh? You only looked at that magazine...
Nice: There, there, there and over there.

Nice: All clues as to where Hibiki goes.
There's about 30 of those in here.

Murasaki: Say what?
Hajime: This candy
sfx: clatterclatter

Hajime: There's only mint left, I don't like mint...
Nice: Good job, Hajime-chan! That's another clue!
Murasaki: Liar.

Murasaki: What could that possibly tell you?
Nice: Huh? You mean you don't see it?


Nice: You did well to get this far at the Academy then,
your grades can't have been very good.

sfx; clutch

Murasaki: You should stop mocking me, Nice.
I'll have you take me there,

Murasaki: wherever you've concluded Hibiki would be.


sfx: don

sfx hibiki: crunch crunch
Nice: Look
that's him right, Hibiki?

Murasaki: No mistake...indeed.

text (Murasaki): Impossible...
Just by looking around his room for a few minutes... no way!!

text (Murasaki): Must be coincidence...
Murasaki: Ch
You lucky brats... hurry up and get him.


Murasaki: He's got his guard down, this is our chance.

Nice: No...
not yet... let's tail him a bit longer.

Murasaki: What? We found him, what are you waiting for?
Just get out there and catch him!

Murasaki: Are you listening? Nice!

Murasaki: If you won't do it, then I will!
In that case this request is a fluke.

Murasaki: I won't pay you either.

Nice: Alright, I get it.


Hibiki: Who're you?

Hibiki: Someone from Facultas?
Nice: Wow there...
Don't be so offended, I'm just a detective.

Hibiki: A detective? You don't look like one.
Nice: I get told that a lot.
Hibiki: Wrong...

Hibiki: Even if you try to hide it,
I know your smell
sfx: crack


Hibiki: You have the same smell
as Minimum Holders from Facultas.

Hibiki: You came to catch me, right? I know... fufu... but you won't.
I want to enjoy this power a bit more!

girl1: Hey,what's going on...
girl2: A fight?

Murasaki: Nice...

Nice: The same smell...?


Nice: Don't compare me to them.

Hibiki: Oops!
Stay there... If you come closer I'll yell.


Hibiki: If I scream, everyone within a 100m radius
will start bleeding from their ears and die...

text (murasaki): A 100m radius...he said?

text (murasaki): His attack range is larger than it says here.
Can it be... that his power is growing?

Hibiki: If you don't want me to scream...
let's see...
you have to choose one person from around here
and kill him.


Hibiki: Like those kids over there, or the staggering old hag.
Or maybe a young high school girl?

Hibiki: Fufu... well? It's one of Facultas' strong suits, right?
Do anything for the State, they'll call it a 'necessary sacrifice'.

Hibiki: Kill one to protect the masses!
You'll be a hero! You'll get promoted!

text (murasaki): This guy... what's he talking about?
No, wait...


text (murasaki): Within a 100m radius of here...
lies the HQ of the prefectural police!

text (murasaki): If he screams,
the entire police force here will...

Nice: 5 meter

Nice: As long as I'm within that range,
I can run about as fast as sound.


Nice: If you wanna yell, go ahead.

Nice: I'll crush your throat before you make any noise.

Murasaki: Calm down, Nice!
The police headquarters is here!

Nice: True, at Facultas, 'state benefit' is the rule.
But in the detective business, 'I' am the rule.


Nice: That's why I
use my Minimum at my own will.

Murasaki: Nice!
sfx: skreeeech


sfx: vroaaa


sfx: grab

sfx: screeech

??: Hibiki! Get in!

Nice: Che.


sfx: vrooom

Murasaki: He's got allies?!

Nice: That's what I meant
when I said we should wait... I expected this.

Murasaki: What?

Nice: In Hibiki's room
there were menthol cigarettes on the table.
However, the candy can only had mint ones left.


Nice: One who likes mint, one who doesn't.
There has been someone in that room besides Hibiki.

Murasaki: You...
you knew that much...

Nice: I'll remind you...
that it was you who urged me on to go and get him.

Nice: Nonetheless, those things earlier

Nice: isn't Hibiki right about all that?


Nice: The reason you gave me up,
what you tried to prioritise...

Nice: Well, it's not a surprising move for someone from the Academy
I won't go so far as to say it's wrong, but

Nice: I hate it.

Murasaki: Why you...

Murasaki: Acting all self-important,
who do you think you are?

Nice: Like I said...

Nice: I am me,
a regular detective.


Nice: Hamatora.

Nice: Let's not stand around but go after them.
I know where they're going.

Nice: So don't butt in anymore and come along!

left text: The 'trusted' detectives, Hamatora are on the move!

lower text: Next issue: what happens when they go after the runaways?
chapter 2 Hamatora


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