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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Hamatora 3

It's checkmate for you.

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Feb 8, 2014 19:16 | Go to Hamatora

-> RTS Page for Hamatora 3

Reserved for Bulsajo scans!

Hamatora chapter 3


title: Hamatora

sfx car: vroaaa

in between text: Battle and mystery, new series chapter 3

sfx nice: bip bip
sfx hajime: crunch

text: Hamatora is after the runaway target!

Nice: Turn right at that crossroads.


upper text: Hamatora- battle and mystery manga

Murasaki: Right...
text: Ch... how pretentious

text: pushing someone like me around...
Nice: By the way, you drive a nice car.

Nice: Let me drive it around a bit too, okay?
Murasaki: Don't be absurd, Facultas owns this car
not me.

Murasaki: This specialized vehicle is equipped with a heat sensor, optic disguise,
eject seats, auto-tracking mini missiles
sfx: bipbip

Murasaki: For security purposes, there's a remote controlled self-destruct device installed.
It's not something I would hand over to an amateur.

Nice: Hoho~


Nice: Hmm

Nice: How nice...
sfx nice: hehe
sfx murasaki: twitch

Murasaki: Seriously...

Nice: bare legs
Murasaki: why would the Academy need a guy like this...?!

chapter 3 : It's checkmate for you.
story: Yukino Kitajima, art: Yuu Wazu
text: Can they complete
their mission?


sfx: vroooa

??: Those guys are following us at about a 100m distance.

??: Why are they tailing us?
sfx hibiki; crunch
Hibiki: Dunno...


??: It doesn't matter anyway
once they enter our territory, they're ours.

Hibiki: Let's turn the tables on them.
sfx: crack


Nice: Oh
their car entered a building.

Nice: Left in about 100 meter...
Murasaki: Say, I wonder,

Murasaki: when did you plant that transmitter on their car?
Nice: Huh?

Nice: When I saved that kid, of course.
I put it there the second the car passed.

Murasaki: I see, as I thought.
text: Unbelievable... he did all that while saving that child...?


text (murasaki): True, this guy might be excellent as a detective...
but whether or not he's 'essential' to the Academy is another story!

text: I won't approve of it...
sfx: vrooo

Hibiki: Here they are...
unaware that this is a trap...

sfx: fuwa
??: Hibiki... you can rest.


Hibiki Wha?

??: Let me have some fun too...
it's been so long since we've had a hunt!

??: I want to see blood so much that I've been smoking more...

??: Don't worry, I'll leave one for you too.

sfx; blam

Murasaki: Let me tell you one more thing before we get them, Nice...


Murasaki: Earlier, you ignored the existence of the prefectural headquarters, and were prepared to use your Minimum...
A minimum is only to be used for state interest.

Murasaki: Even if you dropped out of the elite course, don't forget what you learned at the Academy.

Nice: Oh man... Murasaki, right?
Do you never use your head to think about things on your own?

Murasaki: Excuse me?!
Nice: I've got no business with the Academy or the elite.

Nice: I'll think about things by myself, and get through on my own...

Nice: because...


Nice: I'm a detective
and a top-notch one.

??: Ehh
ain't that impressive.

??: Still, I won't lose to you...
I knew you were tailing us.


??: As for my Minimum,
I can identify all sounds
with my magic ears!

??: Oh?

??: Are you possibly thinking that my power isn't worth much?!
How naive, too naive...

??: it means you don't understand anything about small miracles...
Nice: What's up with him...

Nice: I haven't said anything yet...
So, what are you getting at?


??: I'll make you understand soon!

Murasaki: W-what, that stance...
He said his Minimum is to indentify sounds, but...

text (Murasaki): what kind of attack...
??: Take this! My Minimum!

sfx: snap


??: Uh..?

Nice: I understand
that you're a Minimum Holder who's too slow and full of openings.


text (hibiki): Before activating...
sfx: crunch

text (Murasaki): I see... no... that's it.
How come I didn't notice something so obvious..

text (murasaki): The reason why the Academy wants Nice's power...
as long as he's within 5 meters of his opponent, no matter what their Minimum is,
he can put a complete stop to those powers!


Murasaki: In other words, Nice's Minimum, Cannonball,
kills Minimums.
He's a Minimum killer!

Hibiki: Now I see...
sfx: crunch
True, your power is a bit of a problem.


Hibiki: I couldn't see what happened, but
the same is probably true for the guy who got beat up.

Murasaki: Hibiki...

Hibiki: However I didn't miss the most important point.
5 meter...

Hibiki: The fact that you close that distance,
is proof that you cannot use your power consecutively...
which means...


Hibiki: all I have to do is keep a distance that's over 5 meter.
On top of that
we'e inside an underground parking lot. Sound echoes in here, right?

Hibiki: You know what that means?
That four-eyes over there is wearing earplugs, but it won't mean a thing.
In here, the strength of my Minimum is multiplied!


Hibiki: It's checkmate
whatever you do, you can no longer escape my sound!

Nice: Indeed, you're right.
I can't use my power consecutively
and at this distance, I can't come silence you... it's perfect.


Nice: All that's left is for you to yell.
I'll give the signal.

Murasaki: He...
Hey, wait!!
What selfish thing are you...

Nice: Look, Murasaki... my Minimum is not here for the state.

Nice: Neither is it in order to hurt others...

Hibiki: What are you mumbling ....


Nice: My Minimum
exists to fulfil the requests of those who rely on me.

Hajime: We're detectives after all,
top-notch ones.

Hibiki: If you think you can, then try!!
The moment you snap those fingers you're all dead!


sfx: bwoooom


Murasaki: Wha

Hibiki: Ha...
text: Explosion?!

text: 'cause of the explosion...
my voice got...

text: drowned out...


sfx: bash

Nice: It's actually checkmate for you
Complete checkmate.


sfx: brooooa

Nice: Whew, that saved us.

Nice: All because you told me about the remote controlled self-destruct function of the car!
I gave the switch to Hajime-chan, just in case.

Nice: That timing was spot on.
Hajime: It felt good...

Nice: So, this case is closed!
Now for the rest of the reward...
Murasaki: Don't screw with me!!
How much do you think this car cost?!


Murasaki: I won't approve of it! Not with this method!
Nice: Even so, it was our only chance.
Murasaki: No!
There had to be something else! You just wanted to blow up the car! I'm sure of it!
Nice: Hey now, calm down...

sfx: scoop scoop

Hajime: My curry...
sfx: rumble
Nice: You... get over it already.
Murasaki: Shut up! Because of you I had to write a letter of apology!
text: at least let me eat curry


Nice: Be glad you got away with only that.
Murasaki: No way! It'll affect my career record...!
sfx: munch
Hajime: My curry...

Sayuri: A top notch detective...

Sayuri: Nice...
He could be the only one... who can rescue her and bring her back alive.

Nice: Ahh! I get it!! Now go back to the Academy!
sfx: knock knock

Sayuri: Excuse me for the late intrusion.

Sayuri: My name is Akatsuki Sayuri.
In fact... I would like to ask your advice on something...


sfx: click

text: A mysterious beauty enters.

Sayuri: Could you spare some of your time?

text: Next issue: what kind of case will Akatsuki bring up?

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#1. by duenneud ()
Posted on Feb 12, 2014
thanks, Kinlyu! hope the next chapter will be out soon!

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