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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Real Account 2

No Answer

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Feb 15, 2014 19:44 | Go to Real Account

-> RTS Page for Real Account 2

Reserved for Revolution Team!

Real Account ch 2


upper text: Bonds are at risk! New series about a death game on a social network - chapter 2!
The first chapter is available for free on MagaMega!

Marble's face: The most scary thing
is being all alone.

chapter 2 : No Answer

story: Okushou, art: Watanabe Shizumu


sfx: splsh

guy: Hahaha
sfx: sway

Marble: Now... let's proceed to the main event.
The first game of the main event...


text: is 'No Answer'

text (ataru): 'No Answer'... on re-aca it's a crazy popular
quiz game...

Marble: This game is in fact a quiz game, but I changed it a bit.
Surprise! The answer will be decided by judges!


text: Are you really needed as a human? A modern-age death game starts in a social network site.

??: Huh? What does that mean?
??: I dunno that game!
??: Ain't that bad?

Marble: Fufufu

Marble: Even so, since it's the first game, the question will be very easy.
Everyone watching, please think along, alright?
box: in the real world
Yumi: Big brother...


Yuri: Please...
come back...

text (ataru): I'll definitely return alive.
For Yuri's sake.

text: And also for the one person
who follows me.

Marble: Right, let's get started!
The question is


Marble: Those who think they are 'handsome' or 'cool', select O [TN: I'm just using letters instead of symbols to keep it simple ^^;]
for 'normal' it's A,
and those who think they're 'ugly' choose X!!

Ataru: Wha...


Marble: As I said, the rules are simple!

Marble: First, everyone picks a bib with the sign that fits them and wears it
with the sign on the back

Marble: Next, you will appear in front each of 5 judges,
who will judge you on your appearance.
The judges will not be able to see the back of your bib!

Marble: So, if the majority of all 5 selections corresponds to your answer,
you've got it right!
If it's wrong, it's game over for you and your followers!


Marble: This must be an easy one for those with many friends, right?!
I'm sure you know very well what other people think of you, right? Hehehe

Marble: Since the number of participants is still high, I will divide you in blocks.
Take your bib and go into the room where your number belongs.

Ataru: I'm number 410

sfx; Ahahaha...


Ataru: About 200 people...? I see, the number decreased quite a lot..

Marble: Welcome everyone!

Marble: Hello~ I will be the host for this space.
I'm Marble's body double, Marble No. 4.

text: Oh, a double...
no wait, what actually is that guy?


Marble: For starters, let's select the judges in your group...
Okay, numbers 500 to 504, please step forward.

Marble: You five are lucky
you're exempted from this game.

sfx: mumble mumble
sfx girl: really?
guy: oh good...
Marble: However!

sfx: snap

sfx: voom

sfx: gasha

sfx: pop

sfx: gasha gasha
??: Wha... what's this?
Marble: These


Marble: are lie detectors made by re-aca!

Marble: These will detect even the smallest lies.
So please be sure to judge truthfully.

Marble: In the event that one of you activates their device,
you will all take collective responsibility and be punished.

Marble: Now! All players are allowed to prepare themselves for this game.
Those who are ready may line up. Then,


Marble: Game
sfx: beeeep

Ataru: It started...

sfx; mumble

sfx; stare

guy: Hey, what do you think?
guy: Hmmm...

sfx: pat pat


sfx: silence
Marble: Ohoh?
Everyone, we've started already!

text: Of course no one makes a move...
I... How do I look in another person's eyes?

Marble: Oh! We have a first contestant!

guy: I'll go first, let's do this!

Marble; Hmm.
Voice: Let's start!


Voice: The verdict is
X !

Voice: The bib also says X
Congratulations, you were right.

guy: Alriiight!
That was easy!!

text: T-that's vulgar!
This is more like a battle of pride...


Marble: Ah, we're starting to get a line!

girl: Uh...

Voice: The verdict is O
That's correct!
sfx girl: pfew

sfx guy: pf
Voice: That's correct!

sfx guy: Sup
Voice: That's correct!

sfx guy: Yeah!

text: As I thought, this game is in favour of those who're clearly either handsome or ugly...
but you need to be self-aware about it.


girl: Nice to
meet you~

voice: The verdict...
X !

voice: Unfortunately, wrong.
girl: Whaa? Heyy, whyy, like, I don't get it
In my hometown I was one of the seven queens, I'm definitely better than this!!

Marble: Shut up!
sfx: vwip
box: Butagashira Reika + 3 followers: game over [TN: her name, 'butagashira' literally means 'pigface', while 'reika' can be written with the character for 'beautiful'.]

sfx: Uwaaah! Hiii!

text: That's how it goes...


text; New series - chapter 2 - Real Account

text: My face... I'm not a O... but also not an X... I think.
A should be fine...! But... I'll be judged by the preferences of the judges...
Aahh, this is getting complicated!

guy: Go ahead.

text: Ah...

text: He's not... exactly handsome, but not terrible...
is choosing A the right approach...?

Marble: Well, what's the verdict?


text: It's a tie!

Marble: Aah, in this case

Marble: well, resent the fact you were born with a mediocre face.
How unfortunate!

guy: Eh?

sfx: splosh
box: Nakatagawa Akira + 3 followers: game over [TN: Nakatagawa's name refers to how regular/mediocre he is]
guys: Whaa?!

Marble; Now!
Next contestant, please!


upper text; Real Account

Marble: Look at that,
fleeing, are you?

??: How do I look?
Hey, what do you think?
What about me?

guy1: Hey, is A really the right choice? You sure?
guy2: It's your face, think about it yourself!

guy: H-hey, I'm cool, right?
girl: U-uhu...

sfx: patpatpatpat

text: If the verdict is unclear, you also die... that's too absurd!
I... what do I look like?

guy: Oi, host!

Marble: What is it?


guy: I ain't playing this game anymore! Just let me go already!
My family is rich... soon I'll get the inheritance from my dying gramps,
I'll give you half of that, can't you fix something for me?!

Marble: Hmm, interesting.
But I think it's already over for you.

sfx: grumble
girl: really?
guy1: Not fair.
Marble: Hehe...

sfx: beepbeep

screen; Followers: 0
guy; Huh?

Marble: Sorry, I forgot to tell you
although I just let everyone in the real world know.


Marble: Due to its success, following and un-following
has been made possible at all times.

guy: Whaa?!

guy: S-stop! No
I don't wanna die yet, not yet!
I don't wanna diiiie
sfx upper: mumble mumble
sfx lower: stomp stomp

sfx: pash
box: Onikiba Reiji - game over [Tn: his last name literally means 'demon fang']


Marble: Ah, I guess I should tell you this beforehand too.

Marble: In fact, all players can also follow each other.

Marble: This might be a chance for insurance for those with few followers.
Only, if the one you follow dies, you'll get dragged in as well.

text (ataru): I see... though it's also a high risk venture
Teaming up huh... a basic feature of games...

Marble: Come on, let's get back to business!
Game restart!

Marble: Hey
this again?
sfx: silence


Marble: Good grief... you're all so scared...
Isn't this a simple game?
I'm sure there's people in here who wear make-up, who look different now.

Marble: Alright then, I guess I have no choice, I'll give you a hint
Everyone, did you know?

Marble: In this room
we have a celebrity!

guys: Eh?
Who is it?
sfx: mumble mumble


Marble: It's this girl.
sfx: pop
screen: name; Ichijou Ruriri
sex: female
birthday 10/03
location: unknown
relationship status: single
follows 29 / followers 72

text: S-she's...

guys: For real?
old guy: Eh, who's that?
geek: You don't know, old man?!

geek: Net Idol, Ichijou Ruriri, age 21
She does not show herself to the world, but with her amazing looks and cute voice she used to have more than 3 million followers!
sfx; Of course I follow her too!

Marble: Oh, wow, you sure know a lot.
Well indeed...


Marble; She's right next to you!
sfx Ruriri: shock
geek: Eh?

Marble: Ichijou Ruriri, real name Ichijou Yuriko. She's not 21, but 28.
Ruriri: Ah...
Marble: This is what she really looks like!


text: Eh...
totally different from her picture...?!

geek: EEEEH?!
No way! I was such a fan!
sfx: stumble

Marble: Well, these days you just can't trust pictures or movies anymore, you know...

Marble: As you can see, the real thing is a disappointment!
guy: She's stylish but ugly
guy: Hey, stop that! Poor girl...
Ruriri: N-no...
I'm not wearing any make-up...
sfx bubbles: click
woman: Terrible
guy: Fotoshop's impressive
Marble: With using make up and other adjustments, there is almost nothing left from the original.

text: Watanabe Shizumu's 'Shishunki no Iron Maiden' series is still running in Young GanGan.


Marble: Look at the difference!!
screen: real image
Marble: Wooaaah!


Ruriri: Wh-what?
I'm not the only one who edits their picture...

sfx: bip
Ruriri: Eh...

Marble: Look at that... now that her true face has been exposed, the number of followers is falling.
guy: Ruriri-tan... no way...

chat screen
Ruriri support thread part 2
1. anon@full stomach: this is a support thread for net idol Ichijou Ruriri. Let's talk!

605 anon: No waaaaaayyyyy
606 anon: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh
607 anon: dammit wwww fake wwww
608 anon: (smiley)
609 anon@full stomach: what a party
610 anon: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

guy: I've been betrayed...
sfx: shock

sfx: bip bip

geek: me too
sfx bubble: bip

text (ataru): Hey now...
at this rate the girl is gonna...


Marble: Even so, the people who liked this created character are also idiots
they even bet their lives on her.

Marble: It's only normal that they unfollow, after all it was you yourself who deceived them.
Ruriri: I... I'm...
Marble: This is the selfishness of a self-conscious girl~

Marble: So tell me

Marble: Were you truly happy while you faked yourself?


Ataru: Wrong!!

Marble: Huuh?

Ataru: Ah...
text: Shit... I didn't...

Marble: You again? What's your problem?
Ataru: ...


upper text: Real Account

Ataru: What's so wrong with that...
Is it really that strange, for a girl to try her best to seem pretty...

guy: Haha... but her best crossed the limit of deception...
guy2: It's not plain editing, but re-making...
sfx: hahaha...

sfx ataru: turn

Ataru: Y-you guys might not understand but
there are times
when you just have to fake something!


sfx ataru: gulp
Ataru: To all the Ichijou Ruriri fans that are watching!
Is it only for her looks that you liked her?!

Ataru: Things about her daily life, how she tried... the words she wrote to her fans...
text: What am I saying...?
Ataru: She managed to move many hearts and gain fans... There must be people who agree between her fans as well, right?!

text: but... I can't stop!!
Ataru: Please don't be misled by what this guy says!!


Ataru: What does it matter that she created her character?!
I'm sure that character...
contains a lot of the person's true feelings!

sfx: silence

sfx: huff huff


Marble; Eeeeh!!
How dare youuu

sfx: thump

Marble: We just arrived at a good part,
please don't interrupt.


Marble: Getting all fired up, in the end you're covering up for someone cause you're the same, right?
Kashiwagi Ataru?

text: W-why... does he know...

sfx: bip

sfx: taptap

screen: followers

sfx: sag
sfx bubble: Waaa...


sfx: pling

screen: chat
Kainoki Shou to Ichijou Ruriri
I'm the last follower left. I check your blog daily. I listen to your songs on repeat.
Kainoki Shou to Ichijou Ruriri
Your activities have saved me. Because of you, I've escaped my life as a hikikomori [TN: in case you don't know, hikikomori is a phenomenon where people who are fed up with society completely close themselves off from the outside world and live in there room, never coming out]
Kainoki Shou to Ichijou Ruriri
It doesn't matter what you look like! I'll stay your fan forever! I'll stay with you till the end!

Ruriri: Eehh

sfx: bip

Ataru: Ah...


Okura Kiyomaru to Ichijou Ruriri
I got scared and unfollowed without thinking. I'll follow again. Let's be friends.

left: Kitayoshiyama Kouki to Ichijou Ruriri
I'll stay with you after all. Hope you'll be fine!

Kikusawa Makihiro to Ichijou Ruriri
What that boy said really hit me, I'm ashamed of myself...

Muyama Akihiro to Ichijou Ruriri
Do your best, Ruriri!

Marble: Wha...

801 Anon: I won't stop being a fan
802 Anon: I quit stopping too
803 Anon: I'm a fan of her songs, I want to hear them again
804 Anon: Same
805 Anon: So quick to change
806: Anon: I see, it's testing the real me
807 Anon: The 'hairpin miracle' story was no lie
808 Anon: youwwwwguyswwww

sfx: tears
Ruriri: Everyone...


right text: The author, Okushou, is a university student and script-writer! The desperate game 'Real Account' displays his genius!

Marble: Gaaah! Goin down, going up, such lack of constancy!!
What's with this sob story!! Cold! So cold! I'm getting goose bumps, jeez!

text (ataru): Serves you right... Humans aren't all as twisted as you are!
The problem is what comes next...

Marble: Seriously... Oh well
Ruriri-tan can be the next to choose!

Marble: Now!
Which one is it?


sfx: rub

Marble: Ah, since you're a net idol
you probably think that you're 'cute *A*', while saying something like 'aw, no way *0*' at the same time. It's O, of course!

sfx Ruriri: chuckle

Ruriri: ...Yeah
It's obvious isn't it.


Ruriri: I'm
sfx: clearly

Marble: How direct...

Ruriri: Since I was young, I liked idols,
so naturally I yearned after that world.

Ruriri: But... I couldn't become one, whatever I did.
Reality is full of terrible things...
However, online a lot of people praised me, which made me happy...
even if it was in a temporary state...

screen comments: cuuute ^^
I'm a fan!
You're a goddess


Ruriri: But now! Now I have people who like the real me...
that's why... I will survive!!

Marble: Hehehe, amusing. Right, let's start!
The verdict!

Marble: Is X! Congratulations!
You may move on to the second game!


Ataru: Alright!!

text: I'm as happy as when it would be me!
Birds of a feather...? That's just fine!

Marble; Hmpf

Marble: Okay, those who cleared can move over there.

Ruriri: Uhm...
Ataru: Huh

Ataru: Ah... eh?


Ruriri: About before...
Uhm... you've saved me...

Ataru: Huh? No way, I didn't really do anything!
I eh, you know... I'll do my best!

left text: Okushou-sensei and Watanabe-sensei are waiting for your support!
[TN: the rest is the address of the editorial office.]

Marble: Heeeey, hurry up and go!

sfx: bip
Ataru: Hm?

screen: Ichijou Ruriri is now following you
Current followers : 2
Ataru: Eh!

Ruriri: That's my way of gratitude/


Ruriri: Thank you.

Ruriri: Let's... meet again.


text: People who really need me...
there's one more now.

sfx: clench

text: Right... this is no longer just my game
I need to clear it...!

text: As for my face... well... my plain self... I'll just tackle this game with my plain self...
I choose A...!

Ataru: Okay... here I go!

girl: Kya...
Ataru: Wah!

Ataru: Uwah... s-so sorry!


Ataru: Yuri?!!

text: Wha... why...
is she here...?

text: a shocking reunion!!

Real Account ch 2 - end -

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